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Vlog #2 What to do when the universe pushes back

Vlog #2 What to do when the universe pushes back

Hey there gorgeous!
As you know, I’m definitely NOT one to complain but for the last 10 days my physical body has felt like hot death.

I seldom get sick, and girl, this was like the relentless flu from hell!

I just created THIS VIDEO BLOG to talk about how to handle when the Universe pushes back on your plans!

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to leave a comment!

P.S. If you feel like watching here’s the link to Vlog #1: The power of your light, here ya go!

Vlog #1 The Power of Your Light

Vlog #1 The Power of Your Light

This morning in meditation, I felt a strong “nudge” to do a video blog (aka Vlog) – my guides basically sat me down and had me pull a card, feel the energy, and give a message.

Maybe you wanna know “will this be a new “thing” you do?”

I don’t know.

What I DO know, is that I was called to take inspired action and I did.

There’s something special about just doing it and not feeling weighed down by “what’s next”, or “does this mean I HAVE to do this every week?”, or “someone else is already doing this”….

I nearly did the video in my jammies with a shadow of yesterday’s mascara under my eyes…

I showered since my weekly Phoenix Mentorship call was coming up!

My intention was simple, as always, be the light so that others can shine their light too. If this Vlog helps inspire ONE person, it was worth it!

My gift to you, VLOG #1: THE POWER OF YOUR LIGHT

Please feel free to leave a comment on the page or hit REPLY and let me know if this resonates with ya!


All my love,

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