Discovering Hidden Benefits of Higher Consciousness Fields with the Creators of Focus Life Force Energy

Discovering Hidden Benefits of Higher Consciousness Fields with the Creators of Focus Life Force Energy

Discovering Hidden Benefits of Higher Consciousness Fields
with the Creators of Focus Life Force Energy

Discovering Hidden Benefits of Higher Consciousness Fields
with the Creators of Focus Life Force Energy

Are you ready to journey into a realm of higher consciousness? Welcome Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman, the people behind Focus Life Force Energy (FLFE). These pioneers have created a unique subscription service transforming homes, businesses, and personal objects into high-consciousness fields, fostering unconditional love and personal evolution.

Hear fascinating accounts of people overcoming depression, exhaustion, and EMF sensitivities, highlighting the remarkable healing potential of FLFE. This isn’t just hopeful hearsay; it’s an evidence-based approach bringing about profound transformation. But it’s not just our minds that are benefiting.

Discover how this technology is enhancing plant vitality, hinting at significant implications for human energy levels, too. And for those concerned about EMF radiation, we’ll discuss how FLFE could be an effective countermeasure.

Finally, we discuss how to discern between thoughts from our higher selves and unwanted external influences – a vital skill for anyone stepping into higher consciousness. We’ll shed light on the free trials and comprehensive customer support offered by FLFE, ensuring this journey towards higher consciousness is as smooth as possible. And in the spirit of unconditional love, learn about FLFE’s inspiring ‘Pay It Forward’ initiative. Tune in and discover a new perspective on consciousness, healing, and unconditional love.
Finally, we discuss how to discern between thoughts from our higher selves and unwanted external influences – a vital skill for anyone stepping into higher consciousness. We’ll shed light on the free trials and comprehensive customer support offered by FLFE, ensuring this journey towards higher consciousness is as smooth as possible. And in the spirit of unconditional love, learn about FLFE’s inspiring ‘Pay It Forward’ initiative. Tune in and discover a new perspective on consciousness, healing, and unconditional love.
Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [0:03:49] What is FLFE and how does it work?
  • [0:17:24] Healing and Transformation With FLFE
  • [0:26:41] Exploring Consciousness and Healing Techniques
  • [0:37:08] Impact of Plant and EMF Research
  • [0:54:55] FLFE Free Trial and Customer Support

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Emily: All right, listeners, welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast. I am joined by two wonderful guests, Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman from Focused Life Force Energy, also known as FLFE, and I am ecstatic to bring them on to the podcast today. This is such an honor to have you both here. Thank you so much for being here and for the listeners.

You may have seen me talk about FLFE personally. I’ve been sharing more about it on my Instagram and I just sent some emails about it. But the reason why I have been using FLFE for now about a year and a half was I actually heard Jeff and Clayten on somebody else’s podcast and I just got so excited I could feel their energy through the podcast. So I’m sure as you listen to this, you won’t have a similar sensation because I know all of you are very highly sensitive, very empathic people. So I got really curious. Personally, I want to try this thing out. I’m constantly looking to bring more consciousness and lightheartedness and bring alignment into my life and of course my business. And I like to habit stock.

And, you know, one of the things that drew me to FLFE was like, okay, I can try it for free for 15 days, this is unbelievable. And so as you’re listening to this, you’ll see in the podcast show notes that there is a way that you can also try FLFE for free. We have it linked in the show notes. You can listen to this all the way through to really get a feel for if this is in resonance, if it’s like if it’s working for you because we’re going to talk all about it, how they developed it, how it all came to be. My personal relationship, basically, I started my trial. I loved it from the moment I started the trial, and the second that I activated my subscription, the lights in my house flickered. So, you know, no big deal, just everything happening at the same exact instant. And I was like, I just kind of smiled. I’m like, of course, of course, this is great.

And the reason why I love it, FLFE is a sort of a tool that I use when I’m having when I go on live, when I do live calls, live channeling, I will activate it right before I’m about to do that. So likely, if you’re listening to this podcast, you’ve probably experienced it without even knowing it. I also like to activate FLFE for a boost when I’m having a difficult conversation, whether it’s with one of my kids or my partner or maybe a team member. It really just helps to set the tone in the energy field. There’s a lot of different ways that you can use FLFE.

I’m not going to spend the whole time just bragging about how much I love it though. I want you guys to share really about the history, you know? How did you develop FLFE? What was the intention behind it and sort of where it’s grown into today. So I’m handed over to you. Welcome.

Jeff: Great to be here. Great to be with you.

Clayten: Yeah, great to be with you. And if you do want to brag for the next half hour about how you like FLFE, I’m very willing to listen.

Emily: I think I will 🙂

Jeff: Well, we are,  FLFE is activating a consciousness field. So just for those that don’t know about it or don’t know what it is, so it’s a subscription service that activates a consciousness field at a home business around a cell phone or around an object.

So we discovered this technology, Clayten and I. Clayten first. And what it’s really come, the intention for starting the business was to support the evolution of consciousness. It’s really to support us to rise in consciousness, and we’ve been 10 years now on the service.

Clayten: 24th is our 10th year anniversary this year.

Jeff: And I’ve had my businesses on the service as well. So consciousness field in the unconditional love zone. And these were brick-and-mortar type businesses, right? Manufacturing businesses. And having a consciousness feel at the unconditional love zone and a business is can be really interesting. But to talk about it more as we go on.

Emily: Oh, for sure.

Clayten: Yeah, I met the original. There was a group of people who tried to create a free energy device back in I guess it was right around the year 2000. And they spent seven years at it and they ran out of money and I guess will at that point. But they didn’t create a free energy device. But what they did do was they stumbled upon a way to focus life force energy within a piece of technology.

I think it was their pure hearts and their persistence that led the divine to or help the divine reveal something good to them in a way that they didn’t imagine. And the one gentleman who was retired at the time, he just kept working on it because he found it very interesting. And I got to meet him in 2007. And and so we spent and I spent a lot of time researching with him. Um, so, you know, Jeff and I knew each other and we were kind of gearheads.

So eventually I told him about this technology and we flew up to see the inventor and, you know, he took it to a certain place where he was getting very, is getting very old. And he just, you know, he was kind of running out of energy to do much more with it. So we took it and, you know, just kind of like, say, was a Model T at that time when we made it a Tesla or a…

Emily: Yeah.

Clayten: Or a Cadillac or whatever you know, the new Cadillacs are nice, by the way. So yeah, that’s, that’s of course an old version of the chronology. So I’ve been working with that since about 2007 and we started the business in 2013.

Emily: Wow. It’s really come a long way since that time.

Clayten: Yeah, we’re still doing upgrades. We have a couple coming out soon. Couple of other couple good upgrades. So yeah.

Jeff: Yeah. Originally when we started so we’re activating a consciousness field. So the original machine that the inventor had was stacks, stacks and stacks throughout this whole house. And it was originally high speed, alternating current and creating this very concentrated lifeforce energy like consciousness based. And that what goes into that is a unique identifier, and that’s how that field gets activated. Just very similar to human consciousness. If you’re doing Reiki or you’re just blessing someone or even just calling him on the phone and you’re thinking of them, you’re holding their image in your mind, maybe unconsciously, and you’re dialing their number.

They’re thinking of you. And then, you know, we’ve all experienced that and the phone rings and it’s you that you’ve activated a field around them when you think of them. And that instant quantum connection is very much the way FLFE works. So a unique identifier, like an address, coordinates cell phone number in a jurisdiction where a photograph then creates that unique identifier. If field is activated at a location and then we specify the, you know, the field and characteristics of it, the consciousness of it, and then we add into that field information for and then for the innate intelligence of the people there to use. For clearing the property of negative history.

So we have a clearing program that we developed, and we keep updating that as well as new things come to our attention. But… So when we originally started, it took a couple of days for the sort of for the consciousness level to go up at the location. And then once we cleaned it first, then the negative history, then just seconds goes right up and that unconditional love, vibration level of consciousness. So it’s not frequencies, again, it’s a consciousness feel. It just feels good, you know? It feels like grandmother’s house and Sunday. Everybody’s gathered around for some turkey or something. There’s just that supported sanctuary type thing.

Emily: Yeah.

And when you talk about how you clear space, I know there are some really interesting stories around, you know, finding locations globally that have had some significant occurrences happening there that when you bring in this level of consciousness, how it can dramatically change. And there’s also sort of a way that you measure how it can change. So would you mind sharing about that?

Clayten: Well, the one of the measurements we use as a primary one is the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. It’s a consciousness scale based upon kinesiology. And so when we first… well, when we were experimenting with that philosophy, we kind of taken the technology and upgraded it in multiple ways.

We realized that we could not only eventually we found a way to disconnect it from power, so it just draws energy from the ether and we just found ways to amplify it. So it actually doesn’t, it actually is a free energy device in a certain way, it’s just not a free energy device you can use to plug, you know, a hairdryer in or a blender or anything.

Yeah, we were using kinesiology to calibrate the level of consciousness of, say, a continent, and they would find the lowest place on the continent and well, we’d find the lowest place and then typically would try to find a place that we called a critical factor. So the critical factors where you can put the least amount of effort in and get the most amount of gain. So we would find that area on a continent, and this was just right around 2011, Emily, when the 2012 thing was coming out. Now, people weren’t sure about what was going to happen because of the prophetic nature of the Mayan Calendar. And we were working on raising the level of conscious the planet, just finding places on continents and putting the surface on and just lifting it up.

You know, we’d always tested those on the highest and best interest of all creation with kinesiology. We had a bunch of safety protocols and we would lift this place up and we’d go to the next continent, find the critical factor, put it on that area, lift that up. We just that’s what we did for service work. And, you know, some places are extremely low like there were some places that very small areas we typically would do a several-mile radius. So we had to create some quality qualifiers around the critical factor area. But there are some places on the planet where atrocities have happened that they’re you know, you might have a like a mile radius where it’s like 40 out of a thousand. So on the Hawkins Map, it’s from one to infinity. The human realm is 1 to 1000.

There’s a certain number of microbots of electricity associated with each level of consciousness. And the higher level of consciousness, the more energy you have in your body, the more energy to create your life that you want. So we we did find areas that were extremely low. Typically, you know, war zones, obviously places like concentration camps, there was, you know, maybe there’d be a like around that would be 50 to over a thousand 200 is integrity in the Hawkins Map 500 is loved by 45-50 is unconditional love. So we would lift those places up and it would the whole area would lift because it was kind of that low area was sucking the energy out of the places that surround it, you know?

Emily: Yeah.

Clayten: Yeah. So that’s part of the story,  I mean, well, I just pick it up from there.

Jeff: Well, the concentration camps are one thing that we did as a service project, and we do something like 90 plus % where it varies, but it’s probably around 90% of the energy of the entire system goes to service work, and then the rest is for the FLFE service.

So you know, in the way the uplift of this services was from the very beginning was since we started this service work. Well, let’s give everybody that’s a subscriber a chance to do service for themselves so everybody gets to put a pitch for a pay-it-forward subscription which is it at the level of love 500 anywhere in the world they want. So that’s part of people just giving back, you know, anonymously to the world and give people a chance to do that. So that’s always been part of what we do.

But yeah, Clayten, said the camp, the camps, you know, finding the locations, going to Google or finding where they are getting the coordinates. And then they would come into the system. And as we became a business and allowed people to do this themselves, raised their own properties, their own businesses, we found ways to automate it and bring it in. Originally we were printing pieces of paper and putting them into this field in the machine. And eventually, we discovered a way to connect a database to it. And then like now, people can get on the free trial and they can get on just really literally in a minute.

Emily: Yeah.

Jeff: And like you said, the boots are available in the customer portal. And we have a boost on right now for everybody that’s listening. And but you have complete control of this customer portal. You can turn it on, turn it off. You can we have a slider, you can go up and down in consciousness.

And it doesn’t lower the consciousness of a space, but it kind of creates a bottom. It’s like that trampoline, you know, bottom where you can hit the trampoline and go lower, but it just kind of helps bounce you back up. And creates that unconditional love that you can you know that those unloved parts of yourself can start to feel and start to come up for you.

Emily: Hmm. It is such a gentle way to start bringing healing into your field. I mean, you don’t have to go anywhere or talk about the things that are coming up, but being in a higher-level consciousness field is going to permeate through every level of your aura and your energy field. So it starts to move things. And you guys have had some outstanding customer journeys that, you know, people have had tremendous help with their sleep, with their even the plants that are in their home. Could you share some of those incredible stories?

Clayten: Well, we have a pretty evidence-based approach to this, and we have about 13 pieces of research on the website that talk about how we’ve measured the changes in terms of how some people have the best sleep they’ve ever had. And some people find they have so much energy, they have to turn it down. Right.

And I think it’s worth saying that if you’re a high-consciousness person, you’re you’re creating a higher consciousness field around you all the time. And one of the ways to increase the level of consciousness of your home is just to clean up really well, you know, decorate it in a way that it’s beautiful. And, you know, we did a little meditation before we started the, you know, the interview. We do a little bit of praying in your place.

I mean, on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, one point up is 10x more powerful. So if you can go to a loving state and your prayers and meditations or just even throughout your day, when you do access a loving state that really helps buoy you up and carry you through, and then you can be your own.

You know, we’re our own generator of miracles, if you will. But in terms of FLFE, I’ll maybe share. We’ve had a few stories of people and we just finished an MF study. I’ll let you talk about it, but we’ve had people that couldn’t leave their homes. They were so exhausted by, for whatever reason, the electromagnetic influence. And since they went on the service, you know, there’s a like they can start to leave the house, they can, you know, go shopping. You know, there’s just things like that that really changes a person’s life.

There’s lots of subtle consciousness things, but there also are some dramatic, you know, kind of irrevocable of evidence that, you know, when it’s on, people can function. Now most of us aren’t in that place, thank goodness. But you know, those are extremes. And we didn’t make any health claims, but it happens consistently, so.

Emily: Right. Well, I know one of my friends I had just shared on Instagram today that I was excited to be interviewing you both. And she is also a practitioner. She’s an energy-based practitioner. She works a lot in Akashic field and she’s definitely one of my closest friends. We do this thing where we do things in parallel a lot and it’s kind of a joke to us like, well, released the same exact program, a different at the same exact time, but different names and my spin and her spin. And I’m like, of course. Oh, and you’re releasing on the same week. Okay, Of course it is. It we just get such a kick out of it.

And when I posted today, she said, Oh, I’ve been loving FLFE because when my daughter was going through a really bad depression, you know, I couldn’t work on her field all the time, nor should I. And so having FLFE was so helpful for her, her mental health, to be able to get over that hump of that dark depression, that it was a game changer for her and her daughter and her house.

Jeff: Yeah, we’ve been hearing depression stories a lot and it’s something that I’d love to get on the research docket to really quantify. But yeah, we had a story where a young woman. Her brother had a terrible accident on a motorcycle accident, but he was paralyzed and just totally depressed. And he’d been in bed for like three months and just, you know, basically ready to die. She put on the service. She didn’t tell him and she went to work. She came back, he was outside. So he got into a wheelchair and wheeled himself outside the first time, you know, since the accident.

Emily: Wow.

Jeff: So she attributed it to that influence. And we see that especially with children where there’s something about. Yeah, like you were saying, like immersing your whole being in this unconditional love field just helps those parts to heal. And so many children these days, whether it’s from the influence of social media or just tough time at school, they just hate parts of themselves or they have a real trouble with how they look or whatever it is. And I think, you know, unconditional love just seems to be the healer. And we all need real praise for ourselves.

Emily: Yeah. And even as you said, it’s kind of interesting. You know, it’s popping up to my mind is around some of the thoughts that come into our field. And I remember you both had done a podcast on your own podcast, The Fields of Consciousness Podcast, around where the thoughts come from. And that was such a fascinating episode. And, you know, tracing back of where did this start come from? Is that mine? Even as adults, I mean, let alone children, are sweet little susceptible sponges? You know, they’re not thinking of that. They’re just here to live their best life.

And as adults, if we can actually realize and all of our thoughts are ours are, they’re not all coming from these pure states of bliss and love and well-intended things. Sometimes just that alone is really empowering to be able to separate yourself from thoughts that are kind of in your head. Because we kind of assume, I’m thinking it’s got to be mine and I love that episode you’re all dead.

Jeff: Yeah, It’s just not true. They’re not our thoughts, you know, for the most part. And Clayten, I’d love for you to talk about the level of consciousness and the different thoughts that we attract. Because that to me, that’s really fascinating because when we’re deep and depressed, you know, there’s more thoughts coming in that aren’t ours.

Emily: Oh, yeah.

Clayten: Yeah, this whole topic is fascinating. We haven’t found a way to research it yet in a way that we’re comfortable with, but one of the things we have done is we’ve made because we love pie charts and graphs and stuff, so we’ve made these little pie charts of people at different levels of consciousness and where their thoughts come from.

And so the higher your level of consciousness, the more thoughts that I would say come from. Now you have to really get into defining things, right? So they come from either, let’s say, your higher self that could come from the angelic realm, that could come from divinity on the negative side, they could come from the chatter of humanity will call it. That could come from a person who is in a negative state. It could come from many multiple negative sources.

And it doesn’t have to be a big scientific study, even though we like to do research. If, you know, you just have to look at the thought, even if you’re not sure it’s yours, if it’s a loving thought and it helps you be present and kind. And I think we can generally embrace that thought. And if it’s a thought that separates us from other people, that leads us to think we’re better than somebody or less than somebody. I mean, someone can have more skill, but there’s an inherent value in being a human that is unassailable. So we have to recognize merit and then recognize the value of just being human. That’s different than entitlement.

So it’s good to do a little audit on our thoughts. You know, if that’s a loving thought and kind, then we can you know, kind of embrace it. And if we’re conscious enough to know that it’s negative. Then you know, there’s different techniques you can use for thought control. But we can cancel that thought.

I just tell a little story. So I was walking down the street in my hometown here, and I went by a gentleman who was on the street, and he was begging. And I had a really negative thought about him. In fact, you know, those dark clouds you have in cartoons?

Emily: Oh, yeah.

Clayten: So I didn’t see my thought he would have been mortified, right? And it’s like I walked past him and I was like, Oh, man, what’s going on? You know, it just kind of overwhelmed me. And when I got back past him, I walked around the corner and went back and checked like, okay, where’s that thought coming from? And it wasn’t necessarily his thought, but it was the thought that was in his auric field because he was so down and so low.

It’s like he was attracting negativity to him. Now, where that negativity comes from, we can debate, but that wasn’t my thought. I’m not saying, Oh, my thoughts are holy, but he had a field of negativity around him that attracted hateful dislike, you know, just really negative thoughts towards him in his situation. That was my conclusion anyway. So that’s just an example of, you know, paying attention to your thoughts as you walk through life. You’ve got to beat yourself up to have negative thoughts. Just cancel it. Maybe bless the person and, you know, forgive yourself, I suppose.

Emily: Yeah, well, I think as especially as entrepreneurs, we are sometimes in those negative thought cloud bubbles regularly, and particularly with folks who are online. You know, we’re in these thought bubbles of other people’s constantly and there’s a barrage of negative influences or comparison and not being good enough.

And I know especially for coaches and healers who are in my realm, you know, it’s really easy to get caught up in some of those things and also feeling like you’re not good enough. And these sort of thoughts excuse me as I clear my throat chakra, these thoughts around being visible and speaking your truth and sharing your gifts in the world, you know, these have been things that have been holding practitioners back for eons. You know, if they’ve been persecuted, they’ve been shunned, they’ve been killed, they’ve been drowned, they’ve been ostracized.

You know, there’s all of this karmic sort of death that kind of comes along with being a practitioner and still in this, you know, it’s 2023 right now and still it’s like, well, I just can’t go on social media. I can’t do a live I can’t put myself on a website like that’s like the, you know, basic level where they struggle, but it’s a much deeper rooted issue. And these thoughts have come around for so long it’s been in their field for lifetimes.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. And it’s time in this lifetime to dispel those like yeah you know.

Emily: Yeah.

Jeff: So and I think being in a high consciousness field can, can help and that’s the clearing that’s happening all the time because those thoughts go into the drywall and the concrete flooring and you know, they become embedded in the dust and everything. So the clearing cuts and clearing does help as well. But yeah, being in the healing profession and the intuitive feeling that in a profession is it’s always been that fringe from, you know, like you said, multiple lifetimes. But it’s time for us to step into the spotlight. And that’s what we, you know, so having the FLFE the environment part of it is presented a pristine environment for us to evolve into thin the veil.

So in these higher consciousness fields, that connection across into our intuition and those, those sources for us becomes easier. It can become easier. And so that, you know, like, let’s do that for as many people as possible. We all have these ability to connect positive sources of wisdom and fields for healing.

Emily: And it is definitely such a privilege to be able to do this work and to share this work and for people to be able to receive this work and especially through your pay-it-forward program. I know being able to share it with schools and with kids is so powerful. I mean, people who again, I mean, you’re just you’re listening to the podcast, but there’s right now there’s energy put into this field right now.

And if there’s energy being put into the field for our children and younger generations as they’re growing up into that field, I mean, imagine how their education would change, how their minds could open, how their hearts could open. Maybe it would help to diminish or lessen bullying and, you know, non-acceptance of one another and be able to have more love and compassion for each other. I mean, I didn’t have that kind of environment where I grew up. I know about you both, but it wasn’t exactly about.

Jeff: Well, we had a customer come on a webinar, and he was in Europe somewhere in Sweden. And he’s a teacher or he’s in a school and he’s a counselor, in the school environment. And he had noticed the young boy, one of his people, he’s counseling who was really withdrawn online, and he would just put his head down. You know, he was not engaged with the kids. He wasn’t in sports. And something was really going on for him. And our customer decided to put the boy’s phone on FLFE. And we have a lower-cost children’s program. And he just has a gift.

And the turnaround was just amazing. And it’s just such a wonderful story. And the child really perked up over, you know, over a few weeks and became much more social, joined a sports team, was started being successful in soccer and doing all sorts of things. So he just brightened up. And it’s just very traumatic for this counselor to see that, you know, and it was a very emotional moment for his own wife to hear the story.

Emily: Wow. That’s incredible. It’s beautiful to be able to see that kind of transformation. And I think that’s also what’s so interesting and what I love that you guys are always measuring and I love Clayten, how you say I love, we love pie charts and stats. I do, too. And as much as you know, this work is so energetic and so ethereal, you know, we can geek out about the actual evidence base to this work.

And that’s something that I was listening to a book about shock. The difference between shock and trauma and the ability to use subtle energy to help people heal and how, you know, energy work is the wave of the future. And this is the future of medicine. And I love, I love that I got so excited when I they opened the book with that. I’m like, yes, I love science and I love data and I love the evidence.

And so part of what you are doing is collecting data constantly of scene, you know, checking, is this actually working? Is there a placebo? Is it you know, if somebody is already working on their consciousness, is it helping them further if they’re not? How is that? So, could you share a little bit about some of the studies that you’ve been working on? I mean, you know, there’s a lot of them, but maybe some of the work that you’ve been doing for the folks who are really left-brained, who are listening to the podcast and or like me, geek out about evidence-based information.

Jeff: Yeah. So we’ve been doing evidence research from almost from the beginning, and it always starts with the customers, you know, what experience they’re having. So plants were one of those where people are saying, wow, my plants are doing really well, and they send these pictures of their yard and all the yards down the street, there’s was the only one that was green and the tree was bigger, you know, and they were all clean at the same time. So we started doing plant research.

And at first, yes, we had two plant growth setups, hydroponic. One was on FLFE, one wasn’t, and spinach seeds and included germination. And we had a big increase in germination and in, you know, like 30% increase in leaf science. Well, in that first experiment. So then we did a blinded experiment where there was we hired someone to do the experiment. They didn’t know which was which, and this was wheatgrass. And then we did the same thing with wheatgrass and a 5G, a 5G gamer router with the EMF mitigation. Then we went on to, so we so right about then we had recruited more people onto the research team. And this was not through our actions, but people that came to us.

One of our customers, Lewis, who had a really profound experience on the service, really catapulted him into the next level. He’s at the University of Arizona, and he knew Dr. Gary Schwartz, who’s been sort of a science pioneer between science and spirituality and not afraid to follow the data wherever it goes, even if it’s a really, you know, strange, bizarre, done energy medicine, mediums, you know, and he’s developing a cell phone that talks across the veil. So he came into our research department and he’s now our senior scientist. And so the step next to plan research was with him shepherding us as well, giving us traditional ways to blind.

So the next one was double-blinded where the person conducting the experiment, we had completely identical grill environments, including bags, so that the environment was the moisture and the temperatured environment was the same. He didn’t know which was which. And the data was collected and then was analyzed by somebody that didn’t know which is which. So where somebody knows the result and they’re analyzing the data, they could, you know, even unconsciously bias things. So so the results in these planned experiments were, again, a huge increase in, my ability of seeds germination and a huge increase in the root length in the 100% larger, range.

Emily: Wow.

And then we moved to a plant, to a farm experiment where, again, with a very large farm, they were farming 10,000 acres at the time. And there was an FLFE section that we used coordinates to map out, and then they would control sections. And Farmer didn’t know he had a john deere tractor and he was, you know, harvesting and all that was going up to a map, has this big map of his field and the yield in each acre. And then Gary will analyze the data and it was like 22% increase in yield.

Emily: Wow.

Jeff: … In the FLFE sections. So this year you know no placebo, no you know no effect of the experiment or something that results.

Emily: Wow. And so we can imagine what it might be doing to our bodies and our systems, if that’s what’s happening on a basic level to seeds and plants, they’re thriving. You could probably presume that it’s affecting you, in the same way, to bring more health and vitality to you as a human being.

Jeff: Well, and it shows up in anecdotal type stories from customers about more energy, more like Clayten said, more energy to create the life that you want to create.

Clayten: The body’s innate intelligence is extraordinary. It just needs to be in an environment where there is… If you’re on the spiritual path, people say, well, you know, I’m already I’ve been doing, I’m a yoga teacher for 30 years. Do I really need something like this? Well, if you don’t have to give up your own energy to raise your environment, you can just have that energy to do something else with whatever you choose and the body’s innate intelligence is extraordinary. I mean, it knows what to do with extra energy. It knows what to do with extra resources, and it’ll just go ahead and do what it needs to do to make us healthier and more vital, because that’s what the body’s kind of designed to do.

So yeah, we have ideas about how to, you know, we’re looking at. I’d like to see us, do a telomere study of telomeres. One of the ones that are known to identify using our anti-aging, there’s lots of things. Like there’s different types of bloodwork you can do.

Emily: Sort of like an indicator of like trauma when your telomeres are more frayed, like the end of the gun.

Clayten: Or shorter. Yeah, like the end of a like a yeah, like the end of a wire that’s been frayed. Yeah. So there’s lots of things in the future that we’ll do. It’s just, you know, step by step.

Jeff: Well, the EMF mitigation has been really profound as well. So that’s how we knew along the way that because we were getting calls from customers and it always comes back to the customer experience, you know, we love the FLFE community. They tell us what they’re experiencing, what’s happening, and people are saying, well, it just doesn’t feel as good as it did. And we read went back and saw that, wow, that property yesterday dropped, you know, or in the short period of time dropped its level of consciousness. So every property that we found that was lower than the promise, we got the subscription for free until we fixed it.

And what we discovered is that there is a new cell tower, there is a new smart meter. There was a router that they said, Oh, let’s just put it under the bed, you know. And the people that didn’t even know they were, you know, get this energy right under the bed. So, what we discovered is there’s consciousness lowering EMFs and they cause the life force to go down in a property. It causes it to be less healthy, less supportive of life, but plants to where we do worse and we discover ways to mitigate that through the energetic essence of Shungite and raising the level of consciousness of the emitters, the routers we found causes it to become a positive influence from negative one.

And so we did an EMF study with a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania who is an expert in that area. And Gary Schwartz was involved and what we did was a series of interviews with them where they talked about the frequency and intensity of their after-symptoms. Like sleeplessness and anxiety, muscle pain, muscle and joint pain, and on and on brain fog. And when they went on the FLFE service then we retested where were they doing. And in all cases their symptoms went down. And it’s lit’s like a pretty steep drop in both intensity and frequency.

Emily: Wow.

Jeff: So we did a preliminary study with 10, 10 people and we just finished a 40-person study, same, same sequence. And now we have a longitudinal study where people are with us for quite a period of time. And we’re testing them when they post. And so, yeah, we’re seeing a replication of the original results with the 40 person and additional new things that came in.

Emily: Wow. That’s fantastic. And it’s I’m glad that you’re saying this, too, because when I was, of course, walking listening to this audiobook, when I was getting this excitement and this download of like, oh, I need to get some science backing, some data that I have got. And I and it kind of hit me like, okay, I need to start tracking and getting some evidence for the work that I do.

So in my energy healings that I do, whether it’s for a free workshop or a challenge or basically anything, I invite people to give themselves rating on a scale from 1 to 10, how are you feeling when it comes to whatever the thing is that we’re working on. And just be honest, you know, you’re not getting judged on it, you’re not getting graded. Just put a number in 1 to 10, one being absolutely terrible, 10 being amazing, wonderful. And they’ll all put their numbers into the chat. And I do my work afterwards. I say, okay, please let me know how you’re feeling.

And if you could mark down from this number originally to now where you’re at so we can kind of see and there the numbers were outstanding, you know, from a 2 to an 8, you know, these dramatic swings. And I did a challenge in May called Intuition Week, where I do a series of energy healings during that time. And I decided to go back and write those numbers into a spreadsheet so I could do a little geeky part myself.

Jeff: Yeah.

Emily: And, and so, you know, these numbers are staggering and there’s, you know, hundreds of people who are doing this work. And we’re seeing on average, not per person, but on average this. I want to say I got, I should put the actual number. I think it was like 133% increase of improvement. And so over 100% of people who are doing this work. And so for me, it’s like, oh, it’s but when you can instantly, within a few minutes change your field so dramatically, that is so powerful.

And so, you know, some people they’ll do like a week with me and I’m like, that’s it. And it’s like taking a drink out of a firehose. Then you’re back to your life. And like, I felt really good for a week and now it’s kind of…

And so part of it is I want people to see like that left brain analytics of, oh no, the data is right here in front of me. I type that number. I felt bad and then I type that I’m, I feel good. And then their brain goes, Oh, so when I do this work, I feel good, I feel better.

And to start registering that to get that positive reinforcement in their system and maybe create some new habits, I think that’s definitely the way that I am going towards my membership because we’re going to be bringing in probably a big focus group of about 100 people who are interested in doing this study with us over the course of a year. So we’re wanting to see the data because while people tell me after about three months is when I really got into the groove and like everything started to open up my intuition was like soaring. And I’m making all this money. I’m attracting the best client. So that’s great. And I also want to see the data that speaks to that, that says, you know, within two months, within three months, after seven months, like I want to see over that period of time, you know, what is actually happening.

Not just I’m more intuitive, I’m making more money, I feel better. And can we keep proving it? If you’re having a study group of 100 people, you know, there’s going to be some really cool correlations that we’re not even expecting to see. So I will definitely have to chat with you all some more about that stuff as well.

Jeff: Like, yeah, I’d like to invite you into a research meeting to, to get some coaching from Gary and Paula about your research design, if you like.

Emily: Yeah, of course. Oh, my gosh, of course. Yes, please. Thank you!

Jeff: Because you know what we’re developing, we’re finding is this kind of gold standard for research in these esoteric areas. And gets, that’s Gary’s standard here with you know, he’s measuring mediums you know the is evidence around mediums accuracy is the scale that he uses. And so, you know, I think at this time in history where we are. You know, people are more open to these nonlinear approaches and the more the evidence helps their mind to just quiet down and just do it, right?

Emily: Right.

Jeff: And so we need evidence at this time, but we need to do it extraordinarily well.

Emily: Right.

Jeff: Right. So that someone can say, oh, well, you know, there’s this problem with the way you did it, you know. So that’s where we’re becoming our role as we see going forward to help be that gold standard or to help other practitioners to do scientific studies that that they can then, you know, present.

Emily: Oh, yeah. Amen. And that’s part of it is like as I started to feel into how I really can measure this for my members and my meditations. And as you guys know, I’m developing a certification. So The Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioners, they are required to do practice sessions every single month. And so I would love to be able to get data for their clients, their practice people, even for them going through the training. You know, from when you started your level of consciousness, your level of confidence, your level of integrity and you know how you feel.

And then throughout it, I mean, there’s a lot of changes, but their clients, their practice clients can also be part of the study of saying this modality is doing something really significant. So it does help when people are signing up to become a practitioner to know this, there is evidence that says this is valuable, not just some person on the Internet who is saying it’s valuable. And I promise you you’re going to get great results. But actually here’s the data.

So I love these parallels and I love where I feel like, you know, when we talk about where thoughts come from, I feel like I’m riding this wave of, Oh, I love this. And talk about starting setting the gold standard. I mean, you know, you guys are setting the gold standard for higher levels of consciousness and being able to bring that into people. I mean, again, I mean, whether you’re receiving a meditation or you’re doing some kind of practice or you’re taking qigong or what it’s like all these wonderful things you can add in to make your life better.

FLFE is like literally no effort. You sign up and then boom, it’s just there. You’re in this field. And I think that’s what’s so powerful about it. You know, people are always looking for like this, like magic pill to fix all of the things and maybe it doesn’t fix all of the things, but it sure makes you a lot happier, makes things work a bit better, and makes you feel great. So I feel like for folks who are still listening, I’m sure you’re smiling and kind of getting excited along with all of us.

I would love for you to do a trial for 15 days. It’s completely free. Again, the link is in the show notes. I have a very simple link that also has videos with Jeffrey and Clayten. It talks about the program, how it works, why it works. There’s tons of studies, there’s lots of graphs there, if you like, that sort of thing. If you go to, you’ll get all that information. There is a link to sign up for the free 15-day trial.

Of course, I’m a proud affiliate, so I want to scream it from the mountaintops. I feel like the more people on FLFE service, the better. And as you know, for all pain and for forward to I mean, just think of that globally, how that affects all of us. That is so fabulous.

So, Jeff and Clayten, thank you for being here, for sharing this work, for creating I mean, really, it’s been it’s so phenomenal, this work that you’re doing. And also thank you for the invitation on the podcast, no less. Oh, thank you for that invitation. I’ll definitely follow up with you about doing some more research with the brilliant minds behind your business. Is there any last words that you’d like to share or how people can learn more about you and and FLFE?

Jeff: Well, highly recommend jumping on the link that you have below. And the free trial is designed to bless you. It’s just for the two-week period is the right length of time for you to be in the field to experience it. And you have control to be your own experimenter. You have the customer portal. You can turn it out, turn it down, turn EMF on or off, and you could be in control. Create your own experiment, your own consciousness experiment. So we love empowering people to be their own researchers and to be their best selves.

Clayten: You don’t have to enter your credit card to do the free trial so you can’t accidentally get billed. We thought that was important. I think I should mention that with the pay-it-forward if you do become a subscriber, you’ll get a pair for a pay-it-forward.

And if you put that on a place in the world, Jeff and I promise to keep that on for as long as we own the business, maybe 20 or 30 years. So that gift will keep on giving. It’s not just by your or your customer.

So. I think for me, Emily, what I appreciate about your perspective is it seems like you’re a lot of people think that to be spiritual, you can’t respect your mind. You know, you have to get rid of your mind. And to some degree, the mind does quiet down. It only gets activated when we use it. But I think spirituality can be seen as including and transcending the mind.

So respecting the mind and its role, respecting the fact that you might need data to help you relax or someone else might need the data, that’s Integris to relax their mind so they can surrender to something bigger. So that’s why we have an evidence-based approach, which is for me, I find that my mind is much more out of the way if I can give it some data that it can believe. And then you know, then the other stuff just shows up easier.

Emily: Absolutely. I also I have one more thing to brag about for you guys. I just thought of it because you said it. So like I said, I started an FLFE on that 15-day trial. And I have to say that is part of what sold me to FLFE, not just because I love the service, but because the way that you have real people following up. The way that you do. So, folks, I don’t want to spoil it for you because it’s really fun.

But when you sign up for the free trial, you have some you get emails that say, you know, here, you signed up for it, here is more about it, blah, blah, blah. But then real people call your phone and you can literally talk to real people who care about your experience. They’re knowledgeable. They will answer your questions. They will continue to call and answer your questions as long as you have them. And so that’s a huge selling point.

I think for me, in this age of, you know, everything is virtual and hands off and there’s no humans and everything is a machine. You know, that meme with the opossum screaming into the phone representative, you know, that’s what everybody. That meme is will live on forever. Because we all know that feeling when you’re like, just give me a real human please and thank you. You have so much integrity. You have real people who truly care. Monica, who helped us set up this interview in our connection. You know, she bought my Angel Card Deck and she you know, she’s part of my world.

And I feel that is the kind of company I want to align with. And I think that, that’s something that maybe you undersell that is so important for why your company is so different than everyone else and all the other places out there, You know, people really do care. I was actually surprised. I’m like, who is this phone number? I let it go to voicemail. Who are these? What is this? And when I heard somebody on the phone, I’m like, wow, that’s how I felt. Wow. These people genuinely care about my experience. So I wanted to toot your horn a little bit about that because, again, a lot of people don’t expect that. And I feel like it’s a huge wow factor. And again, it sets you apart. It sets that gold standard.

So anyway, everybody, Now, now I’m going to put you on the spot. Are you going to bring back your podcast? What’s going on?

Jeff: Yes. Well, we’re working on a whole bunch of new things.

Emily: Okay, I’ll take that.

Jeff: We’ll let you know first. Yeah.

Emily: Okay, great. Well, thank you again for being here, for sharing this work in the world.

Thank you, listeners, for hanging out, as always. You know, you can listen or watch the podcast. We are going to have this episode available on my YouTube channel. It is available on my YouTube channel, so you can watch it there.

Get to know Jeff and Clayten and if you enjoyed this episode, please feel free to share it with somebody who you think would enjoy it as well. You can always take a screenshot, share it on your Instagram or Facebook profile, let people know how it affected you. We are really, truly looking to spread this love and spread this consciousness globally, so every share really does make a difference, of course.

I always love when you love the episodes and if you want more of it, you want me to bring them back, let me know. I would love to have them back, I think selfishly. But I know if you love it too, I will definitely have them back again. So thank you for listening and we’ll see you on the next episode. Lots of love

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About Clayten & Jeff

Jeffrey Stegman’s focus has been on creating high consciousness culture in his businesses, which parallels his own personal spiritual path. Jeffrey was the co-owner of two manufacturing businesses, including one that has been in business since 1835. FLFE is a confluence of Jeffrey’s manufacturing, engineering, business, and spiritual evolution.

Clayten Stedmann has worked in the education, training, and coaching business for over thirty years. For the last twenty years, he has focused on business as a spiritual path in his coaching practice. Since discovering Consciousness Kinesiology (CK) in 2004, he has done over five million CK calibrations and created over ten consciousness assessments and several unique energetic medicine protocols. FLFE is a continuation of his purposeful intention to create the conditions for humanity to have a higher level of

Focused Life-Force Energy began in 2008 when two men with an interest in high-consciousness fields met through a mutual friend. After coming across the beginnings of an invention that would become part of the FLFE system, Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann worked together to develop it into
more. Eventually, they would broadcast high-consciousness fields to specific locations around the world.

They poured thousands of hours into research and development to share this technology. Beginning with service projects and targeting trauma-hit areas like refugee camps, FLFE grew into a private company and is now invited into the lives of thousands of people in over 75 countries. We still donate approximately 90% of our service with global projects including support for bees, whales, and dolphins as well as other larger global projects. FLFE is a thriving international organization that continues to explore what is in the highest and best interest of all creation.

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I’ve got something super exciting coming on September 4th if you’ve ever been interested in joining my sacred, spiritual community and working more deeply with me. More to come soon ?

I’ve got something super exciting coming on September 4th if you’ve ever been interested in joining my sacred, spiritual community and working more deeply with me. More to come soon ?

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Exploring The Benefits of Psilocybin For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Exploring The Benefits of Psilocybin For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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Bringing a People First Approach To Business with Vanessa Farino

Bringing a People First Approach To Business with Vanessa Farino

Bringing a People First Approach to Business with Vanessa Farino

Today, we’re fortunate to sit down with Vanessa Farino, the award-winning Latina business strategist who’s disrupting the entrepreneurial landscape with her unique approach to business coaching and community building.

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She doesn’t believe in the label ‘side hustle’ and her personalized coaching style emphasizes market research, team building and impactful relationships with clients. She reveals how, through simplifying business and focusing on alignment with values, you too can make a lasting impact.

The conversation takes a deeper turn as we explore the necessity of setting up people for success, regardless of their profession, and treating them with respect and kindness.

Vanessa candidly shares her own experiences, emphasizing the importance of having difficult conversations and recognizing people’s contributions. She also imparts her wisdom on setting boundaries and expectations with clients and the importance of resilience in entrepreneurship. So, tune in and let Vanessa’s insights and tips motivate you to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [0:04:56] Transitioning From Corporate to Entrepreneurship
  • [0:20:34] Creating a Thriving Community
  • [0:25:01] The Importance of Personalized Business Coaching
  • [0:39:51] Building Partnerships and Healing Wounds
  • [0:48:00] Business and Personal Growth Challenges
  • [0:59:39] Thank You for Supporting the Podcast

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Emily: Hey, everybody, welcome back to the podcast. As you can tell by the inflection in my voice, I’m very excited. It’s the hardest thing. This is the hardest thing to do like literally stay grounded when my energy is like bouncing like a ball, like I’m just like I feel like maybe like a firework is the more appropriate analogy.

I am joined today by my dear friend Vanessa Farino. I’ve known Vanessa for a number of years. I’d probably have to really look back at exactly how many we know each other. And I invited Vanessa here today because, number one, she is a flippin powerhouse and she has a lot of amazing gifts to share with listeners. But number two, I feel like her story is also part of everybody’s entrepreneurial journey. Like when we made that decision to leave one thing and start another thing.

But the one thing that I just absolutely love and adore, totally admire about Vanessa is no matter what she does, she goes 100% all out and she is like the most unfathomable person I have ever known. And I am saying that with like, the most love, like she’s like, I’m going to do this. And you’re like, Holy what? Like she just pulls off stuff. You’re like, how did you even do that? And you always surprise me. It’s like, whoa.

And so she’s definitely someone to watch out for. She’s the most innovative. She is a leader through and through. So I’m so excited to stop talking and hand over the mic to you so that you can introduce yourself. Vanessa, warm welcome.

Vanessa: Thank you. My name is Vanessa Farino and I am a business strategist who is an award-winning Latina who is here to ignite female founders to create generational wealth, but also impact their communities.

Emily: So let’s tell everybody, where did you start your career? How did you become this strategist? Because, you know, I’ve seen you from being in the corporate world and like just you climb the ladder.

I mean, you did the thing. You climbed the ladder to the top and then you’re like, you know what? No, thanks. I’m actually not going to do this and I’m going to change the world this way. So I would love for you to share that story a little bit.

Vanessa: Absolutely. So I started my career as a receptionist, then a financial assistant office manager, legal assistant. I mean, I worked in so many different areas and industries, but ultimately for the past 15 years, working from the receptionist all the way to chief of staff roles here in downtown Boston at Tech Startup Companies.

I’ve done things as, you know, investor relations, fundraising, you name it. Start company culture, revamped branding, marketing, product and sales launches. Culture is really big to me, really important humans. I love humans and people, they matter so much. And ultimately through that process of working under CEOs who are entrepreneurs and them guiding me and, you know, igniting my entrepreneurial skills as well. I have also founded six companies between a brick and mortar service based and product based, which have also led me to my awards, 30 under 30 and 40 under 40.

Emily: I want to get on some of those awards, run because I’m too late for the 30, under 30 or 40 under 44. Common 50 under 50, let’s do that!

Vanessa: Yes!

Emily: Well, and I know from just being friends, you know, you’ve had some people who’ve you worked with that are such like you always do. They’re such a human. Like I love how you say that, all of that. You know that had heart and soul and people mattered, wellness and legacy mattered in such a big way.

And I remember some of the last folks that you had worked with in a bigger capacity really had an impact on sparking at within you and really saw the spark inside of you. Then they knew, okay, she’s somebody different, she’s not like the rest. And you were able to do some really cool collaborations.

Vanessa: Yes, absolutely. And I have to share in vulnerability, though things have not been like, wheeew,  you know, do the whole process. Everything’s beautiful and cheery belonging to the corporate world. While I have absolutely enjoyed my journey and process, there have also been the people who are like, you’re weird, you’re the black sheep here because you are just not a person who’s a 9 to 5. And I’m like, well, my life is a 24/7 cycle and I evolve as a human and you do too. Please do not shame me. Leave me alone as I’m doing great things.

But ultimately, through the process, we have been able to collaborate. We’ve done summits, I’ve done retreats, I’ve done accelerator programs for our business. And ultimately, it had come down to right. When you’re in business, you think you’re going to go help X amount of people through the transition. Probably very early on your first couple of years, you realize why people need you. And then through that process, you make the decision that you are going to serve Z. Right?

You have boundaries and all of the things. And through that process it has ultimately been working with Millennial Woman who have a corporate experience, who understand what it takes to really climb the corporate ladder, who have skill sets, but also understand that there is a different side of humanity that we have yet to explore and evolve and be grateful to our ancestors for the sacrifices that they have made for us to have the privilege to say, Wow, I’m a human, I am creative, I am a creative human, and I have the opportunity to do X, Y, and Z because I do have talents and I get to evolve. And it doesn’t matter what age you are because you know it’s art, really.And I believe that our ages, the energy that we put out there. Yeah, my grandma, she’s 80 something years old and she is the most youthful person I have yet to meet.

Emily: She is. Also well, and I think also making these different choices. It is an opportunity, but it’s also we how privileged are we that we can decide, oh, well, I want to leave my corporate job and do my own thing. What a joy that is. But also, it’s a huge risk to be able to take that leap.

And a lot of cases, you know, we enter the workforce because we want safety and security. And I know especially this week and last week, it’s been coming up a lot with me as well as my community around safety and security. I don’t know what’s happening in the stars. I got to go talk with those people, but it’s like it’s bringing all of our stuff up to the surface to look at the old stories and to, you know, do get some healing around them so that we can propel forward, so we can help other people through those issues as well, of course. So I would love if you could share, you know, when you were realizing I mean, you had already started some startups while you were still in corporate, you had to make those shifts.

Things were already kind of working in their place. When you decided to finally like that last, that last little thing that set you off, it were like, no, I’m good. We’re done with this. And you decided to step away from corporate. Can you take us through that decision-making process? Because I know a lot of folks who are in corporate or who have a side hustle kind of going like these kinds of two things are working for me. How do you make that transition?

Vanessa: Yeah, absolutely. So I think there’s multiple aspects to the conversation. Number one is having the realization of where did you learn and understand as a child growing up with self-value? Where does it come from? So in our society, we are taught that, you know, your value comes from having a traditional life where you find a career. One, we’re not allowed to have multiple and you take that career and you be the best at the best. And being the best of the best is considered climbing up the ladder.

So the second conversation, it’s but what actually do you like doing? And you don’t know until you try all the things and realize all the things you don’t like. And you have to continue in my belief, you have to continue to try things as a human because we’re put on this planet and we are just so privileged to be here on Mother Earth. And she’s providing us with all of these possible opportunities to create and exist in all of the things. So to bring that in a full circle, having the conversation with yourself and saying, Is the corporate ladder fulfilling?

And most of us human beings where we are today, in this day and age will saWe’ve were taught to feel and molded into that. It is fulfilling and I will get thousand percent 90% of my life, I was like, I love my corporate career, I love it, I love it, I love it. I love it because I did enjoy it because I was dealing with humans and I love humans and I was helping. And as humans, we want to help. But then it came to the realization, but actually, you’ve become so good and mastered all of the things that you find the self-value through that cycle. Great.

Now let’s push that aside and see do you actually enjoy it? And the answer was I do not, because my whole life in my corporate career as an awakening recently, I share in vulnerability. I knew I didn’t fit in these rooms, but I was fighting to be in these rooms because I knew I looked different as a Latina woman. And I was mostly 20 years of an age gap difference from the people that were here. While I was very grateful for the opportunities because it’s not very common that you have CEO white male-dominated industries pulling a chair for a young Latina woman.

I thought, where are my peers? How can I support to get them? Let me show them that it’s possible. Let me break the barriers and doors. In reality, we don’t need to break down barriers. We don’t need to break the ceiling. We don’t need to climb the ladder. We don’t need anything to exist. And that was the real the hardest realization for me to actually overcome and understand. I’ve heard so many times people say, breathing is enough, your existence is enough. And I’m like, that sounds crazy. It doesn’t make sense. I have to be some way give back to have self-worth and self-doubt. So having that realization is very important. And how do you do that?

You only can do that, in my opinion, by meeting yourself in deeper levels emotionally, and that could be through methodologies, whether that’s meditation or walking or therapy, whatever it is that you choose. But being very intentional in saying, I’m trying to be myself in the deepest level I have yet thus too.

It’s going to be painful, but I’m willing to go there because not only am I going to heal myself, you are genuinely going to feel yourself in your DNA within your cells change. You’re going to have unique conversations with your family members or friends, and then all of a sudden you’re like, What just happened? And then you’re like, I’m breaking generational traumas and all these. But then more of to a different person.

But it is absolutely with gratitude that I look at any obstacle that comes through my path, which I understand will happen for the rest of my life. I look at the obstacles. I’m grateful for the obstacle that you’re here because you’re here to teach me something. And I’m no longer going to approach it with resistance. If anything, you’re here to teach me something. And when there’s an obstacle, the slower pace, it’s like methodical, right? It’s like the slower pace that I go that doesn’t necessarily mean sit in your room and just staring at the wall all day, it could. But overall, I’m going on around.

Emily: Like this, no, I like this. My audience are full of people who this is their language so you’re speaking to them. And also, I think there’s something you highlighted around breaking down barriers. Like I don’t have to break down barriers. I don’t have to do all this stuff to prove that I am worthy, that I’m not contributing. And, you know, to your point, too, around corporate, we do find value in it.

You know, I remember, you know, even though I was doing massage on the side of my corporate 9 to 5 job as an executive assistant, this high-level bank in this prestigious like, well sector, you know there was some kind of itch and scratched which was the safety and security. But I felt like I had sort of like made it somehow that I was wearing this like pencil skirt and these high heels I felt like important somehow. And there was something to that that I was like not quite getting elsewhere. And I think that’s what kept me there. But after a certain while, you’re like, Who do I think I really am? And I used to make a joke around some of the people within the organization that, you know, they would say things like, Do you know who I think I am? Because it’s like, within this world, everyone knows who you are. But if you step outside this building and this company, no one knows who you are.

And so when we come back to being human and wanting to go into deeper depths of ourselves, like really identifying like who am I and what am I here to do? And like, what you’re talking about is this depth of healing and overcoming obstacles because you truly know your purpose. You truly know what you’re designed to do, and there’s nothing and no one who can stop you from living that truth. It’s like a bell when it rings. You can’t unring it.

And, you know, I think that’s also something I’ve always loved and admired about you when it comes to opening doors for other people. You know, you’ve had networking organizations and I even see you doing it now. It’s like you’re opening doors for people to collaborate, to connect, to open up new connections, opportunities for like beyond this. And I was saying to before we started recording, you know, I was looking at some old photos with my kids last night, and I see this album from like probably five years ago, and you put together this like cruise.

And I’m like, okay, first of all, I’m going to Boston that’s scary. Second of all, I’m going to be with said, that’s not scary, okay? I’m going to be with a whole bunch of strangers on a cruise, okay? Like it was like all these different things that kind of pushed me. And I remember making some beautiful connections there, of course, like dancing with you and your mom and like, and having so much fun. But like, you always create these containers and there’s like, this catalyst, like you genuinely love connecting people. You genuinely want the best for people and you’ve always done that. And you just started this was it called CEO Circle?

Vanessa: Yes.

Emily: Okay, so and so maybe I’m jumping around a little bit here, but I feel it’s like it’s that next level that’s that next iteration. Now it’s this is a digital platform. You’re opening this group. So CEO Circle popped up and you opened it. And within how many hours, there’s like almost 100 people in it.

Vanessa: Yes, within less than 24 hours, we have hundred members join, which shows us that people are craving this. And you can totally say, oh, just another community or another acts, that’s fine. But for the people who make the decision to step into that door, I take 1,000% responsibility as a host of a community, of experience, of an event, of a container, of working with people, whatever that is. And I think that’s very important when you decide and say, I need support. Human, humans, there is data scientifically, we are not meant to be alone. And that’s okay because I respect that there are times where I’m much more introverted than when I feel extroverted, which by the way, I’m actually someone who is an introvert at heart. But I chose to be a community leader, and with that responsibility comes being an extrovert.

So making sure that when I am creating experiences, whether they are online or they are in person, that I know what it feels like to say, I’m going somewhere and I have to get dressed up, I have to commute, I have to get there, and I probably won’t meet anybody and there’s going to be a billion people and I just want to be home doing X, Y, and Z. There is no shame in that. But I can tell you guaranteed and Emily has a testimonial right here that when you do come to one of these experiences, it is an experience because from the moment that you get to the door, you are going to find me. Or for a moment when you join CEO Circle within like 5 minutes, I’m in your chat, I’m like, hi, it’s me. It’s nice to meet you, thank you for being here. If you need anything, let me know. I really create human experiences. And that’s why it’s very important because I know people need that. They need the extra TLC, and it comes so naturally for me to be able to be that nurture type of person. So, yeah…

Emily: Yeah, I mean, and I’ve been in countless groups that you’ve hosted, you know, whether it be like the cruise or like, let’s just go get like tacos somewhere or I’m going to go to your mom’s birthday party. And by the way, everybody on your table’s only speaking Spanish. I’m like, I’ll just work on my Spanish right now real quick. And, you know, like you still are able to foster community in no matter what the angle is.

So I am positive that CEO Circle is it’s, it’s I feel like it’s one of those innately sexy offers that like we’re hungry for we’re thirsty for our soul is craving. And I know you attract like-minded people. And so I can definitely say, well, I know it started off with 100 people, but I know where it’s going. Like, I know what Vanessa’s capable of. You don’t even know what’s but because I know you dream big, you think big, you have a global hunger, this desire and this hunger inside of you, which I totally adore.

Vanessa: Yeah. And I think also to add to that, it’s not just creating the experiences, but making sure that there’s representation of different colors and voices in these rooms, whether they are digital or they are in person. That for me is key because for most of my life I was the only person and that is fine if that works for other other companies, there is no shame.

But in my world that does not exist, right? That does not exist. And we want people to feel represented in any possible way. So to anybody who does work with me, come to an event or participate in any way, that is how you matter, because you are taking up space. And while we can say we can hear so many people, share your voice, share your story, you take up space. It’s the physical aspect of doing and also energetically taking that responsibility of, I know I can do this because I deserve and just see what happens. Magic happens.

Emily: Yeah, it does. And I’m glad that you’re creating these spaces, so grateful. So when you stepped away from corporate and you started to coach people and I was sort of say you were saying you’ve been really loving doing some of the one on one work, when you get to kind of get into people’s business, stir things up, shifted around.

You had a really cool experience that you share with me before we started recording. I’m like, Oh my God, oh my God, we need to stop talking and start recording because you shared a client who wanted who is from a corporate background, sort of have like a side hustle. I’ll let you explain it better than me.

Vanessa: Yeah, absolutely. So with all due respect, I tell anybody who has and a possible business idea. Respectfully, don’t call your business idea a side hustle. So I tell people, if you have a business idea and you intentionally, truly believe in it, do your due diligence as if you were going to buy a home, right?  You do your market research. You understand where you stand in the market. You’re not just like, I’m going to sell water bottles just because my neighbor said they’re cute, right?

And you’re like, I understand where I’m positioned in the market. I understand how I can make money. I understand how it’s important for me to step into multiple roles. I understand the responsibility that it takes to be a business owner.

Do not call your business a side hustle. I don’t care if you work in it five or 10 hours a week because I’m going to tell you that these C-level people are involved in a shitload of non-profits organization boards. They don’t call their corporate CEO titles side hustles. Also, it goes back to value because the number of hours that you work does not equate to the value of side or full-time. So I always say if you have a business, say it’s a business. And if it is your main priority, such as mine is right now, it’s your main priority.

And I think I went into a rant that I didn’t even answer your question, but I remember. I got it. So the last two years, we are celebrating our two-year anniversary this summer.

Emily: My gosh. Congratulations!

Vanessa: And previously before this year we were doing we a.k.a I.

Emily: Yes

Vanessa: me and my team. I was doing accelerator programs and bringing people through all the different possible departments and buckets in their business to do x, y, z. With that being said, I set the intention this year because I was craving it. I was craving that one on one, whereas I was telling you like, I really want to do some major strategy with clients one on one and be able to roll my sleeves up, roll my sleeves up and get dirty with them. But let’s get dirty, Let’s have fun. Business should be fun. Yes, there are aspects that possibly could be a little more tense than others, but I have this one particular client that I’m so grateful for because she was the one who sparked the interest of working with clients one on one.

I started working with her last February. She was doing $300 a month. She came from a corporate hedge fund background and now she’s over 10K months consistently for the last six months. And now we are working a plan to hit 20K. And you know, she’s not locally based in Massachusetts. I fly to see her quarterly.

We have a beautiful relationship and it’s spread the word to get referrals and other clients and the potential and right now at the current moment, it is something that is very rewarding to me where I am ultimately sort of that chief operating officer for my clients, where anything that comes up strategy, we’re like, okay, you know, let’s talk about it.

Let’s provide solutions. There’s nothing more than I love. Then when people bring me spaghetti and they’re like, make it work, fix it. And I’m like, okay, that sounds so fun. And they’re like, I truly believe business should be simplified. I’m the person also manifesting generator. I don’t think anything is impossible. Brilliant.

Emily: Yeah I’m also MG as well.

Vanessa: Yes I know 🙂

Emily: And I think it’s great especially for manifesting generators that we can have our hands in different things and it doesn’t make us bored. And what I’ve learned about myself is that when I started my online business, I was like, I’m going to do this next week. I’m going to do this next week and I’m going to do that. And then over time I realize I really love these few things and I’m going to deliver in this way. So here is a funnel that I can throw all of these creative ideas into. So I’m never bored, but it’s always like one thing instead of like a smorgasbord of like so many different options.

And I love that you can be a COO in other people’s businesses. And for somebody who has just hired my first COO, it’s like, I can’t describe it. It’s not the same as it was. She and I also have a very unique, very special like deep relationship together personally. And I think that really helps. And for me, that’s important to me. For some people, they might be like, it’s work, so keep it at that level. And I can’t, I fall in love with people.

Vanessa: That’s MG. I know. I don’t know that we can.

Emily: You’re in and I love you. Let’s put a ring on it. The end.

Vanessa: Yes 🙂

Emily: But I think what’s what’s so unique about having COO and if you’re helping people out at that level, you have to get personal.

You have to get into it because, you know, you might see that plate of spaghetti, you know, like I don’t even know what’s going on, but you’re going to find at the baseline when you cleared the deck and you’re like, okay, let’s start from the beginning. You’re going to find the stuff that’s hidden beneath the surface. Why? Why is it a spaghetti in the first place? And why are we doing these things to distract us from the real thing that should be over here. And by the way, you are massively underpricing yourself. And this is the direction you say you want to go, but you’re doing all these things.

So, it’s so great to be able to have somebody who’s got that strategic thinking brain who can sort through the mess and who can say, here’s call them one, two and three. You’re doing these two things at the end. It’s like, oh my gosh.

For me as a CEO and as a creative thinker and as manifesting generator, when I have my she makes me a punch list every week. Like we have our goals, we have our weekly meetings, we have our biweekly team meetings, and every single day I’m like, Oh, I’m like a golden retriever. Oh, I’m so excited. I have this idea. And she’s like, go put it on the ideas meeting form. I’m like, right, go to the ideas meeting board, you know, and I have a place where I can put those things, but I have my short list that she gives me. Like this is just, just stay in the lines, follow this… Well, but it makes such a huge difference.

And I can say that like my load, the load that I’m carrying, it gets so much lighter. So that makes it easier for me to serve at my highest level. And when I’m serving at my highest level and I am more tapped into my joy and my fun and I can take off time and I can go play and I can get facials in the middle of the day and like, go have a lunch day with a friend, and Vanessa, you know, it’s like, oh my gosh, that energy is so yummy. It just changes everything.

So, of course, she’s now making more money. Of course she is. And so you are like this sole magic sauce in her business. So you love seeing people one on one or do you love working with groups? Do you like both? How so?

Vanessa: For the for the remainder of the year, actually, for all of the year, I’ve committed to only work one on one with people. Do have experiences that we are doing live in person as well, but particularly working with one on one. I so happen to have my clients be a lot of on the East Coast. So while I say when we start working together, I cannot promise that you’ll see me in person, but I can also promise I love to travel and then all of a sudden I’m in their face within 30 days and I build and cultivate the relationships with them. Because if if they’re asking, this is where I see the vision. This is what I ask them. What is your story of origin as a human? Because that is important, right? And then also, what is it that you want to accomplish? What are your weaknesses? And you have to create that recipe as that person, right as that guy, right?

The COO for people and building that relationship with people is hard, especially if it’s virtual. So for me, the human connection is 1,000% important and it also continues to help me learn how to continue to lead with empathy and compassion. But also I’m all about tough love. My clients know that that I’m like, you told me you want to be here and give them the data that you’re giving me. Right now. We’re going in the wrong direction. Rerouting, rerouting.

And like you said, for your COO, it’s making sure that you are on track for what you envision, for what you see, but also, most importantly, challenge you to get uncomfortable in your comfort zone. But holding their hand and saying you are safe, it is okay, you are loved. And I’m here through this process to go through any battle with you because I’m amazing and you’re amazing. You know, we’re going to get through it. And that’s exactly what has happened with most of my clients.

Emily: Right. And having somebody say that to you because usually we’re like a little island all up on our own. And maybe there are some team members that look up to us and depend on us to delegate tasks. And suddenly there’s a CEO who can be that intermediary and who can be like, Listen, Beau, I got you.

You’re not going to fall down today. It’s like, you’re right. I believe in myself. Like I need that extra little boost. And I think as leaders, we need somebody who can be there. And, you know, I have an amazing network of wonderful friends who are enormously successful entrepreneurs in their own right, and it’s not their business to be in my business. I tell them what I tell them. They tell me what they and we can support each other, of course, and work through different issues. But when someone is like their sleeves rolled up like yours, you’re like, I know what’s happening.

Vanessa: There’s an area of vulnerability and trust. And just areas of life that you’re meeting this person as a relationship, right? We have romantic relationships and this is a business relationship.

So it’s very important that you are feeling seen, heard, understood, but also that you trust to this person and allowing to put your wall down in your boundaries, that this person will also have the best interest for you to call you out in certain scenarios and situations and or if you’re not acting upon possible opportunities that are out there for you like, girlfriend what are you doing?

And yes, there’s a difference between having your entrepreneur friends because they will only know certain aspects of life of your business as well. But when you have that person who’s really dedicated to you, it’s very important in which I have been working on with Human Design because it changed my life back so many years ago. And I thought to myself to understand my clients in a deeper level, right, in a way that I can really able to move things around for them, but also clarity on how we can build trust together. It is something that energetic wise. I like to tap in briefly with them and say these are some of the possibilities for you. Please allow me to step into this energetic space for you. And of course, by any means, if you think that I’m overstepping, say something, I’m going to overstep more.

Emily: Yeah, I’ll keep going. 😀 I’ll just keep on going.

Vanessa: This is what you hired me for.

Emily: But I think it’s so valuable. And I mean, this is also the thing is, like, we can look at back to the beginning the conversation of like, trying different things to know what you like. You know, you had to walk through that path to get the experience and the confidence in yourself and your skillset to get to where you are today, where you can walk in and be somebody’s COO.

Vanessa: Absolutely. So it’s so interesting. And to me, I’m like, Gosh, I’m so grateful for all of the other businesses that I had one started and created and made successful and put my ego aside and closed them down when I no longer felt aligned with them while in society. And my clients at the time thought I was crazy, like literally crazy. Why would you do that? At the minimum, sell your business? And to me it did not feel of integrity to do so.

I look back now, understanding myself have been a business owner in so many different facets and so many brick and mortar service based and product base understanding, e-commerce, understanding different industries and like all of the different scenarios.

Now, finally with Creative CEO, I’m like, I no longer have to open up all of these businesses because I can support with strategy to all of these female founders in unlimited ways.

And I would have not found so much joy and also so much way to give back to people. If I didn’t go through all of that and to me, I was like pulling my hair, Oh my gosh, you got 2500 orders. This should be the best thing ever. But there’s like, I need to find a warehouse, I need to do this, I need to that. And so there’s just so many different things. I look back and I’m like, I understand why. And allowing our ego and putting aside that we don’t need to understand everything point blank. Just be in the present moment.

Emily: Yeah, I love what you said about authenticity as well. You kind of slip that in there, so back check, My COO Amanda, has worked for a number of pretty big brands herself as well. She has been a health startup… she’s a certified health coach. So she’s had her own business and she’s done some other things. And when we first kind of came together, it was just a project basis. She was helping me with my certification, all the back-end stuff. I was like, here’s what it’s going to be. How do you do all of these things? You know, it was like, I’m channeling the program and here’s how it’s going to look. I have no idea how to make A,D,B.

So she was part of that birthing process with me and I told her when we first start work, I said, if this program goes the way I think it’s going to go, I’m probably going to fall in love with you and I’m probably going to want to like take this to the next level. I’m just letting you know upfront. And, you know, I thought it was funny until she realized it was literally what I meant. I mean what I say.

But through the process of getting to know each other, what came to the surface also for her was this lack of integrity, lack of authenticity from people that she previously worked with and kind of the scars that it left behind for her. And so when we started working together, you know, and like every day I’m like, you are amazing. I love you. I can’t believe I’m like crying because I’m like, this never would be possible with you. We’re having graduations and I’m crying. All the students are crying like, this is all thanks to Amanda.

And she’s like, Oh my God, like, I’m getting credit for something that I, you know, like there’s a lot of wounds that are previous wounds, but that as we build these partnerships, whether it’s a long term or short term, like you got to look at those as well. And I know in my own personal relationship with Amanda, we both are helping each other heal some really deep wounds that we’ve previously been through. And like for me, it’s the safety. I’m here. I got you. You’re not alone. Like I go take a break Emily, I got this.

And then for her, it’s like, you know, your voice matters, your work matters. I want to recognize you publicly. I want to cheer you on and acknowledge your contributions. And I’m not going to blame you and point the finger if something goes wrong like all of that. So I wonder how that plays into your role and with the companies that you’ve been involved with, with like past icky situations, let’s just say.

Vanessa: Yeah. So I think at least when it comes to my corporate life, there will always be the if they never say anything. Nothing’s wrong and nothing ever was said. So there’s always the whole self-worth the self-value.

And I found so much joy and things that came out of owning my business. And I’m like, Oh, I actually got a compliment from a client and that is so wonderful. I made their day or we help them do this or we did that. But I think ultimately also side note to add to this, just because we’re on the topic is that whether you are in corporate or you have your business, it is your full responsibility to set up the person for success, whether they are part-time, full-time contractor, day person, whatever they are your sole responsibility.

So many people have said, particularly who own their own businesses, this person didn’t work out in my first question is, but did you set them up for success? And they will say, Oh, but, oh, but they’re the expert. Okay, do you have a job description? Is there static expectations? You sit with them on their first day. Did you go through that training? Do you have a manual? Do you do, do you? And they’re like, No. And I’m not here to shame you. I’m here just to shed awareness that you are hiring a human with feelings, right? That comes with these scars and bruises and past situations just as yourself. Because we are not more and they are not less and vice versa. And treating everything with a people first approach.

And when working with people, it’s quite interesting how I’m learning to volume up my voice in scenarios because I would see things when politics, what happen in corporate and injustice happened. Unfortunately, you have to not be the problematic employee and put your head down. Then I’ve been in situations where I was the problematic employee when I was saying this is unfairness, or it’s actually even against the handbook that you wrote as the employer.

But ultimately as a business owner, you have the rules set from clear, right? The slate is right in front of you, white and black. And you have the opportunity to do people at first an understanding that your client’s journey is very important and not necessarily that things, things that are automated are great because they take time off of our you know, they give us time back. But also importantly, it’s like, well, how are you actually going to connect with clients in a different way if you’re automating X?

And I do understand that that might not necessarily feel comfortable for many people because they might not energetically want to associate themselves with people in different areas and aspects. And that’s fine if you don’t feel inclined to own a business that is wonderful, if that doesn’t feel aligned for you. But if you do feel that you are inspired to even just try, do so.

Because if you talk to anybody who is in their late ages, which life is not promised to any of us, but if they’re in their late season ages, you will always hear the number one advice that they say never have doubts. Like, you know, always try something. The what-ifs are the things that are going to be the most regretful. So if we are truly living in our way of the best life that we can possibly have, not just for ourselves, but for our ancestors, I do think that matters. All of our decisions do reflect to all of them is just if you have an idea, we’ve heard this so many times, it’s for a freakin reason. Just ACT – because you will never get criticized by the people who are doers. The people who are going to criticize you are the people who don’t DO. And that is okay.

Emily: Amen. Your mic drop moment, yas! 😀 you will never get criticized by the doers. I agree. I agree.

And I think it’s hard, you know, I was doing some journaling last week because I had a particularly challenging week. And I was like, you know what? When I started doing this helping the world thing, you know, I had this mission and I didn’t know that we weren’t just going to be BFFs from the moment you met me and started to follow me on Instagram to, you know, eternity, that there are people who are going to come into your business just like friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime. And I saw people, you know, change from when they started programs to when they finished them, and some people didn’t finish that. And it’s like, what?

So now that my eyes are wide open, I can tell, you know, if I’ve got 50 people in a program, we’re not going to leave 50 people at the end of it, probably not even 50 in the middle of it if we’re really being honest.

And that’s just human nature. And so part of me, I was like journaling about, So why am I doing this? Like, I know I’m here to make an impact on millions of practitioners. And I also know it by human nature. Not everyone is going to walk the walk.

Vaness: Right.

Emily: And I can’t force that on anybody. And there are going to be people, which in the case was last week, who don’t do the work, don’t meet the requirements, but still blame me for everything. You know, they’ll blame their peers. Well, they had it easier than me. And your requirements are too rigorous. You know, it’s like, well, you signed up for it. You know, it’s like, it’s like, so what? What? Why am I doing this? Somebody like a glutton for punishment.

So I’m sure, like, I know you are a humanitarian at heart, but you must also come into contact with some really difficult situations as well where maybe like me last week, like questioning, like what am I actually trying to do,  thus it doesn’t mean I don’t want to help, like what is going on? Have you seen some of those sort of scenarios?

Vanessa: Yeah. So it was absolutely the first year in business for Creative CEO where I was still testing the waters, right? As I mentioned at the beginning, I thought I was going to help X, Y was coming through the door and I was like, Hold on. Not sure that either one. Like, we need a combination, a little bit of both. And the recipe was for Z, Z as the client. But ultimately I decided that before I have any clients start working with me and have a human conversation and I say this is how I work.

You are a great, like I don’t care if it takes me 50 hours a week to have this conversation with them, you need to understand I’m not going to do the work for you. I’m here to teach you. I’m here to strategize with you. I’m here to get dirty with you.

But if I’m going to do more work than you and be more obsessed with the vision of your business, we are not aligned and I have it in my contract, I have it in white and black, I have the conversation in person. And if you check my client success stories on the website. Every single client of mine has – I’ve helped thus far 32 female founders, and they all say you have to put in the work to be able to see the fruition.

And let me tell you, the hard work is freaking fun. Yes, we might pull our hair every few days in the month, but there’s nothing wrong with that. And I will tell my clients if there’s a moment, I feel like you’re going through a moment of resistance. I do think that this is personal. We will reschedule. And the boundaries in the beginning, and I know how hard that can be because people will point and I know that first-year people did point. Okay. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day and goodbye.

Emily: Yeah.

Vanessa: And it sucks because what they’re not realizing is that their actions are affecting other humans. And that’s not cool. But, yes, we have to continue to walk the walk. And I love that you brought that up, because I have seen also many times where things are not led through the leaders, through a people-first approach. And that actually brought me to therapy and first year.

Through my market research because I went down a very dark hole not wanting to be associated in the industry, not even wanting to step into this and knowing I am brilliant at it because I found resentment in between what I had found at work in my lifetime and also still seeing it in this industry where we are to support business owners.

And I’m like, but wait a minute, aren’t we here to help women succeed in life? And if we are not leaders walking the walk because it doesn’t take rocket science to find this information that’s very open in the public. And then it’s like, Well, what am I doing? I’m now the black sheep in this industry that I want to walk the walk. And what is the purpose?

Because ultimately we are mirroring in this space that we are trying to step into for the future of the world. What was the previous of the world? Just a new facade and beautiful marketing and just wrapped up with all of this cute stuff. I’m like, that kind of defeats the purpose of existing and of evolving. I appreciate you bringing that up because I do think that is something that I had struggled so much with as a business owner. So if there’s anybody who is listening.

I find that that lesson for me was the beginning of self-worth and any situation that is triggering to you that is deeply painful and or questionable for you keep going in that direction until it’s not painful anymore. And it could take years because it did take me almost two years to heal in that way. But it’s going to be the best thing that you can do for yourself and for your clients. And it’s going to show.

Emily: Amen.

Vanessa: Nothing else has to be done or said or even confronted with other people.

Emily: Yeah. Amen. I think that’s the hard part about being a disruptor. If you’re saying, you know, that’s really unethical or that’s not cool, this is the direction I’m taking. I’m taking the high road and I’m taking it with integrity and with heart.

And I love your people-first approach, you know, with this certification, I’ve been seeing a lot of that come up for for me because the bar, especially for practitioner has been set so low that there’s just such a huge leap to say, how do you show professionally and with integrity and really shine without doing these weird, sleazy things that these business only people are trying to teach me? It doesn’t translate in transformational healing work. What do I do? And then they get into this like lost, confused state.

And now you said the term black sheep a couple of times, I have said that I actually have been working with a hypnotherapist who is going to be on the podcast any day now for whenever it airs. Maybe it’s already here by the time this comes out.

But one of the things I was working on was saying that about me by myself, about being the black sheep of my family and about being kind of like this black sheep, almost like in the industry that I’m at, because I’m not just like the psychic and the energy healer. And I’m not just the business strategist. I’m this unicorn that’s sort of like middle-of-the-road of both.

And so she introduced the term that I’ve been using, thankfully, and hypnosis around being the unicorn of my industry, of being the unicorn in my family is like we are sparkly still. And, you know, I think it’s a good thing that you stand out in that way. And I’m glad that you got to do the deeper work to realize your own worthiness and that and, you know, I think it’s also really important that we we do get those triggers. We get triggered by people, by them being sleazy or them being too shiny or them being in a bathtub of $100 bills.

Vanessa: I can’t even tell you I have been someone who has reported a professional to the US. I know that there’s like some sort of big like federal. They took my money paid in full, nothing. I got nothing out of them.

So for anybody who’s also listening before you hire someone. Look at their credentials. Not just their marketing, because they could be nice people and that’s great, right? Like, for example, Emily has such an experience. Like, I met her back, I think 2014, 2015. You are the one who sparked me onto this like, journey. I feel like I was in space and I’m like, this is so cool. We’re going to do wonderful things in life.

And then Emily was like, you do know that you have a rocket ship right next to you that you can jump on to at any given point and just go anywhere with it, right? And you were that person, right? Not only did you change my life, but you are someone who was so educated, so human. First forward approach, not afraid to be the black sheep with love and power.

So, find yourself interviewing that person as if you are interviewing at a corporate world, because you will find that it’s important to really understand what your expectations are as anybody working with someone, right? But then also, when you do find someone who’s truly aligned from your human levels, but also for your business levels, as is Emily, you’re going to feel 100% at the end of whatever existing business relationship that you have with that person ultimately.

And I do think that there are ten situations that we just need to keep walking the walk. Because I will tell you, I keep tabs as I continue to do market research in the industry and trends for the people. Back in 2019, 80% of those businesses no longer exist and or have pivoted 700 times. There’s no shame in that.

Emily: Yeah.

Vanessa: Yeah, but you know, it’s important because at the end of the day. When people are going to say, Oh, but who is that Emily? or who is the Vanessa? We are consistent with our word no matter what it is that we are tapped in or excited about.

Emily: Amen.

Vanessa: It’s important.

Emily: Amen. Well, I love this conversation. We didn’t know exactly where it was going,

Vanessa: I know 🙂

Emily: And here we are, and I feel like you’ve dropped some, like, awesome truth bombs. And I also love how we can kind of go from sharing background stories to how do we evolve as a human, how do we evolve as a business. How do we show up with people first? And I think, you know, these leadership qualities are foundational. So it’s really great that we got to kind of touch on them a little bit.

So, you know, I love you and I would love for people who are listening. If you resonated with Vanessa, her energy, you know, you could use a COO in your business. You could even just be part of a community of like minded people if you resonated with her words and her energy. I would absolutely love for you to go check her out.

Of course, I probably should have mentioned this early, I’ll say in the intro, but take a screenshot of this episode if you’re listening to it on your phone, tag us over on Instagram. You’re @vanessafarino,  I’m @emilyaarons. You just tag us and say, hey, I love the episode. This is what really stood out to me. Or just like, just give us some hearts or something. But, you know, we are both such like people, people that we love getting DMS and we love when you tag us in your stuff and just keep spreading the word.

If this episode was helpful for you in any way, share it with a friend. You know, pay it forward. Tell somebody you know that you love and say, Hey, listen, I love this part right here, when Vanessa said that, you got to go listen to it. So Vanessa, let people know how they can find you, how they can work with you and what they can do to keep this party going.

Vanessa: Yeah. So to all the black sheep out there like Emily and I, please do connect with me. I love the human conversation. My Instagram is @vanessafarino.

Emily: Great. So, everybody, thank you so much for being here. It is, as you know, one of my favorite places to connect with you. We are 400 plus, plus, plus episodes in. And I can tell you, when I started this thing, I was nervous and I said, Is anybody going to even listen to this?

And here we are four and a half years later. And it’s one of my happiest, my most pleasurable, most joyful experiences I get to bring to you. If you feel the same and you’re loving the podcast, please go ahead and on your favorite listening platform, leave a kind review. You can always give a shout-out to Vanessa. A lot of you know, hey, I love that episode, by the way, Vanessa, you’re awesome, but thank you for listening as always. It is such a joy to be able to do this work. And thank you for being here, as always. Thank you, Vanessa, for being here. We love you all.

Vanessa: Thank you!

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