Balance is Bullshit.

Balance is Bullshit.

I was just on FB Live channeling messages and something came up that I REEEEEALLY want to address…BALANCE.

Danielle asked me this fabulous question…”While building my new business and striving for success, how do I continue give my 100% to my family and girls…and to myself. How do I balance?”

As a Mom-preneur I can totally relate to this question and I know you can too…


In my reality, there are 24-hours in a day. There is NO WAY IN HELL I can be 100% of anything to anyone anytime! (Wow I’m exhausted just typing that!)

Let me break it down further and explain how this works…Danielle broke it down perfectly! There are 4 components in her life that she wishes to “balance” and they are:

– Build a new business

– Strive for success

– Family and kids


Guess which one of these CAME LAST?…GO AHEAD look at her quote! I can’t make this shit up!

I’m guilty too! Just because I tell women how to take care of themselves first doesn’t mean I’ve perfected it. Hellooooo #momguilt

Just last week I went to see my girlfriend Courtney Little of NWHS for a nutrition consult. I’m a healthy girl, but I want to be my BEST so I can serve at my highest level every day! That girl is SO SMART and you know what she kept saying to me?!

“Put your oxygen mask on first, then help others.” I kept listening to her advice for my nutrition plan, and instead I said, “oh this can help my husband!” “oh, that can help my son!”…NO NO NOOOOOO.

Ok, where was I?! Right, that whole balance crap. There is NO way to make everything in life just “so”…it’s called time management and self-care.

My advice to Danielle was… (you can watch around the 26:00 mark)

First off balance is an illusion BUT you can choose to delegate what you choose to focus on that day or that hour. Write down the things that are ESSENTIAL for your self-care FIRST!

  • pedicure
  • girlfriend dates
  • A DAY OFF…because you can’t do all of these things all the time (and be happy!)

What will it look like if Danielle keeps doing what she’s doing?

The problem is that everything…EVERYTHING comes before her own self-love and self-care. (Come to think of it, that’s probably why we are paid less too- we don’t value ourself enough!)

If Danielle continues to put off self-care this is what it will look like down the road in the not-so-distant-future…She’ll be…

  • Over-stressed and exhausted
  • Crying over petty stuff
  • Comparing herself to everyone else who has “BALANCE”
  • Pissed off easily at her spouse
  • Snapping at her kids for the little stuff, just because she’s at the end of her rope
  • Upset with herself for her failing business
  • Unable to notice new clients because she’s in a total brain fog
  • Resentful of all the other moms who “do it all with a smile” while she slips deeper into depression


She needs a break, and so do you. I’ve created a way out, a break, and the space to get deep healing and clarity.

The Rustic Sisterhood Sleepover has 3 spaces left. This isn’t for everyone, but it may be exactly what YOU NEED.

I KNOW money is tight.

I KNOW it’s tough to be away from your family and responsibilities.

I also KNOW what would happen if you keep saying “no” to your own self-care, and I don’t want you to suffer anymore.

Whether you’re interested in joining or getting more info, maybe just someone to listen. Let’s talk.

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