It’s a new moon and it almost feels like a new me has emerged!

Yesterday, I felt like a true phoenix rising from the ashes…

In the morning I was full of emotions and stress about the crazy expectations on me to be a mom, wife, AND a CEO! I found myself feeling heavy about putting my baby in daycare a couple days a week.

As a means to handle the stress, I went outside for a run with my dog to clear my mind and my energy of the overwhelming thoughts that were spinning…

…Remember, I am NOT my thoughts. I am the observer and the thinker of the thoughts and I have the power to CHOOSE my thoughts…

What I realized was that if I were an employee (like most people) working 40 hours a week, daycare would be a MUST, so why wouldn’t I prioritize MY own business and frankly THE MILLIONS of people who need me to shine my light?

By “being” in the stress and overwhelm, I was giving myself permission to not show up as my best self and to hide from taking bold action… (do you do this too?)

After I got home and showered, I was fully in alignment and feeling great…

By mid-day I received 2 emails that had the potential for CHANGING MY LIFE 100% and making some of my wildest dreams come true!!! (It’s too early to share the details). <—THAT is the power of alignment!!

Next time you feel stress…

>> Ask yourself, what’s causing you to “spin” out of alignment and into fear, stress, worry, or anxiety? AND, can you leave the “being” stressed and BE happy instead?

>> Can you take ONE big deep breath and let go of all the crap for a second? A minute? A day?

>> Lastly, how is that overwhelm giving you permission to hide, play small, not take action, not make a sale, not ask the hard questions, not take a leap of faith, not….you tell me.

I hope sharing my story it gives just ONE person permission to shine a little brighter today. If that’s YOU, share in your Instastories and tag me @emilyaarons. I’d love to connect!


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