Exploring The Benefits of Psilocybin For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Exploring The Benefits of Psilocybin For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Exploring The Benefits of Psilocybin

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

This week I’m opening up like never before as I share my very personal journey with plant medicine and the profound impact it’s hand on both my life and work as a spiritual entrepreneur.

I share openly how micro-dosing with psilocybin as well as full journey’s has become a part of my practice for enhanced consciousness and well-being, and the ripple effect it’s had across my business and not only what services and programs I offer but how I offer them.

I talk about how these plant medicines have aided me in releasing generational trauma and how this journey of healing is not just for the individual, but can uplift our entire community.

I also take on the tough topics of the online business world, discussing the move towards ethical marketing and the significance of authenticity and transparency in our spiritual businesses, and lastly sharing my commitment to have a business ethos rooted in care for our customers and communities.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • (02:50) Coming Out and Reflection
  • (09:25) Awakening Ancestral Gifts and Clarity
  • (15:49) Healing Trauma Through Inner Child Work
  • (25:57) Work-Life Balance in Online Business
  • (41:45) Realities of Online Business Success
  • (53:22) Revolutionizing Spiritual Entrepreneurship

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00:02 – Emily Aarons (Host)
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Today You’re listening to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast. I’m your host, emilyerens. I’m an entrepreneur and highly sought after energy healer with over two decades in practice. I’m a mixture of high vibe energy and cutting edge strategy with a little dash of unfiltered real talk, making this the one and only podcast that gives you a down to earth approach to business and spirituality. Tune in each week to get out of the stress of overworking so you can build a brand in alignment with your soul’s purpose. If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way, it’s that you have to stop looking outside yourself for the answer and start looking within. We all have a unique path and it’s time you start trusting in yourself. The truth is, you already have everything you need. You just need to learn how to access it. Now let’s dive in. It’s time you experience business and soul alignment. Hey listeners, welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast, episode number 446. And warm welcome to anybody who is brand new here.

This is going to be a little bit of a different episode because I’m having a conversation that I’ve never had publicly, so it’s kind of a coming out, in a way, and it’s a reflection, and I’ll be offering my reflection as a gift for you as well. So, as we begin this episode, I wanted to share I pulled a card for us and the card is approved. You are more than enough, and I love this card for today’s conversation because it’s really central to what this episode is really about. So let’s get right into it. So I wanted to pull back the curtain, as I always do here with my listeners and, frankly, with anybody who’s in any of my coaching programs, who’s gotten to work with me directly or who’s worked with me privately in sessions. You know what I’m like in person. I am an open book. I’m very much who I am in front of the camera is exactly who I am behind it, and so I wanted to share this from a deep place of vulnerability, really, and kind of pull back the curtain to the practices of online business as well and what we’re here to do as spiritual entrepreneurs in the greater picture of things. So I want to share.

In the last six months I have been well actually it’s been longer than that, if I’m really being honest probably the last two years. In the last two years I have been really called to work with plant medicine and I haven’t been called to go to Peru and do ayahuasca at this moment, but I have been called to work with various plant medicines. Now you know, I have a backyard farm and I love gardening, I love my animals and I love connecting with nature and being outside in nature on my daily walks is just part of my daily routine. Some of you know I do cold plunges and really it started with going with a group of people outside to be in the elements of the cold and really experience that. And my journey with plant medicine has brought me to make some swaps.

So I switched my regular coffee to using a mushroom based coffee. It was really important to me that I was able to hold this high vibration so that I could serve at my highest level, and I noticed coffee wasn’t doing that for me. It was giving me crashes. So I switched to everyday dose, which you’ve probably heard the advertisements on this podcast for, or you’ve heard me talk about it, but I’ve also been micro dosing with mushrooms and so with psilocybin you can take very, very small doses and have really no psychedelic effect. It’s just starting to kind of work with your body, with your brain, and I noticed, with taking small amounts, very, very, very small amounts, where the psilocybin was actually mixed with organic honey and just having like a little spoonful a few times a week and sort of just seeing how that felt. That’s how I began my journey because frankly, I wasn’t sure how plant medicine would interact with me and I’ve certainly watched plenty of documentaries, which I’ll be happy to put links to some really great documentaries to give information if you are curious, to kind of broaden your perspective.

And really that’s not what this episode is about. I’m not going to go into the detail of the science and the research. I am not a pro, I am an amateur and I would say that with a big caveat, which is I am not diagnosing, I’m not prescribing, I’m personally just sharing my own experience. And so if you’re not at all interested in plant medicine, then just leave that aside, because there’s a bigger message and I think what’s the bigger message is, around doing what’s right in your heart. And so, basically, about six months ago was the first experience I had with a larger dose, and what happened was a friend of mine, who had been very experienced with plant medicine, led me on a journey and in that journey I felt these veils releasing from me that had kept me from sharing my gifts as an open channel, as a clear conduit, and the plant medicine really showed me throughout my life how many times I had essentially holding back my gifts, since I was a young child and realizing that, even though I didn’t feel like I was born with any intuitive gifts, I actually was.

And it was that the people who were closest with me my family, my friends they may have recognized some of that and kind of dismissed it or muffled it when they noticed it in me. And it’s a pattern of, I think, a lot of us light workers where we have this really bright, big, enormous radiant light that we want to share in the world. And sometimes the people who are closest with us maybe with no malicious intent. They want to keep us safe and away from harm, and so the best way that they know how to do that is, to kind of stuff down the light. This has happened to me all my life, within my professional career, within my relationships. I had been married previously to my different husband and he recognized that light and was trying to make me somebody who I wasn’t. And I always say that divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I’ve rediscovered my light. I rediscovered who I am and who I’ve always been, which is somebody who is here to raise a level of consciousness, not just with myself but to spread it to millions of people around the world. And I can say for sure I wouldn’t be where I am today if I was still walking that other path.

And I feel like it was a combination of my prayers, of like I need something more, I’m hungry for it and just divine intervention that shifted my path. And through that first initial journey, I also was brought back to seeing my lineage, my ancestors and these little blurbs that I had seen in meditation, these images and going, learning through Akashic records of my past life. It was like everything started to like, make sense and I got to see through a different perspective, a different vantage point, how not just in this lifetime have I been muffled and muted and my light has been almost like stuffed down. But also it’s been happening through my lineage and my ancestors showed up and showed me in so many ways how we have always been able to shape, shift and to transform and to transmute. It’s been something that I’ve been, that’s been passed down generationally, that really has not been spoken about for so, so long, and it’s back to, I want to say, like druid time, where my ancestors brought me to really identify these gifts and allow them to blossom and to really identify and as myself, as like no, you are a clear conduit, you are a clear channel. So that’s been really like enormously helpful for me to reawaken and reignite that clarity for myself.

Hey friend, I wanted to hop into this podcast episode to share with you my favorite coffee alternative that doesn’t give you anxiety or stress or make you have an afternoon crash. That is why I’m talking about mushroom coffee. And, listen, I have been a coffee lover for most of my life. I like it, drink it black. I really do love the taste of coffee. So finding a good tasting coffee that performed well, that didn’t give me the jitters, was really important for me and I’ve tried a whole bunch of them and the one that I’ve really become obsessed with over the last year.

Plus is called everyday dose. It is a blend of mushrooms from the fruiting body, not just the mycelium, so it has lion’s mane and chaga. It also does have a coffee extract in it, so it does taste like coffee. Plus, it has collagen and L-theanine. So L-theanine is something I also take on a regular because it helps with lowering stress, and as busy entrepreneurs, I know you got stress.

So I would love for you to take a try of everyday dose. I know it will change your life the way it has changed mine, and now you can try it out as only a dollar a day. So they have these really cool starter kits that come with a little electric rechargeable frother. There’s a cool spoon and a resealable, refillable container. I love it. I think you’re going to love it too.

You can head on over to my very special link. It’s called EmilyEaronscom forward slash start dose. That’s EmilyEaronscom forward slash start dose. I think you’re going to love it as much as I do. Now, listen, I know we all have different dietary sensitivities, so you know it’s gluten free, it’s paleo, it’s keto, it’s soy free, it’s dairy free, there’s no sugar and it is non-GMO. So I want you to understand that I would never recommend something unless I had personally tried it and loved it, and this is how I feel about everyday dose. So head on over to EmilyEaronscom forward slash start dose today. You’ll thank me later, and I have taken my own personal journeys with the plant medicine, in smaller doses, by myself as well, where I was able to really connect deeply with the earth and with animals and the natural ebb and flow of life, and I was also able to receive some deep, deep healing in so many different ways.

But recently I was called again to the medicine of psilocybin, of mushrooms, and what it taught me recently was basically some of the feelings that I have been feeling in the last couple of years, that I have identified as stress and anxiety, were actually rooted in deep sadness, and what I mean by that is I had such an enormous release of deep sadness, of pain, not just from myself, but also from my family, from my kids, from my parents, from my grandparents and my great grandparents. All of this information that was shared with me through this journey brought me back to release in such a profound way, and for those of you who do somatic therapy or tapping or past life regressions or caustic records, or you’re working on a deep level with yourself or your clients. You totally get it. My body was releasing sound of pain and I didn’t identify that consciously and I’ve been working so diligently for years of daily meditation and in the last year with hypnosis and with all kinds of different things, of getting even more clear. I eliminated alcohol completely, I don’t know, like five years ago. So a lot of these things that I just get closer and closer and I’m kind of like always a student to self-improvement and part of what showed up for me was how much sadness I had been carrying since I was a child, in fact since I was an infant and in my life experience, while I had two parents who provided for me, I wasn’t homeless, thank goodness, and I wasn’t abused physically at all. I had a pretty privileged life and that’s how I felt growing up. I felt like I had everything. It’s been since I became a mother.

That I’ve realized actually, you know, there’s been traumatic experiences in my life is not as much and this is what Dr Gabor Maté says is. It’s not. Trauma isn’t necessarily always what happens to you, it’s what happens inside of you and I really feel like all of us, especially as entrepreneurs and even more so as light workers, people who are here to help others we’ve all been through it in our own way. In some way we’ve been through our own level of traumatic events and we carry those with us. And you know, science has proven that we do have cellular memories and we also have proven that things have the ability to be passed down genetically, right, so we might have feelings and pains or beliefs that we don’t even. We haven’t even experienced that trauma, but it’s been passed down generationally.

And so what I know to be true for myself and I’m sure other people have experiences themselves, especially, you know, when I work with people one-on-one I have been doing this for so many hundreds of people that you know so much healing happens when we can connect with our inner child of these initial wounds but not just the inner child here in this lifetime. Oftentimes it takes us back to the lifetime previous to this, or multiple lifetimes previous to this where it actually originated, and to be able to identify those places and to clear them is like such a tremendous gift, and I feel like that’s certainly what plant medicine has helped me to do and process on my own and through the help of the plant. And so I say all this because I want to just share my personal experience and also to say it’s not for everybody, it really isn’t, but as entrepreneurs, I think we do take on a lot of trauma as we put ourselves out there, as we were judged by other people, as we try to sell something and it doesn’t work, or we sell something and it does work. The amount of energy that we have to put into making things successful is pretty enormous, and so I want to just say that, through processing so much of this sadness, it also helped me to realize what things bring me joy. And in reflecting through these journeys, I was able to come back to really my mission. My mission, my purpose, which I’m sure you all have heard multiple times, which is, like I’ve already said, to raise the consciousness, but also to help millions of practitioners to build a sustainable and successful business. Now, what I mean by successful is, however you define success. Maybe success is having a brick and mortar that you just have clients coming in regularly. Maybe success is having a financial freedom where you can go on vacations whenever you want. Maybe success is you have a flexible schedule and you can be available for your family, or having not have to be dependent on being at an office and location dependent. So success is different for everybody, but sustainability is the same, which is having a business that fuels you, that feeds you, that allows you to feel like you’re making a difference in the world and that doesn’t drain your life force energy at the same time.

When I transitioned out of the brick and mortar in my healing business and started to transition online, I found myself really confused and trying to figure out the solution to make all of these ideas of mine work together. I wanted to sell meditations, I wanted to have a membership, I wanted to be able to take payments that were reoccurring and to send emails and to create websites, and it seemed like I had to invest in so many different systems and sometimes they wouldn’t even work together. Well, that all changed when I found Kajabi. That has been such a life send. I love Kajabi because it’s easy to use, it’s super user friendly, there’s great reporting and it makes it seamless for my customers to find me and to buy any of my products or services. I highly recommend Kajabi and if you want to check it out. Right now. You can head on over to EmilyArenscom forward slash Kajabi and you can take a test drive, see if it’s something that works for you. But I know you’re here because you’re ready to take yourself and your business seriously and really Kajabi is the easiest place to go to start building your online business. Again, emilyarenscom, forward slash Kajabi and get started today.

And so, as I was processing and as I continue, this is never ending. We don’t just heal a wound once and it’s done, for we ascend and as people who are constantly looking to discover new places that we can grow to, we’re also simultaneously faced with processing the trauma from that level in our life. And so my guidance showed me years ago healing is kind of an ongoing thing where you know if you see a staircase that has dirt on it, you don’t sweep the bottom step and go look, I clean the stairs. I thought I cleaned that step already. You know when we are going to a next level. We have a whole nother step. We have to clean that step and then one above it and the one above it. So you know, healing is an ongoing process and so there’s always going to be new discoveries and also maybe it feels like, oh well, I thought I worked on my abandonment wounds, but in fact you did. But now you’re on a new level, right, you’re making more money, you’re making a bigger impact. You are a different person each and every day when you are committed to this level of growth, and that’s just part of this journey for all of us.

So when I look back at some of the traumatic things that happened inside of me, it was all circulating around being alone, doing things alone, processing my life alone. And when I became a mom, I’m realizing how involved I want to be with my kids and how present I want to be with my kids and how important they are and their beliefs and their personalities and their likes and dislikes. And I’m so present to that, which only amplifies the trauma from my childhood that my parents were pretty aloof and weren’t really interested in that. And so I process a lot from the place of my core wound about abandonment. And I’m not saying my parents are bad people. They did the best that they could and I grew up alone most of the time and I moved a lot and there was instability and I had to grow up really fast at a really young age, which caused its own set of problems. But when I process some of this sadness and some of this abandonment, I also got to see how I have grown and how I’ve flourished, and I’m such an achiever. I’m hungry for more knowledge, I’m hungry for growth and I think that’s a gift as an entrepreneur, because I’m always seeking how to improve myself and those around me, and sometimes to my detriment.

I just don’t stop and I think that part of what I want to share with you today is what came through really after my journey. And I was in my backyard well, my neighbor’s backyard technically out in this big open field which maybe you’ve seen through, like my Instagram stories, where I walk my dog a lot and this big open grassy field and I laid down in the sun and now it’s it is winter right now it was pretty chilly, but the sun was beaming down me and as I laid down in the grass and the sun was beaming down me and I was so literally grounded, I was connected to the earth and I could feel my body just deeply exhale and I thought I wonder how many people need that, like just to stop, just to lay down and to exhale. How many people do you know, do that? Do you do that? I mean, I hug trees every day and I’m with nature, but I don’t necessarily give myself the space to just let go. And I mean I’m so privileged I have this huge access to backyard and to this field.

And, you know, I think, wow, these people who live in big cities or congested areas or apartment buildings and you don’t have access to grass unless you go to a public park. And then what are you, the weirdo who’s laying down in the field, like are you okay? You know it’s like socially not acceptable to just lay down, and even like my dog was running over to me, like are you okay? Because this is not normal. And I kind of thought like, wow, what a privilege it is that in the middle of the quote unquote workday, I’m laying down in the grass in the sun and letting go of my worries, letting go of my stress, letting go of my sadness and processing the bigger question, which is what brings me joy? And so, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing at this moment, I would invite you to answer that question for yourself, and when you think about what brings you joy, you can start to get clearer instructions on how you want to live your life, and I will also say this is, while my life is literally the best ever, it’s better than it’s ever been in my entire life.

Today now, I would find myself, you know, in joyous moments with my family, but my head might be somewhere else. I might be thinking about work, I might be thinking about a client, I might be thinking about what we’re doing tomorrow or for dinner or other things, like I’m physically there, but I mentally kind of checked out and I also would notice myself checking in on social media to see like, did somebody like my post? Did somebody comment back? Did they have a question? Did we get back to them right away? Did we answer that email fast enough? Did you know?

And so when you’re in online business, there’s this kind of implication that you are available 24 hours a day, and right now we’re really transitioning. I say we is my team and I we’re transitioning my team, my company, so that it’s not a launch model where we have to exert a ton of energy and focus to put something out there and get a result and then kind of you know, debrief, look at what worked, what didn’t work and do it all again another time with another product or another program, because I mean, for years I’ve been saying this that it’s just not sustainable like it works and there’s something very good about it, but as a long-term strategy it’s not as sustainable and some people it is. But I’ve also seen in the last year a lot of online entrepreneurs quit. I’ve seen a lot more of them share about their burnout, their fatigue, their exhaustion, and they start to see physical symptoms. You know, for me, I had a rash on my face. That has cleared up since, but you know that was one of the physical manifestations of all of the stress that I had been under. And as the main breadwinner of my family and as somebody who is literally I’m responsible for the salaries of everybody on my team, I can’t just decide to phone it in like this machine has to work, and so that kind of brought me to looking at the machine itself.

My business has its own machine and the greater machine that is online business, and what I realized was that and I know you’ve all felt this as well that the tides are definitely changing. We’ve talked, I think, on this episode, on this podcast, and you can see it in social media. You can see other marketers are using the terminology of bro marketing because they use they people call it bro marketing because the primary culprits I guess the people who were primarily in charge of the messaging to buy the course and follow the five step plan and get six figures in 10 days or whatever they were promising you. We’ve seen that kind of shift into people going no, that kind of didn’t feel good. That’s not really that ethical.

And you know, what happened through the pandemic is that everybody went online and started buying a lot of things and they started to see the bullshit of what online business can really be, where this I’m going to call it the machine, the machine of online business is kind of dictating the way in which you have to play this game in order to win and to succeed, and not all of these bigger named marketers or gurus, whatever you want to call them they’re not all men, many of them are women and you know, I don’t know when online business really was birthed and when it all started, but I do know right now, at the beginning of 2024, the tides have started to shift significantly and instead of seeing languaging, of pushing people’s pain and in kind of scare tactics to get them to buy, they’re pulling more with the desired outcome not pushing with pain, but really pulling with that desired frequency of what it could be like. Imagine if, what? If? It could look like this and feel like that, and I know for me it definitely resonates way more. I’m sure it does for you too where, instead of going with your fears, you’re opening up to something greater. But, that being said, I really started to question, you know, the ethics of it all, and the thing that became really abundantly clear to me was that online business has kind of got this model and I listen, I’ve probably taught some of you this model because it was taught to me and I believed that it to be truth. And you know, all of the strategies that we use were just an idea, and then it was a thought, and then it was a strategy, and then we believed that it worked, so we did it and so it worked. And I feel like, because those tactics are kind of crumbling, we’re starting to see through these cracks of going.

Well, where is the humanity? And I think that the machine of online business, its job, is to keep us separate, and we can include social media, and that, too, like the design, was to bring us together. Right, you could see your friends from high school and your long lost family members on Facebook and Instagram, but then they’re sort of birthed the age of influencers, which people were just popular for the sake of being popular and we kind of went with it and we kind of go oh, this influencer is letting me know about this product or this program or this clothing or whatever, and this is important. So now it’s important and we subscribe to these beliefs and I mean I’m victim of it as well. We’re all, we all are. We’ve all bought into these stories and these beliefs. But we also have to look at, like again, the ethics and the humanity.

And I think the question that I posed to myself was really well, how, how do we beat the machine? How do we beat this machine that is telling us okay, well, there’s this sort of this hierarchy and you know you want people to climb this ladder to the top and then everything that you sell them as it gets closer to you is going to be the most expensive thing, because you are the golden goose and you are the most important and you are the prized possession that people want to get out. So that should be the most important and in some ways I agree, because the person, the golden goose, is the person who has spent probably years cultivating their crafts, their skills, their knowledge. They’ve probably spent thousands of dollars in order to gain that knowledge and to gain that experience and that wisdom, like, like I have, and I know for a lot of really successful entrepreneurs it’s both. It’s you spend the time and you spend the money and then you get to be an expert.

But you also have to think of like isn’t that just the intrinsic value of anybody? Like, we’ve all got life experiences, we’ve all learned and become an expert at something. So, yes, it is valuable, but who is setting the price? Who says that a private session should be tens of thousands of dollars? Who says that a course should be thousands or hundreds? And you know, I’ve always debated that and I’m sure all of you have too. When you’re trying to set your price, where you’re like it’s like who knows? Like it’s almost irrelevant. Like the value is there, the price is the price is the price. So, whether you sell it for $7 or $7,000, like it’s all how you market it to show people what the value is.

But also, we’ve been in the place of kind of being hypnotized, and I have worked with specific marketers who have told me their strategies that they use NLP, neurolinguistic Programming. They use hypnotic language in all of their marketing and their videos and their advertisement and that helps them to get people to buy. And on one hand you go well, that makes sense, and especially as a strategy like give me some of that, I want everyone to buy it for me. But as a human, it’s like so you’re manipulating people to buy. But that is also marketing, like look at every advertising out there. It’s all a bit of manipulation in order for you to buy the thing that they’re selling.

And so it keeps just bringing me back to this thing of how can we bring more humanity, more ethics, more integrity into everything that we do, everything that we bring out there? And I believe myself and my business has always been on this other leading edge of let’s bring people together, let’s make it more accessible, let’s make sure that we can help as many people as possible. I mean, I have 446 episodes of this podcast. That’s a lot of time, that’s a lot of energy to make what I have learned over the years to be accessible for free in countless YouTube videos and, oh my God, thousands of social media posts and thousands of emails and really being a human, and I remember peers who would be like you shouldn’t do one-on-one stuff. One-on-one stuff, you should get people into group stuff and maybe for them that was fine.

But for me, as somebody who came from the background of in-person one-on-one like, there is something so special and so sacred about that. Really, that in-person connection you can’t replace, and I absolutely love teaching practitioners how to do distance healing. I absolutely love the work that I do inside of the IEA, the Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training. I love it because it allows people to have a whole another angle and skill set with learning about their intuition and learning about energy centers and learning about healing and learning about processing inner child work and so much, and it’s so easy to combine it with literally every modality you’ve ever learned ever. As well as I teach business skills, and some of the business skills are how do you play the game of online business, how do you play the game of marketing? How do you message so that people understand what you are offering in a really clear, concise way? And so there’s pieces and aspects of the online business machine that I totally agree with, but some of the ethics I absolutely do not.

When I was starting my online business, I realized pretty quickly I needed to build a funnel, and that was an easy way for people to opt in, to give me their name and their email address to join my email list, and I could send them a meditation, a PDF, a workshop, a video or something really special that allowed them to start building that no-like-and-trust energy with me. And the best way that I found to do this was through using lead pages. Lead pages has proven templates that are guaranteed to help you with the design. You don’t have to have a blank screen and become a web designer suddenly. They have templates that you can plug and play your message with your images, with your wording, but they are really easy to use and I find that their chat support is really responsive as well. So if you are looking for an easy way to start collecting leads, build your email list, starting to build that no-like-and-trust factor as well, I highly recommend you check out lead pages and head over to emilyaronscom forward slash lead pages to get started today. They have a really low price, easy to start option and I know you’re going to love it as much as I do Now.

I love lead pages for another reason. It’s because of their tracking. You can see when your lead pages are working by the conversion rates. They track the number, so you can see immediately if it’s working or if it’s not and how to tweak it. They also have diagrams inside to say this has to change or this has to change. So it’s really easy to start using lead pages right away. So again, emilyaronscom, forward, slash lead pages and get started today.

And so this sort of leads me to the next conversation, which not just what brings you joy, but also realizing that this is episode 446. And this podcast has been so impactful, for, I mean, we’re approaching almost a million downloads. I mean we’re getting there not quite there, but we’re getting there, and that’s a lot of downloads. And so I thought what better way to kind of approach 446 is to look up what the meaning the angel number 446 means in numerology and for those of you who are like expert numerologists, I could totally be wrong here. I just did a quick Google search and it says the 446 angel number means you can focus your mind on creating positive changes towards a more balanced life through manifesting. And so I feel like it’s and it says your focus is currently on the material world and you may be losing sight of life. So I thought that that was really fascinating, and so this episode is really centered around like losing sight.

And so what I really believe has happened in the world of the internet and online business is that, while the attempt was let’s connect people from all over the world this is great it’s also hypnotized us. It’s put us into this fog and we believe that doing certain things is going to bring us closer to people and calling in more clients, but what we’re doing is we’re just still hypnotized, and truly the only way to wake up and to change our patterning is to come back into our self, and obviously you know this, but through meditation, through connecting in nature, through time alone, through processing, through healing, we come back to our self and back to well, what brings me joy, what I want. And I wanted to kind of pose that question in different ways, because I see students even now who are saying I want to help more people and I say, great, here’s what you can do, and they go okay, I’m going to do that, and then a week goes by and they don’t do it, and so it’s like well, what you said you wanted to do it. So I’m going to share something that I channeled because I think it’s really relevant to consider for this episode. So this is about, you know, teaching as a teacher because that’s what I am I teach people how to build a successful and sustainable business, and so are we saying that it’s helping people navigate or are we pretending that it’s doing that?

And the world of online business? It feels like there’s no winner, because even if you look at the tippity top again, like I said, a lot of these people are burnt out and then you start looking of like but what is it all for? So that you can drive the fanciest car, you can live in the biggest, most glamorous house, so you can wear designer clothes, so you can take private jets. Like what is it really for? You know, like there are definitely parts of me that are like oh, I would love a nicer looking house or bigger plot of land or whatever, but some of the glitz is so superficial and it’s such a lie. And I know it’s a lie because I’ve been in close proximity and I’ve been in masterminds and I’ve been close with people who are saying one thing online I’m this big deal. I have these six and seven figure launches and behind the curtains are like, yeah, it actually cost me even more than I made. So you know, it’s kind of like we’re not being fully transparent with our clients and our customers to let them know like, yeah, you can have a six figure launch, but what is the cost? And I’m not saying that all online business owners are trash and they’re lying to you. But I also want to say it’s not as easy as it appears and I think that a lot of newer entrepreneurs can get tricked to thinking it’s so much easier than it is. So I’m going to read what I channeled so you just get gobbled up by the machine.

Who wins? Being human always wins. Teaching them how to connect with other humans in an ethical way brings us together, not apart. Centering our humanity always wins over the machine. There are no trends in being human. It’s care for one another and help out your friends and neighbors simple as that. Do good, do no harm, give back. Give more than you take. Stop playing the fucking game. The only way to beat the game is to be human. Use the strategy, but with caution. Never lose sight of being a human and serving others. We’ve achieved success because we’re hungry for knowledge, and it comes with a price. So either you spend years or you spend dollars, but usually both.

Like I mentioned previously, you see a problem, but what are you going to do about it? And this is a call to action for everyone. Listening is you know. All of you know in your heart that you’re here to help other people, but not a lot of you are going to do something about it. So that’s a big question. You see a problem, but what are you going to do about it? Because people just talk about fixing it, dream about fixing it. Few people actually step up and fix it. They get the job done. It’s so much easier to talk about it, to complain about it and to criticize who did it and I wanted to share that because you know a lot of people in entrepreneurship, especially newer. You don’t put yourself out there because you’re afraid of being judged.

And that last piece about people it’s easier to criticize the people who did it right when we see something going on in the world that we don’t like and we go that’s bad, people should fix it. Then people start to fix it and you go you shouldn’t have done it that way. I mean, that’s literally entrepreneurship, that’s everything. That’s the way the world works, and so taking criticism is kind of part of the job, and it’s really not for everybody, and so I wanted to share that. You know, this is not a podcast episode that I’m giving up my business or online business not even at all. What this is a podcast episode about is the dedication and full commitment to being as ethical and as human as possible and to teach more people how to do that, because I really believe that the world is in pain.

I believe that COVID was a wake-up call for a lot of people, but I also believe it’s caused intense global trauma. People are just starting to process it through their bodies and through their thoughts. I mean, there’s so much mental health problems. One in six people struggle with mental health problems. There has never been a time that’s more ripe for change, more ripe for practitioners to stand up and say I can help you. There is a caveat, though, which is we have to be cautious, because that machine of online business and more and more can gobble us up if we lose sight of our humanity and what brings us joy, and so this is a reminder of less, less, less.

And of course, it’s easy to say right. We know it’s easier to lay in a grassy field in the sun than write emails to people inviting them to work with you. It’s easier to dream about having a wellness center or to run retreats than to research locations and call people and to finance it and to believe in yourself and to bet on yourself and put money on a credit card that says I’m going to do this thing, I’m going to learn this skill, I’m going to open up this program, I’m going to put myself out there, I’m going to write these emails, I’m going to invest in Facebook ads. I’m going to invest in team members. I’m going to have a bookkeeper. I’m going to see myself as a pro and not look back and not think of a plan B. I’m going to go all in on my vision. I’m going to do this thing. It’s so much easier just to lay in a grassy field, it’s so much easier to dream about it, and so this could be a wake-up call. Like you know what Running a business is not for me.

I don’t want to be in business. It’s too hard, I’m not happy and I’m struggling, and I know I have friends who have quit. I know lots of people who have quit because it just wasn’t what they were wanting to do. But I also know that there is a way that you can create sustainability in your business, to literally structure business around the life you want and the people who you know you can serve in a very humane and ethical way. So for now, I’m going to be putting the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast on hiatus.

I’m going to take a break because after 446 episodes and literally we’re coming up on four years of consistent podcasting I am taking a break because it hasn’t been lighting me up, and what really has lit me up is the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It’s my private podcast. It’s $8 a month or $80 for the whole year. It’s very, very accessible and I made it that way. I could have charged a lot more for that, but I wanted to make it so easily accessible because, for the people who are really hungry and who are the action takers who really believe in their mission and their dreams and they want to do the thing with the financial piece, you just don’t have the money to be in a mastermind or to hire a coach or to buy online courses. This is the closest thing that you can get to, having access to all of that wealth of knowledge at a very reasonable price, and the Spiritual Business Sessions episodes light up my life. I could talk on that podcast endlessly and every episode I am so excited because I know I’m talking to people who really want to hear it. They want to be in the room, they want to put those skills and they want to do the thing right Instead of just talking about it or dreaming about it. They want to do the thing and those episodes that podcast is quickly growing into something that is really changing the industry, I believe, of online learning, changing the industry for spiritual entrepreneurs, because it gives us a different opportunity, a different angle, a different vantage point and also accessibility. And so, in the energy of accessibility, I am very, very called to doing more in-person events here in Massachusetts, where I live, potentially at other remote locations.

I have been leading retreats for eight years and it has always been one of the best things ever and no matter how long they are short they are, they are some of the best times of my professional career. I love being in person with people. I love helping people to relax, release, to meditate, to clear energy, to open up their psychic senses. I love teaching them strategies, how they can implement them right away and really take off in their business. I love combining everything, so much so that I want to do this more regularly, and so right now, today, where I’m recording this, I don’t know where this is going.

I’m putting this out there imperfectly. Most likely, by the time this airs, I will have some kind of waitlist page if you would like to work with me in person. It’s going to be at a very low price. I can promise you that it’s not going to be thousands of dollars. It will be a very low price, very accessible, basically, if you can get to me wherever I am. It’s basically I’m giving you the day you pay for your lunch or whatever it is, and a very small investment from you and you’ll be blown away.

And part of that, my feeling, is that, yes, it’s the stuff that I’ve been doing, that cultivated at and have had such huge success with my retreats. Participants have always just raved about them because it’s not just business, it’s not just healing, it’s a combination of both. But then I’m also going to be adding in a huge element of nature, because it means so much to me, because I know how healing it is. And perhaps it’s being in my backyard and connecting with the animals on my farm, perhaps it’s gardening together, perhaps it’s going for walks in nature or going swimming together on the beach. There’s going to be an element of nature that’s going to be added to it. But I will say, there is nothing that replaces being in person. There is nothing that replaces humanity. And, yes, I love online business because it has helped me to help tens of thousands of people, probably even more than that. If I’m being honest, only tens of thousands of people that I know of, but those tens of thousands of people have shared my work multiple times, so probably millions. At this point.

And, yes, to impact the millions of people that I know I’m here to impact, there’s got to be a little bit of both the in-person, where we can touch and hug and cry together, and I don’t mean like touch, I mean like hug each other, and like connect and hold hands. And you know I can sit with you, you can sit with me. I am not interested in being an internet celebrity. I’m not interested in being really any celebrity. I’m interested in being a human and positively raised the level of consciousness amongst humanity. And if you are interested in being human with me and really connecting, I will leave some kind of a link. I’m sure that says you know. Hey, if you want to be in person with me, here’s a link. It’s going to be this time of day or this day of the week or this time of the year, probably quarterly, I would guess, if not more, but if you’re interested you can sign up, not going to have you pay anything until we have the date set, but something that’s really easy and something that’s really light.

You know, one of the things I hear all the time from folks in my community from online, from DMs, from emails is that, folks who are in my community, you’re highly sensitive, you’re spiritual entrepreneurs, you want to help people. You genuinely want to help people. You genuinely want to make a difference in the world. But sometimes you know you’re in a different world. But sometimes you are kind of going about it backwards or in sort of the wrong order. Sometimes we think, oh, we have to only focus on social media and post social media content, and that doesn’t usually work for a number of reasons.

And what I want to share with you is that, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we have to do things a little bit differently than other folks. We need to do it in our own way. It needs to feel like a heck yes in our body. We need to feel lit up, turned on and excited about what we’re doing. Otherwise it’s just not going to work. That’s why, when we follow other people’s strategies or systems or frameworks, it generally doesn’t work out for us.

So something I’ve kind of done recently is started opening the question well, what if there was another way? What if we could revolutionize your learning experience so that you could have access to me, my teachings, my strategies currently not just from things in the past as a pre-recorded program, but really in the moment. So that’s why I created the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It is truly the first private podcast for coaches, healers and leaders. It is literally a whole new category of its own, so that you can really learn how to help other people, how to make a difference and really, in a nutshell, it’s how to attract more clients and how to make more money right now. So each of my bi-weekly sessions will progressively build on the next, so you can learn at a pace that works for you from literally anywhere. So instead of spending hours on your computer watching pre-recorded courses. You can pop in your earbuds, your headphones and go for a walk out in nature, or go sit on your meditation pillow, or go lay down in bed whatever feels great for you.

The Spiritual Business Sessions podcast is an amazing opportunity to get unlimited access to dozens of expert trainings by me, directly to you and at the most affordable rate, so that while you’re learning the step-by-step process how to grow your spiritual business, you don’t have to spend a fortune, and you also don’t have to take tons of hours to be able to learn it and then implement it. So I’d love to offer this to all of my podcast listeners. I know you love podcasts because you’re here, so for a special time, I’d like to open up the doors for you to join the Spiritual Business Sessions podcast. It’s only $8 a month. You can cancel anytime or, for folks who decide to join annually, I’m going to be selecting three lucky annual members to receive a 30-minute live business audit with me and my COO, amanda, this year. So head on over to emilyaronscom forward slash sessions to learn more about this revolutionizing podcast slash learning experience and you’ll learn how to grow your business from literally anywhere. This is not a cheap inversion of classes. This is full-on workshops, courses that I’m delivering to you in real time, that are current and up-to-date with today’s strategies, what works and what doesn’t work, and how you can apply it right now in your own business. Head on over to emilyaronscom, forward slash sessions and join us today.

And so, as I recap you know, four years, 446 episodes. I can say for sure this has been such a journey for me. When I first released the Align and Unstoppable podcast, I had batched 12 episodes to record, like to release, all at the same time, so that I could get onto the new and noteworthy area of Apple iTunes, which I achieved, which was like I didn’t know, I was like, is this even possible? And I didn’t, which I was really excited about. And the day that my podcast aired, literally my voice went out. I got laryngitis. I wasn’t sick, I didn’t have a running nose, I didn’t have a scratchy throat, I literally just lost my voice.

And so I say that because, you know, as we grow and as we up level, we go through these different manifestations of our ascension and seeing our you know physical symptoms as working through the stuff that we’ve been, you know, going through and growing through and you know there’s going to be a lot of different opportunities where you can work with me, and I have been really making it my dedication, especially this year, to make all of my work really accessible. You know the $1 meditation, $7 meditation, discounted courses and programs inside of Mastering Ascension. We’ve basically lowered the price. You can do it monthly, you can do it annually. We’ve added in coaching, so you can literally do coaching with me for just $40 a month. So I’ve made myself more accessible than ever in various ways. And, of course, the spiritual business sessions podcast, which is only $8 a month. And, of course, you know me, I go live every single week and I’ll continue to do that as much as I can and as much as it lights me up.

So, as I conclude this episode, I would love to hear from you if anything occurred to you that you know made you think something differently about yourself or opened your eyes to what it is to be this online business machine or like. Are you starting to wake up? Are you starting to see like? No, actually I am here for a bigger purpose. I’ve been getting lost, I’ve been hypnotized, I’ve been under this cloud. It’s time for me to wake up. It’s time for me to see what I’m here to do and just do it already, like I want to hear what you heard, because sometimes that’s the biggest gift that you can give me as a podcast listener is just letting me know how it felt for you. How did it resonate with you, and with that I would just like to say thank you. Every single episode I’ve recorded, I have you, your energy, in the room with me as I record, and so I feel your energy on.

For the last four years, I have had so many dedicated listeners and some new listeners and people who randomly found me and then end up joining Mastering Ascension and my IEA program and becoming a coach and, like this, podcast has definitely been such a wonderful gateway to introduce me, my work, to so many people, and I’m happy for that. I’m proud of that. I’m really proud of what me and my team have achieved with creating so much consistent podcast episodes, and I want to just thank you for being there and being so dedicated. And this is not necessarily goodbye. I don’t feel like this is the end right now. I just feel like this is time for a break, because I need to follow what brings me joy and when I’m in my joy, I’m in my zone. And when I’m in my zone, I’m making a difference. And when I’m making a difference, maybe you’re making a difference. So cheers to doing more of what brings you joy, what brings you happiness, what brings you into the present moment, what allows you to feel human. With that, thank you.




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