5 Habits To Unlock Intuition

While business coaches can entice you with promises of $10K months and passive income streams, they’re leaving out the MOST important ingredient to success…


You see, most business coaches are clueless about ENERGY!

Because, you can listen to all those coaches out there, hustle and work your ass off with little to no results and BURNOUT.

I’m NOT about that!

I’m about aligning to my soul’s purpose and doing what I LOVE to do to create quantum growth and success. #areyouwithme

Allow me to elaborate!

? Alignment is ease, flow, and movement… ?

It’s kind of like being on an inner-tube floating down a gentle river; you’re moving forward with little effort exerted and you’re able to enjoy the ride and feel connected (and trusting) to where the current is taking you!

When you’re in ALIGNMENT your intuition is ? and you’re able to navigate life’s challenges without the drama and exhaustion.

? Being OUT of alignment is having that inner-tube around you trying to push your way in the OPPOSITE direction of the river while looking around for someone else to rescue you; it’s strenuous, exhausting, and you make little to no progress.

THE BIG QUESTION: How can i get into alignment? ✨✨

Over the years of teaching people about energy alignment and unlocking their intuition, it comes down to five very basic habits, make sure you pay attention!

HABIT 1: Move your body

Most people live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Especially us entrepreneurs! We can easily mistakenly think that working longer hours will produce better results. But that working more than 90-minute intervals leads to LOWERS productivity!

**As an energy expert, I’ll also add that when you’ve been overthinking or feeling overwhelmed, this stress affects your CROWN CHAKRA (how we plug into source energy) and our THIRD EYE CHAKRA (inspiration and intuition)…

So, you’re NOT get innovative ideas and you’ll also get stuck in indecision!

SOLUTION: When you walk, do yoga, hike, or dance, you’re moving the stagnant energy in your body. Raising your heart rate can quite literally help you process stress out of your body and transmute it into helpful energy!

HABIT 2: Stay hydrated

It’s estimated that around 80% of adults are dehydrated! Now, before you roll your eyes ?, hear me out…When your body is dehydrated it simply can’t function.

If you’re trying to unlock the secret to $10K+ months, your brain isn’t getting what it needs to actually function.

Not to mention, the headaches and body pains that just never seem to go away.

Your intuition doesn’t stand a chance when you’re fully distracted like this!

HABIT 3: Time in nature

While the idea of unplugging from tech to go on a week-long retreat may sound delicious, for most people it’s just a pipe dream.

The good news is you don’t have to disappear from reality and live in the woods to reap the benefits of the great outdoors!

Simply walking barefoot in the grass or down a beach can do wonders for lowering your stress and opening you up to a whole world of INTUITIVE POSSIBILITIES!

Nature is medicine!

Plants, animals, and minerals all have special messages to share with you IF ONLY you’d pay attention.

When you spend all your days indoors you’re cut off from the cyclical and seasonal world you live in, and it shows resulting in shame and self-doubt.

HABIT 4: Eat real food

This is not a diet plan to lose weight. Eating real foods (like hydrating) will give your entire body the energy to succeed in life and your business.

When you eat foods as close to their ORIGINAL state, the more potent they will be energetically.

For example, if you grow a tomato, pick it, slice and eat it, that’s just about as close as you’ll get to it’s original state. This tomato will be absolutely packed with nutrients and ENERGY that will add to your life force!

Conversely, tomato ketchup derives from the same source but is (typically) processed with sugar, chemicals, preservatives (and sometimes artificial flavors or dyes). There’s very little nutritional benefits and NO energetic benefit.

So, when it comes to unlocking intuition and getting aligned, it’s next to impossible if all you’re eating is frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

HABIT 5: Meditate

Science has proven this over and over, and YET we still make excuses!

I totally get how hard it can be to start a new practice, especially meditation, because we’ve been taught that it’s all about brain silence and it has to last a really long time…

That’s utter bullsh*t!

Meditation can be ANYTHING that allows you to be in the present moment, even for as little as one minute.

If you doubt me, set a timer for 1-minute and all you have to do is BREATE in and out. Imagine white light filling your body with your breath and releasing tension, stress, anxiety, and worry…

Did you do it?

Even if you didn’t, don’t you feel better even THINKING about doing it!? ?

The truth is that your intuition unlocks when you get quiet. The reason is because our intuition speaks in whispers, so we have to be able to listen to these subtle messages.

When life is so loud and moving so fast, it’s nearly impossible to decipher if it’s intuition or just your own thoughts!

Now, you’re probably noticing your own habits bubbling up…

  • You know what you’re doing well…
  • You also know where there’s opportunity to improve…
  • You might also notice your physical, emotional, or energetic symptoms seem to TOTALLY make sense!!

THATS WHY…It’s time to put all of these 5 habits into practice!

I’m hosting a FREE event called Intuition Month to challenge you to use these 5 habits daily for 30 days…

The month of SEPTEMBER will be dedicated to helping you unlock your intuition and get into alignment!

What do you say!?

Are you ready for a little extra push to jumpstart your business and lower your stress?

Join me for Intuition Month, September 1-30, it’s FREE!

We’ll officially start on September 1st.

Invite your friends and community to help you stay on track.

Visit or click the link below!

If you’re craving to shift your consciousness OUT of fear and into faith…

If you’re ready to unlock your intuition so you can TRUST yourself again…

If you’re ready to grow your business and do what you LOVE while feeling your absolute BEST…

Can’t wait to hold space for all of us!



How To Scale Your Business During Economic Downturn With Kelly Roach

How To Scale Your Business During Economic Downturn With Kelly Roach

How To Scale Your Business During Economic Downturn

With Kelly Roach

I invited Kelly Roach on the podcast because she embodies this idea of “the four-season CEO” and has helped so many entrepreneurs scale their businesses and reclaim their time – no matter what the economic climate is.

Understanding your business’s seasons is what allows you to connect to your intuition and pivot when needed, which is the beauty of being an entrepreneur!

In this episode, we discuss not only what is happening economically, but also go in-depth about how tuning into your intuition is there to guide you through it.

If you’ve been receiving those intuitive whispers then this is that extra confirmation that your instincts and intuition have been correct!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [1.51] The challenge of growing and becoming for Kelly and her beliefs about being “off track”.
  • [2.52] Kelly’s journey to create financial freedom.
  • [7.23] What happens to entrepreneurs during a recession (hint: the greatest opportunities can happen).
  • [10.44] When dynamics change in our economy there isn’t less opportunity, there’s more!
  • [11.11] The “four-season” CEO and how our businesses go in stages.
  • [14.14] “Is everyone cut out to be a business owner?” The question I ask Kelly.
  • [17.47] During the life cycle of being an entrepreneur, you will encounter the cyclical nature of the business. Knowing how to stick it out (or figure out if it’s not for you).
  • [23.03] At what point in the cycle do you listen to your intuition?
  • [25.05] Strategies you can implement for this economic cycle we’re entering.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


This is a great time to stop and think about at which point do you listen to your intuition? Is it when it’s a whisper? Or do you wait until it gets really loud? Using the daily reboot meditation from the Mastery and Ascension Membership is the perfect way to take a minute to tune in to your intuition each day so it doesn’t have to knock you over the head!

About Kelly

Business strategist Kelly Roach transforms overworked entrepreneurs into seven-figure CEOs by teaching them how to leverage timeless business principles, employed by billion-dollar corporations, with the most powerful online marketing speed and agility strategies of today.

You can find Kelly here:

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Angels In Your Biz Oracle Card Reading July 2022

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How NOT To Measure Success

How NOT To Measure Success

How NOT To Measure Success

Truthfully, we’ve all been fed certain stories about what success is and it’s almost always sold to us as the multiple six-figure launches, or six-figure, leisure lifestyle.

I want you to stop for a minute and question this. Is this the only measure of success? Are the people making these claims including profit or just sales? Because those are two different measures.

Comparing yourself to claims that may or may not be true can leave you feeling unsuccessful, stuck, broke, or feeling like a failure. (I’m sharing what I’ve discovered!)

Whether you are new in your entrepreneurial business, or you’ve been at it for some time, if money is the only thing you’re measuring success on you’re missing out on something larger.

There are other, important ways of measuring your success and creating more abundance AND alignment in your life and business!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [1.58] When you’re only focused on money, if you haven’t made multiple six-figures does that mean you’re not successful?
  • [3.32] The cost of the “million-dollar” launch that isn’t typically included in what people “brought in”. (Profit versus sales!)
  • [5.52] We can see these vanity metrics as these false gods. It’s a small part of the picture and often doesn’t take into account the bottom line.
  • [7.13] People who are saying they are multi-six figure entrepreneurs often let the truth out in their masterminds… (I’m spilling it!)
  • [9.06] What to think about before you invest in a mentor, program, or coach.
  • [13.18] A real-life example of a situation I had with a client and how to look at what you are doing differently.
  • [16.56] No more cop-outs. It’s time to make that money!!!
  • [19.15] Journal prompts to help you measure your success differently.
  • [23.34] Getting aligned to your core values. What is it for you?

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


What are your core values? What does success look like to you? Let me know in the comments or my DM’s @emilyaarons.

About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their businesses.

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