3 Steps To Transition From Free To Paid Sessions

Starting a spiritual business can feel like navigating uncharted waters, especially when it comes to valuing your work and transitioning from free to paid sessions. I’ve been there, wrestling with the dicey question of when and how to start charging clients.

That’s why I’m so excited to share my personal journey and breakthrough strategies that have not only helped me but also countless clients I’ve supported.

This episode is all about the art of earning while learning, with a deep dive into three tangible ways to attract your soulmate clients and confidently step into charging for your services.

Let’s talk about the thrill of creating a buzz in your spiritual business, shall we? It’s not just about the services you offer; it’s about how you market them. I reveal the ins and outs of how to create a sense of must-have among your audience.

This episode is packed with actionable advice on aligning your pricing with the incredible value you provide and crafting offers that leave clients eager to invest in all you have to offer.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • (14:20) – Maximizing Business Success
  • (25:23) – Transitioning From Free to Paid Sessions
  • (34:41) – Increasing Your Rates and Attracting Clients

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00:02 – Emily Aarons (Host)
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Today You’re listening to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast. I’m your host, emilyerens. I’m an entrepreneur and highly sought after energy healer with over two decades in practice. I’m a mixture of high vibe energy and cutting edge strategy with a little dash of unfiltered real talk, making this the one and only podcast that gives you a down to earth approach to business and spirituality. Tune in each week to get out of the stress of overworking so you can build a brand in alignment with your soul’s purpose. If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way, it’s that you have to stop looking outside yourself for the answer and start looking within. We all have a unique path and it’s time you start trusting in yourself. The truth is, you already have everything you need. You just need to learn how to access it. Now let’s dive in. It’s time you experience business and soul alignment. Hi there, welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast.

This is episode number four, four, four. On today’s episode, I’m going to teach you three ways to start transitioning from free sessions into paid sessions. Some of you may already say, listen, I don’t need the free session stuff, I’m already doing paid sessions, but maybe I’m not getting as many clients as I’d like. You can definitely still apply these principles to your current status. This strategy works. That’s all I can say. Also, we do have a brand new free training that is out. If you are definitely wanting to have a spiritual business, you’re wanting to become a practitioner that has more abundance and more clients coming in. The training is going to be below in the show notes. It’s all about shifting into your abundance archetype. I know that for folks who’ve been training with me for a long time, especially through the integrated energy alignment practitioner training, they’re learning not just the modality and getting certified in the modality of energy healing, but they’re also learning strategies and marketing business principles and every single week they’re building their businesses. All of our graduates are making money, not just after the program, but they’re making money starting at month three, because we literally require you not just to do practice sessions, but then to have practice sessions that you start to earn money incrementally. What I’m teaching you today is part of the foundation of the IEA certification. You can take the free training to learn about your abundance archetype. If you want to learn more about the IEA training itself, we’ll have links below this video and in the show notes of the podcast.

If you’re new to the podcast, warm welcome. I’m glad you’re here. I’m Emily Aarons and I’m here to help you to grow your spiritual business and create more wealth, more stability, without having to burn yourself out, because that’s really the point. We’re not looking to build a successful financially career but burning you out. We’re looking to create sustainability. I know all of the practitioners who have been here coaches, healers, aspiring leaders who follow me, who work with me. They realize I’m not here to kill myself. I don’t want my team to kill themselves just for the sake of making money. That’s not the point. We are here to help people. What would be the point of helping people if you’re burning yourself out in the process? That’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to help you build a spiritual business that is sustainable as well as successful.

Let’s get into this week’s episode. As you know, we just launched the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast, which is not like this one. This podcast is really more like an overarching view. The Spiritual Business Sessions is basically an audio course where I’m literally taking you through the framework of building a business week after week. If you haven’t checked it out already, if you’re not already a subscriber, definitely check that out. It’s basically you’re getting an expert in your pocket to be your coach for only $8 a month. It’s such a great deal. It’s so high value. People who have already been listening there are already a couple episodes in and they’re absolutely loving it. They’re building things already and it’s really exciting to see. We’ll have all that linked in the show notes below, or you can go to emilyaronscom forward slash session.

Hey friend, I wanted to hop into this podcast episode to share with you my favorite coffee alternative that doesn’t give you anxiety or stress or make you have an afternoon crash. That is why I’m talking about mushroom coffee. And listen, I have been a coffee lover for most of my life. I like it, drink it black. I really do love the taste of coffee, so finding a good tasting coffee that performed well, that didn’t give me.

The jitters was really important for me, and I’ve tried a whole bunch of them, and the one that I’ve really become obsessed with over the last year plus is called Everyday Dose. It is a blend of mushrooms from the fruiting body, not just the mycelium, so it has lion’s mane and chaga. It also does have a coffee extract in it, so it does taste like coffee. Plus, it has collagen and L-theanine. So L-theanine is something I also take on a regular because it helps with lowering stress, and as busy entrepreneurs I know you got stress. So I would love for you to take a try of Everyday Dose. I know it will change your life the way it has changed mine, and now you can try it out as only a dollar a day. So they have these really cool starter kits that come with a little electric rechargeable frother. There’s a cool spoon and a resealable, refillable container.

I love it. I think you’re going to love it too. You can head on over to my very special link. It’s called EmilyArenscom forward slash start dose. That’s EmilyArenscom forward slash start dose. I think you’re going to love it as much as I do. Now, listen, I know we all have different dietary sensitivities, so you know it’s gluten free, it’s paleo, it’s keto, it’s soy free, it’s dairy free, there’s no sugar and it is non-GMO. So I want you to understand that I would never recommend something unless I had personally tried it and loved it. And this is how I feel about Everyday Dose. So head on over to EmilyArenscom. Forward slash start dose today. You’ll thank me later.

Let’s talk about ways to transition from free to paid. So, like I said, you might already be charging. That’s fine. Even if you’re already charging, I want you to listen to the strategy behind this and see how you can modify it or apply it to your business. So the first step and this is exactly what we do with the IEA training is you start with free sessions.

Now, what I like to introduce to my clients, to the students and, of course, for you, is that if you are giving away free sessions, you are also putting a container, you’re putting a boundary around that, so you’re not just hey, I’m Emily and I’m here to offer free sessions. Who wants one? That is not what I’m saying. What the container looks like is hi, I’m Emily, for a limited time only, I’m going through a training, or I’ve just got this certification, or I’m doing this XYZ thing, and I’m offering a limited number of sessions that are absolutely free in just in exchange for a beautiful testimonial and your feedback. So you are saying upfront it’s not just I’m giving away free sessions to anybody with a pulse, I’m giving them in exchange.

So in my experience and in my observation, you have to have some kind of an energy exchange. So even if it’s free, there needs to be something coming back. If it’s free, it’s for a testimonial, maybe it’s for just an opportunity to be in front of a great audience. So there are times where I teach classes or workshops or trainings for free. No one’s paying me money, or I’m speaking, for example, but they’re not necessarily paying me money. They might be maybe buying my Oracle card deck or they might be just putting me in front of their audience, which would be a great position and opportunity for me. So there’s always some sort of give and take, some sort of exchange.

So the first thing is you are only advertising your free sessions, with the caveat that it is clear it is for their feedback and their testimony. So when you are making your booking link and I presume that you all have an online booking software if you are this far, but if you don’t, I can put my link for using acuity scheduling. That’s what I use. Obviously, there’s plenty of other options as well, but when you give your link, your link should also explicitly say that by booking the session, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, that you will be giving your feedback and a written testimony, and when they book their session, they are seeing that in acuity. You can also send them a confirmation email, a 48 hour, 24 hour and a one hour reminder email, because what happens is that when people don’t pay, they’re like man, it’s worthless. I don’t even care if I put it on my calendar or whatever, and they forget about it. They don’t show up. So when the IA students are in their early free sessions, many of them get no shows. It happens, it happens. I’ve had it even for people who’ve paid me $1,000 for a session. It happens sometimes whether life got in the way or something happened randomly or they just forgot. Things can happen, but especially, it’s definitely more frequent when you’re doing free stuff. So you want to set up the acuity appointment, you want to have that information explicitly set in there and you also want to have those reminders set up.

The next step is really important and you cannot skip this. Most the time You’re not even getting feedback from people number one which is why you can’t even go to number two. Step number two is to start sharing the feedback that you’re getting from those customers. It can look like I’m so excited. I had this customer today and they came in because they had a lot of stress. It turns out through the session and through the work that we did together, there was some blockages in their third chakra. I noticed that there was some gunk that was holding onto them there. When we started to really go into it, they were freeing up this place of their inner child. They found this deepness of play and wonder and excitement and joy. By the time the session was over, they were a whole different person. The color and their face returned. They looked more vibrant, and this is what they had to say.

Working with Emily has made me feel more alive than I have felt in years. I definitely recommend working with her. Something like that. That was just off the top of my head. But you get the formula, which is you’re sharing your enthusiasm and excitement and love and passion for the work and you’re sharing your customers actual testimony Sometimes when you just share a testimonial quote, by itself it’s not innately engaging or exciting. I have done these funny videos where I will read somebody’s testimony in a funny accent with a wig on. That definitely gets more views if you’re doing a reel or something, but it’s not necessarily as impactful as when you’re speaking from the heart. What I would recommend you do is finding a formula where you can share the feedback, the testimonials, saying again like this happened for so and so. This is what Martha said Again I have these free sessions for unlimited time only. There’s only so many that I have available. When you’re talking about scarcity of time, it’s not available for very long. And you’re talking about scarcity of quantity like I don’t have that many to give that isn’t neatly going to excite people and bring them into action, because if you’re like I have free sessions, dot dot, dot, but we just imagine they’re always available and there’s unlimited amounts, if you explicitly say they’re only available for a specific amount of time, there’s only a specific amount.

If I’m saying I’m going to be doing business audits live on Facebook today, be one of the first three people to submit your thing and you will likely get picked, what’s that going to do? You’re going to go. Oh, my God, I’m going to do that. Everything in you, your adrenaline is going to start rushing. You’re going to go to that form. You’re going to fill out as fast as possible and then you’re going to be hoping and praying that you get to be one of the lucky people picked. Whenever you see me live doing cards, if you see me and I say I’m pulling cards today, you bet you’re getting there first and you’re going to say card please, emily, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me. Because that’s what everybody does. They line up and they go. Oh, I want this. You really want to take that same scarcity energy and bring it into your free offerings and your paid offerings. Again, even if you are doing sessions and they’re paid sessions, you still want to emphasize there is a limit of time or quantity.

When I transitioned out of the brick and mortar in my healing business and started to transition online, I found myself really confused and trying to figure out the solution to make all of these ideas of mine work together. I wanted to sell meditations, I wanted to have a membership, I wanted to be able to take payments that were reoccurring and to send emails and to create websites and it seemed like I had to invest in so many different systems and sometimes they wouldn’t even work together. Well, that all changed when I found Kajabi. That has been such a life send. I love Kajabi because it’s easy to use, it’s super user friendly, there’s great reporting and it makes it seamless for my customers to find me and to buy any of my products or services. I highly recommend Kajabi and if you want to check it out right now, you can head on over to EmilyArenscom. Forward slash Kajabi and you can take a test drive, see if it’s something that works for you. But I know you’re here because you’re ready to take yourself and your business seriously and really Kajabi is the easiest place to go to start building your online business. Again, emilyarenscom forward slash Kajabi and get started today.

When I was still seeing one-on-one patient or clients, I used to have a goal I want to have five new clients every single week, not every week. I had that Some weeks I did and some weeks I said, oh well, I’m booked out, so you have to book for next week. And then boom, I had half of my week already filled for the following week. Setting yourself a goal now this is like a bonus tip. So make sure you write it down. When you have a goal in mind, it’s a lot easier to hit it. Your subconscious sees I have a goal of five, I got to get five, I got to get five, I got to get five. And your conscious mind is saying I got to get five. So you’re kind of in alignment.

When you’re just like I have sessions, will anybody come? That’s kind of like wasteful energy. You’re not specific, it’s not tangible If you’re saying I want more, more than what? More than one. So a lot of times I see clients and even folks here in my community who are like I say if I could wave a magic wand, what would you want in your business? They say I want more customers, so what’s more? So really get clear, especially when you’re going from free to paid or paid to increase in the price. How many, how many Exactly? How many do you have? If you say you have 10 sessions this month, that doesn’t sound like a whole lot. Right Inside of the IA training, we usually have between like six and 10 sessions that they’re required to do, depending on the month and what’s going on.

The first 10 sessions that our IA students are doing. They’re all free and they’re all only 10 minutes long, so you could potentially do like all 10 in a day. Most people don’t, and what happens is that most of our practitioners are going above and beyond just the minimum requirement, because if they go above the minimum requirement, they’re earning energy points that they can later use for other really cool things in the program. So it gives you an opportunity to use that same strategy in your own business. So if you set yourself a goal, well, what happens if I go above and beyond it? What happens if I hit it? Do I celebrate a milestone?

And for me, when I was increasing my prices, it was really when I started to bring my business online and I wanted to have five clients a week. And I would say, okay, here’s, these five sessions are at a discounted rate of, let’s say, $50. And once these sessions are taken this week, only next week the price will be increasing, and I stay true to that. That’s the difficult part you got to stay in integrity with what you say. So if I say, when the price is increasing next week, I’m going to increase the price next week, and what would happen is, next week would come and I go okay, great, I have five sessions available and they’re going to increase the price next week. They’re $65. First come, first serve. Next week the price is increasing. Next week happens Okay, great, it’s $100 for a session, whatever it was. And I did increase my price relatively quickly and I did get bookings quickly because my customers saw the results that were possible with me.

I was sharing the testimonies, I was sharing the stories, I was sharing what kind of things were coming up in sessions, what things were being cleared, so that they could relate and go oh, I want that. Because if you just say, hey, who wants a session? I have five of them, nobody wants them, right? You know this because you’ve been doing this. You, most practitioners, are using that same strategy over and over again. I have a session, who wants it? I have a session, who wants it? I have a session, who wants it? Listen, that strategy sucks, it doesn’t work. Stop doing it and I’m calling you out. But I’m staying it with love, because If you are doing something it’s not working, stop doing it.

Look around what are the larger companies doing? What are bigger influencers doing? What are successful businesses doing? How are they messaging? How are they marketing? You have to take off your practitioner glasses and put on your marketer glasses. What am I going to do to call in clients, both energetically and physically? What can I physically do to market myself? What can I energetically do to call them in? When we say I have a goal for five people and you’re connecting with those five people energetically and you’re calling them in energetically and you’re welcoming them energetically and you’re grateful for them energetically, that’s awesome, that next level of how you can put it out there in a way that resonates. I will also say this other thing because these three things require you to show up on social media. They require you to show up in your email. If you don’t have an email list yet, create one. I’m not talking about sending emails from your Gmail. Either get MailChimp, get ConvertKit, get I don’t know even Kajabi. Kajabi would probably be the higher tier. My recommendation would be get ConvertKit. I will also leave that link in the show notes.

I believe ConvertKit is one of the best marketing email providers because it’s got a lot of sophistication and it’s really low price. You only pay for the subscribers you have. If you start off and you go, I have zero, guess what. You pay a very low monthly rate and the more subscribers you have, the more money you pay. It does suck. When you start getting bigger numbers, you’re like, yay aw, I wish I was still paying $20 a month, or whatever their starting rate is. You can’t just cross your fingers and stay in the vision and the dreaming of one day when I’m going to have all these clients and all this money. It’s going to be so great. You have to do something about it Again, like I said, the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast is literally for people who are ready to take action. These episodes are more like. If you want to stay in the dreaming state, that’s fine too. Use these strategies. Don’t use them Whatever. It’s your choice.

When I was starting my online business, I realized pretty quickly I needed to build a funnel, and that was an easy way for people to opt in, to give me their name and their email address to join my email list. I could send them a meditation, a PDF, a workshop, a video or something really special that allowed them to start building that no-like-and-trust energy with me. The best way that I found to do this was through using lead pages. Lead pages has proven templates that are guaranteed to help you with the design. You don’t have to have a blank screen and become a web designer suddenly. They have templates that you can plug and play your message with your images, with your wording, but they are really easy to use. I find that their chat support is really responsive as well.

If you are looking for an easy way to start collecting leads, build your email list, starting to build that no-like-and-trust factor as well, I highly recommend you check out lead pages. You can head over to emilyaronscom forward slash lead pages to get started today. They have a really low price, easy to start option and I know you’re going to love it as much as I do Now. I love lead pages for another reason. It’s because of their tracking. You can see when your lead pages are working by the conversion rates. They track the number, so you can see immediately if it’s working or if it’s not and how to tweak it. They also have diagrams inside to say this has to change or this has to change. It’s really easy to start using lead pages right away. Again, emilyaronscom forward slash lead pages and get started today.

Step three this is the juicy part when the time is up, when the quantity that you have offered at the free rate or the low price or the discounted rate is up, guess what you time to increase your prices. This is when you start to say, hey, limited time only, you only have X amount of hours. You can insert a countdown timer into your emails or into your social media. You could say it’s time is up, and X amount of days or hours that’s totally up to you. Some people like a timer, some people don’t. I have definitely used timers a lot and I find them to be very effective. I’ve also had sales pages that don’t have a timer and all, and they’re still just as good. When that time is up, it’s time to increase your rate.

Let’s say you’re going, like I said, from free to paid. You’ve had your free session fun. You’ve got, let’s say, 10 sessions that you’re doing for free. I think that’s all you really need to get yourself acclimated with the exchange of time and energy and getting some feedback to come back. You could go to 20, but I get a little bit like I don’t know why you’re seeing 20 people for free, at least for 10. I’m assuming with this episode that you’re a practitioner that has some experience. You’re not like this is the first person I’ve ever seen ever. If that’s you, your brand new, your certification is like you just got it this weekend. You just got your Reiki one or Reiki two, or your breathwork online or whatever you just got.

If you’ve never worked on a person before, I would say, yes, go to 20 free sessions. You need the experience as much as you’re like, but, emily, I want to start making money. Listen, you’ll make a lot more money when you are confident, knowing that your stuff is good, knowing that you are skilled, knowing that you are able to deliver results, because that’s something that I see with the IA practitioners, every single round that we start. By the way, the next round starts in March. If you are curious about becoming a practitioner and actually making money because that’s what my practitioners do they all make money. When practitioners start, they all start, even if they’ve had a lot of experience. Even if you are an acupuncturist, even if you are a breathwork, a meditation teacher, a embodiment teacher, a tarot reader, a medium I’ve had all of those kinds of practitioners who’ve been at it for a decade, some of them more, but aren’t making the money when they come into my program, into IA.

You’re all starting from the same level playing field the people, who are brand new, who are like this is my first certification, this is my first time doing energy work. This is brand new to me. Everyone starts at the same level playing field, but the same thing happens. You’re at this place where you’re not confident yet. You’re a little insecure. You’re a little bit like I don’t know this is going to work. I don’t know if I’m good enough. I don’t know if they’ll like me. Every single student, no matter how experienced or not they are, so I would presume that you are the same way. That’s my observation. Those first 10 sessions, you’re getting the kinks out. You’re like all right, how do I start a session? How do I end a session? Cool, I got that. When you can get into about 20 sessions, then you have started to find your groove.

Within IEA. We require them to do feedback form Every session. They do. They’re getting feedback form. They don’t actually have to think about getting any of the stuff that I’ve just told you to go do. It’s already automated for them. They’re already starting to see this is the benefit of getting feedback.

My IEA practitioners and training are already seeing trends. They’re seeing what kind of customers they are attracting. Even with their free 10-minute sessions. They’re attracting a type. That type is coming in with this problem and through their session they’re getting this result. It’s so easy to see when you get 10 to 20 feedback forms and you can see patterns forming.

Then, when you see patterns forming, instead of just being a breathwork practitioner or a medium or a energy healer, you know that you can help a specific demographic, a specific soulmate client with a specific issue or desired outcome. That’s called a niche. When you can figure out who your soulmate client is and what you do for them, you’ve got a niche, and that is the number one. Well, there’s a lot of problems that I see practitioners have, but it’s one of the top. Because if you’re trying to help all of the broken birds out there, you’re like listen, I just want to heal the world, I just want to help lots of people. If I just say I want to help women, then I’m excluding all the men who have problems. If I’m just saying I only want to help men, then I’m excluding all the women. But here’s the thing there are billions of people on the planet and there are probably a billion, maybe, I don’t know.

The coaching and healing industry is like, I think, $8 billion industry. There’s a lot of folks who’ve gotten certification, so there’s a lot of us out there and I promise you someone will help that person. It just doesn’t have to be you. So I am an expert in helping spiritual entrepreneurs to grow profitable businesses. I am not here to help people with relationships to lose weight. None of that. Know your role. Stay in your lane. So when you start to get this feedback, you’re going to get so much more data than you’ve ever collected before, which also gives you content, all right. So for folks who are like I don’t know, you’re insecure about Facebook or posting on Instagram or you’re inconsistent, this feedback is going to give you content. It’s going to give you ideas and when you share that, it’s going to pull in more of the right people.

You know, one of the things I hear all the time from folks in my community from online, from DMs, from emails is that folks who are in my community, you’re highly sensitive. You’re spiritual entrepreneurs. You want to help people. You genuinely want to help people. You genuinely want to make a difference in the world, but sometimes you are kind of going about it backwards or in sort of the wrong order. Sometimes we think, oh, we have to only focus on social media and post-social media content, and that doesn’t usually work for a number of reasons.

And what I want to share with you is that, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we have to do things a little bit differently than other folks. We need to do it in our own way. It needs to feel like a heck yes, in our body. We need to feel lit up, turned on and excited about what we’re doing. Otherwise, it’s just not going to work. That’s why, when we follow other people’s strategies or systems or frameworks, it generally doesn’t work out for us.

So something I’ve kind of done recently is started opening the question well, what if there was another way? What if we could revolutionize your learning experience so that you could have access to me, my teachings, my strategies currently not just from things in the past, as a prerecorded program, but really in the moment. So that’s why I created the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It is truly the first private podcast for coaches, healers and leaders. It is literally a whole new category of its own, so that you can really learn how to help other people, how to make a difference and really, in a nutshell, it’s how to attract more clients and how to make more money right now. So each of my bi-weekly sessions will progressively build on the next so you can learn at a pace that works for you from literally anywhere. So, instead of spending hours on your computer watching prerecorded courses, you can pop in your earbuds, your headphones and go for a walk out in nature, or go sit on your meditation pillow or go lay down in bed whatever feels great for you.

The Spiritual Business Sessions podcast is an amazing opportunity to get unlimited access to dozens of expert trainings by me, directly to you and at the most affordable rate, so that while you’re learning the step-by-step process how to grow your spiritual business, you don’t have to spend a fortune and you also don’t have to take tons of hours to be able to learn it and then implement it. So I’d love to offer this to all of my podcast listeners. I know you love podcasts because you’re here, so for a special time, I’d like to open up the doors for you to join the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It’s only $8 a month. You can cancel anytime or, for folks who decide to join annually, I’m going to be selecting three lucky annual members to receive a 30-minute live business audit with me and my COO, amanda, this year. So head on over to emilyaronscom forward slash sessions to learn more about this revolutionizing podcast slash learning experience and you’ll learn how to grow your business from literally anywhere. This is not a cheap inversion of classes. This is full-on workshops, courses that I’m delivering to you in real time that are current and up to date with today’s strategies, what works and what doesn’t work, and how you can apply it right now in your own business. Head on over to emilyaronscom forward slash sessions and join us today.

So, now that you’ve got the three steps done, you’ve done your free sessions, with the boundary of this is in exchange for a testimonial. You started to get the results and now you’re sharing those transformations outwardly. And number three the time is up and you start to increase your rates. This is the magic right. So that sort of strategy of it’s only for a limited time, limited quantity. We’re going to increase, and now I’ve increased. Now that you’ve increased, you’ve also gained lots of testimonials and hopefully, more confidence, so that when you continue to repeat these cycles or these strategies, you’re building on top of it. You don’t do it for like two weeks and give up. That’s not what you’re here to do. So what I would say is dedicate the month just to like, give it a good shot. Set yourself up and I would say, set the goal for 10 free sessions. If you’re brand brand brand new, say 20 sessions okay, but then you have to increase it.

And I had a client, past student, carla when we went from free to paid, she freaked out. She’s like, oh my God, this is so hard, I can’t do this. All of a sudden, nobody’s returning my emails and nobody’s commenting on my posts and I’m totally, I’m totally doing so bad at this. And through the IEA coaching session that day, we got to talk about what the resistance was. Why did she feel like that was happening? Was it something that she was believing in herself, which it was? That her belief was I don’t think people will actually pay for this. And we got to kind of get to the bottom of that clear that belief. And within that day she offered her sessions at a pretty decent rate. I think it was, I want to say, like $200 a session. Okay, this is her practice session. She was still a student in IEA. She offered. One client bought, great, so she offered her sessions. One person bought. The one person who bought said this was outstanding. Can I buy a package of five? Okay, it was that easy. She made $1,000 that easily. That person who bought the five sessions and spent $1,000, then told her friend who did the same exact thing. So Carla went from I don’t think anyone’s gonna pay for this thing to I just made two grand within like 48 hours. That’s how easy it is.

It starts with your mindset, your belief system, your energy, and if you’re noticing that you’re not attracting people who are valuing it, you got to look at how you value it. It’s easy to point your finger and say nobody wants what I have, or you could take responsibility and start to see how you are putting yourself out there or not. Are you hiding still? Because that could be a big problem. If you’re trying to get clients but you haven’t posted and you haven’t made offers, not gonna get anybody to buy. And just like spoiler alert, people don’t just go to my website and buy everything that I have, like no one does that. You have to direct them, you have to incentivize them, you have to give them a reason to go there, a reason to buy, and you have to start seeing yourself as a real business. So I hope that you can take these three steps with you as a special gift I have included.

It’s a cool training. It’s like a two hour training with a workbook. I think. The workbook is, like I want to say, 12 pages. It’s called how to Intuitively Create and Sell your Irresistible Offer. So if you’re somebody who has trouble with pricing or figuring out an offer that people really want, this training will take you through, step by step by step, how to do it in a way that will work for you. It feels good intuitively. It feels good for your soul. My clients, you’ll never feel sleazy and gross, but this would be the next best thing for you after learning from free to pay Now how to make some awesome offers that people are gonna just scoop up. In the show notes below we’ll have a link. We’ll have a special coupon code for you. It’s just gonna be for podcast listeners for a limited time only. Normally this class, I think, is $197. So we’re gonna offer a very discounted rate just for this month in February, so you can grab how to Intuitively Create and Sell your Irresistible Offers right below the video, right in the show notes. All the links will take you right over there.

I hope this episode was helpful for you? If it was, would you screenshot it, post it to your Instagram, tag me at EmilyAaronz, let me know. Hey, I really love this and I’m starting to do it. If you tag me and you would like to be a case study, I would love to hear how it’s going. Did you try these three steps? How did it go? What results did you get? I love to cheer you on and see you win, so please reach out, let me know how it went. If you have questions, of course, let me know. And, as always, if you love this episode, leave me a five star review over on your favorite listening platform. Thanks so much for being here. I’ll see you on the next episode. Lots of love, んで.


Special Offer – February Only!

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