Hey friend!

If you have a hard time knowing how to price yourself or even know your worth you may want to print this one…

First off, I used to be the “discount queen” and now I’m not. So if I can change and clear my money blocks, so can you. Yay!

Before we get started, please read and remember this: YOU’RE WORTH IT. YOU DESERVE IT. NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

OK, ready to break some rules?!

RULE #1: You must have a low/high ticket offer.

Says who!? Why? You’re allowed to have offers at any price and you don’t “HAVE TO” anything!

Solution: When you consider your low/high option, how does that feel to you? Do you feel excited and like “daaamn this is a great offer!” or do you feel like “I hope they buy, I don’t know…”.

If you were the best in the world at what you do, and you trusted your intuition – what would you price your thing?

RULE #2: You should price yourself similarly to others in your field/expertise.

Oh dear God no. That’s what got me into the mess I was in when I started my healing business! I priced myself at the same or slightly below my neighbors. Not good.

Solution: If your neighbors are offering (for example) 30-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute sessions or really any variety…notice the ONE offering where you serve at your highest level.

For me, it was 90-minutes. I was able to get the full treatment in without feeling rushed. I nixed the other two offerings and ONLY did 90-minutes!

Don’t be afraid to just have your signature offering for any price that FEELS good to you. (Remember, there’s always going to be someone who’s more money or less).

RULE #3: You should build an ascension model.

Look, you CAN do this, but you don’t HAVE to. It’s great to have an offering at every level from free to super high or premium. But don’t believe the lie that you must.

Yes, I’m the pot calling the kettle black! I have free offers like my Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast, free meditations, and weekly IGTV content, I also have a $30k mentorship, and many things in-between, but honestly, it’s not needed!

Solution: Write out ALL of your offerings with their prices. Which ones account for the most income in your business?

  • Put a star next to the ones that light you the F up!
  • Put two stars next to the ones that if you were able to hit your big ass revenue goals just doing those, life would be epic!
  • Write down which ones you’re going to focus on growing and which you’re going to release.

Example: The 3 metrics I’m focusing on growing this year are: The Podcast, the Angels In Your Biz Oracle Deck, and the Mastery & Ascension Membership! (Those are all $44 or less that bring in multiple 6-figures into the business.)

RULE #4: You should make sure to price yourself so people can afford it.

The FACT is that people will complain and say they “can’t afford” your stuff no matter if it’s $7.00 or $7,000.00…trust me, I’ve heard it all! So STOP trying to be the Wal-Mart of your industry and just do whatever the F you want!

Solution: When you provide high value, people will want to work with you. If the choose to work on their money blocks, they’ll create a way to work with you. Some people will even save up money to work with you! Some people will take out loans, borrow money from someone, or hustle their ass off to make it happen…because if you deliver, they will come!

So don’t be afraid to raise your rates as often as you feel you need to.

FACT: I’d rather pay $400 to someone to do a reading than $100 because the person charging $400 clearly owns their value, is confident in their work, and will deliver the RESULTS I need. I’m not a barain hunter when it comes to my healing! (You can give yourself permission to attract more people like me and fewer of those penny pinchers!)

RULE #5: Only about 1% of your email list will convert.

Bull-to-the-shit. Naw. Nope.

If you believe that, sure you’ll make it true. Everyone (especially people who sell list building) will tell you that everything in your business depends on having a big email list.

I don’t subscribe to that. (That was a pun!).

I digress…Here’s the thing, when you have a bigger list with the RIGHT people you can definitely expect a higher conversion into a sale. If you have a small list you can have even HIGHER conversions because you have more of a personal relationship with them.

Solution: Commit to building your email list every day, whatever that means to you. Make sure you’re getting really great people with an equally great opt-in that’s in alignment with your best work.

The industry standard is 2-5% conversion, you can be below or above that and it be perfectly NORMAL. Compare yourself against YOURSELF from launch to launch. Make sure you write down what words resonate, what worked well, what didn’t work well. Rinse and repeat!

For example: Intuition Week for me has converted around 6% two times in a row. However, in May (mid pandemic) I wasn’t sure what to expect…I set my goal for 6% but we did 9.8% utterly mind blowing, even for me! So the truth is, YOU are your best competition.

In summary, throw out the rules, trust your gut and give yourself permission to create your own winning strategies!

Trust your guy and give yourself permission...

It’s my belief that you can create your own one-size-fits-YOU business strategy that feels great, gets you results, and gives you more freedom in your life without burnout…That’s what I teach inside my mastermind!

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I hope you’re committed to breaking these rules and owning your own badassness this year!!

Leave a comment and let me know which rules you’re breaking!

Love, Em