Vlog #5 What are Akashic records and how can I use them in my life?

Vlog #5 What are Akashic records and how can I use them in my life?

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Vlog #4 Energy Talk: Resistance & Resonance

Vlog #4 Energy Talk: Resistance & Resonance

Maybe this sounds silly, but I’m a little shocked at how my guides keep giving me regular Vlog​ content…

I guess they want me vlogging! HAHA!

Today’s topic was about resistance…

We even gave her a name “Rachel Resistance”…

…and how “she” shows up when we’re doing our best to GROW and expand!

You can fast forward to the end when I give my top 3 tips on how to bust through any resistance getting in the way of you BECOMING who you’re destined to be!

As alway, please feel free to leave a comment or just say hi so I know you were there!

Thanks, have an awesome week!