You Have A Calling To Share Your Gifts In The World, But No Plan.

We'll help you create a plan that will get you results.

It's Time To...

  • Transform your passion into a professional, respected business.
  • Create a plan and a strategy so you can fulfill your karmic mission, instead of just dreaming about it.
  • Receive accountability so you can implement your plan so you can better understand what attracts your soulmate clients.

Imagine if 2025 turned out BETTER than all your previous years in business combined, wouldn't that feel incredible?

Take the first step and APPLY today! Session begins January 16, 2025!

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Accountability | Structure | Results

The Spiritual Business Accelerator (Incubator) is a sacred 12-month container for coaches, healers, lightworkers, conscious entrepreneurs and aspiring spiritual leaders to learn how to blend SPIRITUALITY + STRATEGY so you can increase your revenue without sacrificing your freedom.

Our Two Main Objectives Are To Help You:

1. Take your gifts seriously so you can make an impact AND predictable income.

2. Get sh*t done to make decisions that ultimately lead you towards getting REAL results.


Our Three Pillars Are:

Your Guides:

Emily Aarons & Amanda Pickering are masters of healing, coaching, marketing, messaging, sales, social media, list building, client retention, and business operations and have guided 100's of entrepreneurs to create success.

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A house built without a plan, is not a house.

A business built without a plan, is not a business.

Not having a plan can look like...

  • Feeling unclear of your vision, mission, or core values which dilutes your messaging.
  • Seldom setting goals for fear of missing them (and self-criticism).
  • Inconsistency with posting, emailing, or otherwise sharing your work.

The real question to ask yourself is...

"Am I ready to turn my passion into a legitimate business?"

When you're not making the money you desire in your passion you…

  • You never set goals, don’t have a plan, and let your feelings dictate IF you’re going to show up that day.
  • See investing in yourself as a “COST” without considering how it can excel your growth.
  • There really are NO ups and downs because you’re terrified of selling, so you rely on the few repeat customers and few social media followers to book appointments.
  • Take lack of sales as an indicator you’re not good enough.
  • No tracking, no bookkeeping, no metrics, and ASSUME you’re not growing…and don’t create a plan to change that.

When you’re in BUSINESS you…

  • Set goals and plan how to create success
  • Invest in systems, processes, teams, mentors, education to grow 
  • See ups and downs and learn to navigate and enjoy the thrill of innovating
  • Don’t take disappointment in lack of sales personally 
  • Track your income, expenses, and growth metrics

From Hiding → To Shining!

The Spiritual Business Incubator will give you the framework

to transform your business TODAY and far beyond!

Being recognized for your work (and your light) can be BOTH your most intense desire and your worst fear.

We know firsthand how terrifying it can feel to put yourself out there in the world.

The good news is, through The Spiritual Business Incubator, you DON'T have to do it alone!

We'll be here for you week after week to teach you how to build the infrastructure of your spiritual business so you can become profitable and make the impact you're born for. 

"I'd sign up for this program especially for the accountability. I don't have any friends who could hold space the way I need." ~ Jamie L.

We'll help you feel SAFE so you can start getting RESULTS!

No more avoiding...

  • NUMBERS - So you can feel "good enough" to REALLY put yourself out there!
  • JUDGEMENT - So you can always feel proud of your work, knowing you've done your best (regardless of the opinions of others).
  • SELLING - So you can be FREE from the fear of rejection and share your fullest expression in the world!

We're calling BULLSH*T on this ridiculous phrase: "You can EITHER follow your passion or get a "real job".

Emily brought her healing business online in 2017 and has more than 10X’d her revenue to build a million-dollar personal brand by mixing business and spiritual strategies, proving you CAN become successful WITHOUT subscribing to outdated (male dominated) business models.

Amanda has coached clients both in business and health so she's walked-the-walk and knows what it takes to "do the work"! Additionally, she's built robust systems for multiple million dollar brands. AND...she's the Chief Operating Officer at Emily Aarons Holistic, LLC!

We look forward to sharing our years of experience to support you over the next year!

Your next steps are to:

  • TRUST you're here for a reason.
  • Open-heartedly receive the wisdom, strategies, and spiritual practices we're here to share with you.
  • Embody your gifts and become clear, focused, and disciplined for this year and beyond.

This IS for you if you've been struggling with:

  • Taking action consistently – one week you're on social media, the next you're under the covers!

  • Feeling insecure being visible - you're worried about the judgement of friends and family.

  • Shying away from the "business-y" stuff and thinking about making a plan frightens you a little.

  • Envisioning your future, so you just keep trading your time for money (or offering your services for free).

  • Not knowing the "right" order in which to do things, you've got so many ideas but never know how to execute any.

This is NOT for you if you:

  • Prefer solo-preneurship and don't want more than a hobby (or to do Reiki on your dog).

  • Don't enjoy being open and vulnerable with a group of peers.

  • Have a ton of commitments and won't make space for calls or weekly action items.

  • Expect your business to grow overnight, without an ounce of effort on your part.

  • Don't want to do the REAL work it takes to build a financially successful business.

The Spiritual Business Accelerator Program Includes:

Space Is Limited

  • (27) Live Teaching/Coaching Calls 60-90 mins - Each session starts with an energy clearing and moves into teaching/coaching. ($29,000 value) 
  • (1) 30 minute "Freak The F Out Call" (SOS call) with us at any point during the program. ($997 value)
  • Community group on Facebook - (priceless) 
  • Office hours with Shaunah Gordon, our Community Manager - biweekly for co-working ($5,000)
  • *Optional In-person retreat in April 2025, in Newbury, Massachusetts ($10,000 value) 

Plus Bonus Access To:

  • 12-Month Access to Mastery & Ascension ($597 value)
  • Access to additional trainings and workshops throughout the 12-month period (priceless)

Total value with the retreat = OVER $45,000!!


  • Pay-In-Full: $11,997 Those who pay in full will receive a BONUS 1:1 Personalized Kick-Start Business Audit (valued at $1,997) with Emily and Amanda and you'll save $1,800.
  • 18-Monthly Payments: $767 (per month)
  • 3-Day In-Person Retreat: $3,497 (this can be rolled into the 18-month payment plan for an additional $223/per month)


Partial scholarships are for people who are queer, trans, non-binary, Black, Indigenous, people of color, or disabled. You will receive $2000 off the investment of the program available for both the pay-in-full option and 18 month payment plan. 

Important Dates:

  • January 16, 2025 Spiritual Business Incubator Begins
  • First (7) calls are weekly through February
  • Calls are held at 1:00pm EST on Thursdays (full schedule share upon acceptance and subject to change)
  • In-person RETREAT date TBD April 2025 in Newbury, Massachusetts (LIMITED TO 10)

Retreat Information:

Does not include airfare, transportation, or accommodations. You will get a light lunch and beverages.

This retreat is centered around ensuring that you have your most successful launch to date. The intention is that you’ll get everything you need to attract the right soulmate clients and have the biggest financial breakthrough of your business throughout the year.  

In a nutshell, the 10 people joining the in-person retreat will likely become the most successful within the year because they have the deepest connections, support, and practical tools to navigate spiritual entrepreneurship.

At the retreat you will get: 

  • Individualized attention to create a clear and actionable business launch plan for the upcoming Spring and Summer season.
  • Learn practices and rituals to stay energetically aligned before/during/and after your launch…riding the waves with grace!
  • Assistance with fine tuning your launch strategy including: Messaging, upsells, downsells, pricing, and how to execute a post-launch debrief.
  • Confidence building activities 🔥

There will be opportunities for masterminding, collaborating, and participating in “love seats” where you’ll gain support and feedback from all participants.

Plus, you’ll get to spend 3 days with peers and our team to foster deep, meaningful relationships and connections that will far outlast our 12-month container.

What To Expect:

Call Schedule


  • Vision, mission, values
  • Goal setting and forecasting for your most successful year 
  • Planning your ideal work day
  • Creating your signature offer
  • Business logistics for financial growth 
  • How to track your most important business activities 
  • How to create irresistible messaging so that you can magnetize your soulmate client 
  • Creating your custom 90 day launch strategy 
  • Creating streamlined systems that save you time and energy 
  • Create a sales page blueprint to ACTUALLY make sales 


  • Building your ideal sales and marketing strategies
  • How to use social media to attract and retain paying clients
  • Market analysis - looking at successful competitors - what they do and why?
  • Customer value journey to understand the lifetime value of each customer
  • Understanding company resources (repurposing, bundles, upsells, downsells)
  • Financial projections of future offerings


  • Demystifying the opportunities of having a team to support your vision (and why you should make your first hire sooner than you think!)
  • How to create customer agreements that protect you and everything you’ve worked for
  • Organizational management and legal structures in your business to professionalize your business
  • Learn how to effectively debrief after launching to discover what’s worked (or not) to optimize for next time.
  • Understanding your business blind-spots and how to bring in support for skills outside of your zone of genius.
  • How to create strategic partnerships for mutual benefits
  • Creating passive income streams to stop exchanging time for money 
  • Automating your business to save you time while making more money


  • Honing in deeper in your niche or pivoting based on real time results
  • Relaunching and innovating your Spring offering
  • Review + reflect to plan for next year, based on data collected thus far, not just your fears keeping you small
  • Feedback, mindset work, and thinking BIG for next year and beyond

Past coaching clients have experienced:

  • Business revenue growing by $250,000 in one year
  • Reversed burnout
  • Made more in Q1 than the previous year combined!
  • Doubled their email subscribers
  • Developed a depth of conviction in their purpose and created offers in their zone of genius
  • Developed a lifelong sisterhood
  • Had first 6-figure launch
  • Exponential business growth and ability to accurately predict revenue
  • Hired team members aligned to their vision
  • Faced and overcome debilitating fears
  • Created more space for play and rest
  • Hired dream team members
  • Collaborated with peers to create new experiences
  • Healed past traumas and connected with true voice

"I can't say enough about working with Emily. Emotionally, financially, and spiritually. It's the best decision I've ever made!

~ Jodie King, Abstract Artist, Coach

"Understanding alignment in this way is such an integral part of my business, my life, and who I am. If it weren't for Emily's work this version of me probably wouldn't exist."

- Andréa Michel, Trauma Sensitive Coach

"Being in Emily’s energy is transformational on so many levels. She taught me how to trust my intuition & align my soul purpose with my business - it's been truly invaluable. Her supportive environment is priceless."

~ Cherie Nikosi, Mentor, Coach, Guide

"When I started working with Emily, I was full of doubt, fearful, and financially not in a good place. Immediately after signing up I got hired to paint 3 murals in a very prominent and touristic part of Dubai, found the studio of my dreams with like-minded artists, and I landed a project that made me (the first Arab woman to design a formula 1 car) for Mclaren!

~ Rabab Tantawy, Abstract Artist

Coaching with Emily has been about self care and compassion, trust, acceptance, and releasing that which no longer serves me so that I can move forward with ease and confidence.

I didn’t understand how much I actually needed this spiritual support in order to truly grow and be successful.

– Karen Collins, Owner Bisousweet Bakery

I love how Emily helps us to tap into our higher self and our soulmate clients.

Emily helps to clear out anything that is in our way. It’s all about how she has us connect with a deep knowing of who we are and what we were brought here to do, and how to bring it into the physical world (with the support of divine intervention).

The group is great for accountability and keeps us all motivated to reach our goals.

– Dr. Maggie Luther, Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist and Nutritionist