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Activate Your Abundance Mindset!

Discover The 3 Elements Of A Profitable Spiritual Business So You Can:

  • Grow your business knowing you're on the right path.
  • Improve your intuition and feel confident attracting your soulmate clients.
  • Create a simple plan to stay focused on the next steps without wasting time overthinking.

💰 BONUS: All participants will get the money block clearing! ($197 value!)

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❌ There will NOT be anything to buy during this training. I'm not selling, just giving value!

Have you been trying to grow your spiritual business alone, and getting nowhere?

It's easy to get discouraged and criticize yourself, but the TRUTH is, you're only struggling because you've never been taught the elements of successful business building! 

I've known this frustration all too well, myself! 😤

🐿️ Everyday feels overwhelming, like a squirrel going in different directions.

🫠 You get easily shiny objects...and never complete what you started.

It seems like something is BLOCKING your success, because at least that would make sense.

All the while secretly comparing yourself to others online and questioning your calling to help others.

I spent 15 years desperately trying to earn more money as a healing practitioner before I finally figured out what I'd been doing wrong...

I've taken out the guesswork, I'll be sharing it in my BRAND NEW interactive training!

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The 3 Elements: The First Steps To Building Your Spiritual Business


Hone your craft and articulate it into a clear concise offer (so you don't confuse potential clients).


Organize a plan to attract more clients and money that feels aligned to your spiritual path.


Develop resiliency and confidence as you navigate the high's and lows of growing your business.

You deserve to feel...

️⭐️ WORTHY of doing what you love AND earning a great living!

️⭐️ CONFIDENT in your ability to help others!

️⭐️ INSPIRED to create offers that keep your soulmate clients coming back again and again!

Join me in Activate Your Abundance Mindset and take the first step towards growing your spiritual business.

You're In The RIGHT PLACE If You Are...

✅ STARTING A NEW CAREER: Considering leaving your job to become a healer or coach.

DEEPENING SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Would love to be able to trust your intuition more and understand how we heal.

GROWING AN EXISTING PRACTICE: Have multiple certifications but just not making the money you desire as a practitioner.

Your Future Is Getting BRIGHTER!

The path to prosperity for spiritual entrepreneurs is getting brighter, but you'll need a proven plan from someone who has successfully built a spiritual business and knows what it takes.


"Holy sh*t everything you just said hit home hard."

~ Sarah L.

"Thank you. You are always amazing!"

~Andrea R.

"Amazing session!

I definitely need the accountability!"

~ Paula H.

Hi, I’m Emily!

I'm a renowned energy healer, business coach, and leading educator to spiritual entrepreneurs.

With over two decades of experience blending spirituality and business, it's my mission is to help outstanding practitioners to build a successful and sustainable business.

Everything changed when I started relying on my intuition to help guide my business. It's helped me 10X my revenue, multiply my impact, and create sustainable income for my family.

My dedication to excellence is setting the gold standard for the healing and coaching industry, and treating business as a spiritual practice.

Join me in Activate Your Abundance Mindset and grow your spiritual business.

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