Vlog #5 What are Akashic records and how can I use them in my life?

Vlog #5 What are Akashic records and how can I use them in my life?

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Most of my life I’ve felt a little bit like an outcast, or just like I don’t quite fit in.

It was really exaggerated when I was 12 and moved cross country from Palo Alto, CA to Danvers, MA with my dad and brother.

I was not only going through puberty and feeling awkward in my own skin, but I moved to a new environment with people who dressed differently, talked differently, and certainly treated me like I didn’t belong.

Moving to a small town where all the kids knew each other since early childhood, it only made me stand out more. I felt myself crawling into my shell. I really didn’t feel comfortable to come “out’ until after high school when I went to massage school.

All throughout my 20’s I felt like I was searching for my special purpose. I wanted to know who I really was and why I was even here.

I’d always been drawn to healing work. In kindergarten I said I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up so I could help people! However, doing healing work in my 20’s, running my own wellness center eventually