What Kind of Year Is Your Business Having?

What Kind of Year Is Your Business Having?

What Kind of Year Is Your Business Having?

It’s important to know which type of year your business is having so you know how to support it and grow with it, instead of working against it.

Your business has different needs as you are evolving!

If your business isn’t in alignment with your soul growth, you can burn out your energy and feel like nothing is flowing.

In this episode, I share how to tune in to understand what your business is asking of you.

I think you’ll find it’s so much easier to go with your soul alignment than struggle against it!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • How to tell which type of year you’re having.
  • What “soul alignment” looks like.
  • Expansion can be forced, rather than aligned. How to tell which you’re doing.
  • It starts with yourself!
  • You can be in the greatest service and be in alignment.
  • How to call in your Higher Self to support you.

Hey everybody and warm welcome back to the Align & Unstoppable Podcast.

Happy 2023! I am so excited that you’re here and I thought the best way to ring in the New Year was really, well with two things one reopening Mastery & Ascension for a couple of days. So you’ll hear this at the beginning of the year. Hopefully, you hear it now you can rejoin or join us.

But the second thing is to talk about like some real things that we can experience which are expansion and contraction during the year. So obviously at the beginning here we’re all guns blazing like the best year ever. Sayonara last year. Screw you and we just did the Karma Cleanse. You’re dead to me now. Now I’m opening up for, like, something amazing to happen to me.

And so what I want to first say is, like, this is not going to be a Debbie Downer episode that I’m going to say, like bursting your bubble. But I want to just be realistic and I’d say a weird word for me to even say, because I don’t typically function in that realm of reality, what I’m talking about, like goal setting and future casting. Okay, I tend to live in the unrealistic and I’m sure you guys have heard my podcast episodes on how to set unrealistic goals, because truly when you set unrealistic goals, you set yourself up for quantum success, not incremental 5%, 10% increases and getting incrementally better, but actually like 2x, 3x, 10x improvement and growth.

And so while I know we all have that in our hearts and in our souls and our blueprints are like, listen, person, you haven’t even scratched the surface of how much success you are capable of like you haven’t even tapped into it. And even when you do tap into it like you’re not even there yet. So I know I’m kind of going off on a tangent, but I want to reel it in.
So I want to talk about two things today expansion years and contraction years. And so as I say this, you’re already like, maybe you’re getting a visual of expanding like a balloon or contracting like a balloon. You might even think of, you know, like birthing, you know, you’re having contractions. Right?

And so I want to share this with you because I know the last episode I did was like a summary of a year at a glance, right? I looked at what was happening at the end of 2021 and then what was then happening at the end of 2022.

Well, here we are, 2023. And I’m here to say that I talked about a contraction year. Now, I said this term to a couple of friends recently and they’re like, Ooh, I love that you say contraction and expansion. Let’s I want to hear more. And so I thought this might be a really great episode to share with you guys, too. So what I mean by that is when we have an expansion year, that is the year that we are having the big growth, right? It might not be quantum growth. That’s like 2x, 3x, but it is in fact a growth year, whether it’s growing your team, growing your products, growing your services, growing financially, hitting larger milestones, being part of mentorships, or being part of masterminds. And you’re really expanding, expanding your friendship circles, your networking circles. You’re expanding your reach, right?

However, we can also have contraction years where we’re actually whittling away our products and services. We’re not making ourselves so available for networking and outreach. We are doing less of the doing in our business. Maybe we are cutting back some team members or shifting what they’re doing in our company and maybe we’re doing less revenue in the contraction year.

And so what I want to share about that is it’s not necessarily good to expand and bad to contract. I want to just take that off the table and say, that’s all bullshit. Like if you’re only looking at your success from the monetary standpoint. And so if you’re not making more money every single year, you’re failing like a lot of folks tell you. I think that’s total bullshit because there is a way that you can grow internally and get yourself in alignment and your finances stay the same. They get better or maybe they drop down. So it doesn’t. It’s not like all-encompassing, or mutually exclusive. You can have an internally expansive year while external your finances are contracting. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

So here’s all I want to say with this podcast, is that you might be doing some deeper inner work this year. Or maybe that’s what happened last year. Or maybe that’s what’s happening in the following year. But just because you’re doing an expansion with your finances doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s a good thing. So we can look at okay, well, we’re if we’re rating ourselves and our success based on our finances solely and our finances, say good job that a girl, you’re doing better. That can be a good thing. And it can also be at the cost or at the expense of our alignment, of ourselves, and our well-being.

So what I’ve been seeing, and actually this is part of why the Phoenix Mentorship has been reborn for this coming year. The Phoenix Mentorship is here to help support the folks who have hit that higher threshold of six-figure plus and had that success but they’ve had to self-sacrifice in order to get there. So they’re losing sleep. They’re having a ton of irritability. You’re having body weight issues. You’re maybe having weird or unknown ailments or illnesses. You’re having trouble. Right? So internally, you know, there’s like this incongruence and something is off and yet your business. And so I want to just open up this container of possibilities for everybody who is listening. Is that the best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to get into alignment? So, whether or not your business is financially increasing or decreasing, as long as you are in alignment with what your soul is here to do and how you’re doing that into the world, things will click, they will work, and you will be directed and redirected accordingly to your highest and best alignment.

And I understand that I’m talking at very high levels of vindication here, but I feel like there’s a part of you that totally gets what I’m trying to say here.
So this is my wish for you, is that whatever it is, like, you journaled and you did the Karma Cleanse and you have your word for the year, you’ve big dreams that you do whatever you do to the best of your ability to help others, to raise their consciousness, to help others, and, you know, growing their lives, becoming better people with harm to nobody. And you do it with love and you do it in alignment, and you do it with integrity. And so, this is just kind of my calling out in calling in. I’m saying it’s time to do this made major work. But starting from yourself and delivering it from your heart and your soul, bringing it out into the world is all that truly matters.

And so maybe we need to look at the list of all of your big goals and achievements that you have planned for yourself and make some edits. Like, does this feel right? Is this in my highest alignment? Yes, or no? What do I need to do? What do I need to change? And how can I always be of service and have this state of alignment? Are my health and well-being a priority for me?

For those of you who did Intuition Month, we looked at that, right? We looked at how can we make sure that we’re staying hydrated, moving our body, meditating, and eating foods that are nourishing so that we can serve at our highest level. These are foundational.

And actually, if you’re in Mastery & Ascension or you decide to come back or join for the first time in Mastery & Ascension, we are going to be opening up these little mini springs, these little mini-challenges within the membership, so that we can just kind of get ourselves refocused once in a while, get like a little jump start and it’s going to be really fun. So, if you are a member, keep an eye out for that. We’re going to be doing some of that in the new year.

Anyways, cheers to your amazing, bountiful aligned New Year. Whether it is an expansion or a contraction, understand that everything is cyclical. And so, when there is an expansion, there must be a contraction. When there is a contraction, there must be an expansion. Right? If you think of a pendulum swinging left to right, to left or right, right, it’s going to swing. And so better you be prepared for this energetically and understand this is all part of the bigger picture. Right? Even if it is an expansion, even if it is a contraction, you are still doing the work that is fully in alignment with you.

So put your hands on your heart and just call in your higher self who is here to lead you, to guide you, to be embodied this year and beyond, to lead you to your next big breakthrough, your next level of success, alignment, joy, ease, abundance, prosperity, health, and well-being. To allow this to come through you, for you, and to be shared out in the world, to raise the level of consciousness around you and around the folks who are in your community all the lives that you touch to radiate this joy, this light so that they can see them that in themselves as well, to keep spreading this love and allow it to ripple out in the world.

Lots of love to you, and have an amazing 2023. I look forward to hearing from you. Please, as always, I love to hear from you. So, if you wouldn’t mind, send me an email right in. Ye can send it to [email protected]. If you have an idea for an upcoming episode or an upcoming guest, you’d love to send it over to us. We’d love to hear from you.

And if you are somebody who has a podcast and you are looking for a podcast guest, hey, I’m here, I’m raising my hand, I’d love to chat with you to be a guest and to serve your community this coming year. Let’s get that booked right away. Have an awesome rest of your day, an awesome week ahead and I’ll see you in two weeks in the next episode. Lots of love.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


Take a few minutes to reflect on this episode and contemplate which type of year you’ve been in. Did it feel more like expansion or contraction? What are you ready for now? What resources do you need to support you this year? Write it down as a guide for your upcoming year.


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