Redefining Your Worth in the Healing and Coaching Industry

Ever wondered why your healing or coaching practice isn’t as profitable as you’d like? Feel like you’re undervaluing your services?

In this power-packed episode, I talk about the common misconceptions and toxic beliefs that prevent coaches, healers and conscious entrepreneurs from turning their passion into profit. I unpack three common statements heard in the healing industry and talk about where they come from, challenge their validity, and offer ways to overcome them.

I also get into the importance of energy exchange, including (and especially!) financial in the transformation process and how undervaluing your services can dilute the healing transformation you provide.

This is SUPER important for anyone ready to elevate their healing or coaching practice and start taking their business and themselves seriously. Tune in and break free from those constraints holding you back!

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About Emily

Emily Aarons is a highly sought-after intuitive healer and business coach for coaches, healers, and leaders. She’s best known for clearing the energy to guide her clients out of survival mode and unlocking alignment, abundance, and exponential growth in their business. With over two decades of experience, Emily has honed her healing skills to create the first and only energy-based certification with a profit guarantee; the Integrated Energy Alignment training.

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