Emily’s 2022 Spiritual Gift Guide

Emily’s 2022 Spiritual Gift Guide

Whether you’re having trouble shopping for friends and clients, or you just want to give your loved ones some AWESOME ideas for YOURSELF…I present to you my very special Spiritual Gift Guide!

This magic guide includes easy-peasy direct links below, so you can save it for your reference or send it to loved ones!


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  • Drum Circle
  • Hair Treatment
  • Sound Healing (Local)
  • Goddess at Home Pampering Party
  • Plant-Based Chef Cooking Lessons
  • Craniosacral Healing
  • Crystal Energy Healing
  • Foot Detox
  • Couple Massage – At home
  • Salt Cave Experience

Wishing you a happy holiday season filled with love and light!


5 Habits To Unlock Intuition

While business coaches can entice you with promises of $10K months and passive income streams, they’re leaving out the MOST important ingredient to success…


You see, most business coaches are clueless about ENERGY!

Because, you can listen to all those coaches out there, hustle and work your ass off with little to no results and BURNOUT.

I’m NOT about that!

I’m about aligning to my soul’s purpose and doing what I LOVE to do to create quantum growth and success. #areyouwithme

Allow me to elaborate!

? Alignment is ease, flow, and movement… ?

It’s kind of like being on an inner-tube floating down a gentle river; you’re moving forward with little effort exerted and you’re able to enjoy the ride and feel connected (and trusting) to where the current is taking you!

When you’re in ALIGNMENT your intuition is ? and you’re able to navigate life’s challenges without the drama and exhaustion.

? Being OUT of alignment is having that inner-tube around you trying to push your way in the OPPOSITE direction of the river while looking around for someone else to rescue you; it’s strenuous, exhausting, and you make little to no progress.

THE BIG QUESTION: How can i get into alignment? ✨✨

Over the years of teaching people about energy alignment and unlocking their intuition, it comes down to five very basic habits, make sure you pay attention!

HABIT 1: Move your body

Most people live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Especially us entrepreneurs! We can easily mistakenly think that working longer hours will produce better results. But that working more than 90-minute intervals leads to LOWERS productivity!

**As an energy expert, I’ll also add that when you’ve been overthinking or feeling overwhelmed, this stress affects your CROWN CHAKRA (how we plug into source energy) and our THIRD EYE CHAKRA (inspiration and intuition)…

So, you’re NOT get innovative ideas and you’ll also get stuck in indecision!

SOLUTION: When you walk, do yoga, hike, or dance, you’re moving the stagnant energy in your body. Raising your heart rate can quite literally help you process stress out of your body and transmute it into helpful energy!

HABIT 2: Stay hydrated

It’s estimated that around 80% of adults are dehydrated! Now, before you roll your eyes ?, hear me out…When your body is dehydrated it simply can’t function.

If you’re trying to unlock the secret to $10K+ months, your brain isn’t getting what it needs to actually function.

Not to mention, the headaches and body pains that just never seem to go away.

Your intuition doesn’t stand a chance when you’re fully distracted like this!

HABIT 3: Time in nature

While the idea of unplugging from tech to go on a week-long retreat may sound delicious, for most people it’s just a pipe dream.

The good news is you don’t have to disappear from reality and live in the woods to reap the benefits of the great outdoors!

Simply walking barefoot in the grass or down a beach can do wonders for lowering your stress and opening you up to a whole world of INTUITIVE POSSIBILITIES!

Nature is medicine!

Plants, animals, and minerals all have special messages to share with you IF ONLY you’d pay attention.

When you spend all your days indoors you’re cut off from the cyclical and seasonal world you live in, and it shows resulting in shame and self-doubt.

HABIT 4: Eat real food

This is not a diet plan to lose weight. Eating real foods (like hydrating) will give your entire body the energy to succeed in life and your business.

When you eat foods as close to their ORIGINAL state, the more potent they will be energetically.

For example, if you grow a tomato, pick it, slice and eat it, that’s just about as close as you’ll get to it’s original state. This tomato will be absolutely packed with nutrients and ENERGY that will add to your life force!

Conversely, tomato ketchup derives from the same source but is (typically) processed with sugar, chemicals, preservatives (and sometimes artificial flavors or dyes). There’s very little nutritional benefits and NO energetic benefit.

So, when it comes to unlocking intuition and getting aligned, it’s next to impossible if all you’re eating is frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

HABIT 5: Meditate

Science has proven this over and over, and YET we still make excuses!

I totally get how hard it can be to start a new practice, especially meditation, because we’ve been taught that it’s all about brain silence and it has to last a really long time…

That’s utter bullsh*t!

Meditation can be ANYTHING that allows you to be in the present moment, even for as little as one minute.

If you doubt me, set a timer for 1-minute and all you have to do is BREATE in and out. Imagine white light filling your body with your breath and releasing tension, stress, anxiety, and worry…

Did you do it?

Even if you didn’t, don’t you feel better even THINKING about doing it!? ?

The truth is that your intuition unlocks when you get quiet. The reason is because our intuition speaks in whispers, so we have to be able to listen to these subtle messages.

When life is so loud and moving so fast, it’s nearly impossible to decipher if it’s intuition or just your own thoughts!

Now, you’re probably noticing your own habits bubbling up…

  • You know what you’re doing well…
  • You also know where there’s opportunity to improve…
  • You might also notice your physical, emotional, or energetic symptoms seem to TOTALLY make sense!!

THATS WHY…It’s time to put all of these 5 habits into practice!

I’m hosting a FREE event called Intuition Month to challenge you to use these 5 habits daily for 30 days…

The month of SEPTEMBER will be dedicated to helping you unlock your intuition and get into alignment!

What do you say!?

Are you ready for a little extra push to jumpstart your business and lower your stress?

Join me for Intuition Month, September 1-30, it’s FREE!

We’ll officially start on September 1st.

Invite your friends and community to help you stay on track.

Visit or click the link below!

If you’re craving to shift your consciousness OUT of fear and into faith…

If you’re ready to unlock your intuition so you can TRUST yourself again…

If you’re ready to grow your business and do what you LOVE while feeling your absolute BEST…

Can’t wait to hold space for all of us!



Self-Love as a Spiritual Entrepreneur –  12 Ways to “Bring It”

Self-Love as a Spiritual Entrepreneur – 12 Ways to “Bring It”

Please Note : This post contains affiliate links…

As an entrepreneur, it is much too easy to try to do “all the things”. You may find yourself chained to your computer, forgetting to play, feeling tired, or even feeling edgy around your loved ones instead of enjoying your time with them.

You may find that in trying to do it all, you forget about YOU

And that has to change my friends.

It’s high time we talk about self-love and the importance of giving yourself what you need and more.

For some of you, this idea of putting yourself first can feel wrong and confusing.

Especially for women. Think of all the TV shows where the moms are serving meals and it’s a joke how they don’t get to sit down and enjoy it. Eating a warm meal only if everyone else has theirs.

It’s often our first instinct to put everyone else first. It’s ingrained in us to take care of others and think of ourselves only if there’s time leftover.

But there’s no such thing as “leftover” time.

To make sure you have your best health, your best mental state, that you are living your best life, YOU need to make sure you treat yourself with the same love and compassion that you so willingly show others.

You would easily give love to someone else, be kind, and make sure they are fed nourishing foods… so why would you be any different? You aren’t!

The more you put your needs first, the more energy/time/love you have to spill out to your family and friends.

It’s like the oxygen masks on the airplanes where they remind you to put on your mask first. If you’re out of oxygen you won’t be able to help anyone else. You’re advised to make sure your body has what it needs so that you can help out elsewhere.

I not only encourage you to be in a loving and romantic relationship with yourself, but I’m also sharing 12 resources to support you with this mindset shift and self-nourishing behavior.

Because you my friend, are worth it!

Here are 12 simple ways to bring in the self-love:

1. Have me in your ear, encouraging you.

This is a pep talk I recorded for you for any time you are feeling down. Play it over and over when you need a pick me up and someone to remind you how great you are (because you are!).

Listen Here: A Pep Talk for Feeling Overwhelmed, Behind, or off Your Path

2. Energy protection.

Energy protection is the biggest form of self-love! It’s saying “I’m not going to feel drained by emotions and energy that doesn’t belong to me!”

Here is a great meditation to learn more about energetic cords and how to cut them:

Listen Here: Is Cord Cutting Total BS?

3. Energy protection at work.

Protecting your personal energy anywhere you are is important. But we all know work, even as a solo entrepreneur, can be draining.

If you are connecting with people in person, over the phone, online… your energy is interacting (energy doesn’t know time or space).

Here is a great podcast episode about how to protect your energy at work:

Listen Here: How To Protect Your Energy At Work And Avoid Feeling Depleted

4. Cleanse your energy regularly.

Cleansing your energy is just as important as protecting it. In fact, cleansing it first helps you seal only good energy in before you put on your energetic boundaries.

I’ve recorded free meditations to clear each of the 7 chakras. Try it anytime your energy feels stuck, in the morning to set up your day with a clean slate, or any time you can fit this in –  your energy will thank you!

Find the meditations here:  7 FREE Meditations to Clear, Repair, and Align Your Chakras

Note: If you’re an annual or seasonal member of Mastery & Ascension, you will find a full chakra clearing meditation in your account.

5. Nourish your physical body.

There is no shortage of ways to give your body nourishment and no “one-size-fits-all” approach to it.

I will say that I have found that if I start my morning in the healthiest way possible, it carries out to the rest of my day.

One of the ways I personally do that is with Organifi. It’s a green drink and I take it each morning and it helps me choose healthier foods throughout the day.

I’ve also discovered that when I feel down, I’m more drawn to the foods that are not as good for me.

It’s helpful to think about how you can use your intuition and chakra colors to support your food choices.

I talk about it in this podcast:

Listen Here: How to Use Chakra Colors in Your Biz, Life, and Food Choices

Find Organifi Here

6. Detoxing Your Body.

There are many ways to detox, but sauna therapy is one of my favorites because it feels relaxing and “spa-like”.

Infrared Saunas have been rising in popularity the past few years because of their ability to support detoxification and cell renewal through the type of heat waves they omit.

The infrared sauna’s claim to fame is the immunity support, potential weight loss by stimulating your metabolism, and the relaxation factor.

You can go to a physical location, buy one for your home, and they also have portable ones if space is an issue.

I’m loving this one because it’s portable and you can use it anywhere:

See it on Amazon 

7. Mental detox.

While the infrared sauna (or other methods) may help your physical detox, mental detoxing is just as important.

Meditation and *gasp* a break from social media and the news… can do wonders.

What if you add just 15 minutes of quiet to your day? No screen time, no noise unless it’s relaxing music. A true brain break.

Try it and see!

8. Rose scent to add self-love into your life:

The scent of rose is said to be uplifting and bring about feelings of comfort and love.

You can bring these feelings of love into your life by diffusing rose-scented oil, adding rose essential oils to your bath, buying roses, planting a rose bush, and even using rose water in your daily routine. See it on Amazon

Bringing rose scents into your life can also support your heart chakra. It just smells of self-love.


9. Place rose quartz near you.

If you don’t want to diffuse rose oil or buy roses, having heart-shaped rose quartz can also bring in those feelings of love.

You can get a small one to carry with you or a larger stone to keep at your desk or by your bedside.

I’ve even known people to sleep with crystals under their bed and what better way to sleep than by feeling loved.

Here are some options from Amazon and you can also support small businesses by purchasing rose quartz on Etsy.

10. Movement.

Movement is such an easy way to add self-love to your life.

Our bodies need to move it, move it! It keeps us from getting stiff, supports flexibility as we age, stimulates the mind, decreases stress… well you know that we NEED to move.

Make it a priority every day by trying:

  • Yoga Classes, either in-person or online.
  • Cranking up the music and dancing (extra points if you sing into a pretend microphone).
  • Walking outside, preferably around some trees but anything will help you move.
  • Stretching in between tasks is also a way to add some movement and get your energy flowing.

Bottom line, get that stuck energy moving while supporting your physical body!

11. Stop being a broke healer.

I say this with love because I was a broke healer and I know firsthand how it feels.

But I found my way out of it and have helped countless others do the same.

In this podcast episode, I share how to do it and give you a “stop being a broke healer” challenge.

This is self-love. To say you are worth more and deserve more is serious self-love.

Listen Here: Bust Through Being a Broke Energy Healer Challenge

12. Connect to other gentle, “light” minded people on the “woo spectrum” with M&A.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add personal connection to this list.

The Mastery & Ascension membership is there to not only give you access to all my meditations and self-support tools but also to connect you to other “light” minded people to whom you can bring your “woo” highs and lows too without judgment.

It’s a space where all members are learning and growing and I’m so proud of what a supportive environment it has become.

If you’d like to explore the membership, you can find more information here:

Mastery & Ascension Membership

Bonus Self-Love!

If you want to feel even more empowered in bringing the self-love, I have the book for you – Pussy: A Reclamation.

This book can be life-changing and life-affirming. It not only takes you back through history, through patriarchy, but also into really loving yourself, loving your body, loving your pleasure, and ultimately feeling totally empowered.

Because as women we are not taught to love ourselves and instead we often do the opposite… look for flaws.

I highly recommend it to you. Get it from the library, online, or anywhere you can get your hands on it.

See it on Amazon

This list is by no means exhaustive. What feels good to you? A walk in nature? A nap in the middle of the day? Your favorite chocolate?

Pamper yourself, not just on occasion but develop that way of being.

Listening to your favorite podcast, calling a friend, taking an Epsom salt bath, it doesn’t have to be elaborate.

Put yourself first so you can shine your light… inspiring others to shine theirs too.

Are you feeling inspired to put yourself first? Try committing to at least one act of self-love today and share it with me on IG @EmilyAarons. I’d love to hear from you.

A behind the scenes look at my spiritual biz

A behind the scenes look at my spiritual biz

Call me a weirdo, but writing this email almost feels like I’m the wizard of Oz…

Only instead of hiding behind a curtain trying to make you think I’m all-knowing and powerful, I’m showing you how YOU can look and sound all fancy too!

Click the video to see behind the scenes and learn all my favorite tools to grow your business…make sure you SUBSCRIBE while you’re there.


​All of the items I mention are linked in the YouTube Video!



PS Here are the links I mention in this video:


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Palo Santo Smudging Sticks https://amzn.to/2VIFh8q

Angels in Your Biz Oracle Deck www.emilyaarons.com/cards or over on Amazon https://amzn.to/2RJtMvk

Aligned & Unstoppable Companion Journal www.emilyaarons.com.journal

* I am not sponsored by any company, and there were no paid product placements. However, some of the links here in this description may be Amazon affiliate links, meaning I may be compensated if you purchase them.

5 Beliefs That Will Keep You BROKE in Your Biz

5 Beliefs That Will Keep You BROKE in Your Biz

“Confidence comes AFTER courage.”

As you may have heard, I’ve been sharing some pretty raw stories of how insecure and fearful I used to be in my business. (Watch it in my 2-Part video series over on Facebook)

That quote above is from me, it’s something I learned after a major mindset shift happened for me after what was easily the worst time (financially) in my business.

I had basically NO CONFIDENCE…

I couldn’t contribute financially to my family…

My fears were blocking me from creating any sort of strategy to get out of my vicious negative spiral…

And the best thing I could do was pray for a miracle.

Honestly, that miracle came in June of 2016 when I met James Wedmore.

Back then I was majorly stuck in my feelings of inadequacy. I lacked the confidence I *thought* I needed in order to succeed in my business.

Turns out, it wasn’t confidence I needed, it was to release my limiting beliefs of how I *thought* a profitable business ran…

And simply put, if there’s one thing I can share about James is he’s changed my life.

In short, following what James has taught helped me shift out of employee mindset and fully step into the role of a CEO in my business like never before. I went from making barely $13k per YEAR to 10X’ing my income and creating a profitable 6-figure online empire!

What James has taught me time and time again, is that “what got you here won’t get you there.” I knew deep down that things had to change, but I didn’t know HOW.​

I had the pleasure of sitting down with James, who’s now a dear friend in addition to being my mentor, to discuss simple mindset hacks that can seriously help you shift out of employee mindset and into thinking more like a CEO.

All my love,


P.S. EXTRA CREDIT!!! If you’re anything like me, you’re also a little obsessed with personality type quizzes…another gift James has given is THIS FREE Entrepreneur Assessment inside his “Bizflix Video Series Portal” to uncover what type of entrepreneur you’re being right now!

Also, once you take this quiz, COMMENT BELOW and let me know what you got…I seriously love this stuff so much!


How to tune out negative self-talk

How to tune out negative self-talk

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how “spiritual” you are, we all get that inner voice that says the worst stuff to us!

This voice is better known as our EGO…although, I sometimes call it the “asshole in our head”, funny but true, right!?

Having suffered with depression on and off during my early 20’s and into my 30’s, I know this all too well. As soon as I’d have an idea for how to build up my business, stand up for myself in an unhealthy relationship, or simply just take better care of myself, that voice would sweep in and sabotage me every single time.

I’ve had clients who are just starting their meditation practice, and that dang a$$#ole comes right back!


I’m glad you asked!

The short answer is ignore it and keep practicing meditation anyway. Sometime’s I actually find myself saying “NO THANK YOU” out loud or changing my physical environment to shift the energy and to stop the mind chatter!

The ego has a job to do, which is to keep you small and safe. (Think helpless puppy, aww!)

This is great most of the time, but if you’re really looking to grow emotionally, spiritually, or financially, your ego will come up to sabotage you.

Please remember this is NORMAL and it’s to be expected.

Now that you know what it is, you can prepare yourself ahead of time.

Start to recognize that all the “negative self-talk” are simply stories your ego is feeding you so that you quit growing. Take it as a sign that you’re ready to expand and you can make the CHOICE to not listen to your ego’s commentary or demands.

You always have a choice.​​

If you’re ready to take your solo practice and amplify it with the energy of working with me and an incredible community, I welcome you to join Mastery & Ascension!

This monthly membership gives you a unique (and affordable) opportunity to work closely with me every single month with zero risk! Join for a month and leave if you’re not into it! No risk!

To get more info on Mastery & Ascension (before the price increases) CLICK HERE!

Hope we get to work together soon!