Conquering Ascension Symptoms: Navigating Personal Growth and Self-Care

Conquering Ascension Symptoms: Navigating Personal Growth and Self-Care

Conquering Ascension Symptoms:

Navigating Personal Growth and Self-Care

Have you ever felt like you’re experiencing “growing pains” during a significant period of personal growth and expansion? I know I have! In this episode, I open up about my own journey with ascension symptoms and how they can manifest when we disrupt the status quo. Our ego might try to protect us by keeping things as they are, but this can lead to feelings of doubt and anxiety.

I share my personal experiences of going through various levels of growth and how my relationships have evolved along the way. I also explore the concept of “new level, new devil” – how as you ascend, new issues or obstacles may appear even when you thought you’d worked through them at lower levels.

But fear not, there are ways to manage these ascension symptoms and prioritize self-care! In the second part of the episode, I share essential tips on staying hydrated, spending time in nature, and listening to your body’s needs. I delve into the importance of eating nourishing foods, getting enough sleep, and setting aside intentional time for rest.

To wrap things up, I offer insight on being mindful of our thoughts and feelings and allowing ourselves the time to heal and rest during these intense growth periods. Tune in for an enlightening and empowering conversation on navigating the challenges of personal ascension while prioritizing self-care.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [0:00:07] Understanding Ascension Symptoms
  • [0:07:27] The Physical Effects of Spiritual Growth
  • [0:12:02] Managing Ascension Symptoms and Prioritizing Self-Care
  • [0:13:20] Avoiding Ascension Symptoms With Water
  • [0:19:55] Letting Go and Finding Freedom

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Hey, podcast listeners, welcome back. This is a special episode because I know at some point or another, or especially now or after Intuition Week or after a big launch, you will have experienced ascension symptoms. And I want to talk about Ascension symptoms. I want to talk about what is, and what is not and give you some really easy ways to really handle this kind of feeling that might be going on with you.

So let’s start off at the beginning. What is an ascension symptom?

Basically, when you are going through an expansion or a growth period, you will also get sort of like the aftershock. So what I always teach my students is energy before form. So you might have this big idea for growth or what you want to manifest or make a bigger impact or make more money and the energy comes into your field. And then when you start to put the work together, then things start to shift. Maybe you start to see more new clients and you start to get some new connections. Maybe you have a new like offer on the table, maybe you buy a new home, maybe you have a new relationship, whatever. Things start to come into form.

And when that starts to happen, sometimes our energy is like, Oh, I mean, I wanted a good thing to happen, but like, I don’t know who’s going to be this good. I don’t know how I can handle this. And so sometimes what happens is our ego shows up because essentially we have disrupted the status quo. Our ego is just trying to keep us safe and to just hold that status quo so that nothing disturbs you.

So when you start to dream bigger and things start to shift and change, your ego is like, no, no, no, no, no, don’t do that. Remember that time that you tried to do the thing but you failed? Remember those people laughing at you when you were really trying to be visible and your ego starts to show you these images and starts to deliver this like actual visceral response into your body that floods you with fear and worry and anxiety and like, I don’t know, can I do it? Doubt.

And so what I love to start with is that that is the evidence of your growth. When you start to feel actually kind of shitty, when you feel a little shitty and a little bit worried and a little bit panicked and have a little bit of anxiety, just attach. It’s your system recognizing a shift happening, growth, change, disruption, because really, you know, the Emily that’s here to impact millions of people back when she started doing energy healing and massage if you said, all right, you’re going to have all these speaking opportunities and you’re going to impact the lives of thousands of people, and then it’s going to be millions of people that Emily, that version of me would have never been able to do it.

She wasn’t equipped both energetically, spiritually, financially. She didn’t know the strategy. She would have been like, Oh, no, you don’t. It’s because every day sort of little at a time, I began to like peel off and like, bless and release the old version of myself. Emily 2.0., Emily 3.0., Emily 150.0. And so as I progress and as I ascend, I’m literally becoming a different version of myself, which also can impact our relationships, our friendships. You know, the people who you grew up with. And you were super close with our family members who know you as this one type.

And now all of a sudden you’re like, I am actually super into spirituality and crystals and astrology and human design and breathwork and maybe plant medicine. And really I want to be responsible for my health and well-being. And just because you decide on those different things, it then disrupts your friendships as well. So ascension symptoms can happen on that energetic, emotional, and physical level. And they can also start to disrupt like the relationships that are also happening in your life.

And so I’m going to give you another example of this. So as we’re growing, as we’re studying, we’re breaking up with ourselves for open up to the next level. We’ve heard the quote, new level, new devil, and that is kind of like ascension symptoms. So, you know, as a practitioner, healer, you know, I see that. Okay, there’s an issue, let’s say inner child, okay, When I’m working on my own inner child or even when I’m working on somebody else’s, I know it’s not just a one-and-done like you don’t work on your inner child issues and then never again after that. Would you ever have to look back at your inner child stuff? That’s never going to happen.

Similarly, on this ascension path, if you are literally trying to grow, make more money, make a bigger impact, it’s like a little staircase. And so if you have swept the staircase of, you know, money issues, good. Now we’re on the next step. Okay, Daddy issues. Okay, next step. Money issues. Again, I said I work that money issues two steps ago. No, this is the new level. This is a new level of your money issue. I know you worked on the money issue at the lower level, but now congratulations. You hit a new financial milestone.

Also, there’s a whole new level of money issue shit that you have to deal with up on this level. So it doesn’t just go away because you make more money. And I think that’s a huge misconception that people, you know, aspire to get to six figures, most likely because we’ve been programmed to think that six figures is like the be-all end-al, which is a totally different subject for another day.

However, a lot of people believe that if you hit six figures, then you have financial freedom. Then you can do what you want and you can hire team members and you can go on fancy vacations and you can put away money for a brand new house that you’re going to build in a Ferrari. But that’s not exactly how it works, for one thing. But also when we have this new level, we have a new level and there you are.

And Emily 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, but still the same Emily who went through the stuff that she went through. And I know everybody who is listening on this podcast right now you have been through some stuff. You wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t been through all of that. And I just want to take a moment because the fact that you’re listening to this Ascension Symptoms episode, it’s also a reflection and an honoring and an acknowledgment of how far you’ve come. Because even if you hear me saying, Oh, I’m Emily 2.0, it’s you 2.0 or 3.0 or 100.0, whatever it is, you have gone through some stuff, you’ve gone through some traumatic stuff, you’ve gone through some real like break you down. This might be the end of you stuff and you made it through it.

So that says like you’ve got gumption, you have strength, you have power, you have conviction, you have this endurance now, and you have these lessons now that you can take forward to help other people. I know you’re all here to help other people, right? So most likely you’ve already experienced some of these things.

So I’m going to list off a bunch of things that most likely you’ve already experienced, but it’s worthwhile to just rattle them off and mention again. So easy top line like going down. So typically when we’re having massive growth in ascension, we will experience or even like open up spiritually, So I know a lot of folks who just did Intuition Week with me or your new and my membership and you’re listening to so many energy healings.

It’s kind of cracking you open a little bit. And that’s not a bad thing because you’re going to become more intuitive, you’re going to become more sensitive, you’re going to become more awake and aware and it’s just like you’re going to be flooded with so much insights and inspiration all the time. And also it’s new and it sort of hurts a little bit. So, you know, Intuition Week is a little bit like drinking out of the fire hose when you’re around me so much, you get a lot of energy and so afterwards can feel like a little bit of a hole. What just happened exactly Is everybody okay to have all my limbs?

So some of the things that you can feel, especially when you’re cracked open energetically, even you can get headaches, you can get body aches, you can get flu-like symptoms, like a detox. So you could even have like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach. You can have sometimes I’ve seen people who’ve come here who share that they have rashes when there is ascending body pain. So if you have chronic neck issues or chronic back issues, guess what’s gonna flare up for you?

Yeah. When you are going through growth, you’re going to notice particular areas, sometimes zones, and sometimes a side of the body that begins to flare up for you. So I’ll give you a fine example.

So recently when I was opening up for more people coming into Intuition Week and coming into Mastery & Ascension and then Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training, I’m opening up the energy with my team and we’re only holding the energy. That’s it. We’re just holding the energy, we’re setting intentions.

And then I did a retreat. I hosted a retreat in person. And as I was done with the retreat, I always schedule a week off for integration on my basically like my first day, I guess, of integration, I was reaching for something.

I sit on the couch with my kids and I was reaching for something and I lower back, went, hey, how are you doing? And I knew in that moment like this could go really bad, really fast. I’ve had chronic low back pain in the past. I’ve had back spasms. I’ve had to take muscle relaxers because I was like, like incapacitated. So I said to my husband, like, please get the ice pack immediately. My back may just have done something weird. I need to set it right now. And so I put ice on it right away. I put ice on a physical problem. But I knew it had nothing to do with me leaning and reaching over and pulling something on my back. That was a symptom of the ascension that was experienced. So I know it’s time to listen. Our body is always speaking to us. So it’s really important that we listen to it. When my back did the funny little thing, it did. I could have just been like, Oh, it’s okay. Just really hurts. I’ll just take some pain reliever and, you know, whatever. It’s fine and ignore it.

When you have a physical symptom like a headache or nausea or your back is out and spasming or something, I invite you to go into it, get curious. What is it that you would like to tell me that I haven’t been paying attention to yet?

Fortunately for me and with my back, I knew my back was flaring up almost at the moment. I was thinking that I was fine to kind of work a little bit that like that week my body was like, Oh, no, you don’t, bitch. No, thank you. You’re not working, you are resting, you are integrating. This is not the time to go play and have little fun, work, dates and all that. No, it’s not this week. And so I rested.

And what’s interesting is a couple of days later, I was actually feeling better. I went for a long walk and when I came home, I was stretching with my son. Guess what I thought again? Stupid me. Oh, I feel fine. I’ll go do something. Guess what? My back flared up again. So this is the like your body is giving you the flashing red lights. Pay attention. Slow down. Get with it or you pay the price.

So when I actually listened and I stopped making all these plans, even they were just in my head. My body fully recovered, and it happened really fast. I have friends like one of my close friends. She said that her back had flared up when she was doing something recently as well.
Seeing your physical body showing you where it hurts is also great information. Where your information is coming in is all it means something. So maybe it is your head, maybe it is your forehead, you know.

A lot of times when people are opening up with their intuition, you have all kinds of forehead and sometimes sinus pain because it’s like your third eye is like literally opening up energy, you know, energetically open, not literally open. Your face is still where it is, but you’re energetically really being open and stretched. That is what happens. It’s completely normal. And to know, oh, it’s not just had pain in my sinuses or like my neck, it’s actually my body’s trying to tell me something.

So the best thing that you can start to do for your ascension pain is number one, like you’ve heard me say, is to tune into it, listen to it, get curious, go into where is it located?

Because also in our we you know, we talk about energy centers and your energy centers start everywhere in your body source energy. But we have specific energy centers.

So let’s just talk about that for one quick second. Where it hits you in your body can also relay a lot of information. You can do a simple Google search, like what does it mean when I have this thing in my body energetically? So what? The easiest way to start to avoid ascension symptoms is to do things on a regular basis.

So one of the first things I do is I drink excessive amounts of water. So I always have like a giant mason jar of water on my desk at all times. If I normally drink like three of those a day, I might have four or five of them a day. I mean, I’m really increasing my water significantly because when you think of like an athlete who is really pushing themselves and you get your muscles get sore when you drink more water, it helps to flush out the lactic acid that makes your muscles sore. Okay.

So the same goes for when you’re energetically opening or you’re ascending, you’re making more impact, you’re making more money. When things are going right, you might have that ego that says, no, no, no, sabotage days your day, you don’t keep going. So when you drink more water and you can actually help your body flush through some of those things, the thoughts, the feelings.

Likewise, you want to get outside in nature. So getting outside of nature, putting your feet on the ground, if you can, being with a tree, a plant, a mineral, even by the ocean or the lake, like really make a space to get outside to really ground yourself, eating foods that feel nourishing to you. It doesn’t need like it doesn’t need to be the healthiest food of all time.

But I will say I have spoken to very few people in all my years, 23 plus years, that people actually crave something that was really toxic or unhealthy for them during the session. Typically, we’re looking for warming foods or nourishing foods. Sometimes it’s teas or soups or herbs, root vegetables, obviously super grounding. But don’t be afraid if your body is like craving chocolate cake, it might be your inner child. That’s healing. And she just needs a piece of chocolate cake. So just really honor your body wherever it is and whatever it needs.

Sleep. Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your ascension. It’s underrated because sometimes sleep can be fleeting, but really being able to prioritize getting enough sleep is going to help your whole body to rest, to heal, to go into that theta brainwave, to really go into like a deep, deep state of healing and as well as. Recovery, so you’ll bounce back faster.

And I also just mentioned it a minute ago, which is integration time. You know, we’re so busy going, going, going, going, going that we don’t actually make the space to intentionally rest when you just get when you get too sick because your ascension symptoms take you out with a stomach bug or a cold or flu or back pain or whatever, and you literally cannot work.

Then it’s time to obviously pump the brakes. That’s what happens when you don’t listen. So if you are smart, you get ahead of it and you go, right. I know this is a busy season. I’m going to plan for a quiet season or at least a break or a rest or a little mini-retreat or whatever you can do to actually make the space to intentionally shut down all the systems, reboot and come back online.

I promise you, what happens is you become that different next point-O person faster, and then you don’t have to get sick and feel like junk for a week and then have to rebuild and like cancel all the things. But also part of what we can do and process through ascension. Is the things that we’re not willing to look at when we’re just being busy.

So one of my team members, this happened to her when I was in my integration week. She was integrating at the same time. And so I remember she wanted to work all week and that was great. We had a lot of things going on. But then she started to feel a little crummy, and so she had to reschedule some of her meetings. And the next day came and she still felt crummy. And I remember talking to her and she’s like, I don’t know, I don’t want to have to cancel again. I already canceled before. And I’m like, you know, you’re allowed to cancel twice, right? And she’s like, What? And it was foreign to her. And I said, would you like some support or like coaching around this? I don’t have to, but if you want it, it’s here. And she said, Sure, yeah, I would love it.

I go, okay, well, let’s look at that. Like, what is the story that you are telling yourself that happens if you were to cancel again? And she said, Well, that I’m unprofessional and that it’s really flaky of me. And I said, okay, that’s great. This is just the information that your ego is feeding you to keep you exactly as status quo just where you are. Don’t grow, don’t move, don’t change. Right. And I said, well, what I would offer you is, number one, you are one of the most professional people I have ever met in my entire life. You are always on time. You’re very punctual. You hit get punctual, you hit deadlines, you get everybody to hit their deadlines. And in fact, that’s been your role doing various things in my business as well as other people. You know, you are exactly that professional person and you’re not flaky whatsoever. So, you know, is it true? Let’s ask you that. Are you flaky and unprofessional? And she said, No, I’m not.

I said, okay, so how do you show up when you believe that thought? This is the work by Byron Katie. This is not my genius. This is Byron Katie’s work. So if you’ve never heard of her, Loving What Is – is a great book to start with and to do these four questions.

So you ask, is it true? And she says, No, it’s okay. So you can absolutely be sure. And she said, No, it’s not true. So how do you show up when you believe that thought? She says, Well, I forced myself to do these meetings that I’m really not feeling up to. I said, Okay, well, think about that. Think about the person on the other side of that call that’s getting you at like kind of half-ass, like you’re doing that, you’re showing up, you’re doing the work, you’re on the meeting, but all the while you’re feeling like crap and your brain and your energy and everything in you is just not at 100%. How do you think they feel when that’s what they’re getting from you? They’re not getting the best version of you.

So that is another reason to understand why it’s actually important to cancel when you don’t feel also that you can be 100% present for all of your appointments and for your work that is actually more professional to cancel so that you can be 100% instead of being unprofessional and flaky and showing up like halfway laying down in your chair and like looking like total death.

So see how you can kind of reframe it. And then who would you be if you let go of that? If you let go of that thought, if you were free from that thought, how would you then show up? Oh, wow. If I was free for that thought, I would show up. I would cancel my appointments until I felt better. That would be fine. And I would feel more freedom. I would feel released. I feel relief.

So that’s what happened. So she was able to cancel appointments and she said, I felt you’re right. I felt instant relief as soon as I canceled and rescheduled. And actually the person who I changed the appointment with said, you have a right to be sick and you have every right to not feel good and to change your appointments. And even that was another lesson that she got, which was I can only be sick when it’s convenient.

And so I share this story with you because I think we all have these stories that we make up that keep us kind of small, kind of stagnant in our issues without actually giving ourselves the space to rest, to regenerate, and to then become ourselves, our true selves. And so again, if you are experiencing ascension symptoms, which, by the way, you should be if you’re here, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a healer, if you’re a leader, if you are a coach and you are wanting to make an impact, you are going to experience this stuff probably more often than not. And so the other thing I would invite you to do, and this is my last tip, is get comfortable with it. This is your new normal again you feel like this. These things are happening. Your life is changing.

Family, friends, all your body, you’re getting these different symptoms. You and your body have to become your number one priority. If you can focus on your health and your healing, everything else starts to come back and come together for you. So make sure that you spend the time, even if it’s just a day. It doesn’t have to be a whole week off. But give yourself the space to have the space. Give yourself permission. Take the day, take the week without the guilt, without the worry, without wondering of like, who’s going to do this if I don’t do it, no one else can. No bullshit.

It’s going to get done. So trust is going to get done. And when you prioritize yourself, you prioritize your needs. You will grow faster. You will overcome those essential symptoms and you will be off to the next level. I’m not telling you it’s going to be a pain-free level, but I will guarantee it’s going to be a new level. So make this your new normal and take good care of yourself.

So if this episode was helpful for you, please share it far and wide. Tell a friend. Tell a fellow entrepreneur, a fellow coach, a fellow healer. Let them know that what they’re going through is actually really normal. And here’s somebody explaining a little bit more in detail.

As always, your feedback, your reviews, your comments, your questions, they mean the world to me. And I love seeing them over on my YouTube channel, on my podcast as a review and for sure on social media, on Instagram, on Facebook. So if you haven’t subscribed to the podcast, do it today. Follow me on your favorite listening platform.

And you can also get an audio and visual version of this podcast over at You can watch the whole thing shared over on YouTube and share it on your favorite platform.

Thanks so much for being here. Lots of love to you. We’ll see you on the next episode.

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Emily: Hey, podcast listeners, welcome back. I am joined today by a repeat guest and my dear friend Whitney McNeill. We love Whitney for her connection to Spirit Guides. So we had this awesome idea that we were going to have you guys, the audience, writing questions. Because when I was on Whitney’s podcast, when she was on mine, they were both blowing up. So we’re like, Well, let’s give the people what they want.

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So,  we’ll link the previous episode that Whitney was on, on my podcast as well as hers in the show notes, if you want to go back to listen to those, you definitely can and gain even more insight and all that energy.

So I’m not even going to have you introduce yourself because you already did that and people already love you. So let’s just dive right in. So first of all, hi. I’ll stop breathing. I’ll stop talking so you can say something warm welcome back to the podcast, Whitney!

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Emily: Let’s do it. I love this first question from Kristen. She asks about spirit guides in your dreams. So I know for me I sometimes have really super lucid dreams with repeated messages or like, really, I’ve had phone numbers and dreams of like some crazy cool stuff happens in dreams.

So she’s asking, “how can you retain the images and messages when you wake up”?

Whitney: Yeah, so this is a great question and I have so many different answers, so I’ll do my best to contain them all. But one of the best ways that your guides can give you the message when you feel like you haven’t developed your intuition or you feel like you’re just not getting the memo when you’re in your conscious, day-to-day activities are through dreams, which can also be astral travels.

And when we’re astral traveling, we usually don’t retain the message in our conscious mind for very long. It’s like I wake up, Oh my goodness, I knew I was someplace. I can just see it, I can hear it, I can feel it. But then it kind of wanes. So there’s a couple of things you can do.

One, talk to your spirit guides before you go to bed and say, I’d really love to go on an astral visit with you and receive your messages, but please help me retain and integrate it into my conscious awareness.

But also, I’d love to give Kristin permission not to remember because you’ll remember when you need to. It’s still in your energy. It’s just not been integrated into your brain in the forefront. But it’s like you have this card in your back pocket and all of a sudden you’re like, whoa, I know the answer (tsu-tsum!) You know, kind of like, here’s the card. Well, where did I know that? Like, where did that come from? You were on astral travel.

So that’s kind of a comforting wave where it’s like, wait a minute, I know I actually have it. I just don’t necessarily have to retain it. Rolling around with all the other stuff that we have in our day-to-day lives.

So I remember I went on an astral travel years ago and I came back and I thought I knew I went somewhere, but I don’t know what I really experienced. I just had an awareness that somebody was talking about celiac disease and I was like, okay, don’t remember anything about it. But then I started attracting clients that I’ll have celiac disease, and I was like, somewhere in my energy, I must know this because it wasn’t something I was dealing with on a conscious basis. And then as I started to see more and more clients come in, I ended up becoming gluten-free not from celiac disease, but from a different way. And so it was like I had all this knowledge and it came to me when I needed it. So I thought that was really cool.

Emily: I love that. You know what? That reminds me of a couple of things. Number one, how fast start you go gets the best of us because that thought of like, Well, what if I forget it? It was supposed to be important.

I’m not going, well, that’s just like your ego saying, no, you’re not good enough. Or it’s I actually love what you’re saying because when we are in the dream, say it is our subconscious. And so of course, we of course are going to have that card in in the back pocket somewhere because it is our subconscious, It’s not the conscious mind that’s running the show, but our subconscious mind is what manifests. And so I love that you said that.

And it also brought me back to an astral travel years ago where I was a shapeshifter and I was being chased. And then my thought was, we’ll just shapeshift past this board like it was like a rock wall. And I was being like, it was I was cornered. It was like I was dead was imminent. And I just heard, like, we’ll just shapeshift. And so I shapeshifted and I got away and I was like, huh?

And then I realized kind of what I teach to entrepreneurs is this shape-shifting of, you know, going from struggling as a healer practitioner, coach and shapeshifting into the highest self. The version of you that is on that path, that is trusting themselves, that is confident. And I was like, Oh, I think I can apply this sort of knowledge-based or from this dream into this life. And I mean, I did remember, but it’s like. It was a crazy experience.

Whitney: It does sound like a wild experience, but what a beautiful message. I love what you just said, and I think that’s going to resonate with so many people listening to of how they can shapeshift in their own lives and transform. It’s really beautiful, astral travel is amazing, but it does really kind of throw you through this loop where it’s like, what was that that I just saw sometimes? But it’s really good.

Emily: But also what you said of like just asking to remember too, is like, it’s like the simplest things in it. Even when we’re going to get into talking more about guides, it’s like, Well, what if there was a guide for that? You know, like there’s an app for that. Like there’s a guide for that. Why not just ask the guide for that? Oh, right. That too. I could do that.

Whitney: Absolutely. Yeah. And so talk to your teacher guide if you’re listening and they’ll be more about it what you said. Yes.

Emily: All right. So this is a fun one about Spirit Guides, whether it’s an animal ancestor or a collective. When they express their messages in the form of numbers, feathers, coins and other signs. Do each of them have, like, their own signature sign that they’re leaving, where the messages are coming from so that we can like, can we send gratitude like, Hey, is this the guy that comes with coins? Is this the one that comes with feathers? And if so, she’s also asking like a two-parter, like, can I send a thank you note?

Whitney: I love that. Yes. Start with the last one first, please say thank you to your spirit guides. That’s definitely one thing that I always talk about with talking to your guides. It’s like if you had an assistant or even your family or friends and you never express gratitude or say thank you to your people that are helping you, it just wouldn’t be a great rapport. So you also say thank you.

However, some spirit guides and loved ones definitely have like this calling card work. So they’ll say, hey, it’s, you know, this is what I like to send you. I like to send you feathers or I like to send you coins. What I’ve noticed is that normally I’ve seen spirits who more show up or identify as male figures will send coins. It’s not all that way, but it’s just I’ve noticed this in readings, and generally speaking, they’ll be more of like a grandfather kind of energy that comes through.

And I’ve also noticed joy guides will tend to send flowers and they really like that vibrancy. And then it’s very different. So what I would recommend that you do is talk to your spiritual team, your spirit guides, and say, you know, I really love these signs. This is amazing. I would love to have a little bit more information, a little bit more detail of which guide ascending this. And the beauty, though, too, is that regardless if you know which guide or which spirit is sitting in these messages, you’re still getting them, which is really beautiful. It’s just it’s just it’s like an amazing rapport. But you can always just further get the conversation.

Just like if I were talking to Emily and I wanted to know more about her life or, Hey, you’re sending me these messages. Is this you know, I know it’s her because it’s from her name, but you just want to really make sure, Hey, is this so-and-so? And you could say, I’d love to receive a validation. So hopefully that helps answer the question.

Emily: Yeah. And of course, I’m going back to a reel that I made about. But can you send a signer sign? You know, I just need a signer sign. And I think that’s also the loop that, like spiritual folks like us get into where, you know, we got the confirmation, we got the sign, we got the direction, we pulled the card, we tested our pendulum. We got like, I don’t know, all the different green lights that we could get. And then we were still like, but where? How do I know it came from this guide? It’s like, can you just take the great message with love and gratitude and just be like, hey, whoever sent this, you’re awesome. Thank you. More of this, please. Like, move on. I think we can stay in this place of indecision.

Whitney: Yes.

Emily: And hold ourselves in this pattern. And, you know, I’m offering this program right now, and I’ve been having all these conversations with folks, and somebody sent me a DM, and they’re like, I’m really interested. So I’m like, hey, did you have questions? Like, I’m happy to help. I have a, you know, some open calls, too, if you want. And she’s like, yeah, I’m just going to surrender that. Hopefully, something will happen. And I wrote back, I said, okay, that sounds good. You can also just say, No, that’s totally okay. I want you to be able to just say no too. And she came back at me like at me saying, you know, you’re assuming that I’m making excuses, you know? And I said, No, I’m not assuming anything. I’m just giving you permission because a lot of people have trouble just saying no. Whether they think that they’re hurting my feelings or that they themselves don’t know how to say no, you know, in their life, like, life just kind of happens.

I don’t know if you’re a new girl fan, but Winston doesn’t make decisions and they use them all the time about like, when was the last time you actually made a decision? It’s like, Oh, because I played basketball. No, you didn’t. You were an infant and they just gave you a basketball. You didn’t make a decision to play.

So, you know, I think part of this is like, we can there’s a time to surrender to guidance. There’s a time to open up to direction. And you also need to take action. And so, you know, if you are getting signs like does it really matter who the guide is? Like, you got the sign, you got the confirmation, you can feel it, you can know and then move on. I guess I’m just kind of. I don’t know what the word is. I don’t want to say impatient, but I’m just like a go, go, go, go, go! Like a little energizer bunny sometimes. So, like… 🙂 I think that we can…

Whitney: Agree we stay too much sometimes in wanting to know the details. And then I think it kind of produces this response in us where it’s like, there’s always more for me to work on and I have to get it perfect. Whereas sure, we all have stuff to work on, but we don’t have to get it perfect.

And knowing that there they, there I think is really the most important step and just dividing the conversation to if it happens, it happens and you can talk to your guys every day and it’s been four confirmations, but I wouldn’t stay on that too much.

I was just having a conversation with a student, it’s on my membership. And she was really going down that rabbit hole of signs, signs, sig,n some things and she’s like, what is it all mean? Like, it doesn’t have to mean all the things. It really doesn’t. It’s nice when you get a confirmation, but sometimes, you know, a bottle of water is just a bottle of water. And sometimes we don’t need to know the meaning of the universe, you know, within that sign that we got. So I know you were like.

Emily: I am dying because, like, you probably get it too, people are like, Oh my gosh, the currency exchange has changed. Is that a sign that I shouldn’t be in your program? You’re like, gosh! I love it. It’s not everything is a sign. Sometimes it’s just a water bottle. Put that in a quote card. So. This is why I also love you, Whitney, because you’re so grounded. And, you know, you can laugh at these things, too, and help people so much, connecting with their guides. And let’s be practical.

I love this next question from Janelle. She says, “Do spirit guides who work with me specifically communicate with the guides of my kids and spouse.” And part two is, “the spirit guides communicate with other spirit guides”?

Whitney: Oh, that’s such a great question. I would try to contain the answer and through a certain amount of minutes.

Emily: Do you have 90?

Whitney: I know, right? So I just want to start with the concept of do you actually have your spirit guides and then your children, your spouse, other people, the family, they have their spirit guides as well. And what’s really great is that you can ask your spirit guides to communicate with their spirit guides, and then that helps the family, that helps to get on the same page.

So this is especially helpful when you’re having to have a tough conversation with somebody or you’re not on the same page like you’re just in an argument or you’re trying to convey to your child something and they’re not listening. So you can talk to your spirit guides and say, you know, I really would like to help them understand, you know, X, Y, Z of what I’m saying. And then you can say, you know, what would be the best right next step for me in this conversation or to have the highest and the best outcome.

And the great news is that your spirit guides are ethical, so they’re not going to like you can’t know all the details of your, let’s say, daughter’s life, especially if she’s an adult. But as a child, it’s a little different where you get to know a little bit more and you can start to work with that team, which is really great. So your spirit guides normally will just talk to the spirit guides of whoever that is, because your spirit guides are assigned specifically to you, which is really great. When I realized that, I felt so much comfort and knowing, Oh, I’ve got a team, wait a minute, they specialize in Whitney, with her life, and with her business. And hey, they’re dedicated just to me, which I think is really, really great. So that’s my answer. I think I contained it down.

Emily: I think so. You did great. And the second part is “Do they communicate with other guides”? And I would say yes, because whenever I’m working with clients one on one, I always feel the connection of my guides talking to their guides and then like amongst themselves, then relaying the info to me to relay to my clients. Does that kind of how you feel?

Whitney: Oh, 100%. That’s mediumship. So whenever I teach mediumship, it’s my guides talking to the guides of the client. They, they kind of negotiate. You know what I can know? They come back, they give it to me and it comes out of my mouth and then that’s mediumship. So absolutely, they talk to other guides because sometimes people have this assumption that mediums, intuitive, or a psychic or whatever, we’ll just kind of tune into your energy. Like they’re just going to look at you and know all your life. And while some people might do that and please don’t, they’re listening. Just because you have that ability, ability, please don’t just go around, try to tune into everybody. That’s again, like the ethical.

Emily: I know, like all the flashing….

Whitney: Well, yeah. Like, don’t do that. And some by the way, you know, I live in Sedona. I’ve actually had some people come up off the street and just give me a reading without my permission. And I was like, no.

Emily: Can I pause you there to talk about that?, for a second because that’s happened to me as well. So I want to talk about that. So first of all, like me and Whitney are kind of emoting is like it’s completely unethical to do that. I always thought people could like, see through me, like I was transparent. It’s not ethical. So if you are somebody who has that ability or your training to do that, you need to ask the permission of the other person. Similarly, like if you’re going into Akashic Records and you’re like, let me go digging around my kids stuff and my boyfriend’s things like, no, it’s you’re going to get blocked. Most likely you’re not going to see anything, but it’s completely unethical and there is karma. So there’s that. But if people do come up to you without your permission to give you a message, you have the right to say, No, thank you.

And so I had somebody come to me at a conference, last conference I went to, somebody was like, I’ve been having this this thing. And she’s like, I just realized you’re the thing I have to share this message with. And she shared this message and I was like. Why? Like, it was just a little a little weird. And I talked to a friend who was also there, and she goes, did you give her your permission to give you that message and to tap into your energy? I said, no. She goes, Yeah, do you do that to people? I said, Oh God, no. She goes, Yeah. So consider the message invalid and void. Like that’s basically. And I was like, Oh, that is such a good point. And, and so I want to give you all permission to say No, thank you.

If somebody is like, I have a message because it’s really sexy, it’s really appealing, you’re like, Oh, someone’s going to tell me something I don’t know. And it’s really appealing, but it’s also completely unethical. So how is that for you to receive that?

Whitney: How awful. No, anytime I teach mediumship, I say you ask for permission every time. So this person in Sedona that came up to me, my husband was with me, I’m going to tell you. So he’s four years older than I am, but I’ve always looked older when I was younger, and he’s always looked like he’s ten years younger than his age. So the person that came out started giving a message and then said, Your son.

Emily: Oh Jesus.

Whitey: And I was like. Okay, obviously you’re not tuned in here, but I’ll go, no, no, thank you Yeah, right.

Emily: Oh, oh my gosh.

Whitney: So much so that when he turned 40 years ago, I put on his t-shirt. I said, My wife is four years younger than me. And if you say that I look younger than her, she will hurt you.

Emily: It’s a very specific T-shirt.

Whitney: Right? Very specific T-shirt.

Emily: No, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. Were you going to share something about communicate with other spirit guides that?

Whitney: Oh, well, yes. The answer is yes. So you talk to your spirit guides and they can talk to the spirit guides of whomever. And this is really helpful, especially when you are needing to kind of work through something together, but it’s not something that you would just do. Like Emily was saying, I want to know about so-and-so, what’s going over, what’s going on over there? Your spirit guides, first off, won’t get the information unless the Spirit guides of the other person give it to them. So that’s one thing. And you don’t want to just go digging around in people’s lives.

Emily: Yeah. Yeah. There was a final question that I wanted to ask, but now I’m missing it. It was around connecting with guides and your energy. I don’t know where did I just go?

Whitney: I might be moving the document.

Emily: How dare you? Here it is. I got it. “How can a spirit Guide help you remove an energy block?”

Whitney: Hmm. So good. So you can ask your spirit healer. So you’ve got different guides for so many different things in your lives. You’ve got guides for your business. You’ve got guides that help you with your personal life. You have a teacher guide that is so helpful for astral travel. So talk to your teacher guide. If you’re wanting to do more of that, have a protector guide and then you also have guides and specialists in healing. So one of the things that I would suggest just from my perspective is I would call on your spirit guide your spirit healer to help you release and remove an energy block. And whenever I’ve done that, I have felt this place of tingles, different sensations. I’ll feel some kind of energy shift like they’re working on me. And it’s always great to do this when you can relax. This can be specifically good right before bed, but also your guides can give you messages about what action steps you might need to take to remove the energy block as well.

So from my perspective, those are some things that you can do. But I do want to turn around the question around Emily, and she specializes in energy alignment. And so you got to listen to the podcast episode on my podcast to get the rest of the answer.

Emily: Oh, yeah, I have a juicy one and I want to share it on your podcast because I channeled a meditation that was an energy healing through your guides, and all these guides came in to work on us. And so I want to share a little bit more about that on your podcast.

So you guys head on over to Whitney’s podcast, which we don’t know what it’s going to be right now, but a message from the Spiritual Ambitious Podcast. There we go. Goodness, gracious. We’ll get it out there.

You know, it’s sometimes it’s hard to go from energy to like the 3D, so come on over to Spiritual Ambitious we will have it linked in the show notes. Or you can just search on your favorite listening platform to listen to my answer to that question and many more about energy alignment. Thank you, Whitney. And I can’t wait to talk to you in 5 seconds.

Whitney: I’ll see you soon.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


In this episode, Whitney shares how you can call on your Spirit Guides before bed to help heal and remove blocks. Try it! Ask your healer guides to release and remove blocks to help you heal and notice any messages or improvements in your life.



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The Magic of Intuition Week and Why This “Woo” Stuff Works!

The Magic of Intuition Week and Why This “Woo” Stuff Works!

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Welcome back to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast. I’m your host, Emily Aarons, and I have a very special episode for you, this week because normally we have podcasts come out every other Tuesday, but this is a Thursday episode, and for good reason. I have something very special for you.

For those of you who’ve been with me for a really long time, you may have participated in one of the most epic events that ever was. One of my very favorite events and probably the best event that I’ve ever created, which is called Intuition Week. So if you’re new around these parts, you’re like, well, what is she talking about? Sounds good. What’s Intuition Week?

I’m going to give you a little bit of the background on how Intuition Week became a thing. The evolution it’s gone through as well as why you want to sign up for it this week. And in the podcast show notes you are going to see a link to join. It’s and until April 23rd you can get 50% off. Intuition week is only $11. So if you missed the special, it’s okay. But if you happen to be hearing this on Thursday, hurry, get that spot. It’s only $5.55 for a limited time only!

And this is for like the people who’ve been there forever, who’ve done it multiple times. We want to reward you. We want to celebrate with you and say, come on back. We have not done Intuition Week for a year and a half and we could not be more excited to offer this special event again. So, link in the show notes –

Let’s get to the story. So what is Intuition Week and why do I care?, you’re asking. So Intuition Week is an opportunity to experience me – my work, my energy clearings live for an entire week, so the schedule is pretty intense. It’s a Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Energy Healing. We start Monday morning on May 15th. (I should have of double check my calendar :-D) on May 15th, on Monday, we start with what everybody wants a Money Block Clearing. In addition to the Money Block Clearing,  I also give you a challenge.

So it’s not just yeah, I feel amazing. It’s also it’s time to put this to play. And everybody loves the homework assignment from day one because they get money. Simply put, they get money. We have seen people, you know, earn hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, get unexpected checks in the mail, get refunds, get gift cards. We’ve had folks who said, well, they were expecting a child support payment for the last five years and it just happened to come in that day. Just an amazing story.

So the community that we have with Intuition Week is outstanding and obviously, it’s very celebratory and positive and uplifting from the day that we start. And so I deliver my energy work live right into the group. So when you join me, you’re going to get that. But also even if you’re on the other side of the planet and you won’t get it until the replay, the energy is programmed.

And so I’m channeling I don’t even know what I’m going to say until it comes out of my mouth. So the energy is program for everybody who’s registered. And even if you’re live or on the replay, the energy is still very potent. I mean, I’ve had people watch the replays of past Intuition Weeks, even years later, and go, Oh my God, was so good, which is why I want you to sign up for it again.

It’s an amazing opportunity for you to start getting into your intuition so you can stop second-guessing yourself. And primarily Intuition Week is for coaches, healers and leaders who want to start using your intuition to grow your business.

And the thing is, is that we follow other people’s formulas to do different things, which is fine, except if you’re somebody like me who, you know, you follow me else’s formula and it doesn’t exactly pan out the way that you expected. The results are subpar. Maybe it feels a little off. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with whatever they’re telling you to do. It’s because it’s out of alignment.

And so what Intuition Week is helping you to do is get into your highest alignment so that you can use your intuition to be led in your business as well. So during the five-day live experience, you are going to learn how to, like I said, Clear Your Money Blocks.

Then we get into a live Q&A. You can literally ask me anything. It gets kind of wild and fun. I love the Q&A – is on Tuesdays and Thursdays because, you know, like everybody has a million questions like, what about Spirit Guides? What about it,  is there a Spirit guide or Angel for my business? What about my past loved one What happens when you die? Are chakras involved with your business? So like, the questions can be very broad and very specific and I’m going to answer all of them.

And we get into really fun conversations where people, you know, we can find limiting blocks and beliefs. And even just in the Q&A, people are having amazing experiences. There was a woman named Lilith who participated in one of the last Intuition Weeks, and she said, my spirit guides were hugging me and assisting me. That was from when we did our spirit team connection.

So the next thing that we do is I help you to tap into your own spirit team. So, your spirit guides can come in all forms, shapes and sizes. They can be plants and animals, angels, ancestors, past loved ones.

And so with this journey that we do on Wednesday, you get to really discover who is there to support you. And how can you harness this connection when times are tough, when you’re at your wit’s end, when you’re overthinking your over processing and just everything is going wrong, you will be able to forge this connection with one of your spirit guides so that you can always go back to this. So even past Intuition Week, participants can connect back to those guides that they first met during Intuition Week.

The other thing that, that does and, you know, clearing your money blocks, connecting with spirit guides, what that helps you to do is attract your soulmate client. So during the week we also have reported people have participants that I’m, I’m getting people finding me on social media, people are emailing me somebody wants to book one on ones with me and I haven’t ever had that happen.

So a lot unlocks, because your energy becomes so potent and so magical that it’s like you’re taking a drink out of the fire hose of, like, positive energy all week long. And so what that does for you is it gets you into your highest alignment and then it draws people in a very authentic and soulful way.

So, you know, and sometimes people come to me that like, you know, I’m afraid of putting myself out there because people are judging me. And in this week period, for Intuition Week, something shifts. And suddenly they realize and tap into their potential and realize I actually need to share my message because somebody out there needs me from a really loving place.

The next thing that we do, again – Tuesdays and Thursdays Q&A, and then on the Friday, which is always like the fan favorite, the best day ever, which is you’re connecting with your highest self. And not just, you know, thinking about your highest self, not just imagining your higher self, but deeply, energetically imprinting and integrating with your higher self.

And so what that looks like is while typically on all of the different days that we do this energy healing and people are having emotional releases and crying and and having like epiphanies and new ideas and feeling inspired and also just deeply relaxed and connected with themself.

And so when you connect with your higher self, I’m allowing you to go on your own journey. To see what your higher self has to say and what is what do they look like and how do they feel, how do they respond, how they react.

And then when you become embodied as your higher self, you all of a sudden are showing up more powerfully, more confidently, more poised, more trusting in yourself, like you are a different person, like the me who was talking to you, like the Emily, like I have my own problems, my own insecurities, my own setbacks. But when I’m connected and plugged in with my higher self and fully integrated and embodied, I show up powerfully. And so every time you know, I do my work, I’m in that state. And so we have breakthrough.

So somebody shared, her name is Jennifer Bryan. She said, “I absolutely loved it. The meditations were amazing. The energy was fantastic.”

Caralila Turner said, “Wow, I’ve done intuition week three times and each time has been great.”

So I want to talk about that.

So if you’re somebody who is a returning member to Intuition Week, not member but participant. The reason why you come back is really clear. Number one, you grow and evolve. So where you were a year and a half ago or further, you’re not that person anymore. And so likely what happens every time is that you’re going to start getting bigger, more profound, psychic or intuitive hits.

The next thing is because truly, you know, it’s been a while. And so your system could use that next refresh. And the biggest best ever reason is because, the Intuition Week community as well as like this energy I keep talking about, which I’m sure you can feel and sense just from me talking about, it is the most awesome outstanding like crazy, so-so good energy. So like why not?

It’s only $11. And again, if you get the deal now it’s only $5.55 for an entire week. Five days live training, energy healings, practices, homework. You get a workbook, again – you get a tracker, the community, you get it all access replay page. If you’re not on Facebook and you’re like, uh – can I still get the most of it? Yes, you can.

The replay is up very quickly after I’ve done the video. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in the right time zone or the wrong time zone or whatever you think the replay, the all-access replay page is available all week.

Obviously, we have all kinds of bonuses and surprise giveaways and specials. We’re going to do text messaging alerts and special keywords, and you’re also going to get a discount off of my Angels in Your Biz Oracle Card Deck. So you get a lot for a very little investment.

You know, one of the things that I love to do is unite people together as well. And so I’ve also seen so many relationships founded just going through Intuition Week together where people like, wow, you’re like this, so am I.

And Intuition Week community is like nothing you’ve ever been a part of. And if you’re like me, I’m usually like the only woo-woo spiritual weirdo in the group. I’m like the resident psychic. And in this group, it’s not the case, everybody – from all walks of life coaches, healers, leaders and even people who are like, I am not that yet, but I would like to get into that. And so this is an amazing networking community. And so, you know, getting to meet like-minded people maybe collaborate, maybe do podcasts together. Maybe just share the space together and keep each other accountable. It’s really, really cool.

Tara Holliman said, “I really needed that. My energy was so off before the healing. Thank you so much. I really needed that.”

Alma Solana Burrell said, “You are amazing. I’m so grateful for your work and your teachings.”

And Delma Manrique says that “It was beautiful. Wow, I felt a lot of energy. I went from feeling like a 4 all the way up to a 9”.

So these are just some of the many testimonials that I receive from doing Intuition Week. Usually, like my team can’t keep track and keep up with the amount and the volume of praise and testimonials and people making money and making new connections and just like miraculous things happening all week long.

So I would love for you to join again. It’s half off until April 23rd, but even if you miss it, it’s only $11 to join.

So I want to give you a quick history of where Intuition Week came from, which was I channeled it. I’m sure you probably guessed it, but I channeled a number of years ago. I’ve done Intuition Weeks, five times.

Every single time I’ve done it, it just gets better. The first time I did it, it was seven days, then it was five days. We started to shift it into just three days because what I found was that, you know, like I said, it’s like taking a drink out of the water hose.

And if people are getting energy healing with me seven days in a row, usually it’s like a lot of energy and that’s great. And there’s also that integration period that needs to happen.

And so what we did is said, you know what, I think the more gentle kind our way to do this is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, and that has been the best ever. We’ve seen people who are able to get the healing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and really integrate on Tuesday and Thursday and over the weekend and obviously the week after it’s over.

The other cool thing is that Intuition Week opens up the container for my Mastery & Ascension Membership. And Master & Ascension is literally the membership where I do live channeled energy healing. That’s the only sacred community online that you are able to receive master-level energy healing. And so Intuition Week is kind of like a taste of what it’s like to be a Mastery & Ascension member. So in Mastery & Ascension, I go live once a month. Plus you have actually twice a month. I take that back. I go like once a month to channel a message on the first of every month. And then on the 15th of every single month, you’re going to get card readings for the whole group.

However, in addition to that, you have over 200 energy healings, mini- master classes and things like spirit guides and angels and crystals and so many astral travel. Plus there’s replays from the past Intuition Week. So, you know, after Intuition Week is over. We put that into our membership portal so that they can have it on replay, plus some really incredible offers and opportunities. You get half off from different things that I do throughout the year as an M&A member. And you also get premier access to the folks who are trained to do what I do in the Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training.

So there’s a ton of benefits, there’s a ton of energy healings, and there’s also access to simple things like the Reboot Meditation series, which is an 8 to 12-minute meditation that literally clears your whole system that you don’t have to stop doing what you’re doing to listen to it. There’s a ton of awesome benefits in M&A.

But I will say this Intuition Week, if you enjoy that, if you enjoyed me, if you enjoyed the energy clearings, if you enjoy the community, you’re absolutely going to love it inside of M&A.

So also because we’re opening the doors during Intuition Week, we’re going to have all kinds of really cool specials. So if you were a past member and you want to come back or you are a member and you want to upgrade, we’re going to have some really cool things offered that we’ve never offered before, some cool upgrades and just like really cool surprise bonuses and just prizes things along the way. So we’re gonna have a lot of fun.

So it is really my favorite thing to do because I get to just be me to share my gifts at a very, very low investment that is really open to basically anybody. You know, if you can pay 5 to $11, you can participate and get these master-level energy healings delivered to you every single day within the context of Intuition Week.

So I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. I really hope I get to see you inside of Intuition Week May 15th through 19th. Limited time only. It is awesome. We haven’t done it for a year and a half. We’re bringing it back. It’s going to be better than ever, I know it.

So anyway, if you have any questions, let me know. Share it with a friend, is how you get in. All right, I’ll see you guys on the next episode and I hope to see you inside of Intuition week. Lots of love. Bye for now.

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Emily Aarons is a highly sought-after intuitive healer and business coach for coaches, healers, and leaders. She’s best known for clearing the energy to guide her clients out of survival mode and unlocking alignment, abundance, and exponential growth in their business. With over two decades of experience, Emily has honed her healing skills to create the first and only energy-based certification with a profit guarantee; the Integrated Energy Alignment training.

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Much Needed Shadow Work for Coaches and Healers

Much Needed Shadow Work for Coaches and Healers

Are you a coach or healer who is having trouble getting fully booked with your programs or services? If so, this it’s the perfect time to do some shadow work!

If you’re struggling with any of these:

  • Attracting enough of the right clients and charging your worth
  • Getting yourself fully booked
  • Worrying that you should have a plan B
  • Sacrificing your time comparing yourself to others
  • Or all of the above!

I’m here to help you!

When we aren’t getting the expected results in our business, we usually get as far as terror, panic, and fear when we consider what happens if this doesn’t work out.

This is why you need shadow work. It’s a way to work through the emotions stopping you from getting your much-needed programs and services out into the world. You may have to “do it scared” but that’s why I’m here to help by doing this together.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • “What if it doesn’t work?!”
  • Why you can’t stop at the fear, terror, or anxious feelings if you want to get to the next level.
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  • You are the only one who knows if THIS is your time.
  • My story of trying the strategies of broke healers and expecting a different result.
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Hey, everybody. It’s Emily, And I wanted to share something about shadow work, which is probably not the most popular topic ever, But I feel like as I’m opening up the Accelerated Path Program, it is ripe with opportunity for you, for me, for us. And if you are a coach or a healer who has been struggling to make it, struggling to get enough clients, not booking your calendar fully and there is just like an effort made to try to sell your things, but like no one or not, enough people are buying it. This is a session for you.Hi. Hi, Ariel. It’s great to see my company start working. I was really not sure because I haven’t been leaving my phone for a while, so that’s good news.

So if you are a coach or a healer, whether you’re live on the replay, put a 1 in. If you are someone who has struggled to attract enough of the right clients or get yourself fully booked, put a 2 in, I would love to see who that resonates with. So I want to talk about some shadow work.

Hi, Tonika! Good to see you here. Of course, you’re here.

So let’s do some shadow work, shall we? So, yeah, we’re going to do some shadow work. Is everybody resonated with this message? You’re a coach, you’re a healer? I can’t see the comments coming in at the moment, but I presume that’s… Yes, coach, healers. Problems getting fully booked. I was just going to pull up something. I did this Money Block Clearing the other day which was really powerful. And I know that a lot of folks, here’s how they identified.
 – Number 1, you’re struggling to get clients in charging your worth.
 – Drop a 2, if you’re worried, if you should create a plan B.
 – Number 3, you’re sacrificing your time comparing yourself to others.
 – Or 4, all of the above.

Okay? So I know I kind of want to go as fast, but just put the one that feels like it resonated with you. So let’s talk about it. What I wanted to share today is about shadow work. So, for those of you who are kind of have the desire to help more people, but there’s always kind of the background or maybe foreground this desire to have a plan B, like if this doesn’t work, WHF am I going to do with my life?

So, let’s go there. This is what we usually avoid. We usually get as far as terror, panic, anxiety, and fear when we consider if our programs, if our work, if our coaching and healing stuff doesn’t work out, and we kind of stop with our toes on the line of – is it going to work? What if it doesn’t? And then we go into this panic mode. I know this feeling very well because as you may or may not know, I’ve been doing energy healing for 23 years, 15 – the majority of 15 of those 20 years I was broke. I was living just barely making it.

And then I had my kid and my husband was primarily the one who was supporting our household. I really wasn’t. I was making about $1,000 a month and not much more. And I knew I had a dream. And I mean, I knew I wanted to help more people, but I was terrified to know what to do. I didn’t know how to actually do it. And so what I’m here to teach you how to do is the framework for taking your coaching and healing business out there into the world and positioning yourself. So you are a unicorn. You are one amazing person in a very saturated market. It’s going to help you to stand out. It’s going to help you sell your offers. It’s going to help you to take yourself seriously.

So I only want to talk to people who are here and take themselves seriously. As I see it, 16 people who are on live. If all of you are here to take yourself seriously, just stay on, okay? If you’re kind of like I like to do healing and coaching, but like as a hobby side hustle, like I’m not actually wanting to help people. I would like to, but like, not as, like my main thing, like, I’m not talking to you.
I’m talking to the folks who want to take themselves seriously, who want their family and friends to take them seriously.

And when you introduce yourself, whether at a business networking thing or just like a friend’s party, when you introduce yourself and you go, “hi, my name is Emily and I’m an energy healer and I also coach business coaches. I’m also a coach to coaches and healers online.” And they go, oh, wow! So, you do like… so, tell me more about that. You do energy work for entrepreneurs and say, Yeah, I help coaches and healers to build profitable businesses. And they go, oh, wow, that’s really cool!

So I want to help you to be able to feel really good and really serious and really confident about what you do in the world, but sometimes you don’t really even know what that is yet. So let’s do some shadow work, shall we?

Got 18 people. Hey, if you guys would just say hi, let me know that you are here with me and you are present. I know sometimes we open up apps when we’re doing other things, but like, if you’re here, let’s just go down this road, okay?

When you think of if my coaching in the healing business doesn’t work, what is your first thought? This is going to really help our visualization.

So put it in the chat.

What is your first thought when you worry? You’re most definitely here. Great. If this doesn’t work out, then what?

For me, I’m going to go to fix my hair because it’s like it’s just doing its own thing today. I’m going to do it tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to do some live coaching here on Facebook. You’ll get an invitation to join me on Zoom, and that’s where I’ll do some live coaching.
Go back to corporate. Oh, with the teary eyes.Yeah. And I can feel that resistance in you too, Tonika too. Who else?

Be brave. What is it that you fear when you go? If this doesn’t work out, then what’s going to happen? For me, I always, for some reason, imagine being a barista at Starbucks. Like, if I’m not fulfilling my true heart’s desires, I may as well do like something I would hate. Like, that – it was so black and white for me of like you either do what you love or you are miserable and being miserable or working at Starbucks. Then I started to think about, well, then I would lose my apartment, I would lose my house, and maybe I would lose my car if it doesn’t work out. What if I feel I don’t know what will happen? Melissa, let’s talk about what will happen. Going back is to serving that I did for 20 years, like waitressing, working a miserable 9 to 5 just to make some sort of living. Exactly, Ariel. Being the worst of me again. Yep, exactly.

So you can feel that in your body.

“I gave up a government job with a pension”. A ha ha ha ha ha. That see, they they do. They dangle it. They dangle that pension in front of you and you go, oh that’s nice. Oh, that’s nice. And it is nice. And it doesn’t mean you can’t still do your government job and have a thriving coaching or healing business. That doesn’t mean it. But what it will mean that if you can’t dedicate energy to your practice.

My family will think I’m nuts. Yeah. Anybody else family thinks that they’re nuts? Either for quitting their job or for being a coach or a healer, or just they don’t get you at all. So, this is why I want us to go here. I don’t want us to avoid the scary thing. I want us to do the shadow work that brings up the feelings. And I want to see what happens next. I want you to see what happens next. So I want you to just in your mind’s eye. If you visualize this thing, is not going to work out. And here’s all the worst things that happen.
 – My family thinks I’m crazy.
 – I can’t make it work as a coach or a healer.
 – I have to go back to a corporate job.
 – I have to go back to waitressing.

And that’s just to keep the food coming in, lights on Internet phone like the bare necessities. But what if it got worse than that? And, like, you really couldn’t even make that work. And you are getting, you know, less and less money coming in. Then it’s almost like your backs up against the wall and maybe you become homeless. Maybe you aren’t even eating because you don’t have enough money to feed yourself. Then what? When your backup is against the wall. You got nothing left to lose. Other than maybe the clothes and shoes that you’re wearing. You got no one. You got nothing. Then what? Then what do you do?

And we have to go down this path. To see how bad it could possibly get. And even it doesn’t have to get to that point. Even if your worst path is going back to corporate, Tonika, even if your worst path, Melissa, is staying at that government job and just not doing what your heart is calling you to do. Why do I have this notification popping up?

What if you quit your healing and coaching business and you become a waitress again? How does that feel? What are you going to do about it? When you’re back up, back against the wall and you’re just doing what you have to do. How does that feel in your body? How does that feel in your soul? And put it in the comments. I’m going to share my story, too, because it’s been I’ve been there.

I’ve been doing healing for 23 years, but I didn’t always have my full-time practice. I went in and out of receptionist jobs and while I was a receptionist, I was doing healing work or teaching yoga. I went to a corporate job where I was working as an executive assistant, also known as a glorified babysitter. To very rich, very, very, very rich people, mostly men. And I felt like my soul was decaying inside of me. That feeling of like, uh.

However, I had a steady paycheck. I was getting raises and bonuses. People at my job like me, they actually encouraged me to get my series seven so that I could also become a salesperson and make good gobs of money just like them. And I was like, thanks, but no. Like, this is bad enough. This is just a temporary thing until I decide I’m going to go all in on my healing work.
And part of why I didn’t go in all in on my healing work is because I didn’t have anybody to show me how to do it. Nobody before me had a successful healing career that at least I knew of. There was no mentor out there. There was nobody who I saw who was a healer, an energy worker, a tarot card reader, whatever, who was teaching the ins and outs in the framework of a business like how to run a business. If you do this, I can get you there. No one did that, so I literally didn’t know how to do it.

It had to get so bad for me that I quit my job. I was like, screw all this. I’m back into full-time healing work and I want to make it work. And I was praying for miracles and years and years and years of struggle. Finally surmounted when I was just like my back was against the wall. I thought I couldn’t sink any lower. And I was like, I have to change something. And I became desperate to change something.

But here’s what I think what was actually happening. I don’t think I was actually desperate. I think I became relentless. Because when my back was against the wall, I didn’t just sit there and lay down and die. I didn’t just take my full-time job and take the bonuses and take the raises and take the extra steps and go down that path, because inside of me there was that rotten decay. It was like, Don’t do it. And I know I needed it temporarily, just till I get my head above the water and, like, catch my breath. But I was still doing the healing on the side. And then when I fully committed, I became relentless. I realized I was fucking scrappy.

I’m a latchkey kid. I don’t know if anybody else on here was a latchkey kid. But part of being a latchkey kid is like, you forget your key sometimes and you literally have to check every door and every window and break into the house sometimes.

But I live in New England and I wasn’t going to get let out and left out in the cold. So, I had to get in. I had to get in. And I take that same commitment with my business. I have to help people. I get out of bed every day and I’m like, I want to. I have to, there is this need and this desire to just, like, figure it out. To apply all of my wisdom and all of my intelligence. And then I allow my intuition to lead me to that next big breakthrough in my business. But I have enough experience that I know what can work and what doesn’t work. And that is what I want to help teach you. The Accelerated Path is that it’s teaching you how to be fully committed. No Plan B, no wasting your energy on what if and in this place of worry and fear.

And I saw you guys say, like, you know, Tonika, I saw you say, like it feels suffocating and you felt like the back of your throat feels like there’s a knot in there. Denise, you said that it’s like deflating. And Melissa, you’re tired of surviving. It feels awful to have to go back on that and Ems, you’re like on the verge of that.

So I ended an eight-year relationship for similar when it comes to believing myself, yes, we have to believe in ourselves enough to get scrappy, enough to be relentless.
And the problem that where you’re at right now, which is exactly where I had been, was like, I don’t know how like, I know I want to help people. I know I want to be a coach. I know I want to be a healer, but I actually don’t know what works and what doesn’t. And so I’m trying, but I was trying and probably you’re trying at like the bare minimum level because in the back of your head you’re like, what if it doesn’t work?

So if I put in like half of the effort, I won’t be so disappointed if I don’t get positive results because I wasn’t even really trying anyway. It’s kind of like what spirit is showing me, is like when you are meeting a new group of people and you kind of put on this like fake persona. Maybe when you’re like a teenager and you’re like, whatever. If they don’t like me, it’s not even the real me anyway. And so we put up these masks, we put up these guards, and you’re doing the same thing in your business.

Where I was at, I was trying my best, but like, I didn’t have the knowledge of, like, actual strategies that worked. So what I was trying to do was what all the broke healers before me taught me, which was discounting myself, taking everybody, not narrowing down my niche, helping everybody, discounting myself constantly and not playing full out.
Yes, I’m definitely not playing full-out. Yeah, that hit me. You’re trying the bare minimum. That’s what happens, Andrea.

When I actually coach people and I listen when they say I tried to sell this thing, but it didn’t work. Again, I’m gonna do live coaching tomorrow if you guys want to join me. And so maybe you did try that. And maybe that’s true. But let’s say, how did you try? Well, I posted once. Okay. And then what? Well, nobody responded, so I didn’t post again because obviously, people didn’t want it. And to me, I’m like, what do you guys even realize how many dozens of emails I send out on a monthly basis? Because from your perspective, you probably look at me and go, oh, she’s got to figure it out. Everything works for her. She puts not out and it sells. That’s not true.

“Definitely not putting in the full effort because it discount myself due to insecurities.”Exactly.

So, imagine if you are fully confident in your gifts and your abilities, you are fully confident in the transformations that you can provide. How would you then put yourself out there?
More importantly, we have to shift the perspective from looking at ourselves. I’m worried that I’m not worthy. My insecurities, my fears. What about them? What about the people that you want to help? How do you think they’re feeling right now? You’re so consumed with yourself and your worries and your doubts. That you don’t actually get it out there to help them. That’s the truth. The truth is that this minimal effort is being put out versus the maximum effort. And half of the reason why you don’t put the maximum effort is like what I was doing, which is what I didn’t know what the maximum effort would look like. I didn’t know what that looked like until I actually did it. Until I knew what that felt like if I was to go all in like guns blazing.

And here’s what I always teach my clients is that after a launch, the way I want to feel. Is that I did everything I possibly could have to clarify my message to help people feel safe, to feel seen, so that they know what it’s like to work with me. I want to feel confident that there is not a single thing I could have done more of to get my message heard by the people who needed to hear it. Because the truth is this.

I know that whether you’re on live with me, the 15, 16, 17 people who been on live with me, or the people who are the hundreds of people who will be on the replay of this. I know that there’s somebody who’s out there and they’re suffering, and that’s what drives me to get my voice heard. It’s for you all. It’s that you all know that I’m a safe place, that you know, that I have the frameworks that work, so that you know, if you’re ready to be all in and relentless about helping people. I have loads of strategies that have worked for me, for countless clients, and they will absolutely work for you.

The best part is through The Accelerated Path. I have a full 100% money-back guarantee. If you join me, if you do the calls, if you do the homework and you put yourself out there for three months and nothing changes, I will fully refund you. So when you look at that kind of a refund policy and you go, damn, she’s really confident. She’s really confident.

So then what’s the problem? The problem is, do you believe in yourself to invest in your business? I just had a call with somebody who was saying, listen, I invest in healing work. She just came back from the chiropractor. And the truth is, is that The Accelerated Path is the program I want to do. But I’ve never invested in my business before. And I said, okay, that’s fair, and that makes sense.

So think of it this way when you go to the chiropractor. And you go to the massage therapist when you go to your natural path. You walk in the door with aches and pains and problems, and you walk out the door feeling more energetic, more aligned, maybe with less pain, less worry, less whatever. So, you know, when you walk in, you come in this way and you walk out and you get this result. But you’re not sure because you’ve never had that experience with your business before.

So it’s only natural to feel hesitation, to go, I don’t know. Am I going to get a result? I’m saying, yes, I believe you’re going to get a result. I’m promising you a result. I’m promising you with results, and I’m willing to pay you back if I don’t help you to find a way to get to that result. So the real risk is nothing. You invest the money for today that’s going to pay you back tenfold over time. You’re going to have a network of people who actually see you, who believe in you, and who aren’t going to let you fail. They’re not going to let you fall. You’re going to be able to workshop with all of us. Mastermind, get your ideas out.

We’ll tell you. Oh, that’s a really good one. Maybe tweak that so that you can put an offer out there that is not the messaging as dialed in. The offer is dialed and the price is dialed in so that you don’t have to ever feel that fear of what if it doesn’t work out? Should I create a plan B? And I’m not going to say all your fears go away because that’s not something I can promise you. Entrepreneurship is about trying and trying and trying and trying and being relentless until you get the magic formula for you.

“I’ve been missing your lives for a bit now. I’m glad my phone decided to jump on.” Me to. I can see that from your point of view. Well, yeah.

And so as a coach and as somebody who is relentless in my pursuit to help other people, I’m doing these lives, I’m sharing with you about, you know, my gift in the world is because I went through that shitty period for so long. I’m here standing, building $1,000,000 business and growing sharing with you that if I can do it, so can you. And I was broke for a real long time. So if I can get scrappy and figure it out myself and then mastermind with friends and then like get that feedback and grow and keep trying, I know that those things that I have done and the things that my clients have done can help you too.

And right now we’re in a very sensitive climate. My feeling is this, you need somebody like me who is a healer, who is a coach, who has been there and there is nobody out there like me.
There’s nobody out there. There are definitely marketers. There’s definitely, you know, get your messaging dialed in here, get your products and services over here, get your website over there. But I can tell you you can crash it without having fancy sales pages, without having, like all the different systems and bells and whistles.

But you cannot get there if you’re not willing to bet on yourself. You cannot get there if you’re not willing to invest in yourself. Because whether it’s The Accelerated Path or it’s Facebook Ads or it’s a team member or it’s new software to make your life easier or make your customers happier, you’re always going to be investing. So think about how much you’re hemming and hawing about just the simplest decision, how much time you’re wasting hemming and hawing about decisions. Either do it or don’t do it.

And here’s the other thing. I’m just going to play it like let it play out there. If this isn’t your time to be an entrepreneur and to be a coach and to be a healer, then put it aside and just stop. You are the only one who knows when it’s your time. So maybe this is the time.

Like when I said I worked for a full-time job as an executive assistant. During that time, I was only doing some clients on the side. My primary focus was my corporate job. So if that’s the season you’re in, then go for it. I’m not saying don’t get a second job or Plan B or whatever, but don’t have both. Pick one lane. Make that be your first decision. I’m either going to go all in on my healing and coaching business and go for big air and see what happens. Or I’m going to say, not right now. I’m going to just go back to corporate or waitressing or whatever it is that you do. But the middle place is what’s killing you. You’re being in indecision and it’s literally zapping your energy. It is zapping your money and it’s taking your focus away from actually doing the thing and becoming inventive. Like when we did that visualization when our back was against the wall, what are you going to do? Do something. Go all in. The steps that we’re taking are like me at best. So look back at what you want to do and see if you need help.

“I need to take this job. The message was meant for a reason right now.” So Ems, we do have payment plans and we also have scholarships. We have payment plans, we have a 4-pay and we have a scholarship. We have a scholarship for folks who are black, indigenous women of color. We also have a scholarship for folks who are experienced hardship.
If you’re in an as sub-in a sucky place socioeconomically and you’re like, I want to go all in, I want to believe myself. I take myself seriously. But it’s just, just that money thing. We have the payments and we have the scholarships. We have a guarantee. So it’s up to you.

And I will tell you that every time I’ve made an investment in myself, whether it be in any of the things I just mentioned, whether it’s a program, a course, team member, an ad, whatever it is, I always ask that when I make the investment, it come back to me. This investment come back to me tenfold. And you can do the same thing.

I’m facing eviction, but I’m willing to put everything in, so, your backs up against the wall. This is the thing. We have to take responsibility no matter where you’re at. We have like we got ourselves there and we can get ourselves out. We can when we take responsibility and we go. I’m not going to let it get this bad again. I’m not going to let it get this bad again. This is not an option for me anymore. And when we can get all of our focus in one direction, we can become creative and inventive and be like, well, what if I try this? What if I try?

Well, where do you want to spend your energy? Do you want to spend your energy on letting it just keep draining the life out of you? Or do you want to spend that energy on new ideas creatively?
Tonika and Ems, like if we were in a mastermind group, if we were on a coaching call and you said, I don’t know, I tried this thing, it didn’t work. You and everyone on the coaching call is going to do. They’re going to offer you 15 new ways that you can overcome that obstacle. Every single one of the people who’s on the call is going to offer you an idea. Offer you feedback. Offer you their time to spend like morning ideas back and forth together. They’re going to be there to support you and help you ensure your success. That’s what a mastermind group does.If you’ve never been in part of one, if you’ve never been in a group program, if you’ve never been on my program specifically, that’s what we do.

And so that’s what I want you to see tomorrow when I do life coaching is that you’re going to be in a Zoom room with complete strangers who are all cheering you on, encouraging you and believe in you and helping you to believe in yourself. And one thing I like promising you, I’m a coach, but I’m a healer first. So I’ve been doing energy healing for 23 years. So the spaces that I create, whether it is in my group calls, whether it is in my group programs, on my online community, this is a safe and sacred space. I do not take your participation lightly. I do not take your join just say oh, you’re just another number. I believe in every single person. I believe you’re here for a reason. And I’m going to hold the safe container for you to go get what you need from me. And that’s another level of responsibility.

“I haven’t chimed in on your videos for a long time and can’t believe today is the time because I decided to watch everything happens for reason. I needed to hear this.” Jacqueline That’s perfect.

Again, there is no risk. It’s a believed risk. It’s a thought, but it’s not an actual truth. And one of the things so I felt like recently my back was against the wall and it caused me to do these things again, to again revisit. Revisit my beliefs, revisit my thoughts, revisit my worries and my fears. Because if push comes to shove, will I ever stop? The answer is no.

“Thank you for. Let me join this morning’s video. Help me through all.” I’m glad, Stephanie.

The answer for me is no, it’s not just a no. It’s a resounding hell no. Nothing will stop me from doing the work I’m here to do. And that’s part of what we have to understand, is that the universe is always willing to give us what we desire. And there’s going to be tests and hurdles to say, yes, so prove it. And so maybe this is an opportunity for you to yeah, prove it. Prove that you want to help people. Don’t just say you think people are going to fall out of the sky because you said you wanted to help them. Or are you going to go let people know that you can help them? Are you going to make it abundantly clear that you can help them? And how can you help them? We have to make that hard decision. What are we going to invest our time and energy on? Worried about failure are focusing on innovation, focusing on service.

“I did a follow-up with a client we were discussing.” Okay.

So, what questions do you guys have about The Accelerated Path? This is a three-month container with me. We start in a few weeks. Like I said, there’s a payment option and there are scholarships and excuse me. Guys, a lot of energy is moving today. This is good. There are scholarships and there are payment plans. And I encourage you to take advantage of that. I fully encourage you to take advantage of that. It’s a three-month container.

We start in April, On the 5th of April, folks who join in the pan of fall, they get a bonus extra call with me before we kick off the program to really set a clear intention for what we’re here to do and to really connect and network with each other. And then there’s going to be two live calls per month with me, live, me this, but with a specific agenda.

“I have no questions. I just need the link.” Oh, sorry. Let me hop on Facebook. I’ll see if I can drop it in here. I wasn’t really prepared, I guess. Let me pop in right now.

And then there’s a list of all the calls. So it’s not just energetic. It is like a high-level mentorship mastermind had a baby with us with a seriously high-level healing program. It’s both. You’re going to get the healing. You’re going to get the coaching and direction. You’re going to get that next level of up-leveling.

I mean, sorry, I’m going to focus. Here you go. There it is oh, there’s 47 comments. I missed some comments. I’ll come back to the comments later. If you want to put a rainbow in. I will reach out to you privately as well. Just put a rainbow emoji and I’ll be happy to read you. Also, the energy has been causing a ton of freezing during this live. I’m not surprised.

So you’ll get a three-month container to live coaching, healing and coaching, teaching healing calls a month. So, we talk about the program, we give you the deliverables and then you go, but what about this? And I have a problem with that, and I’m afraid of this and I’m worried about that. That’s where the coaching comes in.

Okay, so I’ll DM you later, Ems and Jacqueline when I’m done with this, okay?

You can also reach out to me on Instagram. That’s a really easy way to get in touch with me today. So on those calls, there’s a there’s a proven framework and I’m going through a very specific set of items on each of those calls directly to move everybody forward at the same pace. So it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or you’ve been at it for a while. It just hasn’t been working for you. Everybody starts at the same place. And again, it is a guarantee that this will work for you when you show up and do the work, it doesn’t matter. Are you going to be serious enough to do the work?

You’re very welcome.

And then on the other thing you get is a Kajabi Community Group. So you can workshop, mastermind, throw ideas out there, post your homework, get feedback on something, ask questions to me and my team and the group, because it’s not just the family show. There’s a group of people who have experience and knowledge and different things, so I don’t pretend to have all the answers for you. The group is also half of what the amazingness is. And when you join these programs, the other thing you’re going to realize is that you make connections and bonds that are like soul sisters. Soul bonds that even after my program is over, you all are going to have a relationship for years to come.

I’ve saw people on Instagram the other day who are in a group coaching program of mine two years ago, and they’re still just as close, supporting each other, excited about each other’s work. And I haven’t been in the picture for years, so it’s not even about me. It’s about who you are attracting in that container.

And if you never if you’ve never had that kind of love and support and friendships and just people who are loving you, loving on you for what you do, I can’t explain what that feels like. It’s like somebody saying, well, you don’t know the love of when you have a baby and you have never felt love like that. You’re like, sure, but then that happens and you’re like, oh my God, never loved anything before this moment. That’s the thing is like, I can’t explain what that feels like for you. You have to experience it yourself.

So I’d love to work with you. If you have questions, let me know. It is for you IF you are a coach, if you are a healer, you have been living in survival mode and you are just not seeing the results that you wish for. And you have been hemming and hawing about a Plan B for too long and you are just tired. And maybe this is your back against the wall. Maybe this is your last-ditch effort to say, I don’t know, maybe I’m just going to go all in on this healing and coaching thing and I’ll see what happens. But people do find me when they’re at that crossroads. People find me when they’re ready for a solution that works.

So again, drop a rainbow emoji if you’re wanting some more information. I did put the link in, it’s I will be back tomorrow. We’re going to send an email to folks who’ve been interested in the path through a very small, a small list that we’re going to invite you to be on the Zoom call tomorrow. If you’d like to get that private invite to be coached on Zoom, you just let me know.

Anyway, I hope you have a great, I hope this is helpful for you. If it was helpful in any way, would you please give some hearts, give some thumbs up, share it with a friend who may be in a similar situation as you. The more that we can spread this message and maybe for your friends or the people who you share on your Facebook page aren’t in the same position as you, but maybe somebody is. And they’ve been trying to find somebody like me, but they didn’t until you just shared my video with them. So you can share privately. There’s a little button on the bottom that says share or you can share publicly on your page. And I really, really appreciate that.

Thank you so much for being here. And we’ll talk to you soon. I hope to see you in the program. All right, you guys have a great day.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


Grab a pen and paper for this episode. There are several PIVOTAL questions throughout this episode to help you get in alignment and decide if this is YOUR time and explore whether or not you still need your backup plan.


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This episode is a little different than I normally do, but it’s something I feel is important. Losing our pets is a topic that I think is under-shared and under-discussed and I would like to change that.

While I’m not an expert on pet communication, I want to talk about what happens when our pets pass on and how we can stay connected to them and continue receiving their messages. They are sharing their love with you and there are ways you can receive it more.

With this episode, I’d love to see your pets! You can tag me @emilyaarons with pictures of your fur babies.

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Welcome back to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast. I’m Emily Aarons and this is episode number 422. So, this episode is going to be broadcast in February, which we know is the month of Love and Valentine’s Day, obviously, obviously Black History Month as well. But on the topic of love, I know sometimes for folks, we kind of also get the shallow side that comes in, which can sometimes be heartache or grief.

And just this morning I was interviewed for the Better Self and Net Worth podcast. And while we started talking about intuition, we quickly kind of segued into talking about dreams, which then opened up the conversation about talking about animals and spirits.

So, I thought because I am definitely a pet-loving gal, I have a dog, I have goats, chickens, and ducks. I love the conversation about animal communication. And while I’m not the expert on animal communication, this is a podcast episode where I want to talk about, you know, sort of what happens when our pets die and is there a way that we can tap into their connection both for our self as well as perhaps for our business? Doesn’t that sound like a weird topic? I think so too, but I also think it’s kind of interesting.

So if you are a pet person, please take a screenshot of this and tag me in your Instagram stories. And would you include a picture of your four-legged pet friends?
Our fur babies are so special and precious to us. And I know inside of the Mastery & Ascension membership, we are often times sharing pet memes or just like flooding our group with pictures of our fur babies. And I am not mad about it. I love talking about pets and even my team like we share pictures of our dogs.

So anyway, let’s talk about when our pets cross over what happens and is there a way that we can connect with them and communicate with them? I’ve been lucky enough to have several animals. My beloved pet, Scooby, was with me in my twenties and went through a lot of changes and transitions and just life things happening. Then I got married, had a couple of kids and we also had some dog siblings. He was always an only child until I got together with my husband Andrew, 10 years ago and suddenly he had a brother and a sister, which did not work out very well.
Initially, we had to hire behavioral experts so that they could get along and coexist and they end up loving each other. And my husband’s dogs, Kizer and Jada, crossed over before my dog Scooby did. He was the last of the trio. And when you know, when we lose a pet for folks who are not pet people, this is really not the episode for you.

But when we lose our pets, our dogs or cats, whatever other animals, we are having, it’s a lot. And pet loss and grief I feel like an shared about talked about the experience and it’s traumatic. And that pain trauma that we’re experiencing internally can absolutely have an impact on our businesses. You know, if your energy is low or you’re going through all the different stages of grief, it’s really hard to put yourself out there, especially when you feel like a part of you, a family member, your best friend who was always there by your side and cheering you on and supporting you and excitedly celebrating your victories with you suddenly not there. And it’s hard.

So I want to share a personal story of when my dog Scooby crossed over and really the progression of sense that happened. What is my relationship with him now? And the very bizarre way is that he has shown up to support me and my business. It was August of 2021 when he told me he was ready to go. And I found a pet. Oh, now I can’t think of the word all of a sudden. So, many hospices there it is, a pet hospice locally that could come to my house and cross him over with me. And that whole process was really beautiful. So I highly recommend you if you need to put down your beloved animals. I highly recommend doing it at home for the reason that it’s a very sacred and special ritual and process.

Unlike our other dogs, my husband’s dogs, we went to the veterinary clinic and it was, you know, walking in there knowing what’s going to happen is like basically one of the worst feelings in the world. And then walking out without your baby is awful. Like having to walk through a waiting room is agony.

And and so somehow it came to my awareness that there was this thing with pet hospice and I reached out. They were wonderful on the phone. They were wonderful at setting it up. They were wonderful when they showed up and the vet was just so loving. And so when it was that day, I had scheduled it and it was just a lot of anxiety and that feeling like I couldn’t work that day at all, knowing what was going to happen to, you know, my dog. And so I asked. Scooby said, where do you want to go? And he showed me in my mind’s eye. And I think that’s that one of the first ways that our animals talked to us you know, like, I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly narrating my pet. So like, if I’m about to go in the kitchen, they look at me like, Oh, you’re going to feed me. I will literally say out loud the thoughts that they are what I am assuming that they are having. But I also feel like we have that mental telepathy. We have these connections where we know when our cat or our dog looks at us a certain way or is doing something.

And you know, in like I said in my membership Mastery & Ascension, I have members who post pictures of them with their cats and they’ve got puffy eyes and said, “my cat was here for me when I had this huge most emotional release through one of Emily’s recent meditations. I just had this enormous shift and my cat was with me the whole time.” And it’s like that, you know, we have that. We know that they’re there for us. They know that they’re taking care of us. We know that they’re giving us that extra love and support in a physical. So, you know, logically, like, why wouldn’t that happen if they’re not physically here?

I mean, so, you know, my dog showed me a picture in my mind in the backyard where he wanted to go under the trees. It was a summer day and he wanted to be near the goats. And so when that came, I told her where he where we want to be set up. And she set up a beautiful picnic blanket. And we just took our time. And, you know, the process was really beautiful and memorable and sacred. And, you know, part of the process for me was being able to, you know, allow him to go and go in peace in the way that he wanted to go.

And another part of the ritual was very cleansing and nurturing and healing for my husband, because, like I said, we had these clinical procedures for his two dogs. So it was giving him an opportunity to, you know, rightfully grieve the loss of his two in our home, you know, in our yard with our other dog who was crossing over and just to re-process those feelings. And, you know, he had some feelings of guilt that came up that like, well, why didn’t I do it this way then? And he said, well, we didn’t know. I mean, we did the best we could. And so this is an opportunity not to feel guilty about it, but just to connect with the dogs again in spirit.

And so that night. When I lay down in bed, it you know, it was a heavy day, of course. But when I lay down in bed for the first time after my dog had passed. In my mind’s eye, I’m closing my eyes. For those who are listening to the podcast, I also have this on my YouTube channel. So if you want to watch this podcast, you can.

When I laid in bed and I closed my eyes immediately as I lay down my dog, Scooby came up on my bed, put his head in my lap, and my hand found that beautiful groove between his eyebrows in his forehead where I always would pad and caress and just constantly. And it was as though my hand was on his head. It was only energetic. So it was this connection that he came up. He said, I’m here. I’m here for you. And I’m okay.

And I know that for a pet, I feel like the air just left the room, you know, Just like I can feel all of you listening and maybe even re-experiencing your own stories. And I would love to hear them, like, really, truly knowing that they’re safe, knowing that they’ve crossed over and that they are with you in spirit.

And that was the first time. And you know, about a week that happened every single night, that he was just right there, right there on my side, on my bed, head in my lap, hand on his head. And, you know, I would just it was just like a constant bawling, just heavy, hard tears that came out. And so, you know, because I am who I am and I’ve studied what I’ve studied. I got that instant knowing that he crossed over, that he was safe. And so, you know, I would begin to check in with him, you know, if he could come by my side and just support me for a call or something that I was feeling nervous about. Could he help make that transition easier?

And so these are things that you can do to, which is call them in just like you call in your spirit guides. It’s like you call in your angels. It’s just like you call in your higher self, calling in your beloved pets from Spirit.

The moments that you think of them right now. They are there. They flood you with their image, their smell, their feel, a memory, and playful things that make you just smile and laugh.
Like when I think of my dog Scooby. And you know, this is one of the things that he started to do for me throughout that grieving process. But then he also showed up for me on the day of my birthday. And not only to me, he actually showed up for my son, Tristan, and on my birthday separately. I saw my dog. He came and visited me and my son later that day and said, Oh, mom, by the way, I thought of Scooby. He came and visit me. I think he was coming to say Happy birthday to you. And I said, Yeah, he did. And I’m so glad he came to you, too. And yeah, he said, Happy birthday to me, too. And so you might see and feel and sense your animal’s presence on, you know, holidays, special occasions, you know, big events, things like that.

And so, you know, just like I share with talking with your spirit guides, it’s the moment you call them in, they are there. And, you know, one of the things that Scooby used to do, which is what he’s reminded me of right now as I’m talking about him, is he used to go through hikes in the woods and he would pick up like tree branches or like logs, like, not a stick, like a normal dog. He would get these enormous branches and run through the woods. And if we were on a path like even a wide path, people would literally have to step aside so that they wouldn’t get their knees knocked out because he was carrying this enormous tree branch and just thinking about now like it makes me laugh at how ridiculous it was, but it was something he always did. And I have lots and lots of photos of him with these ridiculous tree branches on his back. So it’s like he gives you these memories.

So I want you to start, you know, so it was an invitation. I would invite you to start looking at these thoughts and these memories and these images, and these sounds as the dog, the cat, the animal in spirit connecting with you and saying, I’m here and I love you. And they’re also here just like your guides. And maybe they are a guide now. Maybe they are becoming a spirit guide for you. So you can ask them, are you a spirit guide for me? Are you here? And you’ll be able to have a conversation.

And just like I said before, I would narrate my dog’s every move and I still do with My current dog, Wexford. I narrate his every move when he has playdates, I narrate the playdate.
You know, they communicate with us easily. So let that kind of easy communication like light communication come through when you’re reaching out to your animal friend.

And so, the way we can apply this in our business is the same, you know, if you’re going into a launch period or you’re second guessing yourself asking for that love pet, loved pet in spirit to come through and to bring some ease, to show you a sign, to give you that next response that you need to know so that you can know you’re making the right decision.

About a week ago, we had a student clinic for the Integrated Energy Alignment practitioners who are in training right now. And during the clinic, well, just before the clinic, actually, I had lost my voice. And so my team member, Amanda, I asked her if she could lead it for us and just hold the space for a little visualization process for a few minutes where we can just visualize our best business, our highest self, and see how our practice evolves and just to hold that space.

And as she opened up the meditation and held that space, I had my eyes closed fully present and I started to taste metal. And whenever I taste metal in sessions or not in sessions, I start to kind of ask questions like, Who’s coming in? Is somebody here?

Because when I taste metal, it’s my body’s way of saying there is a loved one in spirit here. And I thought at that moment, Oh, I’m probably channeling or somebody from the call, like a loved one is coming in for them to share a message or something like that. And when I ask the question, is there somebody coming in? Is there something that needs to be shared right now?
It was my dog, Scooby. And at that moment I saw his big face and he was almost £100 dog. He was a mixed breed, kind of looks like a lab, Rhodesian shepherd kind of mix. He was a big dog and he smiled at me and then immediately starts licking, licking, licking, licking, licking, licking under my chin to the point as he used to, is all I actually I have a picture of him licking under my chin. So my favorite pictures because when I took the selfie I captured his actual tongue out and glistening licking my chin and I’m smiling and it’s like that feeling I got was undeniable.

And even though I wasn’t expecting him to be there when I was visualizing and holding space for my dream business, why did he come in right then? What was he telling me? So when you hear the story, you can obviously hear love and support and groundedness. And adoration and hope. That’s what I felt.

And so as much as we can think, well, that’s not really a business message I completely saw because the container and the intention were around business and he showed up for me.
So whether it’s a spirit guide, an angel, your higher self, an animal or a pet, loved one in spirit. Notice the energy that comes in with this simplistic thing that shows up for you. So like I said, it was just him smiling and licking me. But then how did it make me feel? What feeling did I get in my body, in my energy field, in my space?

And when we opened our eyes after the meditation, Amanda said, all of you had these big smiles on your faces. And after we went into breakout rooms, I said to her, my dog came in and I thought it was for somebody else, like spirit coming in for somebody else, but it was my dog, Scooby. And both her and I like to remember Katrina, were like, just, Oh, I’m so happy and so great. But it stuck with me for the whole day.

And so this is just an invitation to say, you know, when we had these connections, they’re undeniable. And so after our animals transitioned out of the physical into the energetic realm, their energy was not destroyed. And energy cannot be created or destroyed. It only changes form. So I would invite you to connect with that spirit of your animal and just call them in.

You know, it doesn’t have to be with them, you know, give me my next business plan. Like nothing that serious and dramatic, but just the added love and support. Because I know what that little image of my dog, lucky I did for me, for that moment and for the rest of that day, and even sharing the story here on the podcast, reliving that memory, it’s like it just continues to cascade and ripple through me and you and hopefully brings up other thoughts of your animals and your loved ones.

The other way animals can come to us are in dreams. And, you know, for folks who get a lot of messages and downloads in your dreams, you have prophetic dreams. You have really active dreams, or you’re doing astral travel or just lucid dreaming. You know, our animals can show up and dream because really our conscious mind is the only thing that’s really blocking us from connecting and seeing and feeling those animals around us now because logical, left brain conscious mind is going to hear, I don’t see it’s not here.

So when we go to sleep, it’s all our subconscious. So it’s all been there all along and we are more open and more receptive, which is why we get these amazing downloads in dreams. We get these beautiful stories and pictures and intuitive hits and dreams because we’re finally open to it.

Our brain isn’t going wah, wah wah, wah, wah, wah wah all day. It’s finally stopped so that the messages can kind of open up and actually come through. It’s the only time we’re actually receptive to it. It’s all happening all the time. But, you know, maybe at 3 a.m. in the middle of the night is when we’re the most receptive when we’re in that deep sleep. Also, they can come in the shower, or especially when you’re on walks or in familiar places where you used to take them or do take them.

One of my really dear friends lost her dog and we end up going to Sedona on a retreat. And she had told me about her pet loss and you know, how significant it felt for her. And we were driving from Phoenix to Sedona, which is about a two-hour drive. The first stop that we made in Sedona, we pulled up to this little restaurant, which was like a vegan place, and she’s vegan and gluten-free and has all these food allergies. So she got there and was like, get out of town. I can eat everything in this place. Oh, my God, she was in heaven. And then as soon as we had that moment of like, you can literally everything in here, this is amazing. We look over and I see this Pomeranian, and I knew her dog was a Pomeranian. And I said, look over there. There’s a Pomeranian. Do you see it?

And she goes, Oh, my God. And she completely burst into tears. And she said to me, Oh my gosh. She starts shaking, she’s crying and she’s shaking. And she said, I literally haven’t seen a Pomeranian since my dog passed away. Literally have not seen one. This is the first one I’ve seen. And I was like, well, don’t we go talk to her and see if we can see the dog? And she was like, Aha! So we said, hello. And my friend said, you know, would you mind if I pet your dog? I lost my Pomeranian. And this dog, this Pomeranian was probably like £20, hers was like five.
So this dog was enormous, not didn’t look like hers, but it did, right? And she upholding it and they were talking. And, you know, dog people when we connect with each other, she shared her story and just really connected with the dog. And we said goodbye. We ordered our food. We sat down on our table and we just were both bawling like, can you even believe the second we get here in Sedona, the magic is already happening.

This dog is here. And the message that it’s sharing for you is your dog and spirit made sure to get you here to help you with your healing journey. And this is that confirmation that you’re in the right place, that you’re getting the healing that you need, and that he is the one who has orchestrated every little bit of it for you because he loves you so dearly.

And, you know, thinking back to that story again, I’m like, oh, my God, like it. It touches me. And it’s like, you can’t make this stuff up. And we were both just like like jaws dropped almost speechless at how beautiful that moment was. And so this is the other way that you know, we can get signs from our loved ones, whether it be just like a name, a word, a color.
And even like she shared with me a picture, you know, she actually brought his little lamb squeaky toy with her. And I was like, I have that. I know I have that.

And so sometimes around the house, like the dog will leave it in random places and I’ll take a photo and I’ll send it are like, he’s with us. Because sometimes it’s the most out of the blue, least expected ways that our pets are here communicating with us and sharing that love.

So, I hope this episode doesn’t make you sad, but really makes you understand the ways in which we can connect with Spirit, whether it be our loved ones, our family members, our friends that have passed away, or connecting with and especially with our loved ones that are animals in spirit and how we can connect with their energy to bring us support, bring us love, bring us those flashes of joy and be able to help support us in our alignment, to be able to impact others from a positive place.

Again, if you enjoyed this episode, I know it’s a little bit different than I normally do, but I think it’s worth talking about when we have an opening for love.
I don’t know any other opening for a love greater than the love of animals, I guess my children. I suppose my children crack the open too, but I think my first real experience, an encounter beyond like human connection was my first dog. And then now my current dog and now my goats and chickens and ducks. I don’t love my chickens and ducks as much, I fully admit that. But like I love animals.

And if you’re an animal lover too, I think this episode should help open up that next level of intuition and scare communication. So anyway, please, flood my Instagram, tag me, show me your fur babies and let me know if this episode resonate with you.

We have a lot of great stuff going on in the business right now. I’ve been doing the Business & Soul Alignment Experience that’s been going spectacularly well. If you haven’t participated, when it’s a free workshop, you’re going to learn about your energy field and how it impacts your business alignment and how you can get your business in alignment with your energy field so you can serve on your highest level bull like feel, fulfill your highest potential in alignment, feeling your best.

I’ve also been teaching my brand new Chakra Intensive Workshop, which I totally geek out about. I absolutely love that. Grab your ticket to that, will have all the information in the show notes.

And if you would like to work with me privately, I do have a couple of openings for an either one-on-one sessions. I have VIP Days available, which are much more in-depth in a single session.
And then I also have the Sunday Healing Circle, which you can be within a small group of ten people once every month or every other month depending, but you can check the schedule for those healing circles. It’s a really great way to get close attention. Deep healing with me at a fraction of the cost of what it’s like to work with me one-on-one. So I’ll leave all those links in the show notes below.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your beautiful fur babies. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, a wonderful month ahead, and thanks for listening to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast. Always love to hear your reviews. Leave a five-star review over on iTunes or your favorite listening platform and share this one with a friend.

Thanks for being here. Lots of love to you.

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