Live Business Audits

To Clarify Your Message And Attract More Clients!

Listen in as my COO, Amanda Pickering and I carry out LIVE business audits for online business owners to help them clarify their messages and attract more clients!

We audit real life business assets like social media profiles and websites to uncover why some entrepreneurs struggle to make income and impact, while others thrive. We get into what it takes to create clear messaging, how not to confuse your soulmate clients and how to create a simplified yet powerful approach in telling them exactly what it is you offer without overloading them with all your services!

We talk through aligning your mission and values, the importance of initiating conversations with your potential clients and moving from engagement to conversion.

You don’t want to miss this episode brimming with advice that can transform your business offerings and clarify your path to success.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • (07:57) – Improving Instagram Profiles & Personal Branding
  • (16:49) – Strategies for Getting More Clients
  • (36:29) – Social Media and Website Critique for Powerful Changes
  • (55:16) – Focussing on Your Target Customer

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00:02 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Hey listeners, I wanted to hop into this week’s podcast to share something that I’ve been using for about a year now and I’ve just been so in love with it, which is FLFE Focus Life Force Energy and what it is is a service that provides a higher level of consciousness directly to a mobile device or to a property.

I personally love it on my phone because I can do a boost before I go live. I can use it when I’m going to have a tough conversation, just to get a higher level of consciousness as well as EMF mitigation. So it’s kind of like taking a bubble of positivity with you, and it’s super supportive, not just for your energy, but also for your health, for abundance as well as relationships. So, as a podcast listener, I want to get you to try FLFE completely free. Now. This is an amazing opportunity to get a 15 day free trial. You don’t have to enter a credit card. That’s right. You can try it for free without entering any information. So head on over to EmilyErenscom. Forward slash F, l, f, e that’s Focus, life Force Energy. You can learn all about FLFE and the multiple benefits that it provides. This service is so incredible. I’ve actually recommended to all of my practitioners, to help them to raise their level of consciousness so that the work that they’re doing out there in the world is amplified. I know you’re here for a reason. I know you’re here to help more people and to make a positive impact in the world. Flfe is absolutely a great way to do that. Again, emilyerenscom, forward slash F L, f? E to start your 15 day free trial.

Today You’re listening to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast. I’m your host, emilyerens. I’m an entrepreneur and highly sought after energy healer with over two decades in practice. I’m a mixture of high vibe energy and cutting edge strategy with a little dash of unfiltered real talk, making this the one and only podcast that gives you a down to earth approach to business and spirituality. Do an each week to get out of the stress of overworking so you can build a brand in alignment with your soul’s purpose. If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way, it’s that you have to stop looking outside yourself for the answer and start looking within. We all have a unique path and it’s time you start trusting in yourself. The truth is, you already have everything you need. You just need to learn how to access it. Now let’s dive in. It’s time you experience business and soul alignment. Hey listeners, welcome back.

This is the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast, episode number 443. How you doing? Happy new year. I hope you’re doing great. I wanted to say also special thank you. So one of the latest episodes we did, the very last episode of 2023, it was episode number 441.

I recorded it with Amanda Pickering, my COO, and I have to say it has been a very popular episode, one of the most downloaded episodes I’ve ever done, and that tells me something. It tells me something very clearly that you all like when we talk about strategy, when we talk about specific business steps, when we talk about results and when I’m really transparent, teaching you about how to grow your spiritual business. So two great things came out of it. Number one it told me that my instinct to create the spiritual business sessions podcast, my new podcast, was a great idea, because the sessions podcast is all about me teaching you current strategies and ways to build yourself a plan and, step by step, incrementally, incrementally Wow, I can’t get that word out you know what I mean. Week by week, I’m helping you to build a business that is not just here for right now and it will have this quick little strategy, but really for the long term and I know for you wanting to make more money, make a bigger impact, it’s been really hard to do that when you don’t actually have the skill set in front of you and, like most practitioners, coaches, healers, you don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer and study these things. Even if you have bought a business course in the past, maybe you haven’t watched it because you just don’t have the time. So the spiritual business sessions episodes are really designed so that it can blend with your lifestyle. You can listen to it in the car, out for a walk and you’re going to get these current strategies that are working now and that are going to help build your spiritual business. And it’s only $8 a month or $80 for the whole year, and if you decide to do the 80 for a whole year, every single month, we are going to be selecting some of the annual members to do business audits for, which brings me to today’s episode.

I decided, since you all told me with your votes and said I downloaded this episode. I love it so much I decided I want to share. When Amanda and I did business audits recently, now we chose three separate businesses, folks who had put their name and their email and their website and their social media links, and we selected three people at kind of random and we did these business audits for them. So what you’re going to hear and see because there is a video component if you would like to watch it on the website is we’re going through their different assets as though as a client would. So if you’re bringing somebody to your social media or to your website and they don’t know anything about you, what is their first impression? And so that’s what Amanda and I are running through, and I would highly recommend you take notes when you listen to this episode, because there’s something in there for you.

Whether it’s in all the three audits or in just one of them, there is a really important takeaway, and the main takeaway is that you need to have continuity. So when somebody lands on some of your assets the website or your social media then they understand who you are and how you can help them. If it’s unclear or it’s confusing, you know people are going to do. They’re going to leave, and that’s not what we want. We want to keep them on our website, we want to keep them in our content, we want to encourage them to take action. Whether it is a call to action like book a call, or a call to action like set up your first appointment, or a call to action like use this coupon code, we need to give them a next step, and that’s the thing is. If we’re not giving people a next step, they’re not going to take any step.

And if you are somebody who is listening to this podcast, chances are pretty good that you’ve been at it for a little while and you’re really not making the money that you wish you were, and so it’s not just one size fits all. This is going to work for everybody. But what I’m here to say on this episode, as well as in the business sessions, spiritual business sessions episodes is there are some very simple things that you just might not be doing or might not have any awareness around. That is going to make a huge, huge difference with how you show up and who you’re serving and how they perceive you. And I will say this one last thing before we get into this week’s episode I recently put out a posting where I said I’m looking for outstanding distance healers and I have to admit many people said oh, that’s me, I want you to work, I want to collaborate with you, and I looked at every single one of those Instagram pages, the people who said me it’s me.

I looked at each of their pages and I will have to say there were three immediate red flags that stood out to me and I wanted to share those with you before we get into the episode. So we’re going to do the work before we do the work. All right, this is a work episode. You ready, okay? So the things that really stood out to me that were a problem were their bios. So here are three things that you can fix right away that are going to improve the appearance of your Instagram account.

Because, listen, if you raise in your hand and say I want to collaborate with you, I want to see professionalism, I want to see somebody that I can confidently put in front of my community of Mastering Ascension members and I can go this person is legit and when I recommend them which is what I’m doing, if I’m collaborating with you and I’m putting you in front of my community they’re all going to go look at your page. And if they go look at this page that is not well put together, they’re going to start rolling their eyes and you know what they’re going to start doing is they’re going to question my integrity. So it reflects poorly on me if I’m selecting people to collaborate with who don’t have their shit together. So One of the things that I do, if I’m gonna apply to be on someone’s podcast or pitch myself, I’m gonna make sure that all of my assets are looking good. So if I’m saying I am a business alignment coach, when they go to my website it doesn’t say animal communicator Okay, it’s gonna be confusing and automatically they’re gonna be like, no, this is trash, right.

So here are my three tips and then we’re gonna get into the audits. Okay, the first one is clean up your bio. You want a flattering photo of yourself looking at the camera and I want you to update your bio to clearly describe the transformation you give to your target audience and make sure that your link works and I say link singular. I really do not care for multiple links in your bio because ultimately, people are just gonna click on both of them and they’re not gonna do anything. Give them one action. People are very simple-minded and I don’t mean this as a criticism, I mean this as like a marketer okay, you need to give people one action item, so one link, one action, okay.

The next thing, that tip two is if your last six posts or more were images of quotes, objects like crystals or the beach or a sunrise, you are not showing your face in those. You are hiding. So I am calling you out right now, but for good reason. This is 2024. This is the most abundant year. This is a breakthrough year. If you want to take yourself seriously, you want to make more money, you got to start acting like a professional business, not like an amateur like I have a hobby, and even if it is your hobby, like nobody on the internet knows it is, you got to look like put your best foot forward, okay, okay.

Third step, or a third tip, is invite people to see you doing what you do. So maybe it is a video of you working with a client or preparing for a session, or maybe you describing why people come to you and what kind of results they have had. And I would definitely invite you to go live once a week. Now I know some of you just cringed and gasped and clutched your pearls, but here, listen to me, you will not die, I promise. When you start practicing you will get better, and I promise, when I started doing live videos or any video for that matter I was terrible. I was not sure what to say, not sure where to look, not sure how to angle my face and my camera and all the things. But you know what happened. I kept at it and when I kept at it I got better.

So I am asking you to take the bike out, grease up the spokes and grease up the chinks whatever.

What is that thing called the links?

Oh, my God, the chain. There it is. Grease up the chain, get your helmet on, get those tassels ready and start pedaling. You got to get on the bike, okay. You got to get from here to there. You’re not even taking it out for the most part, right?

So I want you to call in that part of you before you’re listening to this episode especially, but then beyond. Call in that part of you that is craving success, that is hungry to make an impact, that it wants to help people and who is ready to take their business to the next level. Like I’m a real professional, actual business. This isn’t just like a side hobby. I’m not second guessing myself. I’m not worried if I should have a plan and be like I am a legit, awesome business, okay. So I’m holding you to that, whether it’s just for today or beyond, but I’m encouraging you to step it up, because what I’ve seen over and over again is I see these incredible, outstanding practitioners, like the ones who commented on my page, that they’re probably great, but the problem is, when we are looking at you from a new vantage point, it’s not looking great. Okay, and I know that your number one fear is being judged by others. So we’re going to have to get over that, because you know what, whether you put your best foot forward and you have glossy photos and the perfect captions and the perfect live video and the perfect setup and all the things perfect, there’s still going to be people who are like I don’t like that person. Okay, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you’re not good. But when you show up more consistently, you’ll have a greater chance of finding the right people who do resonate with you and that’s all that matters.

I don’t record my podcast episodes or make videos or make reels or posts thinking about my haters. That’s insane. I make all of my content thinking about you, the loyal listener, the loyal viewer, the loyal email advocate, the person who is like my brand advocate, who, like, loves me. And you know what? Yesterday I got an Instagram message from somebody who said listen, I listened to your podcast and it was the one you did last year and I swear you said some stuff in there that gave me permission to just follow my heart and do what I wanted to do. I was going down one path and I started to just not feel great and something you said in your podcast totally changed my entire trajectory and I’ve had the best year of my life. So to me, like they literally waited a whole year to tell me that, like I’ve been meaning to tell you, but like for me, those are the people that I think of when I make these episodes, the ones who it my words matter to them.

So one last parting advice is that, as you take yourself seriously and as you realize it’s time to shine your light, and as you realize the more consistent I am, the better chances I am to pull in and call in and attract those soulmate clients. So here’s the deal if you post once a week or once a month, chances are you’re not going to grow at all. If you post once a day you’re going to start to see results, and so that is all I care about. I want you to get results, and one of the things I’m really excited about this year which starts very soon actually, at the time of this podcast it probably just started is the spiritual business accelerator. Now, the accelerator program is for folks who want to get results, and the thing is like if you’re only focused on if anybody liked your post, I mean that is a result of some kind. I’m more interested in results that show growth. So that’s what we’re going to be working on in the accelerator program.

I don’t know the timing of this podcast episode of it is even going to work out. I’ll put a link below in case there is a waitlist or if you want a last minute. Hop into the program. It’s very small, intimate group of just a handful of folks who are ready to really accelerate this year with my support and Amanda support. It’s going to be step by step, building their business, getting results and major accountability to actually do your work and work through the blocks. Of course, the energy component is a huge, huge part of it, but I’ll put the link below if you’re interested in learning more. There’s going to be other ways that we can work together, especially if you’re ready to take yourself seriously, and I know you are. That’s why you’re here.

All right, enough of me, let’s get into this week’s episode. Listen or watch along. Actually, I would highly recommend you watch along. This is a very visual podcast episode, so why don’t you head over to the website and watch the video? You’ll really learn something special and I’d like to see you take that action. If you do take action because of this episode, don’t wait a year to tell me how great it was. Tell me right now. Tell me today.

Take a screenshot of this episode right now and preemptively know I’m going to tell Emily that something happened and it made all the difference and I got a result. So that’s what I’d love for you to take a screenshot right now, knowing that you’re going to learn something, you’re going to implement it and you’re going to start getting results. And you’re going to send me a text message. You can always tag me at Emily Aaron’s on Instagram. Send me an email if you want. Send me a DM on Facebook, that’s fine. Whatever way you need to get it to me, get it to me, but I want to start sharing your results. I would love, love, love to start sharing your results, your case studies, and in the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast I am going to be doing some case studies and if you are a listener and you just decide to subscribe to it, you might be one of those people that I get to do some of this cool work with.

Anyway, let’s get into this episode. I hope you enjoy. I know you will. Hi everybody, if you’re joining me live or on the replay, please say hello. I always like to see what friends are joining us. I’m joined by my COO, amanda Pickering. Here have cozy sweaters and circle earrings on, so you know where we’re at.

Today we’re going to be talking to you. If you are somebody who struggles getting enough clients, that seems to be the number one issue amongst our customers and folks on our list. So here’s the deal. This morning we said you know what’d be really fun to do some sort of like Facebook live. Together we want to offer some really high value. What do we do?

And something that Amanda and I have been doing for the last few months for our students from IEA the integrated energy line at practitioner training is business audits. So these business audits we’ve been offering to our clients to kind of take a look at their social media and their websites and see what’s not working, what is working and how they can ultimately get more clients, make more sales, build their lists, retire themselves or whatever. The thing is that they’re hoping to do Amanda and I have a blast doing it. So we thought why the hell not? Why don’t we do it today? Okay, I even listen, said hey, is anybody wanted free audit and $2,000 value for a full audit? We’re doing these little mini ones, so we’re going to try to squeeze in as many as we can. But here’s what’s so, bananas, and I feel like I want to do like a face pond.

So, first of all, when somebody offers you something for free, that’s high value and, by the way, is literally promoting you on their website to their audience in the public, jump on it. And maybe there’s folks who, like had done an, understand what this offer was or didn’t open their email yet. Those people are fine too. But the folks who actually did fill out this form there were some people who, in the field that says what is your URL for your website, just wrote their, their name. So I don’t know, I don’t know if that’s how you were working on getting clients. But I can tell you that’s number one reason why you’re not getting clients Because you’re actually not giving your your website or you give some sort of version of what your Instagram handle is, but it’s not actually your Instagram handle. Super hard for people to find you. Also for them to book sessions or whatever it is, with you.

Yeah, so if you’re somebody who’s kind of struggling, not sure if you’re getting enough clients, not sure how to find the right people, put a one in the comments. So what we have going on today, we’re going to go through these audits. I would definitely encourage you to listen, take notes and otherwise maybe even take action on some of the things that we’re offering as suggestions for other people and see how it might apply for you. We also have a program that’s coming up in 2024 to work with Amanda and myself up close and personal. If you’re a practitioner who is really wanting to take yourself seriously and maybe 2023 wasn’t your year of profit or much growth and you would like for next year to look a lot differently, just put the letters SBI in the comments section the letter SBI and we’ll follow up with you. So, amanda, are you ready to get this party started?

21:01 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
I’m ready.

21:05 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Hey, my friend, I wanted to hop into this podcast episode to share with you my favorite coffee alternative that doesn’t give you anxiety or stress or make you have an afternoon crash. That is why I’m talking about mushroom coffee. And listen, I have been a coffee lover for most of my life. I like it, drink it black. I really do love the taste of coffee. I’ve been a good tasting coffee that performed well, that didn’t give me the jitters, was really important for me, and I’ve tried a whole bunch of them.

And the one that I’ve really become obsessed with over the last year plus is called everyday dose. It is a blend of mushrooms from the fruiting body, not just the mycelium, so it has lion’s mane and chaga. It also does have a coffee extract in it, so it does taste like coffee. It has collagen and L Theanine, so L Theanine is something I also take on a regular because it helps with lowering stress, and as busy entrepreneurs, I know you got stress. So I would love for you to take a try of everyday dose. I know it will change your life the way it has changed mine, and now you can try it out as only a dollar a day. They have these really cool starter kits that come with a little electric rechargeable frother. There’s a cool spoon and a resealable refillable container.

I love it. I think you’re going to love it too. You can head on over to my very special link. It’s called EmilyArenscom forward slash start dose. That’s EmilyArenscom forward slash start dose. I think you’re going to love it as much as I do. Now listen, I know we all have different dietary sensitivities. So you know it’s gluten free, it’s paleo, it’s keto, it’s soy free, it’s dairy free, there’s no sugar and it is non GMO.

22:52 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
So I want you to understand that I would never recommend something less high. So here, today is Friday in Selby, and this is how I feel about everyday dose. So head on over to EmilyArenscom forward slash start dose. So it’s about health and sensors.

23:06 – Emily Aarons (Host)
So, doctor, nutrition, health, I don’t know what DNA stands for, so that’s confusing me. There’s a lot of stuff up here that is in a and this is like kind of cut off, take control. I don’t know what take control means and it’s funny that it’s actually cut off. So you’re wanting them to take control but they can’t really.

23:31 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Okay, so Miranda says she’s saying it means doctor of natural health. Oh, I did guess that, didn’t I? Yeah, but so the first thing would be most people probably wouldn’t know what that is. So to make that clear, like because that’s great, it was brilliant, but we don’t really know that about you in this, we know the abbreviation DNA.

23:49 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, you seem like a nice person. You got a cup here of maybe something delicious. I like that you’re looking straightforward Some people don’t have a picture of themselves or that they’re like actually looking to the camera, so you really are connecting. It could be a little bright, but that’s maybe just my personal opinion. Dare to do health on your terms, creating the life you desire. I don’t really know what that means.

24:15 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
No, I was going to say the same thing, like dare to do health on your terms. Here’s the question I would ask you who’s your ideal client and what do they really need? What are they looking for? Is anyone like staying awake at night and saying I just want to do health on my terms? Right, probably not.

24:35 – Emily Aarons (Host)
I was like. So she said her ideal client is a busy woman, especially mom, solopreneurs who are impaired, who need empowering to reclaim their health and happiness by prioritizing mental health and energetic alignment, while rejecting the unrealistic industry standards and embracing personalized approach to fitness and life. Okay, that’s a lot there. Yeah, I just think, like again, I don’t think anybody’s wondering if they can dare to do health on their own terms. I know what you’re saying here, and what you’re saying is take your health to the next level, maybe on your own terms, or take your health to the next level period. I think that there is an opportunity here, like where this button is up here take control. Maybe it would make more sense if it was down here with some sort of clear call to action of how they can take control. And maybe for some people they don’t want to be in control. They want you to take control and tell them what to do.

25:32 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, and I will also say where it says creating the life you desire. That’s quite a generic term. Again, I think I understand what you’re saying. Like you want them to have the health and the life that they truly want, but like what is it that they are specifically looking for and maybe give some of those promises in there? So if they’re struggling, you know, with sleep, like, put something in there about that rather than just like a general, because creating the life you could desire could be in business, like that could be. Anyone could write that. What makes you unique and what’s specific to what you promise?

26:06 – Emily Aarons (Host)
tapping into your health by taking myself, paced online classes for all abilities work directly. So you’re saying coaching in courses, kind of in the same segment. That’s a lot fit and free health and fitness. So it seems like what you’re wanting to do is offer people a lot of different answers to their health journey through coaching, through courses, through fitness Looks like you do.

Sound healing and energy healing the newest tool in relaxation float Now there’s a float, so there’s a lot of different things and we’re still on the homepage and there’s like book now for a float. I’m confused now because and there’s a membership that’s coming soon you have to edit most of this stuff. I think it’s just a lot, and so what happens is, when we get so much information overload, we don’t know as a customer, I don’t know who you are, where you’re taking me, where I should be going. I think I’m in the wrong place. I thought I was looking for an online course, or I thought I was looking for an energy practitioner. Now there’s a float tank with booking. It’s just a lot on the homepage that I’m not ready for all of that.

27:18 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, I agree and I think the feeling I’m getting Miranda, I don’t know you, but the feeling I’m getting is that you are trying to figure out what your ideal client wants from you by offering multiple options. And what I would suggest is that you just ask them. So, like poll them, like go on your Instagram, if you have an email list, just email them and say, like, what is it that you need? What would you be interested in? You can give them like a dropdown or like a multi thing, you know, checklists so that they can choose. But right now, if somebody is struggling with the pain points that you said, like they just need to know, like, what is the answer, and right now there’s so many options that they get that kind of decision fatigue and then don’t make any decision at all.

28:03 – Emily Aarons (Host)
It looks like there’s been some posts, but not a ton. Oh, that one had more playthroughs, some engagement. Oh, there’s a podcast here Interesting. There’s really little engagement on this page, but you have some consistent posts naturopathic wellness and energy alignment, coach, the podcast, healup blog, miranda, your website’s here, but then there’s a different link here.

28:31 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
With another type of link.

28:32 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Oh wow, there’s so many different links. Okay, so I would just keep with one link, if possible. I think there’s a lot of options here and here’s the Facebook page, so there is a lot of consistency with this photo and it looks like the same photo. I really like this one. I feel like it’s a bit warmer. Your arms are open versus like cross body maybe the reinvention rebel. So that was posted like an hour ago. Here’s some online courses One hour ago, part two of a 10 part series. So what I’m seeing. That was on your website too, but it’s kind of a fuzzy picture not getting any engagement on any of the posts, which it’s really hard to keep posting when you’re not getting engagement. So I think part of it is because you are missing. I don’t see it. It’s the same thing Sorry.

It’s the same thing.

29:30 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
No, no, no you go.

29:32 – Emily Aarons (Host)
You’re missing. I mean, these are lovely static images, but I have no idea who you are and I don’t know if I can trust you or want to work with you, because I don’t even know who this person is. Also, posting outside URLs is really a no-no on social media because it’s taking them off of the platform. It’s a better practice to put it in the comments or ask people if they’re interested. If they would like it, you can DM them or drop it in below. So I would say this you are definitely being consistent. I see a lot of consistency in your posts, but that’s where it stops. I don’t see your face, I don’t know who you are and because it’s you as a personal brand, that is probably the number one thing that is stopping people from working with you, because they don’t see you.

30:20 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, and I would also say, like the reinvention rebel, it feels a bit inconsistent with your website, like I don’t really understand the connection between that and being a naturopath and the other work you do.

So it’s like, why are you the reinvention rebel? Like there’s just like a bit of inconsistency and if the issue is that you’re not getting enough customers, you’re a doctor of natural health, so I want to know that I can trust you. Like Emily said, you know when you’re on social, you’re building the no-like and trust factors. So I need to know who you are. Share, like a little bit more about your life. You don’t have to go into detail, but like, if you’re going on a walk, like sharing your morning practice, sharing the things that you love, like just letting people in a bit, because right now it feels like, even though you’re sharing, it feels like a closed shop, so I don’t know who you are. So then how can I like actually work with you and then cleaning up your offers on your website so that we actually are clear on what the options are available to us and what’s best for us?

31:23 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah. So I’m going to also say up here there’s food and weights, there’s two people, a man and a woman, doing a workout, and then there’s a sound bowl. There’s no call to action. You can actually utilize these buttons up here to make a clear call to action. Book a call, visit my website, listen to the podcast, opt into the list, give them some sort of a freebie. So I would say, part of these things you know.

The reason I’m going to stop sharing for right now, so I can just talk clearly is like what the problem is on the surface level and those of you who are with Miranda here, drop a one. I don’t have enough clients. The clients are not coming in. That’s the surface level problem. But the reason why that’s a problem for most people is because, number one, you need to know who you are and what you’re here to be doing in the world, your mission, your values, what is your vision. Are you here to help men and women and children and old people and all across the world, or no, just locally, like, let us know who you are and for whom, what do you do and who is it for and who is it not for, and that’s part of how we can sort of differentiate ourselves, but when you know who you’re working for, what your goal is. So, for example, I’m here to help millions of outstanding practitioners create a profitable business. That really narrows down who I work with and what my goal is. So my goal is to help you to build a profitable business. All of my content my posts, my tips, my blogs, my emails are all gonna be centered around how you can make more money, how you can get more clients, something that’s really valuable to you, and so I feel like we’re trying to kind of like I need more content. My content is that’s. My problem is I need more content.

But also when you are a personal brand and you are like Miranda, I give you credit, you actually have your face on your website and on your Instagram posts some of them, anyways but also we need to go a step further. Allow people in and, like Amanda said, like can you offer us some tips, some advice, like what’s your morning practice? Like you’re leaving yourself out, and so this is what I call hiding in plain sight. You have a website, which is beautiful. You have an Instagram, you have a Facebook. I’m doing all the things, but you’re still hiding in plain sight.

So I would offer you a couple of things yes, to clamp your website, but number one, to get clear on who you help and what they need from you right now and then give them that every day. Also, it’s very apparent you have zero strategy in what you’re posting and what you’re selling, because your main website had all of your offers on the homepage. So one of the things that we encourage people to do, and what we’re gonna be helping people to do in 2024, is to have a clear strategy, a clear plan, because when you have all of these different offerings that are all available all the time, every day, you are number one. You’re not promoting any of them. But the second thing is you’re not giving people a chance to get to know what you do and what the offers are, so maybe they can say yes now, or maybe they can say yes in the future, so there’s no seasonality to it as well. I know I could go on and on. Is there anything else that you wanna add before?

35:00 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
No, I think we’ve given Miranda a lot of food for thought. I think we can move on now.

35:06 – Emily Aarons (Host)
When I transitioned out of the brick and mortar in my healing business and started to transition online, I found myself really confused and trying to figure out the solution to make all of these ideas of mine work together. I wanted to sell meditations, I wanted to have a membership, I wanted to be able to take payments that were reoccurring and to send emails and to create websites, and it seemed like I had to invest in so many different systems and sometimes they wouldn’t even work together. Well, that all changed when I found Kajabi. That has been such a life send. I love Kajabi because it’s easy to use, it’s super user friendly, there’s great reporting and it makes it seamless for my customers to find me and to buy any of my products or services. I highly recommend Kajabi and if you wanna check it out right now, you can head on over to emilyaronscom. Forward slash Kajabi and you can take a test drive, see if it’s something that works for you. But I know you’re here because you’re ready to take yourself and your business seriously and really Kajabi is the easiest place to go to start building your online business. Again, emilyaronscom, forward slash Kajabi and get started today.

Let’s go to number two, and thank you, Miranda for sharing, so this is okay. Number two this is for Jeanne, I think Jeanne Catalano. Yes, yes, it is. So it’s interesting. On the form, you didn’t put your Instagram handle, but fortunately it was on the bottom of your website over here, so there’s a little bit of a disconnect. The question was what is your Facebook or Instagram handle? And you just put the name of your business. Maybe you were rushing, maybe you weren’t paying attention, but this is part of it. We want to know how we solve the problem not getting enough clients. We have to be really clear with how we’re answering questions.

Already, I like this logo. It’s really friendly. This font is impossible to read. I used to use a font very similar to that and I’m telling you it’s hard to read. Most likely you’re demographic, for folks who are wanting to go on adventures and things like that are probably going to be challenged with reading the font like that. Just not that you have to read your entire logo, but just things to think about. Maybe that could be a secondary font and your main font could be something a little bit clearer like these ones. Amanda, you want to jump in with how you feel about this website?

37:53 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
I think it looks beautiful. I don’t know exactly what you do, but I’m assuming you do adventures for people that want to go on them. That’s all I really know right now. Maybe we can go a bit further and see what else there is. I like the photo.

38:08 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Become a free member today and build your online bucket list. I understand.

38:13 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, I don’t know what that means. I know what bucket list is, but I don’t know what that means in this context. Also, I would always say join our tribe is the same as join our wait list. And nobody sits there thinking I just want to join your newsletter list, I just want to be on your email list. You need to give them something of value for free in exchange for their email. So I don’t know if you have something like that, but if you do, it should be there instead of get on my mail list, because why would they have FOMO for not being on your mail list Like no, no one has.

38:50 – Emily Aarons (Host)
And then I scroll. But as I’m scrolling there’s literally three buttons that all say different things. That is like, ah, oh, no, Like it’s. It’s the eagerness of wanting people to join with you, which I love, and you’re giving them a thing to click on. And if this were a full audit, Amanda and I would click on every single one of these links to see where the hell you’re taking us. But for the purpose of this bucket list, sign up now. Want to take a trip? Three different calls to action in like a very small thing they asked to one of us. Now it’s learned more. So now there’s like a fourth button. Now is this a button? See all explanations? There’s another. So all of your call to actions are different. So far, not one of them, or not two of them, are the same exact call to action. One of those explanations offers oh God, now see a change.

OK that’s perfect. That is perfect. As I’m trying to read your thing, it changed, so that’s a really good example of why you don’t want to do a carousel. And I was hoping to read it because I, ok, it’s adventure, new places and check off line. That would be perfect on the top of your website, right, and your face, I’m assuming, and your face, yeah, like these two things top of the website gorgeous, let’s do that.

40:03 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
And then sign up now. I didn’t know what I’m signing up for.

40:06 – Emily Aarons (Host)
I don’t know what I’m set up for now. Either Again another call to action that it’s like every, and then join the Facebook group, or there’s.

40:13 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, yeah and then and then, if you just scroll up for a sec where it says about us Wanderlust Explorations is a travel photographer, that doesn’t make sense. Like you are a travel photographer, yeah, let’s just like that’s kind of a pet hate of ours. When it’s like, glad it’s valuable color, like this is a pet hate of ours when you don’t have to make yourself sound bigger than you are, like if it’s just you, I, yeah, yeah. You don’t have to say we or us Like, because there’s a photo of you which is a gorgeous photo, beautiful. Just say I’m a travel photographer, or I’m the creator of Wanderlust Explorations and I’m a travel photographer who plans. You see what I mean. Like that is very confusing.

40:59 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Or like hi, I’m Jeannie, right, like, make it really personal, like no matter, like I mean, and I have a small team, but I think when we’re solo preneurs, we’re like everyone take us seriously, we are we, and it’s confusing and I actually prefer I know, man, it is too we prefer the intimacy and you know, I think that’s what makes it so special, is that you can do that. Anyway, lots of more buttons, so OK, we’ve changed business.

I’m confused because I thought you were going to take me on a trip and now you’re my photographer. I have questions. Ok, let’s go over to Instagram. This I could not wait to share. Oh my God, how you have almost 700 followers but not a single post. Help me understand. And then there’s these here. And then I don’t understand. There’s a person in the middle of the road. I actually typed in Wanderlust Explorations in the search and I couldn’t find you. There were so many, so I went to your website and this is where it took me. So I have so much to say about this.

42:13 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
But here’s what I’m going to say. Instagram is a primary visual platform and you take people on beautiful explorations and adventures and we can’t see one of them. I literally don’t understand why. I don’t know, maybe your Facebook or your Instagram got hacked or something and everything got deleted. I that’s my assumption, because I can’t understand why, why this would be here Otherwise. To be honest, this is hurting you rather than you and then helping you, like, if you’re not going to use Instagram, just don’t have an account. But I would say, use it, because how many of us save on us, you know, on our grid, like me, and you do this all the time and send them to each other, like amazing trips and beautiful scenery, yeah, so, like you’ve got beautiful photos here, you could be doing reels of your, the trips that you do. People again need to see what you offer and what it’s like and get that feel, to feel comfortable booking a trip with you.

43:12 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, and so her problem, she said, getting building email lists growing, following more than I have. I think that all of the above is just growing in general, but how can anybody want to work with you when your Instagram page is blank and, like Amanda was saying, like you have a million photos that are on your website and you, you’re a photographer? I think yes.

43:38 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
That’s another point. And during your email list like I said on your website, there’s no reason for anyone to join your email list. Like I want to sign up for your newsletter, said no one ever. So like give them a reason. And that you there’s a bajillion things you could do, but you offer trips. Get five percent, ten percent off your next trip when you sign up to my email list. Like there’s just so many things you could offer, but those two things like just getting on Instagram and posting regularly and tagging appropriately, I think will do you wonders for the type of business you have.

44:12 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, and here’s the other thing, Like when we talk about growing an email list, because people don’t want to be on your newsletter and they don’t want your emails. Generally speaking, we need to incentivize them with something. So are you offering them, like Amanda said, are you offering them a promotional deal? Are you offering them like a packing checklist? Are you offering them best ways to take photos of your surroundings? Are you offering them the biggest mistakes people make when booking outdoor adventure? Are you sending them like I don’t know, like you could do any of these things that are going to help their experience as a traveler? But also like, what about the top 10 destinations that you thought would be awesome but weren’t like the biggest mistakes people make when they’re booking their first trips? Give them something juicy and delightful that they’re like oh my God, I’m thinking about booking a trip. Why do I need to know these things and why are you over anybody else? Right? I feel like you’re not differentiating yourself and again hiding in plain sight where you have. You know.

I could probably go through the list on your website, I think on the homepage. What was there? Like eight, maybe nine buttons, all with a different call to action. So when you can narrow down who your customer is and what their pain points are. What are they struggling with? If they are somebody who wants to travel, what if you gave them, like, the hottest bucket list at places that they don’t know about but they should Like? Have you gone to travel and leisure? Have you seen what their website is? Have you seen what their topics are and their headlines are? Have you seen what make people click on their website?

It also feels like you haven’t done any research whatsoever. And again, next year, 2024, man and I are leading this group program to help you to do the research, because you likely aren’t succeeding in attracting enough customers partly because, number one, you haven’t done any market research. It doesn’t appear that you’ve done any market research. Maybe you don’t know your customer and what their needs are, what their problems are, and it doesn’t look like you’ve actually created any solutions for them to buy and to work with you. So you can’t grow if there’s no direction. It’s kind of like Spirit is kind of showing me, like you’re staying in the middle of an intersection, with all these different roads open up around you, and you’re like like your customers. Just there’s so many different roads and buttons. I don’t know what to do, and these are again like so here’s the other thing. For folks who are watching right now, it’s like this is just us, our first impressions of these folks, like their websites and their Instagram or their Facebook accounts first impressions. And so for people like us who are really experienced and know what you should have or not have, we know also about how to put a strategy in place. So far, neither of the first two had any strategy whatsoever. It’s just like I’m. I’m in a business here. I’m a business versus like where are we taking them from point A to point B? We don’t see where they are at point A. We don’t even know what a point B would even look like, so we have to start thinking a little bit more strategically as well.

When I was starting my online business, I realized pretty quickly I needed to build a funnel, and that was an easy way for people to opt in, to give me their name and their email address to join my email list, and I could send them a meditation, a PDF, a workshop, a video or something really special that allowed them to start building that no like and trust energy with me and the best way that I found to do this was through using lead pages. Lead pages has proven templates that are guaranteed to help you with the design. You don’t have to have a blank screen and become a web designer suddenly. They have templates that you can plug and play your message with your images, with your wording, but they are really easy to use and I find that their chat support is really responsive as well. So if you are looking for an easy way to start collecting leads, build your email list, starting to build that no like and trust factor as well, I highly recommend you check out lead pages. You can head over to EmilyAaronzcom forward slash lead pages to get started today. They have a really low price, easy to start option and I know you’re going to love it as much as I do Now.

I love lead pages for another reason. It’s because of their tracking. You can see when your lead pages are working by the conversion rates. They track the number, so you can see immediately if it’s working or if it’s not and how to tweak it, and they also have diagrams inside to say this has to change or this has to change. So it’s really easy to start using lead pages right away. So again, EmilyAaronzcom forward. Slash lead pages and get started today. All right, next one Can we close up Wanderlust and we’re going to go here? And okay, sharing screen. It’s very hard to read. Reinvent your skin, restore your spirit.

49:39 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, and also, I don’t the crystals. I’m not going to my skin, I’m already. I’m confused, like the photo and the wording don’t match up. Yeah, yeah.

49:52 – Emily Aarons (Host)
This doesn’t say skincare. This says crystals. Right, I love crystals, and these are some of my favorite crystals. I love fluoride. Your well-being guide starts here, and then there’s an extra space here about I don’t understand.

50:14 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
You’re also taking up a lot of real estate on your page with a huge photo and then wording with massive gaps either side. Oh yeah.

50:27 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Oh, what is? There’s an extra space here too. Yeah, it’s interesting. Ok, so for everybody, above the fold on your website is Prime Real Estate, to let people know who you are, if they’re in the right place, if this is for them, if it’s not for them, and some sort of calls to action. There is a nice big button button here says contact us, but I don’t even know who us is, so it’s it’s a little bit confusing. This does say Lemurian skin and wellness, so this does not scream skin and wellness to me so far.

Oh, feeds, limited time promotion, ellabsorbic vitamin. This is too much information for me. I’m not going to read it. Yeah, it’s hard to read. I’m not going to read it. So I’m going to stop sharing for a second. I go to an esthetician basically once a quarter and when I went in for the first time, she basically asked me what my needs were. And then since that point, I just go in and she says what would you like? And I say you’re the boss. I don’t know my skin the way a professional esthetician knows my skin, nor like the seasonal changes and age and sun or whatever the hell is going on with my skin at the time, more than that lady and she’s going to look through a giant magnifying glass with all of my pores screaming at her what my face needs. I don’t know what I need. You know what I need, so please don’t make me do the work. I don’t want to have to know this. I don’t want to know any of this.

52:05 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Well, also, it seems a bit random in that we’ve got three different kind of grids, if you like, and yeah, I don’t know what feeds means. I don’t know what feeds means either, and it says with real to announce the grand opening. Ok, so you’re having an opening, and it’s like in tiny little letters, under no no, no.

Then there’s something about forty four dollars. So like just thinking about, like what the eye is going to, my eye as a consumer is going to twenty percent off forty four dollars and then a whole load of stuff about vitamin C. So it’s like pull out If you’re having a grand opening. That should be like the thing on the top of the website 20 percent, even like a banner that runs across that says you know, grand opening special 20 percent off any service.

52:49 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, here Right, 20 percent off grand opening special. Also, you read it? I don’t. I’m a scroller, so if you make it hard for me, I’m going to go as fast as I can. I mean, we can look at the other pages, but we’re mainly on the website. This is nice and short, but again, I don’t know who you are. I don’t know who it’s for. Oh, I see that you’re in Ontario, canada. That’s exciting.

53:12 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
And then your email address is something like Lamarious again 27 at emailcom. If you are serious about running a business, you need to have an email address that is a professional business email address. A domain name costs about twenty dollars and an email subscription is like $4 a month. Nobody should be using a Gmail account, apart from the fact that when you sign up with an email service provider, they won’t really they don’t. Well, they either won’t let you send emails from a private email address or they will penalize you for it, so that to me, whenever I see that across any businesses and isn’t you specifically I click off because I’m like this is not legit.

53:58 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, that’s what happens, I think it happens to a lot of people Not legit Exactly. And I mean I don’t care if it is Lamarion skin at Gmail, this is Lamarion skin 27 at Gmail. Like it just doesn’t feel like a legit business. No, also, when I see on this thing, it’s got like these, like mermaids and like the evil eye on it.

54:21 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
OK, so in your title you say welcome to the Maroon School, where we combine skin care with energy healing. That’s your, your website. That should be right there. That should be. We combine skin care with energy healing. That’s what makes it unique. That is so interesting. Yeah, and that’s something that, like we would, any kind of woo-woo person would be like yes, please, I want that. Right, I have to go to your, your Instagram to find it.

54:50 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, that is something that I would want. And then you scroll down, there’s more crystals or some tarot. I think this must be you.

55:03 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
You. We’d love to see your face on your website.

55:06 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yep, it would be really really nice.

55:10 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Great that you got testimonials and your highlights.

55:13 – Emily Aarons (Host)
There you are again, but again there’s like a red light behind you. Ok, with the skin care products. I don’t even know if my esthetician I haven’t actually seen her Instagram page because I am like a dumb, dumb, I don’t know skin care but there’s a gazillion products out there. I like that you show which products that you are using, but also like why, why. Why do you use them? Is there a reason why you’ve chosen these? Are they more energetically like charge? Why so? For this is great. All this information is really great, but again, I’m not getting a sense for who it’s for, if it’s even for me right now.

55:54 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, oh, who you are.

55:55 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Or who you are, yeah.

55:57 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
And there’s we want to know the person we’re going to see, we want to feel comfortable with them, and you can leverage Instagram to show that to people.

56:06 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah. So, and then the hashtags are Toronto facials, toronto Reiki, merian skin. I mean, people aren’t going to be looking for a Lemurian skin. I think that’s a silly hashtag, unless you’re trying to build up a Murian skin, in which case maybe customers use that. But I don’t know if it’s with your time using that, I think, yeah. So testimonials Marwa, such a lovely person, amazing. These are nice. Those would be great to be featured on your, your main page and on your website.

56:37 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
I don’t know if they’re already there, but I didn’t see any, but it’s not? Yeah, it’s not clear, so here yeah.

56:46 – Emily Aarons (Host)
So Marwa, she said marketing and sales customers. I said describe yourself and client. She said they’re loyal, fun and always supportive. That’s not really describing your soulmate client. So I think we have to go back to stage one, and this seems to be a repetitive problem who are you working with? Who is it Describe them?

If I’m describing Amanda, I know she likes dogs, I know she likes nature, she definitely likes treats and surprises. She’s very into meditation and cards and spirituality and growth, right. So if I’m talking to Amanda, I’m not going to be like you know what, amanda? There’s this awesome like sporting event, this baseball tournament that’s happening. Like I’m never going to tell her about that because I know she’s not going to care, it’s not going to interest her. But when I see funny dog videos or cute dog things, you bet you’re asked I’m going to send them to her. So right now it’s very evident that you don’t know who your customer is and therefore you’re not showcasing things for her or for them or whoever it is, and you’re not showcasing who you are and why you are the person for them to go to, but like exactly what Amanda said, like we would definitely be into skin care and energy work. That’s literally why I chose the person who I’m going to, because she does energy work with my facials. And, like the first session I did with her, it was a gift certificate and I said, oh, can we make it? It was supposed to be 90 minutes. I’m like you do two hours and she’s like, yeah, well, I infused, like Rakey and other crystals, and I’m like that, that’s what I want. I want two hours, I want all of it. So there are definitely customers out there for you who want this service, but you’re not really speaking directly to them.

You know, one of the things I hear all the time from folks in my community from online, from DMs, from emails is that, folks who are in my community, you’re highly sensitive, you’re spiritual entrepreneurs, you want to help people. You genuinely want to help people. You genuinely want to make a difference in the world, but sometimes you are kind of going about it backwards or in sort of the wrong order. Sometimes we think, oh, we have to only focus on social media and post social media content, and that doesn’t usually work for a number of reasons, and what I want to share with you is that, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we have to do things a little bit differently than other folks. We need to do it in our own way. It needs to feel like a heck, yes, in our body. We need to feel lit up, turned on and excited about what we’re doing. Otherwise it’s just not going to work. That’s why, when we follow other people’s strategies or systems or frameworks, it generally doesn’t work out for us.

So something I’ve kind of done recently is started opening the question Well, what if there was another way? What if we could revolutionize your learning experience so that you could have access to me, my teachings, my strategies currently not just from things in the past as a prerecorded program, but really in the moment. So that’s why I created the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It is truly the first private podcast for coaches, healers and leaders. It is literally a whole new category of its own, so that you can really learn how to help other people, how to make a difference and really, in a nutshell, it’s how to attract more clients and how to make more money right now. So each of my bi-weekly sessions will progressively build on the next, so you can learn at a pace that works for you from literally anywhere. So instead of spending hours on your computer watching prerecorded courses. You can pop in your earbuds, your headphones, and go for a walk in the and go for a walk out in nature, or go sit on your meditation pillow or go lay down in bed whatever feels great for you.

The Spiritual Business Sessions podcast is an amazing opportunity to get unlimited access to dozens of expert trainings by me, directly to you and at the most affordable rate, so that, while you’re learning the step by step process how to grow your spiritual business, you don’t have to spend a fortune and you also don’t have to take tons of hours to be able to learn it and then implement it. So I’d love to offer this to all of my podcast listeners. I know you love podcasts because you’re here, so for a special time, I’d like to open up the doors for you to join the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It’s only $8 a month. You can cancel anytime or, for folks who decide to join annually, I’m going to be selecting three lucky annual members to receive a 30 minute live business audit with me and my COO, amanda, this year.

So head on over to EmilyErenscom forward slash sessions to learn more about this revolutionizing podcast slash learning experience and you’ll learn how to grow your business from literally anywhere. This is not a cheap inversion of classes. This is full on workshops, courses that I’m delivering to you in real time, that are current and up to date with today’s strategies, what works and what doesn’t work, and how you can apply it right now in your own business. Head on over to EmilyErenscom forward slash sessions and join us today. I’ll add a pro email to my list. Oh my God, why am I not doing energy work in my salon?

01:02:57 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Why are you not doing?

01:02:58 – Emily Aarons (Host)
energy work in your salon, Carla.

01:03:01 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)

01:03:03 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Carla Meribat said this is so helpful. Oh, that’s great. I’m offering access to recorded breath work. Could that be good? Yeah, of course that would be good. Well, yes, it would be good.

01:03:15 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
But it’s again the thing of the strategy. You can offer a great thing that gets a lot of people on your email list, but if it’s not where you want to take them and the journey, I’m assuming, carla, that you are probably offering breath work sessions, but I’m just because I know you, but I’m just saying you can offer a great thing. We’ve done this before. That goes well. Those are people on your email list, but then they’re just free customers for life. You’ve got to think of the next steps.

01:03:44 – Emily Aarons (Host)
So let’s talk about that for just a second. So if you have a strategy, so first step, know who your customer is. And I would say like I don’t want anybody to feel bad about themselves if they don’t fully know who that person is. Yet we were, we actually did an audit, a business audit for somebody like a month ago, and she’s like that is my number one problem.

If you could just help me figure out who my soul, my client, is, I think it’d be a lot easier. And within about 20 minutes we pared down who this person was and it was somebody who has issues with autoimmune problems and she was like well, I don’t know, I don’t know. But once she decided that was her issue and that was for this person, then she actually came to our retreat a couple, well a few weeks ago now, and I said how about you just do this, send an email to your customers, because part of understanding who your customer is is asking them and surveying them and getting that feedback coming back. And I said email your client list, which is a very small list, under a hundred people, and I said just ask them when it comes to your healing journey. How did it say it was coming to like auto. It said something about autoimmune or.

01:04:58 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, when it comes to like your autoimmune or chronic or chronic illness yeah. What is your biggest struggle?

01:05:04 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yes, what is your chronic illness or your autoimmune issues? What is your number one struggle? And out of her small list she had over 10% email her back immediately, People who were on her list that she didn’t even realize were there, People who she was related to, who responded and she was blown away. She was actually like in tears that she couldn’t believe all these people were right there all along that she didn’t even realize were there. She wasn’t talking to them directly, she was talking like in generalities and so part of what we’re here to help people with and again you can drop the letters SPI in the comments if you would like some help with this understand who your customers and having a plan to attract them, to allow them to say yes to a product or offering or a service, and then moving them down the client value journey. And then they’re posted in, they’ve subscribed to your list, they followed you on your socials. They’re saying yes to your first offer. They’re saying yes to your next year, You’re saying yes to your big offer and then boom, you’ve got a wonderful customer for a long journey with you.

But most of the time you’re looking down at your feet trying to figure out what the journey looks like there’s zero strategy, and so part of what we’re here to create within the spiritual business accelerator program is help you to create a plan and actually put you into action and get you into accountability and get you testing what’s going on and getting you to put your feet to the fire, to actually stop hiding in plain sight so you can start bringing in more clients, start making more money. Now A lot of folks that were looking at their websites these are not real businesses. They are wanting to be real businesses, but without a plan, without any structure, without any strategy this is not a real business yet, Yet it can be. But you really need to hone in and take yourself serious. So let’s do one more. This is actually a great ending to these business audits. This is a beautiful picture I just come on this page and I’m like such a beautiful energy on it.

It’s very soothing, these peonies, the colors, it’s so calming. I’ve got this nice picture of Abby here. I feel safe, I feel calm in circle. Fertility is here to ease the stress and burden of infertility. That’s how you do it. For those of us who are now leaning in because we’re going yes, that’s me, we see right here we have free support session and let’s talk book of free session. So those are clear. I know you firsthand how overwhelming, confusing and painful the process can be. My sole mission is to help you through all infertility combined experience, certified coaching practice and all empathy and compassion that can only come from someone who truly gets it. Yes, you are speaking to the person who needs your work. This is a perfect example and thank you, abby, for having such clarity on your website. Take a minute to exhale. You’ve come to the right place. I mean, does she know her customer or does she know her customer? So I’m not going to click learn more. Even I want to. I’m just going to speak. Taylor made a special emotional support, industry know-how and expertise. Nice, clear bullets. Again, your face is here.

Latest and greatest Abby feature on CBS News speaking of pregnancy life. I mean, this is like look at me. I have an expert, I’m qualified. This is legit and again, not all of us on CBS News as an expert, but if you are, it’s really nice to have it on your homepage so people can see that you are a leading expert. It’s really great. And here’s some more I’ve seen and heard, really. So I don’t know all of these things, but like some of these things I do know and I think it really does give it gives credit to your work. Abby, get our free ebook how to Support a Love One Struggling to Conceive. So that’s interesting.

01:09:18 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
How to support a loved one that feels like an instant break in the whole website for me, like this is important, but this, in my opinion, should not be what’s on your homepage, because you just have this whole thing about I get you, I know what it’s like to go through infertility and struggle to conceive, and then I get to the free opt-in and it’s not for me and it feels really disappointing. Yeah, so I would definitely switch this up. I can’t remember what Abby’s, what it is that she wants. Abby, abby not getting enough customers? Oh, yeah, adding more offers. Yeah, so there’s so many other things you could do and I don’t think we necessarily need to go into them because it seems like you’ve got this down. But like switching that up and having something that’s for the person you’re speaking to, yeah, Subscribe for updates.

01:10:11 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Again, nobody wants to be updated or subscribed to your list, and I don’t know what the top URL is either. I would. I mean, I like that you have like right there, let’s talk about it. I love that and I want that same energy with whatever your opt-in is. So perhaps it is like the three myths about infertility, or maybe like where to start, like in top five, where to start when?

01:10:36 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
you’re, you know, when you don’t know where to turn. Like people are terrified of, like where do I, what do I do? Like I’ve gone to my doctor they’ve said one thing now what? Right, yeah, so like top five tips or like support I mean there’s so many things you could do but make it about the person, because you said you’re here to ease the stress and burden of infertility, not to support someone Family, family, family, exactly, which is important, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not in line with what everything else you said. I think it would be fine to have that book.

01:11:09 – Emily Aarons (Host)
If it’s like if it’s prefaced with saying something like where did it go? Like resources, like, yeah, free resources. Do you know somebody struggling with? Here’s a free resource? Yeah, but I think this is like you and me, babe, like you’ve just pulled me in for like belly, belly, hug.

You’ve made me feel safe and the next thing I want is a little bit more you. So I think this is great, but for people who aren’t ready to hop on an info session, it might be nice to have, like your personal story, maybe even like a video of like. Here are some things that you went through. I mean sharing. I know you have a podcast and you’ve got these other great resources, so maybe that’s a place to start. Here’s a free resource. Listen to the podcast. That could be.

I mean, the thing is like also with fertility. People are told a million things and then all the friends and family are the worst and unhelpful and giving like oh well, one day the other thing, like you have I’m like I have it right here the deck of cards. You have a deck of cards that are amazing that it might be nice. Oh, here’s, the cards of love are right here. That’s a great thing. Oh, here’s, the cards of love are right here. That’s there, okay. So your Instagram, life and infertility coach, supporting in ways, your doctor, bff, can’t, integrity, navigation, hardholding. I just feel like so loved by you and I like that feeling that you’re giving me. Let’s get in and stay pregnant. Oh, I love that. Okay, infertility journey Come with me to San Diego, close up.

Oh, that’s cool that you were at an event. Happy day of being annoyed by everything, if you know. You know, I think these are really great. Like. So what Abby’s doing here? She’s showing her face, she’s showing what she stands for, she’s giving information, she’s helping people answer questions. Pregnancy, infant loss awareness month isn’t for you. She’s got the fertility check here.

01:13:20 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
I think her Instagram is great. Yeah, I think it would. Can we just go over to like the website where I says what we do? Because one of her questions was like I don’t know whether to add more offerings. I don’t actually know what offering currently.

01:13:34 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Oh, what, yeah, what. What do you do? Okay, let’s talk. So I don’t know what you do yet. Strategies and tips for emotional resilience decision-making guidance and support. Preparing for doctors’ visits and procedures.

01:13:47 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
And it says what areas will my coach work with me on? So maybe it does say it somewhere, but that’s not clear. If it’s you, yeah, and I think you need to be really clear because this is really personal. And then I’m like falling in love with you. And then this happened with an accountant that I signed up with. I loved her. She had this great Instagram, she seemed so fun and I scheduled a session with her. It was brilliant. I was ready to sign and she’s like and so your accountant will be Matthew, and I was like who? And I didn’t sign with her Because I was like, but I thought it was you, so like. If it’s not going to be you, make it really clear.

01:14:26 – Emily Aarons (Host)
If it is going to be you, then you don’t need to say your coach just say and I think part of this is like I’m sure this is a really great write-up of whatever it is, but when it’s what we do, can I have it really short and direct? Like you know, if it’s three offerings, tell me what the three offerings are. And again, now I’m confused as well. My coach, let’s talk so it’s a lot of let’s talk what you can expect when we work together In-depth. This could be up at the top. So like here’s like. So if you have what we work together, look like by signature package, six months so maybe that’s something that it could be like I do. Six month offering. I have a group support program. I think maybe that’s part of it is. It’s confusing what it is that you do offer.

01:15:18 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, and I would say I mean you asked about, like, whether you should add more offerings. I mean, we don’t know your business enough to say whether or not and what your idol client needs, but this does seem like very primed to be offering some kind of course that people can go through, that gives you, gives them like some of the stuff that makes sense for them to do on their own and then to offer you one-on-one. I don’t know how much you want on one cost, it doesn’t say, which personally really annoys me, but everyone has their different opinion on that. Like, if I’m struggling with infertility, I have so many unknowns already. I don’t want to not know the price as well. So maybe just consider that specifically with your idol client and depending on the price of that, which I’m assuming is probably a premium, you might want to do something that’s like a course, that’s like a lower price point that gets people in and then you offer them something like this kind of ongoing yeah, and so it almost looks like these are two packages, but I don’t understand.

01:16:14 – Emily Aarons (Host)
So what I would like for it to say is like in a six month coaching looks like, and then you have all of the deliverables here, but you’re also not going through like what is in it for them. So these are like what you’re delivering, but what is their transformation that they’re going to experience? So a deep dive and da, da, da, da, da, and maybe some so that statements and maybe, instead of all of like, this layout is a little bit confusing on my eyes. I’m kind of up and down, and up and down, and up and down. It’s overwhelming for me. It’s a little bit overwhelming. Something in this layout would be nicer.

So, like what we do, and I would like for this to almost be like a story. You know, taking them through your personal journey. I get it the doctors visits and no answers, and you’re trying everything and you’re frustrated. And then you’re in laws and your parents and your best friend, everyone’s trying to help, but no one can. You’re looking for answers and you’ve come to the right place. I can help. I’ve been there before, I’ve been on this journey and, happy to say, I’ve helped X amount of people through it too, and I can help you as well.

So the first step would be to book a call to see what you need. Here are some of my. You know the ways that we can work together. Maybe it is a package, maybe it’s a group, maybe it’s something else, but just like lay it out so people kind of know upfront is it a single thing, is it a group thing, is it a ongoing thing, so that it’s really easy to understand. I think that’s maybe part of the problem is that it’s not clearly laid out. It’s just like you’re gonna get, like I know I’ll get this, but what is this, what is this part of?

01:18:05 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, and I think that’s part of the last thing I was saying is like tapping into your ideal client Again. Someone going through infertility struggles is fed up, exhausted. You said it all here, so like, make it easy for them, make it clear, make it easy to read, make it easy to understand so that they don’t end up somewhere else. That all their support is amazing. It feels overwhelming to look at.

01:18:27 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, so some of the formats that work really well are like one, two and three, just so easily, like the. I can go oh, I get it, I’m A, b or C. Sometimes if you’re just doing private coaching and six-month packages, if that’s all that you offer, I would explicitly say that, yeah, I would love to work with you ongoing. My best results come when I work with people for six months at a time, and this is why X, y and Z this is what they get out of it. If you’re not ready for that kind of time commitment or financial commitment, here is another opportunity for you, and I love your suggestion, amanda, about having some sort of a course or something that they can take at their own pace. That’s a different price point. I think the last thing I’ll share around your own business strategy and one of the ways that you can get rid of having to worry about your prices is having different opportunities, different levels. So we’ve talked about as an ascension path or as an ascension ladder, that people can find you at various places and be able to say yes to you, instead of having to wait and wait and wait and wait until either they have enough money or they’ve just waited so long that they’re like, I just have to say yes, finally. So, for example, I have a podcast. It’s free. I have plenty of meditations on my website and other places that are free, so people can enjoy me on my YouTube channel for free, but then I have like a $7 meditation here and a $20 class there, and maybe a $100 workshop here, and then a $1,000 thing here and maybe a $5,000. And we kind of move up the ladder. This is not to say you have to have a thing at every level. You do not. However, it is great to have that free thing and something in the middle of the road, as well as a higher price thing, so that, depending on where people are in their journey and how much of you is required to get a transformation, they’ll be able to get it. I hope that makes sense for everybody, and I’m gonna come back to the Facebook page.

I didn’t see any other questions, glad I someone on the slide. I need to audit my IG and then my website. You do, and I think this is a really good idea for everybody to take a minute, even have a friend do it, but like honestly having fresh eyes, people like us who were not in your business and you’re not necessarily a customer it could be. So take a look at things really for what it is, because you’re too close to it and when you’re too close to it, you’re gonna miss all of these different things. So thank you for letting us take a look at your pages and if this was helpful, let us know in the comments below. Just say yes, I love this, let’s do it again.

If you missed out on this and you were like damn it, I wish they audited my page, make sure you keep it on your email inbox. We might do this again sometime. We might even do full audits or longer audits next time. I know it’s kind of hard to just go through really quickly, but take what we said to other people and apply it to your own business and if you are ready to have a huge influx of clients and income and really have a clear strategy for what you’re doing next year and beyond, I would love to invite you in to work with me next year. This is a very small, intimate group program that we’re really not we’re not inviting everybody to, but if you’re somebody who is a practitioner and would like to take yourself seriously, make some more money next year and really put in the foundation and build that business. Put the letters S, b, I, n. Send me a DM. We’ll be happy to chat with you more. Is there anything else that you wanted to share with them before we sign off?

01:22:16 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
No, I think that’s it.

01:22:16 – Emily Aarons (Host)
I hope it was helpful and please let us know if it was yeah please let us know, share it with a friend and I’ll talk to you all soon. Have a great rest of your day. Bye, chairman sitzen.


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