Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy Part 2

Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy Part 2

Deb Laflamme and I want to help you uplevel your shiz for your biz!

Maybe you struggle with knowing what you offer and how to use social media to get it out to the RIGHT audience – your dream client – we can help your biz grow – we can help you!
We had an amazing response during our FB Live today! Totally worth watching the replay!!
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Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy

Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy

Join us for an AWESOME collaboration with Deb Laflamme of For The Love Of Your Biz!

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Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy

I remember feeling like a loser and an outcast…crying my eyes out

When I was 12 years old I moved 3,000 miles away from my home in Palo Alto, California to a very small town North of Boston with my Dad and older brother. I felt more alone and isolated than ever in my life…also I was FREAKING 12~ basically the worst year of ANYONE’S life entering adolescence.

I managed to create a $400 phone bill for my dad because I was calling my friends almost daily to give myself a break from balling my eyes out.

  • I had no friends
  • I was growing boobs (sounds great, but it was actually embarrassing)
  • My father was always at work and never home
  • I was without a parent, family, or even an adult mentor, since my mom and I didn’t speak then (now she’s my BFF)
  • I was called horrific names in school by the (jealous) girls because of my body
  • I also started questioning my purpose in life and what I was meant to do…also it’s where my interest in alternative healing started…

I honestly didn’t even come back out of my shell until after high school when I attended Massage School. During the time, I learned about energy work. It was like the crazy shit in my life started to make sense all of a sudden. I also felt like I had a TRIBE where I belonged.

Fast forward about 17 years and NOW I’m more ME than I’ve ever been in my life. I realize HOW IMPORTANT it is to feel like I BELONG. I realize I need to feel like I’m part of a COMMUNITY of like-minded people. I can’t waste my time and energy on people who “don’t get me”.

Have I struggled to fit in?…YES

Have I felt like a loser?…..YES

Do I still get worried if people will like me?…NO, BIG FAT NO!….here’s why…

Something over the last year has shifted PROFOUNDLY in me. I don’t care about what everyone is thinking about me because I know that it doesn’t matter. I’ve managed to release my emotional blocks so that I can step into my power and serve.

I also know that I’m here to ATTRACT MY TRIBE, and by default, repulse people who aren’t my people.


My mindset and energy has transformed….

…towards money, success, healing, being openly OUT as a HEALER, a psychic, a business coach, and as a LEADER…

….guess what?

NOW, I’m serving at a higher level, making more money, helping more people than ever before.

If you’d like to learn more about HOW YOU CAN SHIFT YOUR MINDSET AND ENERGY I’d LOVE to teach you.

I only have 3 spots available for my 6-Week Soul Book VIP Program and the offer ends tomorrow, FRIDAY.

You can join for as little as $74 per week and I guarantee it will change your life and your business. CLICK HERE TO JOIN!


You’re here for a reason, and you have a special gift. It’s time to quit struggling so much and get yourself UN-STUCK and on the road to creating the life and business of your dreams!



P.S. If you’d like to chat more about how to go from STUCK to scaling your business in 6-months or less…hit reply. We can set up a time to talk about my upcoming Mentorship Program starting in September.

Psychic Biz Coaching + Social Media Strategy

Balance is Bullshit.

I was just on FB Live channeling messages and something came up that I REEEEEALLY want to address…BALANCE.

Danielle asked me this fabulous question…”While building my new business and striving for success, how do I continue give my 100% to my family and girls…and to myself. How do I balance?”

As a Mom-preneur I can totally relate to this question and I know you can too…


In my reality, there are 24-hours in a day. There is NO WAY IN HELL I can be 100% of anything to anyone anytime! (Wow I’m exhausted just typing that!)

Let me break it down further and explain how this works…Danielle broke it down perfectly! There are 4 components in her life that she wishes to “balance” and they are:

– Build a new business

– Strive for success

– Family and kids


Guess which one of these CAME LAST?…GO AHEAD look at her quote! I can’t make this shit up!

I’m guilty too! Just because I tell women how to take care of themselves first doesn’t mean I’ve perfected it. Hellooooo #momguilt

Just last week I went to see my girlfriend Courtney Little of NWHS for a nutrition consult. I’m a healthy girl, but I want to be my BEST so I can serve at my highest level every day! That girl is SO SMART and you know what she kept saying to me?!

“Put your oxygen mask on first, then help others.” I kept listening to her advice for my nutrition plan, and instead I said, “oh this can help my husband!” “oh, that can help my son!”…NO NO NOOOOOO.

Ok, where was I?! Right, that whole balance crap. There is NO way to make everything in life just “so”…it’s called time management and self-care.

My advice to Danielle was… (you can watch around the 26:00 mark)

First off balance is an illusion BUT you can choose to delegate what you choose to focus on that day or that hour. Write down the things that are ESSENTIAL for your self-care FIRST!

  • pedicure
  • girlfriend dates
  • A DAY OFF…because you can’t do all of these things all the time (and be happy!)

What will it look like if Danielle keeps doing what she’s doing?

The problem is that everything…EVERYTHING comes before her own self-love and self-care. (Come to think of it, that’s probably why we are paid less too- we don’t value ourself enough!)

If Danielle continues to put off self-care this is what it will look like down the road in the not-so-distant-future…She’ll be…

  • Over-stressed and exhausted
  • Crying over petty stuff
  • Comparing herself to everyone else who has “BALANCE”
  • Pissed off easily at her spouse
  • Snapping at her kids for the little stuff, just because she’s at the end of her rope
  • Upset with herself for her failing business
  • Unable to notice new clients because she’s in a total brain fog
  • Resentful of all the other moms who “do it all with a smile” while she slips deeper into depression


She needs a break, and so do you. I’ve created a way out, a break, and the space to get deep healing and clarity.

The Rustic Sisterhood Sleepover has 3 spaces left. This isn’t for everyone, but it may be exactly what YOU NEED.

I KNOW money is tight.

I KNOW it’s tough to be away from your family and responsibilities.

I also KNOW what would happen if you keep saying “no” to your own self-care, and I don’t want you to suffer anymore.

Whether you’re interested in joining or getting more info, maybe just someone to listen. Let’s talk.

Simply email me and tell me what you need.



Love IS in the air!

Love IS in the air!

Love IS in the air!

February is so annoying, right!? All about Valentine’s Day…a holiday I do NOT observe! If you’re in a relationship, you suddenly have ridiculous expectations to do SOMETHING romantic and spend money to prove your love and affection. If you’re not in a relationship, it can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety…or worse…make you think something is wrong with you! EWWWW NO THANKS!

This month in my private Meditation Group, we’re focusing on DEEPER CONNECTIONS, self-love, and the REAL definition of soulmates. Here’s a hint…soulmates aren’t just your romantic partner!

Soulmates by definition, are “mates” or friends that you’ve agreed to travel through lifetimes together with! Before you incarnated into a human, you were just a beautiful soul. You chose to enter into a human life to learn specific lessons so that you could evolve to the next level. The ironic part, is that when we actually showed up here on earth in this body, we were given our first gift…WE FORGOT WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR!

Isn’t it funny how EVERYONE is obsessed with finding their “life’s purpose”?!! We all want to know…because we forgot!

We have plenty of “soulmates” that show up as friends, family, co-workers, even that asshole that cut you off the other day!! We actually CHOSE them and the lesson they bring us. (Annoying right!?)

I always joke that Andrew, my husband, is one of my best teachers. He’s able to teach me all kinds of things. SOMEWHERE along my spiritual journey, I asked to uncover parts of me that have been in hiding or dormant. What Andrew does best is to help me live up to my potential! He helps me to not back down from who I am inside. To stand up for myself and my work. I’ve been in relationships where that wasn’t the case and I got lost “trying” to be something to someone else, not REALLY true to me. I realized (through divorce) I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t hide who I was just to make it easier for someone to love me! That makes NO SENSE! If I wasn’t really ME, then they were in love with someone else anyway…no logic! I swear, at the time it make perfect sense!!

I want to give you a gift, it’s not chocolate or roses, its a deeper connection with YOU. That part of you that’s inside, screaming (or whispering!) to get out. 

For a limited time, I’m offering you a chance to go deeper. To get answers that will get you clarity in your life and your business.

I’m extending my Soul Book Editing & Energy Sessions Introductory for 5 more sessions. This is the fastest way to get that answer you’ve needed and to move forward.

If this is calling your name, I won’t be offering it at this price much longer and SPACE IS LIMITED!  The price will increase because the transformation is POWERFUL. It’s not like anything else I’ve offered!

All my love,