June Monthly Collective


Although we’re experiencing waves of crazy uncertainty with the pandemic, one thing that’s always constant and predictable is how you can align yourself to your joy and freedom.

Over the last year, it’s become clear to me that my meditations, podcast, IGTV, various live content, and the Oracle Deck have been a source of hope, inspiration, and positivity…

It’s my goal to uplift and align you to your best self and to live your best life.

The Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast is a FREE resource that can help you navigate through money blocks, mindset shifts, and energetic upleveling!

Our global community has pulled together and is even stronger than ever!

I appreciate your commitment to subscribing and listening each week and hope you find connection, community, and inspiration in the content I bring to you.

As always, I love to hear from you! Which episodes last month did you find most helpful?

Just in case you missed any, or want to listen again, here are the conversations we had in June:

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What a month! It means so much to us that you are listening.


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Struggling with pricing? Break THESE rules!

Hey friend!

If you have a hard time knowing how to price yourself or even know your worth you may want to print this one…

First off, I used to be the “discount queen” and now I’m not. So if I can change and clear my money blocks, so can you. Yay!

Before we get started, please read and remember this: YOU’RE WORTH IT. YOU DESERVE IT. NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

OK, ready to break some rules?!

RULE #1: You must have a low/high ticket offer.

Says who!? Why? You’re allowed to have offers at any price and you don’t “HAVE TO” anything!

Solution: When you consider your low/high option, how does that feel to you? Do you feel excited and like “daaamn this is a great offer!” or do you feel like “I hope they buy, I don’t know…”.

If you were the best in the world at what you do, and you trusted your intuition – what would you price your thing?

RULE #2: You should price yourself similarly to others in your field/expertise.

Oh dear God no. That’s what got me into the mess I was in when I started my healing business! I priced myself at the same or slightly below my neighbors. Not good.

Solution: If your neighbors are offering (for example) 30-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute sessions or really any variety…notice the ONE offering where you serve at your highest level.

For me, it was 90-minutes. I was able to get the full treatment in without feeling rushed. I nixed the other two offerings and ONLY did 90-minutes!

Don’t be afraid to just have your signature offering for any price that FEELS good to you. (Remember, there’s always going to be someone who’s more money or less).

RULE #3: You should build an ascension model.

Look, you CAN do this, but you don’t HAVE to. It’s great to have an offering at every level from free to super high or premium. But don’t believe the lie that you must.

Yes, I’m the pot calling the kettle black! I have free offers like my Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast, free meditations, and weekly IGTV content, I also have a $30k mentorship, and many things in-between, but honestly, it’s not needed!

Solution: Write out ALL of your offerings with their prices. Which ones account for the most income in your business?

  • Put a star next to the ones that light you the F up!
  • Put two stars next to the ones that if you were able to hit your big ass revenue goals just doing those, life would be epic!
  • Write down which ones you’re going to focus on growing and which you’re going to release.

Example: The 3 metrics I’m focusing on growing this year are: The Podcast, the Angels In Your Biz Oracle Deck, and the Mastery & Ascension Membership! (Those are all $44 or less that bring in multiple 6-figures into the business.)

RULE #4: You should make sure to price yourself so people can afford it.

The FACT is that people will complain and say they “can’t afford” your stuff no matter if it’s $7.00 or $7,000.00…trust me, I’ve heard it all! So STOP trying to be the Wal-Mart of your industry and just do whatever the F you want!

Solution: When you provide high value, people will want to work with you. If the choose to work on their money blocks, they’ll create a way to work with you. Some people will even save up money to work with you! Some people will take out loans, borrow money from someone, or hustle their ass off to make it happen…because if you deliver, they will come!

So don’t be afraid to raise your rates as often as you feel you need to.

FACT: I’d rather pay $400 to someone to do a reading than $100 because the person charging $400 clearly owns their value, is confident in their work, and will deliver the RESULTS I need. I’m not a barain hunter when it comes to my healing! (You can give yourself permission to attract more people like me and fewer of those penny pinchers!)

RULE #5: Only about 1% of your email list will convert.

Bull-to-the-shit. Naw. Nope.

If you believe that, sure you’ll make it true. Everyone (especially people who sell list building) will tell you that everything in your business depends on having a big email list.

I don’t subscribe to that. (That was a pun!).

I digress…Here’s the thing, when you have a bigger list with the RIGHT people you can definitely expect a higher conversion into a sale. If you have a small list you can have even HIGHER conversions because you have more of a personal relationship with them.

Solution: Commit to building your email list every day, whatever that means to you. Make sure you’re getting really great people with an equally great opt-in that’s in alignment with your best work.

The industry standard is 2-5% conversion, you can be below or above that and it be perfectly NORMAL. Compare yourself against YOURSELF from launch to launch. Make sure you write down what words resonate, what worked well, what didn’t work well. Rinse and repeat!

For example: Intuition Week for me has converted around 6% two times in a row. However, in May (mid pandemic) I wasn’t sure what to expect…I set my goal for 6% but we did 9.8% utterly mind blowing, even for me! So the truth is, YOU are your best competition.

In summary, throw out the rules, trust your gut and give yourself permission to create your own winning strategies!

It’s my belief that you can create your own one-size-fits-YOU business strategy that feels great, gets you results, and gives you more freedom in your life without burnout…That’s what I teach inside my mastermind!

Join the waitlist for the next Mastermind in the additional resources below!



I hope you’re committed to breaking these rules and owning your own badassness this year!!

Leave a comment and let me know which rules you’re breaking!




How to ACTUALLY release your fears and align to faith

How to ACTUALLY release your fears and align to faith

There’s never been a time in history where so many people are looking for hope, peace, and calm…

People are holding GLOBAL meditation and prayer circles…

We’re finding our “new normal” and it can feel a bit shaky. Rightfully so.

The thing is, everything is energy.

Fear, anxiety, and OVERWHELM all carry a distinct energetic vibration…and it’s low and “sticky”. You feel crappy inside and it’s like muck; it’s hard to get out of the funk.

On the other hand…

Hope, peace, calm, and LOVE also carry a vibration…and you probably guessed, its very HIGH! You feel expansive and connected and limitless!

On any given day, or moment, you can oscilate between these emotional vibrations and it kind of feels like a rollercoaster.

Long-term, it can take a toll on your body, triggering pain or disease.

THE GOOD NEWS is that it’s my passion to support you in staying plugged into your FAITH and to feel that high-vibe-yummy-feeling as often a possible…

Especially when everywhere you look there’s crazy stuff going down and life is super stressful! #pandemichomeschooling

…So I want to share some simple ways to ACTUALLY align your energy to faith!

During time of uncertainty you MUST create a meditation practice to stay aligned with HIGH vibrations.

If you don’t, you’ll be swept away by that sticky low-vibe fear energy that’s constantly bombarding us basically everywhere we look.

BARE MINIMUM: Add ONE minute of deep breathing and set a positive intention for the day. (Image below!)

BEST PRACTICE: Listen to my guided meditations a few times a week.

For the last few years, I’ve channeled angelic guidance to help my Mastery & Ascension membership community stay in the high-vibe energy alignment to support miraculous growth…

These meditations have been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs stay PLUGGED into their higher self, hope, joy, abundance, new possibilities, and so much MORE!

Now I’ve created a SIMPLE way to access my powerful channeled meditations WITHOUT becoming a Mastery & Ascension member…

…And for the LOWEST price ever!

You can get my Channeled Energy Forecast Meditation SINGLES!

This is NOT a recurring membership. You’re simply buying an individual meditation and PDF.

For only $11, you will get April’s channeled work:

  1. A Downloadable audio MP3 meditation (with background music)
  2. A PDF Workbook with instructions of what to do each week.

Click GET STARTED to access this incredible offer by April 1st!

caption for image

I’m really excited to be able to offer these meditations without the commitment of becoming a member. I know this work is really important and that’s why we’re keeping it so affordable too.

All my love,


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Spiritual Resources For Coping With Stress, Anxiety, and Fear During Covid-19

Spiritual Resources For Coping With Stress, Anxiety, and Fear During Covid-19

It’s my honor to be a source of LOVE and LIGHT during times of fear, stress, and darkness.

My message has been and will continue to be step into FAITH and out of fear. Whether it’s internally our ego talking trash and making us feel crappy, or externally with our environment or news breeding fear, it’s everywhere and it’s a CHOICE to step into FAITH or sink into fear…

Here are a number of resources that might be helpful to keep you grounded and focused on your light…now more than ever:

VIDEOS and PODCASTS to help support you during times of stress. You can listen and SUBSCRIBE to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast at Emilyaarons.com/podcast or iTunes.

🤔 Wondering how to make the most of out this pandemic? Consider this is happening FOR you, so you can teach, guide, coach, and lead like never before! 

YOU ARE A LIGHTWORKER and that means you’re here to help others…so be a source of inspiration in your business and community NOW. If you’re not sure what to do, educate yourself and surround yourself with like-minded people!

Business Made Simple is my signature course for entrepreneurs at EVERY level! It’s normally closed but we decided to open doors to help you use BOTH strategic and intuitive parts of your mind to build the ONE-SIZE-FITS-YOU business model whether in a brick-n-mortar, online or BOTH! Get info on BMS here!

As always, my FREE Facebook community Aligned & Unstoppable continues to be a source for love and healing.

All my love,


Is Your Stress Keeping You Stuck?

Is Your Stress Keeping You Stuck?

It’s a new moon and it almost feels like a new me has emerged!

Yesterday, I felt like a true phoenix rising from the ashes…

In the morning I was full of emotions and stress about the crazy expectations on me to be a mom, wife, AND a CEO! I found myself feeling heavy about putting my baby in daycare a couple days a week.

As a means to handle the stress, I went outside for a run with my dog to clear my mind and my energy of the overwhelming thoughts that were spinning…

…Remember, I am NOT my thoughts. I am the observer and the thinker of the thoughts and I have the power to CHOOSE my thoughts…

What I realized was that if I were an employee (like most people) working 40 hours a week, daycare would be a MUST, so why wouldn’t I prioritize MY own business and frankly THE MILLIONS of people who need me to shine my light?

By “being” in the stress and overwhelm, I was giving myself permission to not show up as my best self and to hide from taking bold action… (do you do this too?)

After I got home and showered, I was fully in alignment and feeling great…

By mid-day I received 2 emails that had the potential for CHANGING MY LIFE 100% and making some of my wildest dreams come true!!! (It’s too early to share the details). <—THAT is the power of alignment!!

Next time you feel stress…

>> Ask yourself, what’s causing you to “spin” out of alignment and into fear, stress, worry, or anxiety? AND, can you leave the “being” stressed and BE happy instead?

>> Can you take ONE big deep breath and let go of all the crap for a second? A minute? A day?

>> Lastly, how is that overwhelm giving you permission to hide, play small, not take action, not make a sale, not ask the hard questions, not take a leap of faith, not….you tell me.

I hope sharing my story it gives just ONE person permission to shine a little brighter today. If that’s YOU, share in your Instastories and tag me @emilyaarons. I’d love to connect!


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PS – If you need help with getting OUT of overwhelm and into alignment, I highly recommend getting on the waitlist for Mastery & Ascension. We’ll be re-opening the doors this Fall!

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Simple Goal Setting Exercise!

Simple Goal Setting Exercise!

If you’re anything like my most successful clients, chances are you’re already planning out 2019.

If not, don’t worry, here are some super simple steps to goal setting!


What we’ve done inside The Phoenix Mentorship is look back at this past year, and see what worked and what didn’t.

Once you’ve seen the most successful areas of your business, then you can choose to incorporate them again THIS coming 2019, maybe you’re ready to scale it using Facebook Ads or affiliates…maybe you’ll just rinse and repeat!


Set a goal for finances. What do you want to make by the end of 2019? $50K, $100K, $500K, etc!

Now that you know at least one or two offers from last year that worked, plot them onto a dry-erase calendar. When you figure out your planning ahead of time, it gives you a much better opportunity to make a longer runway for success!

Next, plot new offers onto the calendar such as beta course launch, a new retreat, or a group program!

You can use very basic math to add up how much revenue you could potentially make, see if it’s close to hitting that big goal, then account for the margin of magic…not easy for most people!


Execute it all! LOL

Ok, that last part was a little joke…MOST entrepreneurs have these grandiose plans and SELDOM execute 100%!

Is that you? Have you…

– Planned for your first $10k month, but still only make $2k

– Go through a launch and only get one or two people to join a group program for 20

– Run a challenge, but don’t follow up with anyone during or after

I totally get it, that was me too BEFORE I knew how to run my business soulfully and TRUST my own instincts for how to grow in a way that actually felt awesome, and didn’t burn me the F out!

So here’s your private invitation from ME to get into Business Made Simple before I open the doors again… I’ll help you turn all of that misfortune around when you join!

  • Get access to my self-paced online course BMS and Bonus masterclasses
  • Get 8 weeks of LIVE group coaching with me
  • Get private Facebook group
  • Get group accountability with other like-minded female entrepreneurs




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Once we kick off the year together, your 2019 will be a record breaker!

>> As always, HIT REPLY if you’d like to ask me anything, I’m always happy to help!

Keep shining your light!


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