Your Mercury Retrograde Survival Toolkit

Your Mercury Retrograde Survival Toolkit

Just after a good cry yesterday, I posted on my Instagram how some days are just harder than others…

Basically, my day felt like all that I could possibly handle.

Technically it’s been a week of 4am baby wake ups, nearly zero time working on my biz, tension in my marriage, and ALLLL the mom guilt since I’m about to send my baby to daycare 2 days…TWO days…like seriously, why the guilt!??

The GOOD NEWS is that since I have a very strong regular spiritual practice, I’ve been shifting my attention, clearing my energy, and tapping in to a much higher vibration…EXCEPT…

This GD Mercury Retrograde has been killing my vibe! ūüėā

What I realized by sharing my shit storm of a day, it opened a door for my community to say “me too” or even to say a prayer for me…They resonated with my message because it was REAL and RAW.

To be honest, I just about deleted it after it posted because I don’t want people to think I’m “WEAK”…it’s one of those crazy stories I’ve made up that vulnerability is somehow weakness….and its NOT.

If YOU are in need of a dramatic shift in your day, your energy, and your life, I have a gift for you.

It’s called 90-Day Reboot.

It’s been helping me so much during this crazy retrograde, and it’s helping others too!

It only occurred to me during¬†THIS FACEBOOK LIVE¬†that during Mercury Retrograde it’s all about the “RE” words like: REcharge, REst, REvaluate, REgroup, REleasing, REvitalize, REtreat…

…and this program to help you handle the Retro is called¬†REBOOT! #thanksuniverse

HERE’S WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING…and we’ve only been using it a few days!

I asked, “How would you describe REBOOT in one word?”



RELEASE the layers of doubt, worry, fear, stress, anxiety, less than, and other unsupportive thoughts and…







REBOOT IS FREE for all Members of Mastery & Ascension.

The reason I’m giving it for free inside the membership is because doing it alone just doesn’t work. What you’re paying for is a COMMUNITY OF SUPPORTIVE women who are all holding this incredible healing container together…

The sum of the group is more valuable than it’s individual parts!

Today is the LAST CALL to get into Mastery & Ascension before September.




PS – For the record, REBOOT is working like gang busters on my bad day, and it can help you too!

There’s NO RISK in joining, you can cancel anytime, no hard feelings…CLICK HERE TO JOIN US!

EP12: Creating A New Identity And Brand From The Inside Out with Sara Drury

In our 12th episode of the Aligned & Unstoppable podcast, Emily talks with her good friend Sara Drury about her journey away from the beauty industry into her alignment. Helping women with their inner beauty and finding their passion on a very deep level. Podcast host of the Inner Beauty School. which led her to tapping into her intuition in a whole new way. Learn how to quiet those inner limiting thoughts and give yourself permission to become ultra powerful.

<Episode Highlights:

  • Emily & Sara met at Business By Design with James Wedmore. They were some of his first clients in this program.
  • Sara was initially a makeup artist and then expanded her services to teaching women about makeup and inner beauty via online video.
  • She faced feelings of self-doubt and fear during the season of stepping into her new business/calling.
  • The journey from fear to self-confidence is a continual process that never truly ends. It starts with giving yourself permission and not caring what others will say or what the outcome will be.
  • Her makeup business was successful but she didn’t feel fulfilled anymore. She was doing the right things but her inner wisdom told her she wasn’t in the right spot.
  • Your ego will fight against what you know you need to do.
  • In order to go to your next level, you have to become a different person; which means that there’s a part of you that must die. When you first start this journey it may be painful.
  • You may face resistance or resentment from family and friends as you actively try not to be the same person you were when y’all first met.
  • Your journey to freedom will cause others to look inward and examine their own life.”

3 Key Points:

  1. ¬†Meditating doesn’t always have to be guided, it can be freestyle (ex. walking the dog)
  2. We don’t always have to DO in order to GET; rather we need to be OPEN to RECEIVING
  3. Let your heart guide you and not your mind; if you’re thinking, that’s when you get stuck, anxious and worried

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Give yourself permission to step into the bigger version of yourself!” – Sara Drury
  • “It’s scary to step into that place where you know you’re meant to be.” – Sara Drury
  • “Resistance from your ego is proof that you’re getting into alignment.” – Emily Aarons
  • “When you’re getting into alignment your life may blow up in a way you weren’t expecting before it settles back down.” – Sara Drury
  • “If you’re truly committed to the dream that you’re building, then you have to be willing to let go of the things that are not able to come on the rest of the journey with you.” – Sara Drury
  • “Give yourself permission to have a transition!” – Emily Aarons

Resources Mentioned:


Ready to dive deeper? Join the Mastery & Ascension membership to learn the spiritual tools to break through your blocks, align with your highest self, and gain clarity to become FULLY Aligned & Unstoppable! Simply CLICK HERE to join!

5 Beliefs That Will Keep You BROKE in Your Biz

5 Beliefs That Will Keep You BROKE in Your Biz

“Confidence comes AFTER courage.”

As you may have heard, I’ve been sharing some pretty raw stories of how insecure and fearful I used to be in my business. (Watch it in¬†my 2-Part video series over on¬†Facebook)

That quote above is from me, it’s something I learned after a major mindset shift happened for me after what was easily the worst time (financially) in my business.

I had basically NO CONFIDENCE…

I couldn’t contribute financially to my family…

My fears were blocking me from creating any sort of strategy to get out of my vicious negative spiral…

And the best thing I could do was pray for a miracle.

Honestly, that miracle came in June of 2016 when I met James Wedmore.

Back then I was majorly stuck in my feelings of inadequacy. I lacked the confidence I *thought* I needed in order to succeed in my business.

Turns out, it wasn’t confidence I needed, it was to release my limiting beliefs of how I *thought* a profitable business ran…

And simply put, if there’s one thing I can share about James is he’s changed my life.

In short, following what James has taught helped me shift out of employee mindset and fully step into the role of a CEO in my business like never before.¬†I went from making barely $13k per YEAR to 10X’ing my income¬†and creating a profitable 6-figure online empire!

What James has taught me time and time again, is that “what got you here won’t get you there.” I knew deep down that things had to change, but I didn’t know HOW.‚Äč

I had the pleasure of sitting down with¬†James, who’s now a dear friend in addition to being my mentor,¬†to discuss¬†simple mindset hacks that can seriously help you shift out of employee mindset and into thinking more like a CEO.

All my love,


P.S. EXTRA CREDIT!!! If you’re anything like me, you’re also a little obsessed with personality type quizzes…another gift James has given is THIS FREE Entrepreneur Assessment inside his “Bizflix Video Series Portal” to uncover what type of entrepreneur you’re being right now!

Also, once you take this quiz, COMMENT BELOW and let me know what you got…I seriously love this stuff so much!


How to tune out negative self-talk

How to tune out negative self-talk

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how “spiritual” you are, we all get that inner voice that says the worst stuff to us!

This voice is better known as our EGO…although,¬†I sometimes call it the “asshole in our head”, funny but true, right!?

Having suffered with depression on and off during my early 20’s and into my 30’s, I know this all too well. As soon as I’d have an idea for how to build up my business, stand up for myself in an unhealthy relationship, or simply just take better care of myself, that voice would sweep in and sabotage me every single time.

I’ve had clients who are just starting their¬†meditation practice, and that dang a$$#ole comes right back!


I’m glad you asked!

The short answer is ignore it and keep practicing meditation¬†anyway. Sometime’s I actually find myself saying “NO THANK YOU” out loud or changing my physical environment to shift the energy and¬†to stop the mind chatter!

The ego has a job to do, which is to keep you small and safe. (Think helpless puppy, aww!)

This is great most of the time, but if you’re really looking to grow emotionally, spiritually, or financially, your ego will come up to sabotage you.

Please remember this is NORMAL and it’s to be expected.

Now that you know what it is, you can prepare yourself ahead of time.

Start to recognize that all the “negative self-talk” are simply stories your ego is feeding you so that you quit growing.¬†Take it as a sign that you’re ready to expand and you can make the CHOICE to not listen to your ego’s commentary or demands.

You always have a choice.‚Äč‚Äč

If you’re ready to take your solo practice and amplify it with the energy of working with me and an incredible community, I welcome you to join¬†Mastery & Ascension!

This monthly membership gives you a unique (and affordable)¬†opportunity to work closely with me every single month with zero risk! Join for a month and leave if you’re not into it! No risk!

To get more info on Mastery & Ascension (before the price increases) CLICK HERE!

Hope we get to work together soon!


Light-headed, dizzy, or just feeling weird post-meditation? I’ve got a solution!

Light-headed, dizzy, or just feeling weird post-meditation? I’ve got a solution!

Happy Monday!

Something I get asked all the time is in regards to feeling light-headed, dizzy, or just spacey either going into meditation, while meditating, or coming out.

I have a very simple answer for WHY this is happening and a SIMPLE SOLUTION to help you out of that wonky head space!

WHY THIS HAPPENS:¬†Typically the main reason why you’re getting a bit light-headed is because you’re beginning to tap into a higher vibration of energy (go you!). The higher you go, the less you’re energetically in your body. Don’t get freaked out, it’s nothing to be scared of.

Accessing higher frequencies is something that many people never get to experience. It means you’ve relaxed enough and allowed your energy system to expand. THIS is also where we allow deep levels of healing into our mind, body, and spirit! (go you again!)

When you’re meditating using one of my guided meditations from¬†Mastery & Ascension, you’ll be opening up to a high frequency because they’re all channeled directly from source in addition, I’m adding energy healing, something you’ll ONLY FIND working with me!

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Mastery & Ascension members are saying…

SIMPLE SOLUTION:¬†Simply put, come out of your meditation sloooowly and ground yourself. If you’re being guided, and it’s going to fast, just hit pause, and go at your own pace. Take some nice long breaths and come back into your physical body but engaging muscles. Once you’re fully back, eyes open, have some water and go outside. Walking barefoot can really help you ground.

If you’re ready to join our growing community inside¬†MASTERY & ASCENSION, simply CLICK HERE!¬†We have daily conversations about meditation AND how we can use it specifically as a tool to grow our business.

This is INTENTIONAL MEDITATION, not just deep breathing to achieve the elusive “blank screen”!

I hope these tips helped, if you have more questions about how to meditate or you’re feeling like you’re doing it wrong,¬†COMMENT BELOW, and let me know how I can help!