Something is out of balance, leaning towards burnout.

Your business doesn't want you to work harder...

It wants you to LET GO and unveil your natural state of alignment and flow.

LET GO of traditional masterminds and prepare for a revolution.

The Phoenix Mentorship is an intimate 9-month soul and business realignment experience for 6-figure+ female CEOS.

Each month is dedicated to getting you ALIGNED for quantum growth through deep transformational healing.

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Have you been sacrificing yourself in order to grow a 6-figure+ business? 

During a growth period, it can be difficult to slow down enough to focus on your well-being and alignment. Early symptoms of burnout may include...

  • Exhaustion, irritability, difficulty sleeping
  • Sacrificing daily meditation and exercise
  • Passion and interest in your business decreasing
  • Increased cravings for sugar and caffeine (and a decreased desire for nutrient-dense food)
  • Self-regulating moods/energy with alcohol, drugs, sleep aids, etc.
  • Less time with loved ones and friends
  • Weight gain, weakened immune, lowered sex drive
  • Feeling like you are not cut out for running a business and wanting to quit

Your body and energy system are out of alignment, and unless you do something about it, these symptoms will become "louder" until you can't ignore them.

The good news is, The Phoenix Mentorship can realign your system BEFORE it takes a toll on your business!

- Andréa Michel, Trauma Sensitive Coach, Founder of The Global Center For Trauma Education

From Burnout → Alignment!

Using my Alignment Activation Framework,

your business and life can feel like this:

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- Jodie King, Abstract Artist, Coach + Educator

The mainstream business coaching industry tells you:

You can EITHER work with someone SPIRITUAL or STRATEGIC. There's no in between.

And the "right" answer is to focus on business...after all, it's logical and smart!

I'm here to BUST THAT MYTH and say you can actually do BOTH and I've been doing it quite successfully for years!

Yup, I'm a damn unicorn!

I'm Emily Aarons and I am the most sought-after intuitive healer for female empire builders. For over two decades, I've been practicing healing work directly with powerful visionaries and teaching them how to tap into their intuition to activate quantum growth in their business.

I'm the creator of the “Angels In Your Biz Oracle Card Deck” and the host of the top podcast “Aligned & Unstoppable”. I've created a highly successful membership and certification teaching students how to create successful coaching and healing businesses using my specific modality.

I brought my healing business online in 2017 and have more than 10X’d my revenue to build a million-dollar personal brand by mixing business and spiritual strategies all while no longer subscribing to outdated business models.

This IS for you if you've been struggling with:

  • Pushing through the pain – getting sick often, sometimes losing your voice, sleepless nights, and physical or emotional pain.

  • Never quite feeling like you fit in, feeling like the village "weirdo". Looking for a community where you can let down your guard and be vulnerable.

  • Feeling burnt out and ready to stop and take care of yourself.

  • Fantasizing about everything you've built going away, so you can have peace again and quit stressing so much.

  • You’ve been part of old-school masterminds in the past that were focused on strategy and tactics, only you’d leave meetings feeling more confused with too many ideas and not knowing which advice to follow.

This is NOT for you if you:

  • Prefer traditional masterminds that aren't into the touchy-feely or "woo" stuff.

  • Don't enjoy being open and vulnerable with a group of peers.

  • Have a ton of commitments and won't make space for monthly calls or healing sessions.

  • Expect your symptoms to disappear after one session, after years of compounding stress and anxiety.

  • Aren't willing to let go of control, slow down, or take action from your own intuitive insights.

Past members of the Phoenix mentorship have experienced:

  • Business revenue growing by $250,000 in one year
  • Reversed burnout
  • Developed a lifelong sisterhood
  • Exponential business growth 
  • Hired team members more aligned to their vision
  • Faced and overcome debilitating fear (heights)
  • Collaborated with peers to create new experiences
  • Healed past traumas and connected with inner child
  • Allowed themself to process rage, grief, and anger

It's time to get you back on track:


This is SUPPORT like you dream about...this is a sisterhood. Each member plays an integral role to allow for rapid growth and transformation.


Experience a reset of your entire nervous system and return to optimal health. You'll be able to create a plan to hold this level of vitality ongoing.


Connect with your intuition, guides, and spirit team so you can receive soul-aligned insights, plan programs, and deliver from a deeply authentic place.


Develop an understanding for the rhythm your business wants to grow. Finding grace, acceptance, and allowance in your journey to success.  

I was so overworked I didn't fully realize how out of balance I was.

The Phoenix Mentorship has been about self care and compassion, trust, acceptance, and releasing that which no longer serves me so that I can move forward with ease and confidence.

It’s healing and nurturing my soul so that I am free to follow my dreams. I didn’t fully know what I was getting into when I signed up for this program, and it’s been one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

I didn’t understand how much I actually needed this spiritual support in order to truly grow and be successful.

– Karen Collins, Owner Bisousweet Bakery

Emily helps to clear out anything in our way and connect with a deeper knowing

I love how Emily helps us to tap into our higher self and our soulmate clients.

She supports us in doing things in business that feel light rather than heavy so that we’re more in the flow of receiving. She encourages us to do what is right for our business, rather than looking at what others do.

Emily helps to clear out anything that is in our way. It’s all about how she has us connect with a deep knowing of who we are and what we were brought here to do, and how to bring it into the physical world (with the support of divine intervention).

The group is great for accountability and keeps us all motivated to reach our goals.

– Dr. Maggie Luther, Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist and Nutritionist

The 2 Main Objectives Of The Phoenix Mentorship:

1. Master your energetic alignment - understanding and prioritizing your well-being allows you to make an impact with authenticity and integrity.

2.  Unlock your intuition - being guided from a higher knowing within allows you to make quicker decisions that ultimately lead you down the most aligned path.


Throughout the Phoenix Mentorship, I'll teach you how to unlock and master BOTH!

True business growth happens when you invest in healing your energy.

Within The FIRST 3 Months You'll Be Able To...

  • Understand energy systems so you can protect yourself as well as quit depleting your personal energy to give to others.
  • Completely unlock your intuition so you can make powerfully grounded business decisions from a place of soul alignment (and not fear or scarcity).
  • Be an integral part of creating a safe and sacred space that fosters authentic relationships and connections. This allows each member to show up as their full-self, process stress, and heal on a deep level.

The Phoenix Mentorship 9-Month Program Includes:

  • (1) Monthly Group Call with Emily: Curriculum based teaching with laser coaching 
  • (1) Monthly Channeled Group Healing Call with Emily for energy reset and upgrading your system to make quantum leaps in your business
  • (4) 90-minute Private Business & Soul Alignment Sessions (Healing/Coaching) with Emily 
  • Circle Community Group where you can ask for and receive support from your mentorship sisters and Emily
  • (1) In-person Retreat in Salem, Massachusetts, May 3-5, 2023

Plus Bonus Access To:

  • 9-Month Access to Mastery & Ascension Membership: Monthly Channeled Energy Healings and Library 
  • Access to additional trainings and workshops throughout the 9-month period.


Plus receive a 1:1 Private Business & Soul Alignment Healing Session with Emily Valued at $997 at the beginning of the mentorship to clear blocks so you can dive in with a clear personalized plan for the 9-month journey.

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Important Dates:

  • January 20, 2023 Application Submission Deadline
  • January 23, 2023 Phoenix Program Begins
  • TBD Bi-weekly calls depending on group availability requests. Potentially on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9:00am-3:00pm EST
  • May 3-5, 2023 in Salem, Massachusetts
  • September 30, 2023 Phoenix Mentorship concludes

Alignment Activation Framework Teaching Sessions:


Connect To Higher Self & Intuition

Get in touch with your inner wisdom to create an aligned vision for yourself and your business during this 9-month experience and beyond.

Prioritize Living From Your Higher Self + Clear Energy Blocks

Learn how to tap into your body and energy field to create sustainable success. This could even involve some simple lifestyle changes!

Connecting With Your Spirit Team

Connect with your guides so you can receive soul-aligned insights, plan programs, and deliver from a deeply authentic place.

Healing + Integration Work

Experience exponential growth through receiving healing work, creating intentional rest, and strategic down time. Deepen your understanding for grace, acceptance, and detachment.

Soulmate Client Attraction & Innovation Strategy

Implement advanced energetic strategies that attract soulmate clients and create soulfully aligned innovation in your business strategy.

May 2023 Retreat:

Experience some R&R and playful fun with Emily and peers in historical Salem! We've got great activities to:

- enhance your intuition for a mid-year business alignment check-in

- experience a little physical challenge that will help you boost your confidence to move beyond your own limitations

- relax your mind and body with a special spa-like experience

- plus a walking tour of the city

If you’re a multiple 6 or 7-figure female CEO who’s ready to swap the burnout for a turned-on intuition, I’d love to invite you to APPLY NOW.

Space is limited to 8.

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