How Kevin Hart’s Mark Twain Lifetime Achievement Award Triggered My Purpose

I’m sitting on an airplane crying after watching the latest Netflix special with Kevin Hart receiving the Mark Twain lifetime achievement award.

It was hysterical, so why am I crying?

As Kevin received his award he spoke about his unrelenting determination to follow his dream of becoming a comedian and as much as he took credit for his achievements, he humbly gave thanks to all the people in his life for supporting him.

Kevin said he wasn’t “supposed” to be THIS successful because he grew up in poverty in East Philadelphia…and yet he’s sold a half a BILLION tickets as a comedian and starred in countless movies and tv shows.

My point in sharing this is…

For me, unlike Kevin, I don’t dream of stardom…in fact (this may come as a surprise to some of you), I don’t want to be famous.

I don’t show my face on social media and record hundreds of podcasts to be a celebrity or influencer…

In fact, that scares me.

The reason I show up is because I’m IN LOVE with the dream of SERVICE.

And for me, it’s my soul’s work to be of service to help outstanding practitioners build a successful and sustainable business so YOU can…

  • Help others through your coaching and healing work to bring more LOVE and healing into the world (and people are suffering more now than ever).
  • Take time off to rest, play, or go on vacation without worrying about money.
  • Build financial abundance

Most importantly…

So that you become RESPECTED for your gifts and talents instead of hiding them away like your sensitivity and passion for healing others is some “little hobby”…

Fuck that.

You may not know me, but I know me…

And one thing has ALWAYS been true about me is that I’m a leader and a teacher and I don’t mess around.

I’m here to shift the entire healing and coaching industry, and that shit ain’t easy.

Some folks are more committed to being broke, than they are committed to putting in the hard work to follow their dreams.

Which is why I HAVE A PROBLEM…I care too much about YOUR success that I’m willing to whatever it takes to help you see your greatness, even when you’re afraid of it.

I’ve had clients who get mad at me for holding them accountable for finishing programs…

Client’s who get pissed off that I set the standard so high that they might not complete their requirements to certify…

Do you have any idea how hard it is to be the ONLY person in an entire industry who CARES ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS?

There are days I question my own sanity!!

I wonder, should I just cheapen my programs and not give a shit if people even finish or not?


Two years ago, the Integrated Energy Alignment (IEA) Practitioner training changed the game for me.

When spirit dropped it in my lap, it was like I was hit by a truck.

It forced me to get more serious about SERVICE and INTEGRITY.

It forced me to step the hell up as A LEADING EDUCATOR.

It forced me to help struggling healers and coaches to see their HIGHEST POTENTIAL and their WORTHINESS.

I didn’t expect to write this, but I need you to know me…to SEE me.

I’m NOT like any of the other online marketers.

Not just because I like unicorns…

Or that I’m super psychic…


The reason is because like Kevin, I wasn’t “supposed” to be successful either.

I grew up a latch-key kid in a broken home. I was kicked out of my home at 18 and had to figure life out the hard way…

But you know what, I’m a fucking fighter, I’m scrappy, and I’m RELENTLESS about my mission to serve.

So, as much success I’ve created, I know YOU CAN TOO.

It’s not easy. I’ve BET a lot on myself.

Sometimes I’ve hit the jackpot…and many times I’ve lost. But no matter what, this dream won’t let me quit…

And if you’re still reading this far, it tells me you won’t quit on your dreams either.

IEA is one of the most respected certifications in the industry for good reason, we set the bar extraordinarily HIGH.

It’s been called an “energetic MBA”…because it’s the hardest energy-based program you’ve probably ever been through!

But these high standards are also the reason why IEA students and graduates deservedly make more money than their peers.

Next cohort begins in June. Click the button below to get more information and to create a career as a successful healer!

Signing off for a girls weekend away to laugh and nourish my soul!

With love, Em