Bust Through Being a Broke Energy Healer Challenge

I’ve been a healer for the past 20 years and for the majority of that time, I was what you would call a “broke healer”.

My methods for creating abundance had all the things you’re supposed to have and yet, it kept me on a broke hamster wheel that I just could not get off of!

I priced myself like the competition.

I made a bunch of different offerings, offered discounts to free events, did freebies that led to special offers, gave coupons… you freaking name it and I was doing it.

My brokenness was not from a lack of effort or a lack of trying.
I struggled so darkly, so deeply that I just didn’t even want to tell people about it.

Then four years ago something happened that changed everything for me. And It happened in my darkest moment.

It’s so important you shine your light so others can shine theirs too. You just can’t shine very brightly if you’re stuck in financial struggle.

You have to commit to a different story.

This is why I really want you to listen to this week’s podcast and consider my $1k challenge to you.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • Throw out everyone else’s marketing plan and listen to your own intuition.
  • What to do about imposter syndrome crap that can run amuck inside your head.
  • People who have success have the exact same fear as you, if not more.
  • The action of doing allows you to create the confidence behind it.
  • You have to get yourself on the field and get yourself out there if you want the big breakthroughs.
  • There are people in your sphere who are desperate to get your help, they are waiting for you!
  • What cracked me out of who I was being (broke!).
  • The thing to say every night before bed.
  • The $1k challenge, should you choose to accept.
Shareable Quotes:
  • “Throw out everyone else’s marketing plan and listen to your own intuition”. Emily Aarons
  • “There are gifts that are locked up and held hostage inside you because you’re too terrified”. ” Emily Aarons
  • “Stop choosing your broke story”. Emily Aarons
  • “Stop committing to being a broke person and commit to being an abundant person instead”. Emily Aarons
  • “It’s your time”. Emily Aarons
Resources to take you deeper:

About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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