Elite Workshop for Female Creative Entrepreneurs

Elite Workshop for Female Creative Entrepreneurs

Elite Workshop for Female Creative Entrepreneurs


Are you a female entrepreneur in a creative industry?

Welcome to the Elite Workshop – a day designed for you to embrace all your business’ possibilities! Don’t miss out on this Powerful, Interactive, Empowering event featuring opportunities for you to connect and communicate with other strong creative individuals! Now is the time to reflect on last year’s business goals, network with other creatives, and ultimately embrace your business’ full potential.

The event will be hosted at The International, a beautiful golfer’s paradise, featuring two award-winning 18-hole courses. Nestled in the rural orchard community of Bolton, Massachusetts and boasting panoramic views of the Nashua River Valley, The International features a state-of-the-art conference space that we will be taking over! You will have the opportunity to walk the stunning grounds, taste their fabulous cuisine, and retreat to the deck for networking or a little tranquility.

Join us as we come together and support each other through discussion and interactive breakout sessions. We will explore your individual businesses in an effort to help you gain clarity, focus, and confidence. We will also discuss goals and strategies that promote professional advancement.








Sun, April 30, 2017
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT


The International Golf Club and Resort
159 Ballville Road
Bolton, MA 01740

Get Selfish!

Get Selfish!

Get Selfish!


  • In-Person Meditation Group: Tuesday, January 24th 7pm:
  • $22
I’m leading an in-person Meditation Group ONCE PER MONTH and we’ll be following the “Theme of the Month” (January is to be selfish and prioritize YOU). All levels are welcome!
It’s at my office in Danvers.

Tuesday, January 24th at 7pm, Prioritizing YOU
Tuesday, February 21st at 7pm, Deeper Connections, Self-love & Soul Mates
Tuesday, March 21st at 7pm, Expanding Intuition 
  • “Monthly Energy THEME” Group: Starts Feb 1: Soul Mates, Self-Love and Deeper Connections
  • $44
  • Join HERE

If you feel called to open up to more spiritual growth, this group is a great way to get a monthly dose of motivation and connection to keep you pumped and in the flow of universal energy. This is an easy way to make connections while getting great energy work!
This ONLINE Group meets via private Facebook group. You’ll get:
– (1) monthly teaching about energy based on the monthly theme
– (1) weekly group angel card reading
– (1) weekly guided meditation
-1 month in my crystal healing grid
February: Deeper Connections, Self-love & Soul Mates
March: Expanding Intuition 


  • Mastery & Ascension Group for Spiritual/Wellness Entrepreneurs: (Starts Feb 1)
  • $333
  • Join HERE!
This ONLINE Group meets via private Facebook group. You’ll get:
– Monthly membership to my private Mastery & Ascension Group on Facebook.
-Monthly Theme Business Growth
-(1) Guided meditation per week
-(1) Deep Energy Clearing per month
-(1) Group in-person meditation (optional)
-1 month in my crystal healing grid
-Monthly OMwork to stay on track with your spiritual practice
-“Teach me Tuesday” for accountability
-My guidance and support/love taps/encouragement to move past blocks and into your power
-Group support and feedback/friendship
-Safe space to vent frustrations/challenges during the month and to receive healing to move past them.
  • Live Simply Coaching Session
  • $222
– 1 or 3 Month package to Hone in on what’s going on with you.
– (1) 90-Minute in-person or phone session
– (2) 15-Minute follow up phone sessions
– Access to Monthly Theme Group
GO BE SELFISH! Lots of love,
Best week ever!

Best week ever!

Best week ever!

I’m having the best week ever!

I’m actually a little overwhelmed and in awe with how my week has been going. I’ve been receiving beautiful testimonials DAILY about my Soul Book work and how it’s changing people’s lives INSTANTLY. If you’ve worked with me at all, you know I completely TRUST that clients will receive exactly what they require for each session with me. Whether you schedule for massage, coaching, energy work or meditation, I view myself as a channel to deliver whatever my clients require for healing…not what I “think” they need. As I follow the energy, THAT’S when you get the best results.

That being said, this work is like nothing I’ve ever offered before. Soul Book Editing readings are so accurate, so powerful, and so profound.

I’m taking 5 more clients at the introductory rate of $97. These spots have filled FAST. If you’re interested in booking please simply hit reply or email me at [email protected].

I’m so grateful to be part of your healing journey.
THANK YOU for sharing your feedback!

You better sit down…
Here’s what clients are saying about Soul Book Editing & Energy Work Sessions:

“GREAT session! She nailed it, confirming some aspects I had suspected, and giving me tons of insight and direction.” ~Lisa D

“Emily gave me a powerful session, from the get go! She was totally tuned into my vibe wen the call connected. I am in the midst of a powerful shift, a true change, a real manifesting of my intentions and dreams. Emily connected right in and we edited out the last bit of “I am the weak link” BOOM gone. I also got clear, wise insight on a potential partnership in learning and got total direction with visual confirmation not once but twice. Emily received Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz as a messenger to me. “Glinda the Good Witch” are the exact same words I use to describe the angel who works with me all the time. Also, a lotus flower appeared to Emily when discussing my business ideas. I am not really a lotus flower kind of girl. BUT, yesterday I was given one as a confirmation symbol on those same ideas. SO, complete serendipity.” ~ Theresa K

“I was so amazed by my soul book editing, it was eye opening, emotional, and gave me a better outlook to my career path and how I should travel it! I highly recommend doing this!” Randee E.

“My experience with Emily was amazing ! She is very thorough and whatever guidance she got was very accurate . I knew of soul book sessions but not soul book editing. I’ve had pain in my neck for 14 years now and since the soul book editing I am pain free. I am Definately a believer and absolutely would spread the word how amazing Emily is! Thank you!” ~Vita L.

“I am always blown away with everything we do in our sessions, but this soul book reading really topped everything else. This is a huge calling for you as you already know and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold!” ~Alisha G

“Emily was absolutely amazing in our soul book editing session. She released blocks that I had been feeling around low self-esteem for lifetimes. I feel like I have a whole new lease on life now! I can’t put into words how much better I feel and how much she truly helped me. I am so grateful to her. She has definitely found her purpose and gift.” ~Jennifer D.

“Let’s start off by saying I didn’t even know what I was signing up for. When I got Emily’s call for our session, I quickly scrambled to grab headphones and thought I could continue doing some work online while she talked. Ha, joke’s on me. The session evolved on so many levels, I can’t even put into words. Emily might just be the most intuitive person I have NEVER met. Believe it, her energy session with me was over the phone and I was shocked with everything she could read off of my energy. I went through so many emotions during this almost an hour long session (she had set it up for 25 minutes but felt like I needed to keep going and she did!) – and every single emotion I felt, she voiced without even being in the same room with me. Her energy reading was spectacular – it was like talking to a best friend. I recommend Emily’s sessions to anyone wondering – even if you are not and think this is “too out there”, do it. It will change your outlook on life. I hope to continue working with her after this session!” ~Marnely M.

If you’re ready to get clarity, confidence, more clients and cash…I can help!

Book FREE 20-Minute Clarity Call

Take advantage of the $97 January Introductory Special
5 Spots Left!

Other ways you can work with me…

  1. In-Person Meditation Group: $22, Tuesday, January 24th 7pm Register here!
  2. “Monthly Energy THEME” Group: $44 Starts February 1: Soul Mates, Self-Love and Deeper Connections Join HERE! First 5 to join get to add a friend FREE!  If you feel called to open up to more spiritual growth, this group is a great way to get a monthly dose of motivation and connection to keep you pumped and in the flow of universal energy.
This ONLINE Group meets via private Facebook group. You’ll get:
– (1) monthly teaching about energy based on the monthly theme
– (1) weekly group angel card reading
– (1) weekly guided meditation
– 1 month in my crystal healing grid
It’s still January so…GO BE SELFISH and take care of YOU!
Lots of love,
Love IS in the air!

Love IS in the air!

Love IS in the air!

February is so annoying, right!? All about Valentine’s Day…a holiday I do NOT observe! If you’re in a relationship, you suddenly have ridiculous expectations to do SOMETHING romantic and spend money to prove your love and affection. If you’re not in a relationship, it can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety…or worse…make you think something is wrong with you! EWWWW NO THANKS!

This month in my private Meditation Group, we’re focusing on DEEPER CONNECTIONS, self-love, and the REAL definition of soulmates. Here’s a hint…soulmates aren’t just your romantic partner!

Soulmates by definition, are “mates” or friends that you’ve agreed to travel through lifetimes together with! Before you incarnated into a human, you were just a beautiful soul. You chose to enter into a human life to learn specific lessons so that you could evolve to the next level. The ironic part, is that when we actually showed up here on earth in this body, we were given our first gift…WE FORGOT WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR!

Isn’t it funny how EVERYONE is obsessed with finding their “life’s purpose”?!! We all want to know…because we forgot!

We have plenty of “soulmates” that show up as friends, family, co-workers, even that asshole that cut you off the other day!! We actually CHOSE them and the lesson they bring us. (Annoying right!?)

I always joke that Andrew, my husband, is one of my best teachers. He’s able to teach me all kinds of things. SOMEWHERE along my spiritual journey, I asked to uncover parts of me that have been in hiding or dormant. What Andrew does best is to help me live up to my potential! He helps me to not back down from who I am inside. To stand up for myself and my work. I’ve been in relationships where that wasn’t the case and I got lost “trying” to be something to someone else, not REALLY true to me. I realized (through divorce) I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t hide who I was just to make it easier for someone to love me! That makes NO SENSE! If I wasn’t really ME, then they were in love with someone else anyway…no logic! I swear, at the time it make perfect sense!!

I want to give you a gift, it’s not chocolate or roses, its a deeper connection with YOU. That part of you that’s inside, screaming (or whispering!) to get out. 

For a limited time, I’m offering you a chance to go deeper. To get answers that will get you clarity in your life and your business.

I’m extending my Soul Book Editing & Energy Sessions Introductory for 5 more sessions. This is the fastest way to get that answer you’ve needed and to move forward.

If this is calling your name, I won’t be offering it at this price much longer and SPACE IS LIMITED!  The price will increase because the transformation is POWERFUL. It’s not like anything else I’ve offered!

LINK TO BUY: https://squareup.com/store/emily-aarons/item/soul-book-editing-energy-work-introductory-special
All my love,

Soul Book Editing™ & Energy Work Sessions!

Soul Book Editing™ & Energy Work Sessions!

Soul Book Editing™ & Energy Work Sessions!

Ready to get UNSTUCK, get more clarity, clients, confidence and CASH? Soul Book Editing and Energy Work Sessions are the easiest and fastest way to get rid of blocks holding you back so that you can get more of what supports you. Especially incredible for entrepreneurs ready for miraculous breakthroughs!

Clients can’t stop talking about how incredible my sessions have been for them. Visit my Facebook page to see some of the glowing testimonials or schedule your own session today!