Easy Ways To Boost Your Business Using Crystals

Easy Ways To Boost Your Business Using Crystals

Easy Ways To Boost Your Business Using Crystals

Unlock the mystique of crystals and bedazzle your business with the unique energy they provide!

This special episode promises to teach you the magic of incorporating crystals like Selenite, Smoky Quartz, and Fluorite into your business. Each crystal contains its own distinct properties such as enhancing communication, diminishing stress, as well as boosting focus and energy.

During this episode, I share some of my personal secrets on using crystals for business success. I talk about how to program crystals, harness the power of crystal grids, and meditate to tap into the energy of your crystal. Plus, there’s a bonus PDF shopping guide to help you source the best crystals and make the most of them!

Break away from restricting norms and let your spiritual side shine in your business persona.

Are you ready to infuse your business with a dose of magic and mysticism? Let’s begin!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [0:02:47] The Power of Crystals
  • [0:12:54] Crystals for Protection and Healing

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Welcome to the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast. I am your host, Emily Aarons, and this is the Spiritual Startup Series. So if you are a new entrepreneur or maybe you are still in corporate doing a little side hustle, or even if you’ve been an entrepreneur for a little while, I’m going to share five incredible episodes that are going to help you to use your intuition to build your confidence and ultimately to build a life and a business that you love.

So this week’s episode, I am focusing on crystals! – one of your favorite topics and definitely one of mine. So this is definitely more of a visual podcast. So for those of you who are just listening to this episode, I would definitely invite you over to my YouTube channel. So go to emilyaarons.com/youtube and watch this video. We will obviously share it in the podcast show notes, we’ll put a link to this video of course, if you are out walking, and you are listening, I want to watch it later.

Plus we are going to have a supplemental PDF. It’s going to have a shopping guide, where to find the best crystals, how to clear them, how to use them in your business. Some also like little secret of things I like to do with my crystals. That sounded bad, but it’s not.

Anyway. So let’s get into this week’s topic about how to use crystals in your business. So first and foremost, crystals are awesome. You know it and I know it. If you’re somebody who is new to using crystals, let’s start from the top. So basically, I like to use crystals for a number of reasons. One of the best things that you can do if you’re new to using crystals is have them around your house to, you know, add to the environment.

One of my favorite crystals I’m going to show on this video is Selenite. So this Selenite wand, you know, usually comes in these kind of like wands and they have these little lines on them. They’re very they tend to be kind of smallish, but there’s obviously all sorts of different sizes and shapes. Some are polish, some are rough. You can find them just about anywhere. But what I love about Selenite, and especially for business owners, is that Selenite helps with communication as well as clearing energy.

Selenite can also clear the energy of other crystals if you put it near it. So what I love about Selenite is I always have it near my desk. It helps with communication, it helps with that clarity. It’s a great one to have. If you don’t know anything about crystals, get some selenite.

But I also like crystals for other things. They obviously they boost my mood. They can help me to hold my intention, whether it’s for me personally, whether it’s on my body, whether I stick them in my bra or my pocket. And they also can set an intention for programs or offerings so that you don’t have to constantly be keeping your programs on your mind. You can set your intention and create even a crystal grid.

So I’m going to share some of my favorite crystals and sort of why they’re my favorite crystals. So I’m kind of going to just go randomly. So let’s say, yeah, let’s do this one first. So this one is a Smoky Quartz, it’s a cluster. And I actually bought this and No – I didn’t buy it, I got it as a gift. I take that back. I got this one as a gift. I did buy another pyramid-shaped smoky quartz. And I keep this on my husband’s bedside table.

So Smoky Quartz is great for letting go of stuff, and clearing the energy. And also, just before I keep getting into other crystals, let me just preface this and say I am not a certified crystal worker or whatever the certifications look like. I have definitely read a number of books about crystals. I talk about crystals in my Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training a lot more in-depth, but this is more of like my personal view.

So if you’re one of those people who’s like, wanting to fact-check me, please, by all means, you’re welcome to look up the actual intention and meaning behind these crystals for yourself. And if what I’m sharing doesn’t resonate with you or doesn’t match a description you find on the Internet, please don’t come screaming at me. This is just my personal view and how I use them.

The other thing I want to invite you to do is have an open mind. Whether you’ve been using crystals for a while and you’re like, I already know what Smoky Quartz is for Emily, I don’t really need to hear about it. Maybe this is a new way that you could use crystals that you’ve never thought about. And I will provide a little bit more of like a meditation at the end of this episode so that you can start to channel energy from crystals to, so back to Smoky Quartz.

I really like this. It helps if you think about, like, letting go of the stressors of the day. That’s why I keep it on my husband’s bedside table, because sometimes he gets a little stress and it’s hard for him to let it go. So that’s why I use it for him. For me, in my business, I love smoky quartz, especially in a grid. If I’m making a grid for myself or for clients or for a program. I love Smoky Quartz because I feel like it’s easily programable. It’s given that intention of like, letting go of what doesn’t serve. So that’s what I love Smoky Quartz for.

This one right here, this is fluorite. So this is a heart-shaped, polished fluorite. It has really cool gray and teal, green and purple. Obviously, it’s really pretty. I love using fluorite in grids. I also love putting fluorite on my desk so when I’m working, it helps me to feel more focused, more aligned, more energetically charged.

I tend to feel like when I’m with fluoride, it’s like I’m more intellectual even. Now listen, you can probably look up the meaning of fluorite in going to say intuitive and sensitive and blah blah blah.

For me, this is how I feel around fluorite and I like using fluorite, like I said, and I mentioned grids a couple of times. So again, I will put in the PDF that you can download with this episode, sort of like a rough layout of what a grid might look like for you for a program.

All-time like classic favorite is a clear quartz and I am a trained polarity therapist, registered polarity practitioner, and advanced energy practitioner. And when I used to see clients in person, I had clear quartz crystals that I would place over their seven main chakras. And I also had one that’s actually over here, a bigger size that I would use to clear the space and to set my intention and moving the energy for clients in session.

That’s kind of why I love clear because it is like a magnifier. You can put it on an area to open up the energy to let things go. It’s easily programable, you know, different clear quartz have colors to them sometimes, and I find myself drawn to usually ones that you can kind of see through. This is unpolished. This is a rough sort of natural form and that’s why I’m really drawn to it.

Alternatively, this one is called a Lemurian Quartz. And from the video you can maybe see it has these little striations here, these little stripes along the side. And it’s been said, like when I first got this, I was really drawn to it and it’s been said to help clear past life karma. When you touch these little lines. I do find that when I’m doing a lot of Akashic work, I tend to be drawn towards this crystal.

And one of the things that I teach to my students, the Integrated Energy Alignment Students, is about how to use crystals in their practice. And also when you are drawn to a crystal for a client, what does that mean and how do you work with that? So, you know, my students are trained to channel even before their session starts.

So let’s say they’re channeling and they’re really drawn towards lemurian quartz that might automatically signal part of their brain to say, Oh, you know what, we might be working on some past life stuff today. We might be looking into the Akashic Records today because this crystal is the one that wanted to work with me. Okay?

We all know it,  we all know it. we all love it. It’s rose quartz. This is a nice, giant, unpolished rose quartz. This is a little one. You know what the size is what it is. But I love rose quartz. I tend to use this that resonates with heart. With your heart chakra with love, unconditional love. And again, whether you’re putting in a grid, you’re using it on yourself, you’re putting it on your desk, It really brings this loving energy. So let’s just say, for example, you are writing sales emails. Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a rose quartz so that you can bring more love and compassion to the words that you’re writing? It’s a really nice crystal for that.

And then Black Tourmaline, this is like another classic. Black tourmaline is great for protection. So let’s say you’re doing Instagram live, Facebook live, and who knows there’s going to be on there. Anybody on the Internet can open up your livestream and this is really great for protection. You think of it kind of it looks a little bit like coal. It’s very porous and you can think of similar to kind of like smoky quartz, but like even more so to rid any negative, harmful or unwanted energies from your field. This is a great one sometimes. I’ll even meditate with this before I start my work day, just to kind of let go of anything that doesn’t serve me so I can be fresh, clean and clear to start my workday.

And then we have amethyst. So these are all crystals so far that you’re probably familiar with. Amethyst is really great for healing. And so sometimes what I do, whether I’m writing an email, going on a live, maybe I’m interviewing somebody for my podcast or being interviewed, sometimes just holding on to an amethyst for security, for confidence, for helping me to heal many any like traumatized or wounded aspects of myself so I can show up pure and open.

This particular amethyst is a rough kind of uncut one. I do have a very small amethyst crystal that is polished and I love it. It’s very powerful. And I always program that crystal before I’m going to conferences or I’m going to speak on stages. I program it to hold my energy, my intention to be clear aligned and balanced, and to be the clearest conduit to provide information that is at the most truthful vibration, and that is helping people raise their consciousness with harm to none.

So I’ll program that crystal and help me to hold my container, and I like to slip it underneath my in underneath my boob, like in my bra. Sometimes I’ll put it in my pocket, but typically I’ll put it in my bra. And the reason why is because it’s an easy place for me that I don’t touch or fiddle with. When it’s in my pocket. I’ll probably like touch it and fiddle with it. What I notice when I wear polished crystals with a programmed intention is that I have better energy.

And so for folks who are really highly sensitive, the way that I am being in big crowds or conferences or speaking or just being out, lots of people in general can be sometimes overwhelming for my system, maybe for your system too. Having a crystal that you’ve programmed to hold your highest intentions and to hold your energetic container clear aligned and balanced is great. And so when you have that on you, it’s doing the work for you all the time. You don’t have to think about it and be like, Oh God, I got to clear myself again. I’m interacting with that person and it’s like, really got negative energy. Your crystal is already doing that for you.

So what I find is that if I weren’t using a programmed crystal before those kinds of events, I would feel really tired, maybe lethargic, drained, and just not interested in continuing to do these events. I’d have to like drag myself there the next day. But when I wear a crystal, I feel really good and I feel very balanced. Not like hyperactive, not super low, but like a nice middle. So I would definitely recommend it. Even if you’re doing virtual summits or virtual speaking events, having a crystal in your pocket or in your bra or in your lap is a really awesome tool to use. And it’s like a little secret weapon.

I also have one that’s a Danburite Crystal, and I feel like the Danburite Crystal. I don’t have it with me here. I think it’s actually my car. I feel like that helps me to access higher realms, spiritual realms, higher levels of intuition and using that crystal. When I’m wearing that, I feel not only am I energetically protected, but I also like extra charged and more intuitive and more in touch and more open. So these different crystals can help in different ways. I believe this is called the pit of light here.

This is a purple crystal and I bought this one at a period of time when I was having a lot of anxiety and stress in my business. Sales weren’t coming in the way that I was hoping. I was making huge changes and pivots, and I felt like I needed that, like rock, that security that would help me through that rough time. And I know for folks listening, you know, obviously, you know, your mental health is really important. And so there is lots of different ways that you can treat your mental health crystals is definitely been helpful for me, amongst many other rituals and practices that I do on a daily basis to help with my health, my well-being and all sorts of different things.

So again, I’m going to be sharing you with you a PDF shopping list that’s in the downloads. I’ll share all these crystals. I’ll even show you how to make a crystal grid for a program or a service if you’re interested in learning more about crystals. Of course, I have a really fun workshop that you can take. We’ll have all that linked in this podcast in the show notes. And next episode is all going to be around using pendulums in your business. So we’re going to be talking about pendulums.

We’re going to be talking about Oracle cards in these next series and obviously how to come out of your spiritual closet, because a lot of folks who follow me, maybe you have like a couple crystals, but it’s like on the DL and like, nobody knows about it. I’m going to share how I’ve come out of my spiritual closet and maybe some tips for you. And then we’ll also be closing on how to brand yourself using your intuition.

So again, this is part of the Spiritual Startup Series. I’m Emily Aarons. If you enjoyed this week’s episode, please leave me a five star review over on iTunes. Share this episode with a friend. Leave a comment. Let me know what was your favorite part? Was there any like A-H-A moments? And of course, grab that PDF shopping guide and download over on the website. Thanks again for being here. We’ll see you on the next episode.

For More Information About Crystals:

In my Intro To Crystals Course, you’ll learn the unique properties of various crystals and how they can enhance your communication, reduce stress, and boost focus and energy in your business. You’ll discover how to create crystal grids, program them, and meditate to tap into their energy.

The bonus is you’ll also get access to my Journey Into Your Soul workshop on Akashic Records.
Best of all, it’s ONLY $22 for both!

About Emily

Emily Aarons is a highly sought-after intuitive healer and business coach for coaches, healers, and leaders. She’s best known for clearing the energy to guide her clients out of survival mode and unlocking alignment, abundance, and exponential growth in their business. With over two decades of experience, Emily has honed her healing skills to create the first and only energy-based certification with a profit guarantee; the Integrated Energy Alignment training.

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3 Common Mistakes That Are Blocking Your Intuition

3 Common Mistakes That Are Blocking Your Intuition

3 Common Mistakes That Are Blocking Your Intuition

For the past several months I’ve been noticing a few common mistakes happening that can block your intuition – ones that are easy to fix!

These mistakes aren’t just happening to people who are new to listening to their intuitive guidance, it’s happening to people experienced with this too.

To be honest, it’s hard to be in the world right now, with all we’ve experienced over the past few years, and not have it impact your energy system and your ability to access your intuition… and if your intuition is blocked, it affects the impact you’re here to make.

The good news is you can become more confident in your intuition with just a few small changes and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
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  • [3.42] If you keep the thoughts, you won’t be able to make the impact that you’re here to make.
  • [4.03] Why you should celebrate when your ego is showing up.
  • [5.16] What hustle energy and working harder does to your intuition.
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  • [11.02] The trending reason for your intuition being blocked.
  • [12.33] Ways to overcome the heavy energy of the collective right now.
  • [14.22] Simple shifts you can do daily to help you free yourself of this.

Hey, listeners, warm welcome back. I am freshly completed with the Intuition Month challenge. I know many of you joined me, and I appreciate your participation. Boy, did I learn a lot.

And some of what I learned through that challenge I’m going to share with you here. Unfortunately, there’s just a lot of stuff in the air globally that is happening that is making a serious impact on all of us. No one is immune from it. Not me, not you.

And so, I wanted to dedicate this episode to really going over the three biggest blocks that are keeping you stuck and not able to access your intuition.

You know, I think the biggest thing is, we have to understand that the constant second-guessing yourself is not something that you have to just live with as an entrepreneur. I have it too.

You know, I’m not immune, but you can actually become more confident using your intuition with a few small changes.

And I really wanted to record this meditation or this nah, this podcast maybe. I guess I’m going to put meditation together too. But I wanted to record this podcast to discuss these big mistakes that people are making.

What I’m seeing trends across the board, not just in my business, but what I’m hearing from other people’s online business, brick-and-mortar businesses.

And these are simple things that you can really a tune yourself to and then shift. So let’s get right into and I’ll share these three biggest mistakes. I’m seen with some solutions because I don’t want to just keep you leave you hanging here.

So if you’re somebody who struggles to trust their intuition, whether it is like, Oh, I’m getting a hit, but then I’m like, Wait a minute, was that right? And I know was it right?

Or if you’re somebody who has been listening to your intuition but you’re just like feeling some weird energy lately. This is a big one that I want you to really pay attention to this episode.

So, number one, the biggest mistake I see this has been happening for years. This is not a new trend. This is not hot. This is constant, which is when you get a brilliant idea for your business, it feels so good. And it’s like everything feels like, oh, my gosh, this is magic. It’s aIign, I feel expansive, feels like everything in your body is a hell yes. But then you almost instantly shut it down.

And the reason why you shut it down is you have these negative thoughts of imposter syndrome. Who am I to do this? Someone’s already doing it better. Who would ever pay me for that? How could I charge that? Or I’m not an expert. These kinds of thoughts have repetitively held entrepreneurs back, myself included.

So one of the thoughts that I used to have was, I’m a I have a horrible voice who would ever want to listen to me, who would want to hear my voice through meditation? It’s terrible.

And so you all know at this point you’re listening to my podcast, which is an audio platform. So apparently 400 plus episodes and it can’t be that bad.

And the foundation of my business is truly helping entrepreneurs to clear their energy blocks and unlock their intuition and connect with their soulmate clients, through the Mastery & Ascension Membership.

Now that membership is also based on my voice, those energy healings are me speaking. And so if I kept that thought, I have a horrible voice. I would not be here doing what I’m doing today, making the impact that I’m making.

And so we have to understand at the root of that fear that, you know, you have a brilliant idea, but then it gets shut down. It’s our ego.

And so when your ego is showing up. Number one, I like to say celebrate because it’s evidence of your growth. If you were not growing, your ego would not be there because your ego is just trying to keep things the status quo.

So the fact that the ego even shows up to tell you like rotten things about you and put these terrible ideas in your head that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing, it’s like, Oh, I guess I am doing something. I guess I am growing, I guess I am expanding. And so that’s an opportunity to sit with that.

I want you to remember that part of what keeps you out of those thoughts is to have a tool that brings you back into alignment. So I know for me it’s a non-negotiable.

Like we just talked about intuition and like, I’m sharing these habits that keep me in alignment. And so when I have these, like, crushing thoughts, I know it’s just a thought.

And I have tools that I can clear my energy again and just come right back to my center of going, Yeah, I know who the F I am, so thanks for that thought anyway, ego!

I’m going to choose a different thought instead.

This mistake number two: you think that working longer hours and hustling, grinding it out is going to get you closer to your big breakthrough?

This is so wrong. And I know you know this and I know you’ve heard this before, but you cannot fake magnetic energy.

And sometimes we think we’re doing all of the right things, making the perfect Instagram reels, the perfect TikTok’s posting on a different social platform.

We’re emailing our lists.

We have all of the offers. We have a website with all the things, and yet something inside of you is off.

And you feel frustrated, you feel overwhelmed, your confidence is fading, and you try to just put on a smile and just like keep running things.

And maybe if you just put a little bit more time into it, it would work out. It just doesn’t work. And I’ve seen people at every level of the game, people who are just starting out trying to fake magnetic energy. I’ve seen people who are highly successful try to just like, you know, dial it in and we’re going to just grind it out here.

But you what happens and I know you have looked around, you’ve seen the people who have been the lead on the leaderboard. Let’s just say that way, the people who, you know, in the online industry saying, hey, guess what, I’m burnt out, I’m selling my business, I’m no longer offering this program. I’m getting out of this. You can get it’s like, a it’s like a fire sale.

Basically, they’re selling everything for nothing because they’re getting out. Because they cannot sustain that kind of business where they just push and push and push.

They can’t do it. And you already have seen it. This whole paradigm is changing.

So the good news, is that it’s actually one of the most common issues with entrepreneurs.

You know, you’ve seen everybody hustling and you’ve been maybe tricked into believing that you had to work hard to make money.

It’s been passed down through generations that you have to work hard to make money, and you cannot do your best work as a leader when you’re out of energetic alignment.

And I know many of you, probably all of you listening here at one point have seen me on Instagram or on Facebook or on my YouTube channel, kind of look in, you know, with no makeup, no hair done, no fancy clothes, just kind of showing up. And you have maybe felt the impact of the energy that I put out there.

What I get back is people saying, wow, Emily’s the real deal. Her energy is amazing. Wow, that was so powerful. I was brought to tears. I can’t even believe what just happened. This is incredible. My whole system. I feel this incredible improvement in my thoughts, my energy. I feel incredibly aligned after connecting with you.

And so I’m here to prove that you don’t have to put on makeup and have the best hair and the best cameras and the best lighting and all of that, because it doesn’t matter if your energy’s out of alignment. You can show up looking like I do sometimes.

Sometimes I really get myself put together. But there are just times where I’m like, I don’t have time. Like right now I’m recording this, but this, this. I keep saying meditation. I’m recording this podcast and I just had my team meeting. I haven’t done my hair and makeup. I just am here like, I got to share this. I got to share it right off my heart because it needs to be heard.

And so what you need to overcome this hustling, is to be surrounded by people who understand that, that model does not work. And that they are not going to subscribe to it.

I know for me, having some of my best friends who know how to rest, who know how to pause, who know how to wait. They’re not just struggling and like fishing and like throwing anything out there.

So this is an opportunity to understand how you can get into alignment with that rhythm inside of yourself.

And one of the things that I’m here to be is a guide. So whether it’s in my membership or my coaching programs or my certification programs, I’m not here to give you my ten-step plan of success, because I know it’s total B.S. It’s not going to work for you because whatever worked for me, even if you replicated it to a tee, which let’s be honest, most people can’t. But even if you tried to, it might not work for you.

And why is that?

Because I’m on my own life path and so are you.

So that’s why when you buy other people’s online courses and programs, most of the time you don’t even do it. There’s a 93% chance that you’re not going to complete it. That’s just a statistic. This is not a judgment.

Look at your online database. Like, what courses have you bought? Which ones have you completed? Had you do them 100%? How were their results?

Now there are plenty of it’s not against the course creator or the course itself, it’s just human nature.

And so that’s what most online course creators are leaning into, is like they’re going to know that they’re going to sell you this program and this promise, knowing full well you’re probably never going to even do it.

And why don’t we do it? Because of that mistake number two, we think we have to work harder. We don’t. We have the tools and resources, but we’re not even leaning into them. And so it leaves us strained.

And that leads me to number three.

This is the one that I’m seen trending, which is that maybe you’ve been feeling moody, energetically drained, exhausted, and you think you’re alone.

Now. You are not alone, friends. We are all experiencing this. We are all experiencing this global trauma we’ve been enduring for years.

And right now, more than ever, there are some very intentional thoughts being programmed into us on social media, in the news, in our families, and part of this collective consciousness, unfortunately. So even if you’re not really on social media, you don’t watch the news as you’re still tapped into the same collective consciousness as everybody else.

So you might be second-guessing your dreams and worrying about money stuck in constant fear. And this is just become a kind of expected norm. And I saw it in Intuition Month. I felt that in myself personally, and people have been affected in a very serious way. You might be one of them. In fact, I know you’re one of them.

And there’s some ways out, there some ways to overcome this for yourself personally, as well as helping your clients and community.

And I want to just say this. You’re experiencing that. And on top of it, you’re an entrepreneur. You’re just trying to help people. Right.

And you cannot help others when you’re feeling run down and lethargic. And trust me, I know this to be true.

And something that I have had to do myself personally is to clear some of this like parasitic type of negative energy off of me, out of my energy field, and understand that this is not me. These are not my thoughts. These are not my feelings. This is not part of me.

And really been demonstrative and really been adamant about that and really been focused on clearing my system. Because if I couldn’t do that, I would be sucked into that negative spiral. And it’s really hard to get out.

And so I think here’s the biggest problem, is that a lot of people don’t have the tools and resources to even realize that those are not your thoughts, your feelings, and those are not your emotions.

And you might be feeling energetically drained. But this is not have to do with you. This is something that’s happening on a global level.

But if you don’t if you think that it’s you think that your thoughts and you get sucked into it, you have no way out. It’s like you just sit and wallow in it.

So how are you supposed to be there for other people and help them when you’re feeling like this? You can’t.

So I have some tools I want to share with you to help you with this, because it’s my. It’s my soul’s purpose.

But I really believe there are simple shifts that you can do on a daily basis to help you to shift free from these feelings, as well as being able to be there to support others.

And I’m going to be teaching some of this stuff. And so if you are a coach or a healer now there are lots of coaches, right? Health coaches, wellness coaches, life coaches, mindset coaches, fitness business, aspiring to become one. You’re like, I really want to make a career change or healers. So there’s a lot of types of healers.

So if you’re an energy practitioner, Reiki, somatic, your meditation healer, you use crystals, you’re a yoga teacher or you do anything with tarot or Oracle. And this is also my hairstylist friends.

So you guys are going to be the most impacted. And so that’s why I’ve put together a workshop. It’s called the Intuitive Leadership Series.

And I believe what this leadership series is going to do, it’s a three-week series. It’s going to help you to break free from that broke stereotype.

The biggest challenge that coaches and healers are facing at the end of this year right now is that, like I said, people are experiencing significantly higher levels of stress, fear and anxiety, and they’re becoming afraid to invest in their health and well-being.

That means you could be out of a job. So I believe this is the best time. It’s ripe with opportunity.

You could totally explode into the new year, giving your soulmate clients hope for a brighter future when they work with you.

Unless you’re stuck in this heaviness too. And then you get, you know, you can stand out in a saturated market.

So in the workshop, I’m going to help you understand how to get yourself fully booked, how to stand out in a saturated market and some of the mistakes that might be depleting your energy and costing you money each and every day.

And so what I’m going to be doing as far as this workshop goes, I’m going to be hosting it live on Zoom on Wednesdays starting in October, and then the beginning of November. And as a podcast listener, I’d like to give you a special discount. The workshops are a very small investment. There’s about they’re at $37 a class. You get the bundle for 111. But because you’re a podcast listener, I’d like to give you a special coupon code. You’re welcome to use it for yourself. You’re also welcome to share it with a friend if you feel like they could really use this workshop as well. The link to learn more about the class will be in the podcast show notes.

You can you can also visit it right now emilyaarons.com/leadership, that’s emilyaarons.com/leadership and you can reserve your spot.

This workshop is live, and my promise to you is that I want to teach you how to have these simple shifts that are going to double your income in the next 30 days or less.

And I mean this promise because I am here to help a new generation and part of my work, which is also terrifying, I’m going to admit it, is that I’m here to break the paradigm that I was once a victim to, which is the broke healer stereotype.

And if you have been suffering, not getting fully booked, not getting the right clients, not having enough money, getting stuck in some of these mental traps like I was talking about fear, anxiety, stress, feeling yourself kind of just sucked down. This workshop is going to help you break free.

And the reason why I’ve made it very affordable, very low cost, is because I believe everybody deserves to have this. I’m not making it free because the free stuff I do, people don’t show up, but they don’t take it seriously. And this is not for those people. This is for people who are ready to do something and take action.

So again, it’s emilyaarons.com/leadership. You can use the code BOSSFRIEND30 all in one word – BOSSFRIEND30 at checkout. That’s going to save you 30% off.

So you will get this workshop at the lowest rate available. Unless you’re a Mastery & Ascension Member – if you are an M&A member currently, you will have a coupon code inside of the membership portal in your emails, in your Facebook group for 50% off.

So the reason why M&A people get 50% off was because they’re already investing in their well-being, they’re already invested in their alignment. And frankly, I like to give M&A members first dibs because they’re already doing the work. M&A members, you get your 50% off discount coupon code in your emails or Facebook group and the portal.

If you have any questions, you can always send my team an email, send me a DM, I’ll be happy to re send it to you, but I’d love to make this available to as many people as possible.

I want to be able to give you support. I want to give you some energy clearings through this workshop, and I want to help you to align yourself so this can be the best Q4 ever and the best Q1 ever. I really believe people need you more than ever. So again, it’s emilyaarons.com/leadership. Use the discount code to get 30% off BOSSFRIEND30. Get that checkout code right now.

The workshop begins at the end of October. So the first workshop is on Wednesday, October 26th. We’re going to dove right into a chakra clearing, removing blocks to get more abundance and start to open up from the energy level first. Right.

Like I said, that first couple of mistakes, you can’t just slap some makeup on and think that you’re going to be okay. Right. We’re going to start at the root of the problem.

The root of the problem is your energy is out of alignment. We got to clear whatever is blocking you. We’re going to get you on your right path.

The next week, we’re going to go on a vision quest. We’re going to open up so that you can have your intuition lead you to have a solid plan in any economic climate.

Okay, so your soulmate client is going to give you important information. This is not part of my ten-step plan. No one can give you this. Only you can give yourself this. But I will guide you. I will guide you on this path for you to get the answer for you. Okay.

That’s on November 2nd, the final week, November 9th. We’re going to be creating your soulful signature offer and create all the marketing and strategy around that. I promise you this will be live, this will be interactive, this will be fun.

Every single week you are going to have another piece of your puzzle completed so that you can finish off this year feeling your best, attracting the right clients, and not feeling like you’re sucked into this funnel of negativity and heaviness.

So again, emilyaarons.com/leadership use discount code BOSSFRIEND30 for 30% off. It has been a joy and a pleasure. I would love to continue helping and supporting you through this time and beyond. I love being able to be here for you. yAnd you know what I understand?

Sometimes it’s just not in the cards to invest in yourself. And I get that sometimes people get stuck in the fears that we were talking about and it’s you’re too afraid, right? It’s like, oh, my gosh, I have to hold on to everything I have. But understand, as a business owner, these are investments. You make the investment upfront for your growth later.

And so I will tell you that no matter the times I’ve invested in myself, it’s always proven to be very fruitful, and especially when it’s coming from a place of highest integrity.

So I’ll see you guys in there. Again, emilyaarons/leadership. Use the BOSSFRIEND30 for 30% off and feel free to share that with a friend.

Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for all your positive reviews on iTunes and warm welcome to all of our newest listeners. Thank you for being here, lots love to you will see you on the next episode.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


Take a pause. Try these simple shifts to free yourself of the heavy energy of fear and scarcity currently in the collective.


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7 Myths About Intuition (That Just Aren’t True)

7 Myths About Intuition (That Just Aren’t True)

7 myths intuitionI wasn’t born with intuition…or so I thought. Even though I had studied physical and energetic anatomy in-depth and was LITERALLY taught how to feel and sense energy…

I didn’t think I had “intuition” and was FAR from thinking I had any psychic abilities.

In fact, I reserved those words for the real psychics, like the ones I’d save up to tell my fortune or read my cards.

(Never in a million years did I think I would be a card reading person, let alone create my own cards AND teach newbies and veterans my proven intuition-unlocking system!)

​It took a massive “spirit dope slap” to make me admit PUBLICLY that I had this ability.

But here’s the weirdest part! Spirit also insisted that I teach OTHER PEOPLE how to use their intuition too!

​​CLIFF NOTES: I didn’t think I was born with a “gift” and now I’m being told to teach people… this was such a scary insight for me at the time!

Truthfully though, once I understood that I did in fact have intuition and was already using it – it DRASTICALLY improved my life.

It helped me make more money and gave me more purpose and drive than ever before!

​Now I can honestly say that Intuition has aligned my biz in ways I never imagined it could and I’ve coached countless others to trust their intuition in my mastermind groups, courses, membership programs, and events!

​And in coaching others to develop their intuition, I’ve uncovered some pretty strong myths out there about intuition that just aren’t true.

I’m sharing these today so you can bust these myths and connect to your intuition too!

Here are the Top 7 Myths About Intuition (which one resonates most with YOU??):

intuition myth psychic gifts

MYTH 1: You have to be born with the psychic gift.

Intuition is kind of like 6-pack abs, we’re all born with the same abdominal muscles, but some of us (*waving my hand high) have to practice and work on it because we have a little “fluff” covering them!

I never thought I had the “gift” of intuition either, but after taking classes and trainings I developed my intuitive muscles and the more I practiced, the stronger my intuition became. 



myth intuition

MYTH 2: Intuition can’t help you make money until you’ve cleared all your money blocks first.

Totally false! Making money IS one of the ways we clear those blocks. We have to use our intuition to take aligned action and create offers from a deeper place from within.

Our soul and spirit team will always guide us towards ways to heal wounds, clear blocks, and ultimately live our best lives. That always includes having wealth, joy, love, and ease!

I love teaching entrepreneurs how to tap into their intuition and clear money blocks. Check out my money block clearings on Facebook and YouTube – even on the replay you’ll feel the energy because it’s source-channeled! It’s always effective!



MYTH 3: You’re NOT psychic if you don’t see dead people.

I’m 100% NOT interested in becoming the next Theresa Caputo. I very much like going to restaurants and NOT seeing your dead uncle, thank you very much!

While I don’t call myself a medium, I do have encounters with dead people or spirit. They show up to deliver a message and then they’re out. The vibration of folks who’ve crossed over is a much lower frequency than I usually work with as well, so it’s probably much harder for them to “pop” in!

There are so many ways to connect with spirit without seeing dead people. One of my favorite ways is to connect with animals, plants, or minerals! You’d be shocked at how much love and energy they can share. Remember everything is energy.

Any animal that crosses my path, be it a red cardinal that flies around my yard, a gaggle of turkeys that I see on my morning walk, or a spirit of an animal during meditation – they all carry a significant message and meaning. Even if it’s a unicorn or another “fictional” animal, you’d be surprised how much a simple google search on their meaning will give you insight that will blow your mind! These are spirit messages without seeing dead people!

MYTH 4: I can’t tell the difference between my own voice and my intuition.

Most people can’t, at first. The easiest way to tell is that your intuition speaks softly, directly, and the messages are direct and to the point. Sometimes it literally sounds like your own voice in your head, but it’s softer.

Which is why we must get quiet to LISTEN! Prayer is asking, meditation is listening.

Our first instinct will come in softly, sweetly, and the NEXT voice that shows up is your ego – they’re more critical. Your ego will try to use logic to make sense of that “intuitive hit”. But think about this… you’ve also been taught to NOT listen to your inner knowing so why would you even trust that critical naysayer anyway?! Part of our work to understand the difference between your own voice and your intuition is to also UNlearn how to be human in this world. When we listen to inner wisdom and knowing, we can grow and transform. It makes it so we’re not easily manipulated or controlled…think about what a gift that is!


MYTH 5: You need to be a mind-reader to be considered intuitive

I’d rather NOT know what your inner thoughts are. I’m not open and available to read people’s thoughts no matter how much my husband wishes I could!

Intuition can be turned ON/OFF and reading people’s minds is not necessary. Spirit really won’t give you access to someone like that.

There’s such thing as ethics when it comes to spiritual work and energy anyway.




MYTH 6: If you “open up” then you’re not protected, grounded, or safe.

This has some truth to it. This is why I teach Intro to Intuition, Journey Into Your Akashic Records, and other classes I have on how to CORRECTLY open up your energy field. Get my FREE Mini Intuition Master Course!

There’s a lot of weird energy out there and if you don’t open up with Source energy, you’re susceptible to connecting to energies that are harmful or even dark. If you’ve encountered any of these, you know what I’m talking about.

You must be smart and use common sense when you’re opening your energy. ONLY call in white light, love, and your highest guidance who are here to serve your highest purpose with harm to none.


intuition religious

MYTH 7: I can’t open up my intuition if I’m religious

I’ve honestly lost count of how many strongly religious folks I’ve met over the years that are naturally quite intuitive, or have an interest in spirituality and intuition but they’re scared to use it. My podcast about how you can be both spiritual and religious covers this in-depth. LISTEN HERE!

The fact is that spirituality and intuition are not separate from God. I believe in God/Universe/Source as ONE. And YOU are also that.

We are not separate from that, we ARE also that. The deeper you study spirituality the more you will learn to honor that God within you, without all the dogma!


I’ve been “out” of my spiritual closet for a few years now and I can confidently say there are a lot of stories that I’ve heard about why people can’t open their intuitive abilities but these 7 come up the most.If you are ready to bust these myths for good and go further in developing your intuition, I hold a HUGE event twice a year called Intuition Week.

We go deep to clear abundance blocks, connect to your guides, and learn to receive your intuition to help not only your business but your WHOLE life too. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many courses you buy, or coaches you hire, without strong intuition your business can get stuck, stuck, stuck! Learning to tap into your intuition at a higher level is the best gift you can give yourself to unlock abundance!

If you’re ready to dive in with me and go all WOO, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER OR GET ON THE WAITLIST!

I’d love to hear which myth resonated most with you, in the comments. Let me know!

Self-Love as a Spiritual Entrepreneur –  12 Ways to “Bring It”

Self-Love as a Spiritual Entrepreneur – 12 Ways to “Bring It”

Please Note : This post contains affiliate links…

As an entrepreneur, it is much too easy to try to do “all the things”. You may find yourself chained to your computer, forgetting to play, feeling tired, or even feeling edgy around your loved ones instead of enjoying your time with them.

You may find that in trying to do it all, you forget about YOU

And that has to change my friends.

It’s high time we talk about self-love and the importance of giving yourself what you need and more.

For some of you, this idea of putting yourself first can feel wrong and confusing.

Especially for women. Think of all the TV shows where the moms are serving meals and it’s a joke how they don’t get to sit down and enjoy it. Eating a warm meal only if everyone else has theirs.

It’s often our first instinct to put everyone else first. It’s ingrained in us to take care of others and think of ourselves only if there’s time leftover.

But there’s no such thing as “leftover” time.

To make sure you have your best health, your best mental state, that you are living your best life, YOU need to make sure you treat yourself with the same love and compassion that you so willingly show others.

You would easily give love to someone else, be kind, and make sure they are fed nourishing foods… so why would you be any different? You aren’t!

The more you put your needs first, the more energy/time/love you have to spill out to your family and friends.

It’s like the oxygen masks on the airplanes where they remind you to put on your mask first. If you’re out of oxygen you won’t be able to help anyone else. You’re advised to make sure your body has what it needs so that you can help out elsewhere.

I not only encourage you to be in a loving and romantic relationship with yourself, but I’m also sharing 12 resources to support you with this mindset shift and self-nourishing behavior.

Because you my friend, are worth it!

Here are 12 simple ways to bring in the self-love:

1. Have me in your ear, encouraging you.

This is a pep talk I recorded for you for any time you are feeling down. Play it over and over when you need a pick me up and someone to remind you how great you are (because you are!).

Listen Here: A Pep Talk for Feeling Overwhelmed, Behind, or off Your Path

2. Energy protection.

Energy protection is the biggest form of self-love! It’s saying “I’m not going to feel drained by emotions and energy that doesn’t belong to me!”

Here is a great meditation to learn more about energetic cords and how to cut them:

Listen Here: Is Cord Cutting Total BS?

3. Energy protection at work.

Protecting your personal energy anywhere you are is important. But we all know work, even as a solo entrepreneur, can be draining.

If you are connecting with people in person, over the phone, online… your energy is interacting (energy doesn’t know time or space).

Here is a great podcast episode about how to protect your energy at work:

Listen Here: How To Protect Your Energy At Work And Avoid Feeling Depleted

4. Cleanse your energy regularly.

Cleansing your energy is just as important as protecting it. In fact, cleansing it first helps you seal only good energy in before you put on your energetic boundaries.

I’ve recorded free meditations to clear each of the 7 chakras. Try it anytime your energy feels stuck, in the morning to set up your day with a clean slate, or any time you can fit this in –  your energy will thank you!

Find the meditations here:  7 FREE Meditations to Clear, Repair, and Align Your Chakras

Note: If you’re an annual or seasonal member of Mastery & Ascension, you will find a full chakra clearing meditation in your account.

5. Nourish your physical body.

There is no shortage of ways to give your body nourishment and no “one-size-fits-all” approach to it.

I will say that I have found that if I start my morning in the healthiest way possible, it carries out to the rest of my day.

One of the ways I personally do that is with Organifi. It’s a green drink and I take it each morning and it helps me choose healthier foods throughout the day.

I’ve also discovered that when I feel down, I’m more drawn to the foods that are not as good for me.

It’s helpful to think about how you can use your intuition and chakra colors to support your food choices.

I talk about it in this podcast:

Listen Here: How to Use Chakra Colors in Your Biz, Life, and Food Choices

Find Organifi Here

6. Detoxing Your Body.

There are many ways to detox, but sauna therapy is one of my favorites because it feels relaxing and “spa-like”.

Infrared Saunas have been rising in popularity the past few years because of their ability to support detoxification and cell renewal through the type of heat waves they omit.

The infrared sauna’s claim to fame is the immunity support, potential weight loss by stimulating your metabolism, and the relaxation factor.

You can go to a physical location, buy one for your home, and they also have portable ones if space is an issue.

I’m loving this one because it’s portable and you can use it anywhere:

See it on Amazon 

7. Mental detox.

While the infrared sauna (or other methods) may help your physical detox, mental detoxing is just as important.

Meditation and *gasp* a break from social media and the news… can do wonders.

What if you add just 15 minutes of quiet to your day? No screen time, no noise unless it’s relaxing music. A true brain break.

Try it and see!

8. Rose scent to add self-love into your life:

The scent of rose is said to be uplifting and bring about feelings of comfort and love.

You can bring these feelings of love into your life by diffusing rose-scented oil, adding rose essential oils to your bath, buying roses, planting a rose bush, and even using rose water in your daily routine. See it on Amazon

Bringing rose scents into your life can also support your heart chakra. It just smells of self-love.


9. Place rose quartz near you.

If you don’t want to diffuse rose oil or buy roses, having heart-shaped rose quartz can also bring in those feelings of love.

You can get a small one to carry with you or a larger stone to keep at your desk or by your bedside.

I’ve even known people to sleep with crystals under their bed and what better way to sleep than by feeling loved.

Here are some options from Amazon and you can also support small businesses by purchasing rose quartz on Etsy.

10. Movement.

Movement is such an easy way to add self-love to your life.

Our bodies need to move it, move it! It keeps us from getting stiff, supports flexibility as we age, stimulates the mind, decreases stress… well you know that we NEED to move.

Make it a priority every day by trying:

  • Yoga Classes, either in-person or online.
  • Cranking up the music and dancing (extra points if you sing into a pretend microphone).
  • Walking outside, preferably around some trees but anything will help you move.
  • Stretching in between tasks is also a way to add some movement and get your energy flowing.

Bottom line, get that stuck energy moving while supporting your physical body!

11. Stop being a broke healer.

I say this with love because I was a broke healer and I know firsthand how it feels.

But I found my way out of it and have helped countless others do the same.

In this podcast episode, I share how to do it and give you a “stop being a broke healer” challenge.

This is self-love. To say you are worth more and deserve more is serious self-love.

Listen Here: Bust Through Being a Broke Energy Healer Challenge

12. Connect to other gentle, “light” minded people on the “woo spectrum” with M&A.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add personal connection to this list.

The Mastery & Ascension membership is there to not only give you access to all my meditations and self-support tools but also to connect you to other “light” minded people to whom you can bring your “woo” highs and lows too without judgment.

It’s a space where all members are learning and growing and I’m so proud of what a supportive environment it has become.

If you’d like to explore the membership, you can find more information here:

Mastery & Ascension Membership

Bonus Self-Love!

If you want to feel even more empowered in bringing the self-love, I have the book for you – Pussy: A Reclamation.

This book can be life-changing and life-affirming. It not only takes you back through history, through patriarchy, but also into really loving yourself, loving your body, loving your pleasure, and ultimately feeling totally empowered.

Because as women we are not taught to love ourselves and instead we often do the opposite… look for flaws.

I highly recommend it to you. Get it from the library, online, or anywhere you can get your hands on it.

See it on Amazon

This list is by no means exhaustive. What feels good to you? A walk in nature? A nap in the middle of the day? Your favorite chocolate?

Pamper yourself, not just on occasion but develop that way of being.

Listening to your favorite podcast, calling a friend, taking an Epsom salt bath, it doesn’t have to be elaborate.

Put yourself first so you can shine your light… inspiring others to shine theirs too.

Are you feeling inspired to put yourself first? Try committing to at least one act of self-love today and share it with me on IG @EmilyAarons. I’d love to hear from you.

Why Business Coaches and eCourses Fail You

Why Business Coaches and eCourses Fail You

I’m pissed about something today and you might be too! Let me explain…

Recently, I was thinking about business coaches and their online courses. What’s crazy is something like 94% of students don’t complete their online courses – I wondered WHY???

My guides showed me a clock with all of its parts and that’s when it hit me!

What MOST online business coaches and course creators are giving you is a box full of clock parts (all the parts of a successful business) and an instruction booklet (their course) and expecting that you’ll be able to assemble a clock (just like theirs), based on their simple instructions.

At some point, very early on, a part of your soul goes, WTF?

Maybe you internalize it thinking something is wrong with YOU instead of the course.

THE PROBLEM, and this really fires me up, is that maybe THEY built a clock and made 6-figures (or whatever they’re telling you), and now you’re supposed to build a clock (like theirs) super fast and make loads of money like them!


Have you ever stopped to consider that’s THEIR life path, but what if YOUR life path ISN’T building a clock at all?

What if you’re here, in this lifetime, to build a damn rocket ship, or a telescope, or a flying electric car…you get me?

Someone else’s parts and instructions fail you every time because that’s THEIR life path…and you, my friend, are not on the same path.

YOU are not broken, their plan just isn’t YOURS…

Likely, that’s also why you’re always feeling so freaking OVERWHELMED by it!

And overwhelm kills forward action EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.







I honestly hope my point isn’t getting lost in metaphors so here it is more clearly:

You’ve been raised to follow instructions and raise your hand, seek help outside, and NOT to trust the wisdom from within…

But as a Business Coach for 4 years, I can tell you, to get transformative LASTING results – that model is going to fail you. Maybe not immediately, but when you are ready for that big leap in your business, it can’t come from WITHOUT.

You need to seek help from INSIDE!

It’s time to toss out those business models that promise you they have the answers FOR you, in favor of a ONE-SIZE-FITS-YOU program so that you can remember how to look inward for answers and guidance AND get real HUMAN support when you’re feeling a little lost on your path.

Sound good?

That’s exactly what I teach and preach because I, like you, followed someone else’s strategies and ideas until I couldn’t take the “failure” any longer…I threw out their model in favor of following MY inner guidance and so far so f’ing good!

I’ve learned a thing or two from both being a coach and a student and I want to give you some helpful hints to consider before you invest in that next program or coach.

Questions to Ask before you leap:

  • Are they giving you their formula or are they teaching tools to connect to your own authentic formula?
  • Is there a transformation involved in their program?
  • If you know people who have taken it, ask how they were before they took it and what happened after? (Make sure you’re not solely paying for networking because that might not be what you’re after).
  • Are there actionable steps that you can apply to your business NOW?
  • Is it a balance of “inner work” and business principles? (You want both!)
  • Does it fit your industry? Let’s face it. If you’re “woo” your “woo”. If you invest in a coach or program that doesn’t have inner growth included, your soul is going to feel it.

The key to investing in an effective Business Coach or eCourse is to make sure that you can apply it as you learn and build a strong foundation as you go – from the inside.

Most people don’t talk about this, but you need to build the foundation both inside with your beliefs about safety and success and THEN scale your business.







It explains why 70% of lottery winners go bankrupt! They didn’t learn how to earn the money and manage it as they grew so when things start to go wrong they can’t figure out how to fix it. They don’t have that skill set to fall back on.

If you don’t know how to go within and follow your inner guidance –well, there’s no shortage of examples of people hitting it big and then losing everything.

If you don’t have a solid foundation, it will crumble when your post goes viral or you finally have email subscribers signing up at 50 per day but no one buys anything or signs up for your services.

You never want to feel disillusioned by your hard work. Like you bought into a system that wasn’t designed for you and forgot to BE true to yourself.

“You can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love.” Jim Carrey

If you are looking for true transformation, a way to build a solid foundation and scale your business – all from learning to do it YOUR way so that you’ve grown into it and can duplicate your success as needed – I offer a Mastermind group that is like no other.

I remembered all the courses and coaches that had good intentions but sold me THEIR success formula and I’ve created something MORE.

It is called the Align and Activate Mastermind.

It only happens twice a year.

I take a small number of entrepreneurs on a 6-month journey with me to do this work on a very deep and very intimate level inside of the Align and Activate Mastermind.

It’s application only. It’s NOT a discount or free program. It IS life-changing.

I’m ONLY interested in women who are ready to commit to having a BREAKTHROUGH year because with commitment and my support – anything is possible!

So, if you’re ready to unlock your intuitive abilities and grow your business while marching to the beat of your OWN damn drum, you can apply to have a conversation with me to see if this Mastermind is right for you.

Want in? Apply to have a conversation about the Align and Activate Mastermind kicking off January 4th, 2021.

It’s time for a one-size-fits-YOU approach that leads to the breakthrough you’ve been praying for.

APPLY TODAY –  Align & Activate Mastermind.

If you are on the fence I have something for you too…LISTEN TODAY and enjoy my Opening to Unlimited Abundance Meditation so you can start attracting the abundance you desire with ease.