8 Ways to Clear Negative Energy for Empaths

8 Ways to Clear Negative Energy for Empaths

8 Ways to

Clear Negative Energy for Empaths

It’s that time again when I bring you a brand-new episode of the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast. This week, we’re delving into a subject that impacts us all – the pervasive presence of negative energy and how to cleanse it for a more vibrant personal and business life.

Our latest episode promises to be an enlightening one, filled with insights on the impact of negative energy on your overall well-being, and practical ways to free your life and business from it.

From the basics of understanding what negative energy is to offering tips for personal and home energy cleansing, we’re exploring it all. We will also delve into how negative energy manifests in your life and how to tackle it without being overly concerned about appearances.

What’s even better? We have an added visual component for this episode on YouTube, which promises an enhanced understanding of the subject.

As always, our goal is to equip you with the necessary tools to create sacred spaces in your life by eliminating negative energy. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant, this episode will breathe fresh life into your routine.

To give you a little sneak peek, we’ll be discussing everything from adopting healthier diets, decluttering your home, and establishing energy field boundaries, to setting intentions for your crystals and creating “energetic waterfalls”.

I hope you’ll join us on this transformative journey as we learn to banish negativity and invite positivity, prosperity, and vibrancy into our lives and businesses.

As always, our goal is to equip you with the necessary tools to create sacred spaces in your life by eliminating negative energy. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant, this episode will breathe fresh life into your routine.

To give you a little sneak peek, we’ll be discussing everything from adopting healthier diets, decluttering your home, and establishing energy field boundaries, to setting intentions for your crystals and creating “energetic waterfalls”.

I hope you’ll join us on this transformative journey as we learn to banish negativity and invite positivity, prosperity, and vibrancy into our lives and businesses.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [0:01:47] Clear Negative Energy in Life & Business
  • [0:11:07] Reboot, Clear Space, Connect With Nature
  • [0:16:56] Clear Energy, Create Sacred Space
  • [0:26:12] Clearing Negative Energy, Setting Home Boundaries

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Hey, everybody welcome back to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast,  I’m your host, Emily Aarons. And today we are talking about a very hot topic, which is about negative energy and how to clear negative energy that’s around you.

So first of all, I’m going to talk about like what is negative energy and then I’m going to go into all the ways for you to clear yourself personally, and then I’m even going to give you some awesome bonuses at the end for how to clear your home.

So one of the really great benefits of working with me, I’ve been doing energy healing for the last 23 years. I know a lot about energy and I am highly sensitive. So chances are, if you’re listening to this podcast episode, you are somebody who considers yourself an empath, a highly sensitive person.

Most likely you are a coach, a healer or a leader, or you have just like a budding spiritual practice that is going on right now and you want to really enhance your own spiritual practices and get rid of like the negative energy vampires in your life. So this is a great episode for you.

So warmest welcome. If you are just listening, please know you can actually tune in to the visual component, which is on YouTube, go to emilyaarons.com/youtube. Check out my YouTube Channel. Make sure you subscribe and you can follow along to this week’s podcast on video as well.

So today I’m going to share seven, maybe probably eight. Who knows? Maybe 15. I’m just going to go wild. I’m going to go to share as many tips as I possibly can to help you to clear negative energy out of your life. Okay?

So first and foremost, you know what is negative energy? Let’s just define that. So I look at negative energy as, you know, feeling tired. If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, you feel like heaviness. Some people describe it feeling heavy or you might even get like an upset stomach or just like some sort of physical, visceral response to negative energy.

And also for those of you who are like, is energy even a thing? It absolutely is. Scientists have proven that within 2 seconds of walking into a room, you can pick up on the energy in it. So if it’s good, then you’re going to be like, all right, cool, good vibes all day. If it’s not so good, you’re going to walk in and be like, something is weird about this place and, you know, I’ll speak for myself.

I have moved 19 times in my life, and I know looking at apartments and houses, sometimes, like on paper it looks great. But you walk in, you’re like, Oh boy, something just feels off and you don’t want to live in a place like that, let alone, you know, invite people over. So the lasting effects of negative energy can be related to stress and anxiety levels.

So if you’re in a negative environment for a very long time, if you’re living, let’s say you’re living at home, you know, maybe it’s family members or partner, sometimes those people have that energy that is just like so tiring and draining to be around that could actually add to your levels of stress, anxiety, depression, lowering your immune system.

You might have poor sleep, brain fog, lethargy, or even like a lack of motivation to name just a few. That negative energy to be around long term is very detrimental to your health and well-being. So that being said, if you are currently living with somebody, I wouldn’t recommend just running out the door and never coming home. I would recommend having conversations and doing something about it for yourself that also is going to impact and benefit them. Sometimes negative energy can be cleaned up with simple, literal cleaning and decluttering.

So if you are looking around you right now are imagining your home and it’s very cluttered and there’s knick knacks everywhere and there’s dust and debris and old everything, this could be an opportunity for you to completely clean house that will quite literally clean up a lot of the negative energy in your house. So but in your business, because I know obviously we’re here on this podcast talking about business all the time, so would be doing you a disservice if I weren’t talking about that too.

So negative energy in your business, you could be feeling tired in your business, frustrated, disappointed, feeling like nothing is working or constantly worrying about money or feeling like, you know, you’re overly attached to conversions and sales and like, Oh God, this person said, they want to work with me.

And now that they don’t, you’re so, like, embedded with this, like, I have to do this thing and I can’t. You’re so attached. So it’s not a good look, is what I want to say.

In business, in life, it’s not a good luck to have negative energy around. And like I said, people can pick up on it really quickly. And so even if you are on the internet doing business, doesn’t matter if you look great, if you sound great, if your energy is off, people can smell that miles away. All right?

So that’s why sometimes and even right now, today, as I record this podcast episode, I didn’t do my hair and makeup. I don’t really care right now, it’s the middle of the summer and I don’t feel like doing it. I just feel like sharing from my heart and sharing what’s important right now. And I want you to give yourself permission to do that as well. A lot of newer entrepreneurs hold themselves back from sharing and showing up because they’re worried how they’re going to look and sound. But you know what? Your energy is on point. That stuff does not matter. Okay?

So let’s start with the first thing first, okay? How do you want to feel during the day? So I don’t know. I want to feel good, right? Most people do. And I always talk about alignment, I’m a business alignment coach. So what I mean by alignment is you feel light, you feel free, you feel joyous, you feel happy and playful and connected and intuitive. You feel like you’re in the flow of life. Like things just keep working. Doors are opening. You feel awesome, okay? So that’s what I mean by aligned.

And so for you, maybe you want to feel like that, but maybe also some other things. So the first step I want to go over with you is simply put, you’ve got to set an intention to begin your day.

So step one, set your intention. So it’s kind of that moment where you start to wake up in the morning, maybe your eyes are still closed. You’re drifting out of the dream state and into this 3D reality. I want you to do kind of a check-in. So how do I feel right now? All right. Maybe not so good. Maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m sore. Maybe I’m a little crabby. Maybe I’m worried about that thing from the other day. All right, well, how do I want to feel? Simple as that.

If you can say, okay, so I want to feel. I want to feel awesome and abundant and magnetic and joyful and super in the flow state. Okay, so I would start like that. And I kind of I’m more of a visual person, so I kind of imagine, like I’m setting this bubble around the entire day to say, Here’s the bubble. My day is inside of it. This is the kind of day I am going to have today. Thank you very much. So that is the first step.

The second step. For those of you who are in my membership Mastery & Ascension, you probably already do this step. But if you don’t, I would say this is a great next step, which is to do my reboot meditation, my Reboot Meditation. It’s only found in Mastery & Ascension. It literally clears your entire energy field within a few minutes, you just press play. You can go about your day, you know, getting yourself ready, making breakfast, your coffee, whatever you’re doing, even driving yourself to work. When you press play on reboot, it’s going to clear systematically your entire energy field without any effort by you. So that’s the second step.

I would definitely encourage you to do it. If you are not a member of Mastery & Ascension, you can head over and join our waitlist. We are actually going to be putting together a free –  well, I shouldn’t say not a free trial. We’re going to be doing a, I think, $11 trial. So if you’re not a member, but you’re thinking about trying it out, it’s only going to be $11 and you can try it for a week to see if it’s right for you. So that’s an option, we’ll put that link in our podcast show notes. You’ll go over to emilyaarons.com/membership to learn more about Mastery & Ascension.

So doing Reboot is a great next step. Like you start your day, you have your intention and then you hit reboot. Boom, you’re clear.

The next thing you’re going to want to do is clear your space. You can use your intention to clear your space, right? You had your intention to set your energy container, but you could also use your intention to clear your actual space or yourself. So I also like to use Palo Santo and Sage throughout the day. I definitely use it before my workday every single day, like the sage light, the Paulo Santo clear my space energetically, clear myself, clear my cards, clear my computer, clear my phone, clear my notebook, anything, my water, anything I’m interacting with throughout the day. That is the next step. Number three is to clear with Sage and Palo Santo.

Number four is to go outside and connect with the Earth or explore nature. So, you know, a lot of you’re like, I’m too busy. I don’t have time to go outside in nature. But I swear one of the best things that you can do for yourself and for your energy, and especially when you’re living with somebody who’s a little bit on the heavy negative energy side, is to get the heck out of there, Right? Go outside. Being with trees, I don’t think anybody ever went for a walk in the woods or down a beautiful beach. I was like, You know what? I feel so heavy now. It was so negative, right? So going out in nature is going to like, shift your energy in a snap.

Number five, I know this is kind of a loaded one, but is to clear your gut. So eating whole foods, eating real foods is a big deal. And I’m not talking about it’s time to slim down and get skinny. It’s not the point. The point is the things that we are actually eating and ingesting and digesting. And in our system, it has an impact on our energy field. So if you’re eating processed fried junk food every day, that is literally how your energy is going to be. You can’t expect to eat processed food, frozen food, or fried food and your energy to be like all magnetic. It’s just not going to happen that way. You think of life force, energy, vitality, you think of color, right? You think of fresh food.

So if your energy has been feeling a little bit low or you’ve been feeling heavy, you’re feeling like, oh, so much stress and anxiety am going through a really heavy period of my life even, and especially during a launch period. If you really care about how your energy is, you’re going to want to put some care into your food choices. So that would be number five.

I’m not going to give you a diet. I’m not here to talk about like what you should and shouldn’t eat. All I would say is, simply put is eat real food so the closer it is to its natural source. So, you know, let’s say like bananas and apples, right. They haven’t changed sources. You haven’t changed them into anything, when they become banana bread an apple sauce and apple butter they’ve changed hands a little bit. Once you start to take those original things and turn them into things like potato chips, frozen pizza, like things like that, when they become really highly processed and they have a very long ingredients list, I would stay away from those as much as possible. Even if you try to just for a week, see how it feels.

You know, looking at everything that you’re eating, like, okay, well, I’m starting the day with cereal that’s processed. I’m having a big sandwich during the middle of the day that’s processed meat and processed bread and, you know, processed condiments. And then at dinner time, I’m having frozen meals that are highly processed and they’re frozen. They’re not even close to being fresh. So if you swap those things out for, let’s say, things that are fresh and healthy, I promise you your energy will immediately reflect that.

Okay, next step number six is you can program a crystal to help your energy. So, you know, I have got crystals everywhere. I would not recommend a big chunky one. I would get something that is like smooth and soft. I have this one here. This is oh, gosh. Oh, my God I’m blanking on the name right now. And those are that all of them blinking.

Anyway, it’s a smooth, polished crystal. You can put something it’s almost the size of my palm. It’s a little bit smaller. I can put this in my pockets. But then they’re even like smaller ones that maybe are more like the size of a grape or something. You could put those and tuck them into your bra, put them in your pocket. Things like that are really helpful to program the crystal with your intention of the day. I want to feel abundant, I want to feel light and I want to feel happy.

And you can program that crystal to hold that energy for you. I always wear crystals on me, whether it’s my bracelets, my earrings in my bra. I always wear crystals on me, especially when I’m speaking.

So if I’m hosting an event or I’m speaking at somebody else’s event, I will program my crystal because I know how my energy is. When I’m highly sensitive, I’m around a lot of people all the time, it’s too much. It’s very draining and I can also get overstimulated.

So the crystal helps me to keep myself grounded, aligned and balanced throughout the day and holding my auric field at a nice place so that I don’t feel so wonky and depleted at the end of the day. So I would definitely program a crystal.

Number seven is move your body. So you know what? We are a stagnant kind of community, right? We don’t get up and move our bodies as much as we would like to. Sometimes we make excuses for, Oh, I’m too busy or I don’t want to get up early and I don’t like whatever. Move your body can be very simple.

I like to move my body at the start of my day because when I get outside and move my body, both of those things are on this list, by the way. Everything for me changes so I can wake up in a sour mood, but just sometimes moving my body. It’s like it releases the things that are stuck and stagnant energetically in my field and it lets me release them. So moving your body could be 5 minutes of stretching. It could be a high-intensity interval training workout for 20 minutes. It could be going for a walk for an hour. I mean, it’s up to you and what feels good in your life. I would not skip the step.

You’ve definitely if you’re like, think about the type of personality, right. Think of paint the picture. Somebody who is eating processed foods every day. Really sedentary lifestyle doesn’t go out very much, doesn’t really do very much other than kind of eat and drink and go to the bathroom. And they’re staying in their house and their house is full of stuff, right? Versus somebody who is moving their body, getting outside in nature, eating fresh foods, making sure that their house isn’t cluttered and their space is nice and clear, right. You can sort of feel the difference in energy and you can maybe even paint a picture in your mind’s eye, right?

So the last tip I have, it’s kind of like a bonus tip number eight is at the end of the day to clear your energy and revoke access to your energy field from anyone or anything that you have not given permission to access to your field.

So your energy is yours and yours alone, which means that if you are sharing your energy, you’re speaking in a group, you’re on the Internet, you’re sharing meditations, you’re, you know, putting yourself out there, or you have friends or family members who have, like, connected with your energy field at some point.

If they have all these people and things are kind of in your field, at the end of the day, it’s going to be kind of hard to sleep and it could interrupt your sleep patterning, so you’re not going to get into deep sleep. Or if you’re going to get into deep sleep, you’re going to have strange dreams or perhaps maybe even astral traveling. I don’t know what you’re doing in your sleep, but possibly if other people’s energy is in your field, it’s going to be challenging for you. Let’s just say that. So at the end of the day, release and revoke any energies that are not in your highest and best interest and best good.

Also, in Mastery & Ascension, we do have a bonus. So in the bonus section, we have an entity and parasite clearing. So you can use it any time you want. I actually use it quite often because my energy is out there all the time and there are days where I clear myself and I just feel like still a little bit. I’m kind of like, well, funky. So I will do the entity clearing to give my energy field like just another once over. And it’s so, so helpful.

Again, you can learn more about Mastery & Ascension at emilyaarons.com/ membership and get yourself on the waitlist or hop in there. We would love to have you, this is really sacred community where I go live twice a month. I do live energy healings every single month. There’s over 200 energy clearings in there, so they help you. If you are a coach, a healer or a leader, you’re some sort of spiritual person who really wants to heighten your intuition, attract more abundance, attract your soul mate clients. That membership is gold and the community is outstanding. It’s also my personal favorite place to hang out on the internet. Just a high-vibe space where people who are doing the same work as all of us.

Now the bonus. So when it comes to your home, it’s a little bit different than with just you. And also I want to say this. You know, there are seasons of our life where it’s not like another person that’s bringing negative energy to us, it’s us. We’re going through maybe a dark night of the soul. Maybe we’re experiencing a lot of stress with our family, with our business, with whatever. And it’s like there is this heaviness and this darkness that’s like, Oh, we’re going through it. You can’t just, like, skip the bad parts. You can’t skip that like dark night of the soul, you just can’t. And when you’re in those places doing the things that I just mentioned, the eight things I just mentioned, it’s going to help you to keep your head above water a little bit longer.

Also, having the perspective of knowing this is just part of it. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong or this shouldn’t be happening. This should be happening. Dark nights of the soul happen, and afterward, you have this huge growth and ascension.

And so I would recommend not fighting out of it and not feeling sorry for yourself during it, but also realizing this is part of what makes me me, processing this going through this period. Because I promise you it’s not going to last forever. It might last a long time, but it’s not going to last forever. The sun will shine again. And so if you’re in one of those places and you’re feeling like really heavy, really dark and really negative, you’re like, I don’t even know if the end is in sight. I know that feeling, too. These things are going to help you so much.

And I also do things for my mental health. Like I receive regular energy clearing from other people. I receive massage therapy, I receive hypnotherapy. And by the way, in Mastery & Ascension, my personal hypnotherapist does a quarterly Hypnotherapy Session for us.

I go to a natural healing doctor who can do muscle testing for me and get me the supplements that I require at that time to keep me in a better place and during times of real heavy stress and strain, or when I’m really feeling it, I take different supplements that help me to boost my mood and to help lower stress, stress and anxiety.

So please don’t dismiss those kinds of methods and just think, oh, well, I’m just going to set my attention and clear my day, everything should be fine, it’s not always. And there are ways that you can help yourself to overcome these, these times. And I know sometimes we get so consumed with how can I bring in money and moneymaking activities? And sometimes all your body and system, your energy system want is for you to rest and relax or go play or go to the park or go meet up with friends and not actually to be like doing more things that just keep you busy.

So I say all these with love. And I also say this because I’ve been there and I’ve gone through these things as well. And it’s not easy. It’s really not easy to show up when you have these things going on or it’s been happening chronically, whether it’s somebody in your life or your business has not been doing so well. So you’re really chronically stressed. It’s not easy to show up during those times. And these tips that I’m sharing with you, they are going to be helpful in clearing some of that energy off so that you can still show up even during those times. I know, I have. And you know what, listen, maybe it’s not my top best work I’ve ever done, but it’s better than maybe not showing up sometimes. Maybe… it depends.

So in your home, I have a few extra bonus tips that have really helped me because my house is always the place where people go. We host a lot of parties. We do things with a lot of people and there’s a reason why people like coming to my house, because it’s nice, it’s light, it’s clear, and It feels energetically awesome. I mean, we’ve had parties of people outside that like, wow, I’m just so at peace. I’m so relaxed here. And that’s because I program my house to do that.

So, you know, just like we talked about setting an intention for yourself, you can set an intention for your home, right? Having your home in a beautiful bubble, setting your intention of how you would like it to feel and what kind of energy is allowed in your home, right? Like, did you even think about that? Sometimes we just don’t even think about those things.

So the first thing I do, especially before having like a big party or event or just like people coming over, I always clear my house. So every day I’m lighting Sage or Palo Santo in my house. So it’s always here. My kids will help me sometimes as well. So set your intention. And number two is to light some sage or Paulo Santo really help bring an energy. Bring that intention into your home and setting that boundary what energy you might available for in this place. What energy is not available, why I do not want available.

And then number three is set of crystal. So I do tend to have a lot of crystals. I’m sure you probably do to clear your crystals. Like take them outside, get them under some moonlight or some sunlight, maybe do a salt bath, depending what kind of crystals they are. Make sure that your crystals are supercharged and you can program those crystals with your own intention as well. So, you know, get your crystals clear, set the intention to hold your own space.

And number four, which is something that a lot of people just totally go wild about, is I do this thing in my home called energetic waterfalls and nobody talks about it. I think I don’t even know why I started to do it. I think the first time I made an energetic waterfall was years ago, my husband, Andrew, he’s a plumber and he’s a farmer, and there were some days that he came back from these rotten jobs as a plumber, you know, doing disgusting things. You’re under a house in a crawlspace with rats and disgusting things. And he was coming home really grumpy. And I had myself and my young baby at the time and we were having a great day. And all of a sudden Andrew would come in and it was like a dark cloud all of a sudden in the room and all of a sudden rural, hostile now too. And I was like, you know what? Everything was fine before he walked in. So I had this idea to install energetic waterfalls over the thresholds of the doors. So it’s basically a simple intention that there’s this waterfall in the threshold of the door. By the way, if you do this, give me a shout-out. Okay, because it works. You’re welcome.

So the front door, the back door, wherever somebody is coming into your house set up like an imaginary waterfall, and the waterfall is going to rush over the person who walks through it cleaning, clearing them from anything it does not serve your home to the energy that you want at its highest level.

So let’s say, you know, it’s a grumpy person walking through your space or somebody who has negative energy or somebody is going through a lot of grief or somebody who’s like having a really hard time. Like you can just set that energetic waterfall to wash over them. Anything that doesn’t serve your home at its highest level and leave it at the door, maybe you can even put a bucket over there. So washes it often and leaves it in the bucket so energetically people can pick up their stuff from that bucket on the way out the door right? They just on the way in, you can’t bring it with you.

Okay, So think of it that way. So it’s going to wash over people, clearing them for anything that doesn’t serve your home and your environment at its highest level. And then when they leave, they’re welcome to take it back with them. Or they can just leave it. And it can be transmuted and cleared for them. So I like to do that.

And then always after events or parties at my house, I will do the same thing all over again, set my intention, clear the space, open up all the windows, get all the energy of everybody else out.

I even I know this sounds bizarre, but I have weekly cleaners that come to my house and I will clear my house after they’ve literally cleaned it. So they have they have physically clean the house. And now I’m energetically cleaning the house because, you know, sometimes there’s there’s a number of them who come in. They’re using these cleaning. They’re kind of in, and now they’re all over the place. It kind of is like a tornado, but like the best kind because my house is sparkling after. But I also don’t love how it feels in here energetically. So they physically clean the space and then I energetically clean after them.

So I really hope these tips were helpful for you. If you have negative energy in your life, in your home, in your business all over you, if you’re going through a really hard time, I would love for you to keep listening to this episode and definitely please share it with somebody who’s having a hard time or, you know, maybe they’re just like struggling in a relationship with somebody who is bringing them down. You know, these things can probably really help them more than you even know.

So if you are listening to this episode, take a screenshot post it on your Instagram page or your stories, or just share it with a friend, text them the episode. You know, this podcast is on every single listening platform for free. So this is a free resource. You can share it as wide as you like, and if it was helpful, please leave me a review over on your favorite platform. If you’re an iTunes listener, leave a nice review over there. Say, hey, I just listened to Emily’s episode on Cleary Negative Energy. It changed my life. I love it so much. Whatever nice words you feel like sharing, that is one of the best things that I get to see every single day when I podcast.

Again, if you are interested in learning more about your energy field, keeping your space clean and clear, and helping you to grow your intuition or your business, I would definitely recommend checking out Mastery & Ascension, emilyaarons.com/membership.

And for those folks who are like, listen, I love this and I’m ready for like a next level coming this fall, we will be reopening the doors again to the Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training. So that is the first and only energy-based training with a profit guarantee. That is my signature certification. So you will not just know like the basics and how to clear your space, but you’ll know the deeper, more advanced work on how to keep yourself clear, and how to clear for your clients. You’ll be learning some of the mistakes that a lot of coaches and healers are making by not knowing how to clear their space. And you’re also going to learn how to grow a profitable business. That is the biggest, biggest promise out there, and it’s because I deliver. It’s great.

So definitely this episode is the first step. If you want to go a little bit deeper, join Mastery & Ascension. If you want to become a practitioner, whether you’ve been doing work on like this for a while and you want to deepen it or you’ve not been making the money you desire, that would be great. Or if you’re like, listen, I’m thinking about a new career choice and brand new to this. I’ve never done this before. IEA, The Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training, would be awesome for you. Applications aren’t going to be opening until November, but you can get on the waitlist now to learn about the program and, you know, sort of be ready for when we do open the doors, because we do only open it for a very short window of time. And we are very, you know, selective with who we want in the program. So if you get that application process started now, get yourself on the waitlist. You’ll be in a really great place by November.

So, hope this episode is helpful for you. Lots of love to you. Thank you so much for being here and I’ll see you on the next episode. Bye for now.

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