How to tune out negative self-talk

How to tune out negative self-talk

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how “spiritual” you are, we all get that inner voice that says the worst stuff to us!

This voice is better known as our EGO…although, I sometimes call it the “asshole in our head”, funny but true, right!?

Having suffered with depression on and off during my early 20’s and into my 30’s, I know this all too well. As soon as I’d have an idea for how to build up my business, stand up for myself in an unhealthy relationship, or simply just take better care of myself, that voice would sweep in and sabotage me every single time.

I’ve had clients who are just starting their meditation practice, and that dang a$$#ole comes right back!


I’m glad you asked!

The short answer is ignore it and keep practicing meditation anyway. Sometime’s I actually find myself saying “NO THANK YOU” out loud or changing my physical environment to shift the energy and to stop the mind chatter!

The ego has a job to do, which is to keep you small and safe. (Think helpless puppy, aww!)

This is great most of the time, but if you’re really looking to grow emotionally, spiritually, or financially, your ego will come up to sabotage you.

Please remember this is NORMAL and it’s to be expected.

Now that you know what it is, you can prepare yourself ahead of time.

Start to recognize that all the “negative self-talk” are simply stories your ego is feeding you so that you quit growing. Take it as a sign that you’re ready to expand and you can make the CHOICE to not listen to your ego’s commentary or demands.

You always have a choice.​​

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Light-headed, dizzy, or just feeling weird post-meditation? I’ve got a solution!

Light-headed, dizzy, or just feeling weird post-meditation? I’ve got a solution!

Happy Monday!

Something I get asked all the time is in regards to feeling light-headed, dizzy, or just spacey either going into meditation, while meditating, or coming out.

I have a very simple answer for WHY this is happening and a SIMPLE SOLUTION to help you out of that wonky head space!

WHY THIS HAPPENS: Typically the main reason why you’re getting a bit light-headed is because you’re beginning to tap into a higher vibration of energy (go you!). The higher you go, the less you’re energetically in your body. Don’t get freaked out, it’s nothing to be scared of.

Accessing higher frequencies is something that many people never get to experience. It means you’ve relaxed enough and allowed your energy system to expand. THIS is also where we allow deep levels of healing into our mind, body, and spirit! (go you again!)

When you’re meditating using one of my guided meditations from Mastery & Ascension, you’ll be opening up to a high frequency because they’re all channeled directly from source in addition, I’m adding energy healing, something you’ll ONLY FIND working with me!

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what Mastery & Ascension members are saying…

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Simply put, come out of your meditation sloooowly and ground yourself. If you’re being guided, and it’s going to fast, just hit pause, and go at your own pace. Take some nice long breaths and come back into your physical body but engaging muscles. Once you’re fully back, eyes open, have some water and go outside. Walking barefoot can really help you ground.

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This is INTENTIONAL MEDITATION, not just deep breathing to achieve the elusive “blank screen”!

I hope these tips helped, if you have more questions about how to meditate or you’re feeling like you’re doing it wrong, COMMENT BELOW, and let me know how I can help!



From Sedona With Love

From Sedona With Love

I don’t typically write on a Saturday, but I honestly couldn’t wait to share this life-changing energy with you!

I just came back from Sedona where I spent 4 amazing days with the current members of The Phoenix Mentorship. This retreat was designed to be a close to our time together, but it ended up as an OPENING to something much bigger…

On the plane home, I did some automatic writing and what came out were these 10 lessons

They were intended for the retreat group, but I really feel like theres a message for us ALL and these short messages could really help change your life (and your business!)…

Now, these 10 lessons are a great start, but if you’re ready to go deeper and experience the pure energy of this Phoenix Mentorship group, I’m hosting a FREE Mastermind Call on Thursday, March 29th at 8:00PM ESTREGISTER INSTANTLY HERE!

10 Lessons From A Sedona Retreat:

1. SIT BACK, RELAX, AND ENJOY THE RIDE: “Passive mode” taught that we don’t have to be the star of the show all the time and by stepping back slightly, it allows others to shine and share their gifts.

2. PRIDE IN THE PACK: When looking around and seeing such individually amazing women who were looking to have a bigger impact and help others. The level of consciousness was undeniable.

3. WAVE YOUR FREAK FLAG: No fear or hesitation in speaking your truth. Considered “woo” of “different” we all add something to the collective energy and healing. The collective mindset is to heal and receive healing – each day multiple healing sessions were happening. It was glorious!

4. STRENGTH IN TEARS: Releasing and letting go of who we were and stepping into who we’re becoming. Recognizing the beauty and growth in others. Gratitude tears are real. Letting go of perfection and allowing for miracles – the reading by Steph and rap with Helena.
5.TEAM OF ANGELS: Pure alignment and trust helped the overall success of the event and the group. Adding in Steph and Lindsay were variables at the beginning but it always felt good! It wasn’t clear “why” until we were together. Trusting my gut has proved beyond helpful.
6. OPEN & HONEST: Being allowed and encouraged to speak our mind and not get shut down. The group is open-hearted, loving and deeply connected to being of service to each other for their growth and development.
7. VULNERABILITY: It’s what connects us. It’s what binds us. The power of story, experience, stupid choices, wrong turns, feelings of inadequacy actually bring us closer in spite of how fearful we are about being judged for these “flaws”.
8. ALWAYS THE TEACHER AND THE STUDENT: A leader doesn’t have to always be leading. In following and being open to feedback is also a lesson for me, but it’s a lesson for my tribe as well. Releasing the expectation of what I’m “supposed to” be.
9. WE’RE OBSESSED WITH BEING OF SERVICE: We don’t hold back our abilities. Being generous with explaining what we do or why we do it is second nature. It’s actually harder to NOT give to others – healing, coaching, advice, support, love, cheerleading, and a shoulder to cry on when needed. We’re generous givers and ask for nothing (or little) in return.
10. TOGETHER WE RISE FROM THE ASHES: Rising tides lifts all boats. We believe in the energy of the collective and any time one is “out” we stop, drop and put out a hand. We’re generous with sharing guidance and what works, but we will never allow you to be a victim. We take 100% responsibility for ourselves, our choices, and our work. The only one to blame or celebrate is us. It’s not easy blazing trails and when we fall we get up and soar.
“If you leave your growth to randomness you’ll always live in the land of mediocrity.” Brandon Bouchard

If you’re reading this you’re NOT mediocre and you’re destined for so much more…It’s YOUR time to rise from the ashes and be supported in ways you’ve only dreamed of!

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Love and light,


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Am I on the RIGHT path?

Am I on the RIGHT path?

​Call me a sap, but it makes me well up a bit when I think of how grateful I am to get to do what I love.

Just this morning, my husband was upset that he has a job that’s not his passion…

He’s not alone!

So many people feel unhappy and unfulfilled with their J.O.B. (just over broke).

Just last week Dawn asked “How did you know you were on the right path? Where does that information come from? Why do some people get clarification and those that really want it never seem to get it?”

If you don’t mind, I’d love to answer ALL of Dawn’s Q’s but let me explain ONE thing…


Allow me to further explain…

Q1: How did you know you were on the right path?

A: I didn’t (insert gasp gif). No, seriously. I had no clue. I’d been doing energy work and massage for 15 years saying to myself “I just KNOW I’m meant to do more, to make more money, and to help more people.” The only problem, was I never realized it meant I needed to BE more than who I was at the time. I needed to serve at my highest level and open up to receive the Universal “bread crumbs”. I was spread so thin teaching yoga, doing massage treatments, and worrying about money!

The #1 thing that shifted in me to allow me to start making more of an impact was when I started playing with ways to GIVE more than I got. I used Facebook LIVE to GIVE readings, to channel, to just share wisdom, and to offer meditations and clearings. GIVE to your community, even if its just your immediate friends and family! (Simple math: Give + give + give + give + give = Get $!)

Once I began to GIVE so much, people started asking me if they could work with me deeper. It turned out, MOST of these people were female entrepreneurs…alas I found my niche and how I all I wanted to do was serve them at my highest level.

Q2: Where does that information come from?

A: Imagine I told you to drive cross-country right NOW. All you’d really need to know how to do is punch in the address into your GPS! You wouldn’t say to be “but HOWWWW?” You’d start up the ignition with a smile on your face and hit the road! You don’t need to know exactly what roads you’re going to drive, until you’re there! If the sun goes down, you’ll use your headlights! You don’t need to see the entire road, just what’s in front of you.

Is this making sense? Do you get my analogy?

Let me spell it out for ya, simply waking up alive and connecting with the Universe/God/Your guides (aka your GPS) and TRUSTING that you’re on the right path, and if there’s a detour you’ll be re-routed! You’re never “off” your path.

You’re the co-creator of your life.

My tip? Each and every day, ask your guides and the Universe: HOW CAN I SERVE AT MY HIGHEST LEVEL TODAY?

Q3: Why do some people get clarification and those that really want it never seem to get it?

A: You ever go car shopping, then after you leave the dealership all you see on the road is THAT car? If your mindset is “I never know if I’m on my path” you’ll be right. If your mindset is “I trust that each and every day I’m serving my highest purpose on my path” you’ll be right again! So which one do you want?

(Side note/joke from my guides…last week I had to get up in the middle of the night to take care of my son, and while I was trying to fall back to sleep my guides gave me this gem….”Whether you think you will, or you think you won’t, you’ll be right. Unless it’s a fart, then you always will.”)  LOL

If you’re a lightworker and you’re interested in learning how to fully step into your alignment and serve, ON YOUR PATH, grab my #1 meditation ATTRACTING SOULMATE CLIENTS WITH EASE! 

This meditation connects you on an energetic level to your ideal clients and also allows you to feel gratitude for this bond…”it’s pure magic!”

Hope you enjoyed this Q&A Blog! Please let me know what you think in the comments below! Would you like to see me answering MORE questions like this in the future?

All my love,



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Psychic Biz Coaching & Social Strategy

Psychic Biz Coaching & Social Strategy

Psychic Biz Coaching & Social Strategy

???? Psychic Biz Coaching & Social Strategy ????

Deb & I served up some serious Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy this morning!! [Tons of FREE Coaching]

We’re here to help you with All the Shiz in your Biz! If you’ve watched us before you know this is what we do best!

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