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Vlog #5 What are Akashic records and how can I use them in my life?

Vlog #5 What are Akashic records and how can I use them in my life?

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WHEN: Saturday, June 9th at 10:00 AM EST
WHAT: LIVE Journey Into Your Soul Book with Emily Aarons
HOW: LIVE via Zoom conference. This will be recorded for you to access anytime.
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Most of my life I’ve felt a little bit like an outcast, or just like I don’t quite fit in.

It was really exaggerated when I was 12 and moved cross country from Palo Alto, CA to Danvers, MA with my dad and brother.

I was not only going through puberty and feeling awkward in my own skin, but I moved to a new environment with people who dressed differently, talked differently, and certainly treated me like I didn’t belong.

Moving to a small town where all the kids knew each other since early childhood, it only made me stand out more. I felt myself crawling into my shell. I really didn’t feel comfortable to come “out’ until after high school when I went to massage school.

All throughout my 20’s I felt like I was searching for my special purpose. I wanted to know who I really was and why I was even here.

I’d always been drawn to healing work. In kindergarten I said I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up so I could help people! However, doing healing work in my 20’s, running my own wellness center eventually

HOLY SH*T, A celebrity podcaster just interviewed me!!!!!

HOLY SH*T, A celebrity podcaster just interviewed me!!!!!

I had a MAJOR pinch-me moment when my mentor and friend James Wedmore text me to see if I’d like to be a guest on his podcast…I nearly died of excitement!

Lemme back up for a hot second…

For the last, oh, year and a half, I’ve been religiously listening to James’ podcast because he’s a perfect blend of the left-brained smarty pants and the right-brained WOOWOO. I’m one of those listeners that’s borderline stalky since I immediately follow all of his guests on social media. The Mind Your Business Podcast has had over 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS!!

He introduced me to some pretty incredible people including Kari Samuels (astrologer/numerologist), Lewis Howes (inspirational speaker/influencer/author), and Jim Fortin (celebrity mindset coach/NLP master).

To be invited as a podcast guest was definitely on my “wish list” but I honestly didn’t put my work at the same level as these giants…#lessonsIkeeplearning


I’d LOVE for you to tune into James’ podcast and please also check out the rest of this amazing week full of FREE CONTENT!!! (Plus a bonus surprise for you next week…so keep reading!)

In order of release date…

1. Join my LIVE MONEY BLOCK CLEARING & PHOENIX Q & A CALL – This has been my #1 most watched video to date and for good reason, it works! If you can’t join live, I highly recommend watching the replay.

SAVE THE DATE: (This) Thursday, April 5 at 12:00 PM EST


2. “HOW TO RAISE YOUR PRICES AS AN INTUITIVE OR A HEALER”– I’m a guest speaker on the Happiness Alchemy Podcast with my dear soul sister Tracy Gaudet.

Subscribe to Happiness Alchemy Podcast >> CLICK HERE!

RELEASE DATE: Friday, April 6.

3. “HOW TO USE YOUR INTUITION IN YOUR BUSINESS” – This is IT, my big debut on The Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore.

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 >> Remember when he was on MY page last October!?

4. ASTROLOGY BONUS!! Back by popular demand my good friend and business strategies and astrologer Kim Woods will be my guest to help us navigate the BIG astrological happening coming mid-April. Let’s get you ready for how to handle the next few months!!

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, April 13 at 9:30AM EST for a Facebook LIVE!


I’d love to hear from YOU! If you could spend a day with me, what would you want to know more about? HIT REPLY!

CHEERS to an awesome week together!!!


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A Sacred Money Lesson & How Our Ego Keeps Us Safe

A Sacred Money Lesson & How Our Ego Keeps Us Safe

Yesterday I was chatting with a new client and it sounded like she was hitting a wall of RESISTANCE…

Resistance can show up as many things: sickness, your back going out, anxiety, fear of lack, worry about spending money, etc…

I see this all the time BOTH internally (with myself as I grow) and externally through my clients…I’m excellent at helping others through it because there’s a giant pot of gold on the other side!!!

(Maybe not literally but there’s certainly more money!)

One thing she said to me while I was guiding her to go deeper to see where the belief about not having enough money started…

She told me “I dream all the time about hitting $20k months or more!!

So I said “close your eyes and ask: what’s stopping me from hitting it?” <<——You can play along too! REPLY let me know what came up!

As much as she wanted to DO THE WORK, her ego was being challenged big time!

She kindly said “I’ll have to meditate on it.”

Now, I’m a seasoned pro and I can spot an ego fighting back from miles away! I pushed her to close her eyes and ASK…

Suddenly it was abundantly clear!

She went on to say “because I’ve made bad decisions with money in the past…my dad made poor decisions…he told me no one would ever trust me…”

Inside I was like “YES! THIS IS THE WORK!!! You’re DOING IT!”

But as much as we identified the “block” and really the root, she wasn’t relieved, she seemed almost let down because this shit from her childhood was coming up again and she thought she “dealt with that already”!

We ALL go through this.

This woman is NOT alone in feeling this way, but it’s all part of ASCENSION.

When we’re committing to serving at a higher level, to raising our rates, to aspiring for more, for dreaming BIG, THIS SHIT WILL COME UP!

Think of it as a hurdle from the Universe…

You’re asking to make millions of dollars and to help heal the world, yet, you can’t seem to make progress…


Likely because you’re letting your ego keep you small and safe.

When the hurdle shows up (aka resistance) for you to PROVE IT.

– Put your money where you mouth is…

– BECOME the person who is changing peoples lives…even if it feels like you’re NOT PERFECT YET!


Your ego is just doing its job by reminding you how imperfect you are…

…how you don’t really deserve ALL of your dreams (or at least not for a few years or decades)…

…how others are already doing it

…how spending money on yourself is SELFISH

…when clients say they “can’t afford you” that you should lower your prices

…that you’re not making an impact so you should quit and get a real job


Our lesson is WE ARE ENOUGH.

Our lesson is WE DESERVE IT.


I’m saying this for me, for her, for all of us.

This is what MY TRIBE preaches, believes, and lives every single day…are you with me!?


Light workers BE the light.

Let your light be blinding.

Let your light be bold.

Let your light be crazy.

Let your light be unapologetically BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING.

Sending you love, yes Mercury is in retrograde, we might be feeling it, but we are ONE and never lose sight of your greatness.



P.S. I will be talking more about money and ego on Facebook LIVE at11:30am EST along with some Psychic Biz coaching. Make sure to join!

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From Sedona With Love

From Sedona With Love

I don’t typically write on a Saturday, but I honestly couldn’t wait to share this life-changing energy with you!

I just came back from Sedona where I spent 4 amazing days with the current members of The Phoenix Mentorship. This retreat was designed to be a close to our time together, but it ended up as an OPENING to something much bigger…

On the plane home, I did some automatic writing and what came out were these 10 lessons

They were intended for the retreat group, but I really feel like theres a message for us ALL and these short messages could really help change your life (and your business!)…

Now, these 10 lessons are a great start, but if you’re ready to go deeper and experience the pure energy of this Phoenix Mentorship group, I’m hosting a FREE Mastermind Call on Thursday, March 29th at 8:00PM ESTREGISTER INSTANTLY HERE!

10 Lessons From A Sedona Retreat:

1. SIT BACK, RELAX, AND ENJOY THE RIDE: “Passive mode” taught that we don’t have to be the star of the show all the time and by stepping back slightly, it allows others to shine and share their gifts.

2. PRIDE IN THE PACK: When looking around and seeing such individually amazing women who were looking to have a bigger impact and help others. The level of consciousness was undeniable.

3. WAVE YOUR FREAK FLAG: No fear or hesitation in speaking your truth. Considered “woo” of “different” we all add something to the collective energy and healing. The collective mindset is to heal and receive healing – each day multiple healing sessions were happening. It was glorious!

4. STRENGTH IN TEARS: Releasing and letting go of who we were and stepping into who we’re becoming. Recognizing the beauty and growth in others. Gratitude tears are real. Letting go of perfection and allowing for miracles – the reading by Steph and rap with Helena.
5.TEAM OF ANGELS: Pure alignment and trust helped the overall success of the event and the group. Adding in Steph and Lindsay were variables at the beginning but it always felt good! It wasn’t clear “why” until we were together. Trusting my gut has proved beyond helpful.
6. OPEN & HONEST: Being allowed and encouraged to speak our mind and not get shut down. The group is open-hearted, loving and deeply connected to being of service to each other for their growth and development.
7. VULNERABILITY: It’s what connects us. It’s what binds us. The power of story, experience, stupid choices, wrong turns, feelings of inadequacy actually bring us closer in spite of how fearful we are about being judged for these “flaws”.
8. ALWAYS THE TEACHER AND THE STUDENT: A leader doesn’t have to always be leading. In following and being open to feedback is also a lesson for me, but it’s a lesson for my tribe as well. Releasing the expectation of what I’m “supposed to” be.
9. WE’RE OBSESSED WITH BEING OF SERVICE: We don’t hold back our abilities. Being generous with explaining what we do or why we do it is second nature. It’s actually harder to NOT give to others – healing, coaching, advice, support, love, cheerleading, and a shoulder to cry on when needed. We’re generous givers and ask for nothing (or little) in return.
10. TOGETHER WE RISE FROM THE ASHES: Rising tides lifts all boats. We believe in the energy of the collective and any time one is “out” we stop, drop and put out a hand. We’re generous with sharing guidance and what works, but we will never allow you to be a victim. We take 100% responsibility for ourselves, our choices, and our work. The only one to blame or celebrate is us. It’s not easy blazing trails and when we fall we get up and soar.
“If you leave your growth to randomness you’ll always live in the land of mediocrity.” Brandon Bouchard

If you’re reading this you’re NOT mediocre and you’re destined for so much more…It’s YOUR time to rise from the ashes and be supported in ways you’ve only dreamed of!

For the first time ever, I’m giving you the chance to see what working with me and my FREE Mastermind Call on Thursday, March 29th at 8:00PM ESTREGISTER INSTANTLY HERE!



✵ A safe space to get help with your business through hot seats with ME and the group collective

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Have the best weekend EVER!!!


Love and light,


P.S. If you have any questions about this Mastermind Call or The Phoenix Mentorship, simply HIT REPLY! I’d love to chat.

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