How To Create More Ease & Abundance In 2024

How To Create More Ease & Abundance In 2024

How To Create More Ease & Abundance In 2024

Ever thought about what it takes to transform your side hobby into a million-dollar brand? You’re about to uncover the secret sauce to business success.

We’re pulling back the curtain to reveal the highs and lows of our 2023 launches, including the creation of 12 new programs, 9 big launches, and the recording of 23 new podcast episodes.

You’ll hear us break down our strategies and statistics and how we navigated the ebbs and flows of 2023.

Emily and Amanda let you in on their personal ride, sharing how they manage their energy and stay motivated. They spill the beans on their Facebook ads success, their free workshops, and their innovations that made HUGE impact in 2023.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies; they also reveal the challenges they faced and the strategies that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Don’t miss out on their valuable insights and lessons learned from their journey towards building a thriving online business.

The last leg of our journey takes us through the strategies that have helped us build a successful spiritual business. We explore how understanding your numbers, having a solid plan, and finding the right mentor can transform your business.

We share some exclusive information on upcoming offerings (that we are NOT launching), how we are offering them and how it’s designed to guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

Lastly, we discuss some exciting topics and changes coming to the podcast, as well as our plans for the coming year.

So, join us, and let’s make 2024 a year of unstoppable growth for your business!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • (00:00) Overview Of 2023 Launches
  • (10:01) Unlocking Ease and Abundance in 2024
  • (19:35) Managing Energy and Launch Strategies
  • (28:19) Reflections and Lessons in Business Growth
  • (38:12) Our Non-Launch Strategy for 2024
  • (01:16:06) Building a Lifestyle Business With Love

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00:00 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Hey listeners, welcome back to the Align Unstoppable podcast. This is episode 441, and it’s the final episode of 2023. So it’s very fitting that I did something a little bit wild this episode I invited my community to join me for a live recording. We had a tremendous show up and people’s minds were blown. This is definitely a podcast you’re going to want to listen to over and over again, and I would absolutely invite you to head over to the podcast page because a lot of it is very visual and I share some really great strategies in here that you can take and implement right away in your own business. So if you’re enjoying the audio, definitely go through the audio, but if I were you, I would head over to the podcast episode link and watch the video too. This is basically an in-depth training that probably I could have charged $97 per person before. It is that good. So in this week’s episode, you are going to hear me do a full debrief of 2023 launches what worked and what didn’t. I’m going to take you through, step by step, a strategy that has worked for me, along with the stats that you’re wanting to know. I mean heading into creating a real business.

Sometimes people shy away from looking at their numbers, they shy away from creating a plan, and that’s likely two of the culprits that are keeping you stuck in a perpetual broke cycle not selling programs, not really growing and year after year kind of at the same juncture. So if you’re somebody who you’ve been kind of thinking about being a coach, being a healer, practitioner, or you already have a business and it’s kind of like a hobby or like a second job, or maybe it is your primary thing You’re just really not making great money. My guess is that there’s a lot of different pieces of structure, of planning, of looking at the numbers and really shifting so that you can take what is basically a hobby and shifting it into a true professional, really high level business. So this episode is going to be really geared for those folks who are like let’s change it in 2024. I’d like to stop struggling so much financially and I’d like to actually make an impact in this world and really make a difference in people’s lives, as well as making a really successful business, having a lucrative income, having financial freedom.

So if that’s something that appeals to you, there’s a couple of great recommendations I want to start off with. So everything will be linked in the show notes, so if you’re driving or you’re out walking, you really can’t write it down. That’s OK, but there’s a few really important resources I want you to be aware of. The first resource is that I am going to be launching a brand new podcast for only $8 a month. That is basically a business course that you take on the go. It is going to be two sessions every single month high level classes, trainings, workshops that I again could be charging a lot more money for, but if you would like to have access to them and not have to spend thousands on business courses that you’re never even going to do anyway, this is a great way to have access to these teachings. It’s called the Aligned and Unstoppable Spiritual Business Sessions. We’ll have that linked below emilyaronscom forward slash sessions.

The second resource I want you to just kind of feel into is something I mentioned at the end of this podcast, which is really I’m not offering it on the podcast. I’m just sort of mentioning as part of one of my overall strategies and sort of what I’m focusing on, which is the upcoming program. It’s a 12 month program for folks that I just mentioned, people who are ready to shift out of being more of an amateur as a business owner and shifting into a professional. So people who have a plan, who have a strategy, who look at their numbers, who go all right. Well, that was OK, but how can I make it even better? If you’re somebody who is really wanting to dedicate yourself and commit yourself to your craft and being of service to people in 2024, I have such an amazing program that’s about to kick off, in January, with myself and my COO, amanda Pickering, whom you’ll hear on this episode. It’s called the Spiritual Business Accelerator. It’s a 12 month program. It’s an amazing incubator for folks who are needing that structure, needing the handholding, needing a plan and having people to hold you accountable to really achieving your dreams Beyond.

Just I posted on social media. No one liked it, no one’s buying my programs. Boohoo, I’m not a good person. Nobody likes my stuff. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to that sort of old kind of woe is me mindset and open up to what if this could be my only gig? What if this business could make me six figures a year? What if I could actually impact thousands of people instead of just like a handful of close friends and family members? So if that’s for you again. We’ll have the Spiritual Business Accelerator program linked in the show notes below.

I would highly recommend you check it out for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a game changer, and I know the folks who are already in it, who are already committed to doing this work, are at that level where they’re like I’m not playing, this is it. It’s go time. I want to build a real business. So the link will be below, as well as the Spiritual Business Sessions. Those are two great resources that I want to make sure that you are aware of.

So in this week’s episode it’s going to be different than anything else. So if you’re brand new here and this is the first episode you’ve heard of mine warm welcome. This is like some next level stuff you’re about to listen to. In this week’s episode I dive into. I really pull back the curtain. I’m showing you exactly what it takes to have a million dollar brand. So I would highly recommend you head over to the podcast website to watch this video. It is a video and a very visual training that I’ve created that I could have charged probably hundreds of dollars for for people to attend it, but I didn’t, and I’m also making it available for you as a free resource as well. So this episode you’re going to learn actionable strategy that you can take action on. Literally as soon as you’re done with this, you can start getting the wheels turning.

In fact, the folks who joined me on the live broadcast were having their minds blown. They were like I can’t even believe this. I had this plan to do X and now I’m going to do Y. People who were saying, emily, I can’t even believe this. I didn’t realize that you knew this much information about building businesses and that was one of the best components they could give me. But also it alerted me to say I really don’t show this side of me a lot publicly. In some of my higher level mentorship programs, my coaching programs, I like to be very vocal and very visible and I don’t like to hide my numbers. I want to show people who I am because, honestly, I feel like this online industry is way too saturated with people who are fluffing their numbers, leading with these sexy six figures in six days, and it’s total BS. And really one of the things that people admire the most about me is my authenticity and I like to say, yeah, this worked or this didn’t work. And in this episode.

I’m going to share the long game Because a lot of folks we’re just looking at can I get somebody to book a session with me today or this week? I’m not looking at what is the long game. And if I nurture people over the course of a few months or a couple of years, what is the trajectory? Where are they going? Where am I actually intending to take them? And so I want to help you to zoom out a little bit instead of being so close to. I posted, nobody liked, I offered my thing and nobody bought. Zoom out, because that’s really what professional business owners do they’re looking at strategy, they’re looking at the long game and they’re not taking the wins or the losses personally. So you’re going to hear a lot about that.

I think you’re going to see me in a whole different angle for some of you, and I’m really excited to share this week’s episode with you. So let’s get into the live recording of this week’s podcast about ease and abundance going into 2024. I hope you love it. If you do, please tag me, share it with a friend, let people know that you’ve enjoyed this episode and please let me know if you enjoy this episode. And if you do enjoy this episode. You are going to totally love the brand new upcoming podcasts, the spiritual business sessions. All right, let’s get into it.

You’re listening to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast. I’m your host, emily Arons. I’m an entrepreneur and highly sought-after energy healer with over two decades in practice. I’m a mixture of high-vib energy and cutting-edge strategy with a little dash of unfiltered real talk, making this the one and only podcast that gives you a down-to-earth approach to business and spirituality. Tune in each week to get out of the stress of overworking so you can build a brand in alignment with your soul’s purpose. If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way, it’s that you have to stop looking outside yourself for the answer and start looking within. We all have a unique path and it’s time you start trusting in yourself. The truth is, you already have everything you need. You just need to learn how to access it. Now let’s dive in. It’s time you experience business and soul alignment. All right, warm welcome to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast. I am your host, emily Arons.

Today is an extra, extra, extra special podcast episode I have. Years ago. I would get super inspired to do a podcast. I would take all these notes and I’d like I can’t wait till it releases in two months. I have to do it live today and I would do a Facebook live and then we would both produce the audio and the video at a way later date. Well, I got really inspired to share what was coming up as I was recapping 2023 and then opening up for 2024. And I was like you know what? We got to do this as a live podcast. So today I am joined by some wonderful people in my I’m calling it my live studio audience. I remember back in the day when there was TV shows and instead of having a laugh track, they’d have actual humans laughing at real jokes. So this is the Aligned and Unstoppable equivalent of that. So warm welcome and I’m really excited that you guys decided to be here with me today. You’re totally adding a lot of energy and I’ve already started to ground myself before this recording.

So let’s dive right into this. This is probably going to be the longest podcast episode you’ve ever heard of mine. I’m hoping to do an hour, but I also will be interacting with folks who are here on Zoom with me. So if you all have questions, if you all have whatever comes up, I’m happy to keep up with the comments. My COO, amanda’s here. She’s going to be on the podcast with me, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take about an hour, I would assume, to go through these three big things. Also, I think Shana is here with us as well, my team member, so Shana can keep up with the comments if I miss anything. Also, if you haven’t already changed your name in the chat, please make sure you update your name. I think it’s Mercury Retrograde, something who knows.

So today on this podcast, I’m talking about how I’m unlocking ease and abundance in 2024. We’re going to go over my 2023 launch recap what worked, what didn’t buy, your trends and I’m going to explain a launch strategy timeline. I know there might be some folks you can drop it in the chat. If you’re maybe kind of relatively new to your entrepreneurship journey, let’s just say making less than like 50, I mean, more realistically, it’s probably more like $20,000 a year, but let’s just say under $50,000 a year in your business, maybe new to entrepreneurship, maybe haven’t quite planned things. I’m going to go over really, really easy to follow strategy timeline. So how, if you want to start implementing some of the things I’m teaching, but then also, at the end I’m going to open up for folks who are a little bit more advanced, who’ve done a few launches in there over the years and already sort of like that next step.

So another thing I’m going to go over is my non-launch strategy and why I’m not launching in 2024. And I feel like we should have fireworks explosion on this slide because that’s honestly how I feel and I’ll get to that. And we’re also going to go over how to create a business you love so you can work less and make more money passively and repeatedly. Who doesn’t love that? So let’s dive right in, folks. The recap so I created 12 new programs or offerings. So if that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is, and I’m going to ask Amanda to unmute to yourself because I know I’m going to be talking a lot. So I want you to jump in here and share sort of what that means. Like what are 12 new programs and offerings?

13:36 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah. So, just so you know, at the beginning of 2023, our plan was to not create anything new and to come yeah, it really was right, it was oh my god, I remember this conversation and to work with what we had. Spirit had other ideas and there were some really awesome things that came through that needed to come through. However, 12 new programs and offerings is a lot, but they were also some things that we repurposed that we had before.

Emily’s been doing this a long time. She’s been in the online space for what? Seven years, yeah, and so there’s a lot that’s been created in that time, and things can get left behind that is still really valuable and really useful, and this is also, you know, for you guys. In being business owners, it’s very easy to discount your own work and be like, well, that was for that time, but very often it can be repackaged and repurposed to serve your soulmate client. So we did do that. We also had nine big launches, and that was a lot. Again, our plan was to not launch as much, and I think we’ve gotten there now, but it did take some time. So when we did this, we were like, wow, this is a lot.

14:46 – Emily Aarons (Host)
And I will interject there, because the nine big launches were because things were coming in so clearly but we needed to test them. So you know, it was sort of like retrying and retrying and retrying, but it was sometimes just like slight modifications of the same thing.

15:05 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, for sure. And then, of course, emily has a podcast and I’ve been unstoppable, and so we recorded 23 new podcast episodes and also ran for group programs. To was integrated energy alignment certification, and to was the accelerated path, and we are still alive to tell the tale.

15:24 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Whoo. So I’m just curious, for folks who are here with me live, does that sound like a lot, like an average of, like, what you put out there or what you know to be put out there so much? Yeah, it is so much. And it’s funny that you mentioned, amanda, that we’re like no new programs. So like, listen, I just told you I’m not going to launch in 2024. And we just said I said I wasn’t going to make anything new in 23. So like, maybe we have the best of intentions, but that’s not always what Spirit has planned for us. So you know, we just follow the energy. So here are some of the top metrics the list growth we added 4000, well, over 4000 people.

I also cleaned 3500 cold subscribers, so folks who have like 100 people on your email list and you’re like, oh my God, I know all of them and I have a 90% open rate and I don’t want to lose anybody, I only want to add people. There gets a point where you’re just like this is dead weight, my open rates suck. People aren’t clicking, they’re not opening. In fact, I don’t even know where this person came from, or they may have came from something that was so outdated that like it’s not even really relevant that they’re on your list anymore.

So it does take a fair amount of like pretty big ovaries to be like All right, I’m just going to hit delete now. And then they’re just all these people and I paid money for ads to acquire and they’re gone. Okay, okay, I can do this, and so there’s a little bit of that coping that has to happen to say goodbye. I mean, if I said would you like 3500 new leads, you’d be like hell yeah. So it’s a little bit, it’s a lot. I’m going to stop talking. I want you to talk because I’m going to talk a lot.

17:00 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Our overall conversion, which is going from someone joined something free and then they joined something that is paid and offering, was 3%. We’ll get into like industry standards in a little while, so you can kind of understand the context. Our live show up rate for free webinars was 10%. I’m really excited to say that today we’re at 20%, so that’s cool, but average was 10. So this is probably our highest shot rate actually this year.

17:28 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Oh my gosh, everyone, get yourself around the point. So you’re going to do a free thing, and then you did it.

17:36 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
And then when we did paid webinars so whatever amount that was we had a 50% shot rate, which shows that, of course, when people put any kind of investment in even if it’s $5, they are more invested, they have skin in the game and they show up, which is also nice for the person running the webinar. And then a great statistic is that we’ve had 77,744 podcasts down those just this year, which is awesome.

18:01 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yay, and somehow 77 keeps repeating for me lately, so I was very tickled to get that angel number again. So industry standards.

18:10 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yes, industry standards, just so you know, because I think sometimes I’ve heard a lot of the time in the work that we do people are disappointed when, say, 50%, they get 50% open rates. Or you know, 9% of their email list buy, just so you know, that’s really really really good. So, industry standards as of 2023 is 1% to 3% conversion rate, meaning people that were free and go to pain for any service and it has dropped in that in 2019. It was 3% to 5% and it’s very clear why the world has changed drastically and we’ll get into what that looks like and buy a trends. And then the average email open rate for 2023 was 21%. Again, when we are working with people, coaching people, they can get really upset if their open rate is, you know, 40% and that is exceptional. So, just so you have an idea of what the industry standards is, it helps to kind of see where you’re at and what might need to tweak if, like, it’s well below this, for example.

19:09 – Emily Aarons (Host)
And I would just say you’re probably going to already feel like this isn’t a typical podcast. You’re going to want to have a pen and paper with you because it’s going to get really technical really fast. This is very high level, and so the fact that you showed up for this or you’re listening to this on the podcast, it means you’re ready for that next level of insights and knowledge. So, like, this is great. I’m really happy that you guys wanted to be here and geek out with me. So what works? Managing our energy?

19:38 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Managing our energy.

And what this looks like for us personally is that when we are in launches, emily and I meet every single day of the launch in the week, even if it’s just 20 minutes, and we do what we know to do, which is connect with our spirit, guides, pull cards and really manage our energy, and that is, you know, just kind of insight and knowledge.

That is actually like the most important and hardest thing to do in a launch, because if you’ve had a launch, you know what it can feel like, where you get to. You might have a great first day or you might not. And then you get to day two or three and you think I’m done, I suck, this is just going terribly, I’m just going to give up and close doors, I’m going to go to bed and hide right. And one of the most important things we can do is to manage our energy and that launch and remember why we’re doing it and see it through to the end. And one of the things that we do is we, when we, when we get to a launch, we judge its success by do we feel that we did everything we possibly could or do we have that feeling of we didn’t really give it our all. That’s actually failure for us if we didn’t show up fully so that really worked. Well is managing our energy, yeah.

20:47 – Emily Aarons (Host)
And I also say you know it’s really you all know most of you probably feel like there’s a part of you still kind of in hiding or maybe totally still hiding. You know where it feels kind of scary or unsafe to post on social media to show your face or to email people every week or to ask people in DMs if they want to hop on a call or like any of the things that are really qualifying you as a professional business. It can feel really scary. And so when you actually do the thing to like put yourself out there like Amanda said is like being able to go all out is a big deal, but also what it takes to go out, like because you know you could go, oh, the open rates are not good, or the sign up rates are not good, or people aren’t buying. That’s not good.

And every day it is like a minefield. Every day you’re like I’m the best, I’m unstoppable. It was like 9am and like by 10th and you’re like why don’t people like me? I hate this and like you’re going to die. You know when you go, okay, I’m just going to go outside, I’m going to shake it off, I’m going to reset, and you get back out and you’re like no, I’m totally a badass, I’m going to do a Facebook live and then you sell something and you’re like, right, totally.

So that’s what I mean by manage your energy, because there’s highs and lows 9000 times a day. This is also what is what we’re going to talk about, why I’m not going to be doing that. Because managing your energy for seven years, nine times a year is a real lot. A real lot, Okay, continuing daily intuitive check ins with guidance, like Amanda mentioned. We check with our guides, we open up intuitively, we’ll pull cards, we’ll use a pendulum so many different tools that we pull out. That doesn’t just look like. Let’s look at numbers and data. As you all know, I’m that unicorn. I blend soul and strategy, spiritual and strategy, Like it’s both, and it’s never just one or the other, and that’s always worked really well for us.

22:43 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, so we did spend some money on Facebook ads this year, and what we found is that they worked really well for free workshops, and what I mean by that is we got a lot of people signing up for low cost per lead, and we also have those people at not all of them, obviously, but we were reaching the right people and then they were buying other offers and programs, which is exactly what you want from Facebook ads.

23:07 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, and fast action and cart close bonuses. Those always got people motivated to say yes and I don’t think it needs anymore. For further explanation, the 10 minute clarity calls for people for two programs. One was I a program as well as actually that’s the next one. The two programs were the accelerated path and I a and I okay great.

23:30 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
We had too many launches. And then I will say as well, with the fast action bonuses we had about 50% of our people sign up because of that. So that’s a huge percentage and it’s also really encouraging and the kind of confidence boost when you’re in a launch to get that at the beginning. It’s not always like that. Sometimes we’re like all right there and we’re like where is everybody? You know, there is a bit of both. And then the last thing was we did introduce 15 minute interviews for IEA applicants, which is integrated energy alignment, practitioner training. We just have an application form before, but we it’s really setting a new standard for practitioners and energy healing and we thought it was really important to put an interview in just to really get a feel for that person, decide if they’re right, fit for the program, and that’s really like up to the integrity of this program and also just the energy in it and the success rate and pass rate. So really, totally same.

24:28 – Emily Aarons (Host)
And the last thing is Facebook lives showing people who I am, what I do and a taste of what they’ll get when they work with me. I know probably a lot of people on this live. I recognize you and whether we’ve done lives together, you’ve been on the programs or whatever, and I think that’s part of that. You know we’re in this digital virtual world. We can’t like walk into a coffee shop and like get to know somebody, and so the closer you can allow people to you, I think the better, which is what we’re going to get into, also about like by your trends. So what didn’t work? So I paid workshops to cold audiences. It only worked for the warm. So yeah, I’m nice and to learn an expensive lesson to learn and hard.

25:12 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
The other thing that didn’t work is trying to replicate anything pre 2020. We really do live in a different world right now, and we’ll talk about by trends in a minute, but what may have worked wonderfully well and literally replicating you know emails and how we do things just did not work this year. Again, a harder lesson to learn.

25:31 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Or even just trying to get the same result with the repeating launch. So, like I said, we did nine launches. A handful of them were the same exact emails, the same exact workshop, the same exact offer, the same exact bonuses, and we had different results. So before 2020, you could pretty much duplicate things and I did all the time. I did intuition week five times. Four of those times had very similar, comparable results. The fifth time was this year. So very different results in social media posts that we’re selling. So if I posted something like doors are open, here’s my program, they tanked. So if you’re doing a lot of that kind of posting, people oftentimes don’t even get it in their newsfeed because the algorithms will not prioritize it. Not only will people not see it, but if they do see it, they don’t engage with it, and so you have to get really creative with how you put yourself out there, versus just like blatantly like my doors are open and you can buy my thing now. No one cares.

26:39 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
And what didn’t work is team members taking time off during their launch, during during our launches. We do have team members on this team and it’s really important that we’re all not just available physically but energetically, because we doesn’t. We have the approach, there’s no hierarchy within our team and everybody’s been there and their role is important. So it’s really important not as important many times that it’s not just a physical being there, but actually energetically and holding the space together and realizing that each one of us is super important. So we’ve kind of tweak that so that everyone is always around, whatever launch we’re doing or offering.

27:20 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Hey friend, I wanted to hop into this podcast episode to share with you my favorite coffee alternative that doesn’t give you anxiety or stress or make you have an afternoon crash. That is why I’m talking about mushroom coffee. And listen, I have been a coffee lover for most of my life. I like it, drink it black. I really do love the taste of coffee, so finding a good tasting coffee that performed well, that didn’t give me the jitters, was really important for me, and I’ve tried a whole bunch of them, and the one that I’ve really become obsessed with over the last year plus is called everyday dose. It is a blend of mushrooms from the fruiting body, not just the mycelium, so it has lion’s mane and chaga. It also does have a coffee extract in it, so it does taste like coffee. Plus, it has collagen and L-theanine, so L-theanine is something I also take on a regular because it helps with lowering stress, and as busy entrepreneurs, I know you got stress. So I would love for you to take a try of everyday dose. I know it will change your life the way it has changed mine, and now you can try it out as only a dollar a day. So they have these really cool starter kits that come with a little electric rechargeable frother. There’s a cool spoon and a resealable refillable container. I love it. I think you’re going to love it too.

You can head on over to my very special link. It’s called EmilyArenscom forward slash start dose. That’s EmilyArenscom forward slash start dose. I think you’re going to love it as much as I do. Now listen, I know we all have different dietary sensitivities. So you know it’s gluten free, it’s paleo, it’s keto, it’s soy free, it’s dairy free, there’s no sugar and it is non-GMO. So I want you to understand that I would never recommend something unless I had personally tried it and loved it, and this is how I feel about everyday dose. So head on over to EmilyArenscom forward slash start dose today. You’ll thank me later. Buy.

29:23 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Your Trends, yes, so buy your trends. And so this is what I was saying before pre-2020,. Things have changed a lot since then, and one thing that we have seen is that customers want to feel safety, they want to feel trust and they want to feel security, and what that looks like is from the emails to even what the sales page looks like, to really explaining the program and to having space for people to touch base with you. So, for example, our clarity calls, the interview calls you know Emily would do some Q&A calls and Facebook lives. We’ve got the amazing Shauna in the inbox answering questions and taking time over things. I’m sure a lot of you have had interaction with her. We have a chat bot on some of our websites, so lots of different ways for people to feel heard, to be able to have their questions answered and to just have interaction with us.

30:18 – Emily Aarons (Host)
That has been a huge thing, particularly in the last couple of years being human, I mean, and people need to hear about your offer consistently, not only in a launch. So that is definitely something that I’m taking into 2024, that I’ll be talking more about Mm-hmm.

30:34 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Okay. And then big R half for us was, even if it felt like a launch failed, we never lost sight of what the big mission was. And for many of you that may have been in launches and maybe no one signed up or very few people signed up, it’s very easy to get into like failure mode and run and hide and decide that what it means about you. But one thing that we’ve, I think, been really good at in this company is never making failed launches or things not going to plan about us as humans, but rather information from our customers about how we can shift things.

31:06 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Well, I’ll add to that we don’t take anything personally, whether it’s a win or it’s a loss, right, don’t, just don’t take it personally. I think that’s also the difference. When you are more of like an amateur you’re newer at it, it’s a hobby business Like if somebody doesn’t buy your thing, you’re like why? And you go into a downward spiral for God knows how long, or indefinitely maybe, but that’s also part of it. I’m gonna see it sometimes. But when you don’t take it personally, then you can look at it level headed and like an engineer and you look at the different parts and pieces, like, well, will this work? That didn’t work, that part’s trashed, and so we just don’t take any win or loss personally. I’ll just say that.

31:44 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
No, that’s very true. And even when things have felt like a failure, it’s actually given us ideas for another product. So give you an example January of this year, we launched a program called this Quantum Success Experience. I think it was yeah, yeah, and it can be anyone from the name of it yeah, like it completely bombed, like it was like hardly anyone bore, and we thought it was brilliant. And it was like what happened. And then what we did, through guidance, is we offered the same program, again under a different name, but we put, like I was just saying, a lot more safety around it, a lot more security around it. We had a proper sales page, we had FAQs, we had Q&As, we had a money back guarantee, we had lots of different things to help people feel safe, and it was a huge success.

And then, in August not so much, and this is like what Emily was saying like we replicated so many things, but it didn’t hit the same way. And what we realized is we needed to create something, a lower price product, which was the Accelerated Path DIY, which is the exact same program without the live coaching element to it, which made it more affordable for people, and people did jump at that, and it’s also something that’s now evergreen, which, for online entrepreneurs, is always a beautiful thing to hear. And then from that as well, from running the Accelerated Path a few times, we realized that people needed something before that. Our impression of the Accelerated Path was it was, I would say, I don’t mean this in a rude way, but like basic kind of training. But what we found is that a lot of people’s starting point was a little bit further back, so what they needed was something even before the Accelerated Path to make the most of it. So that’s building your spiritual business.

33:26 – Emily Aarons (Host)
And I’ll say this we realized that with frustration. Oh yes, because while we were holding these live calls and teaching, it was like we were doing these face pumps, like how is this question coming up? And it’s not to shame or blame or to criticize students, but that’s part of what happens when you become an expert is what you think is basic is actually further advanced than where most people are at. So that’s like kudos to us. We’ve grown, we’ve evolved, we’re so smart, but also we need to be able to speak to people at the level that they are coming in at. And I think that’s also the problem with a lot of online courses that you know. Obviously, most people don’t even they’ll buy them, but they won’t do them and they don’t complete them, so they don’t get the benefit of it. But a lot of those programs you know, some of them teach you from like here’s how to open your computer. But most of them are more advanced. So it helped us to realize well, I do have this older course that if I just revamped it it would be absolutely perfect right before the accelerated path. So you know, it’s not that we’re throwing away all the old stuff that we ever did. We’re sometimes repurposing it. And can I give Gustav a shout out here?

Gustav is Amanda’s husband and he also is really great at channeling and getting great information intuitively. He’s like our little secret weapon. But one of the things that came up with the Quantum Success Launch is he realized he saw a bread pudding and he’s like you have to repurpose the old crusty bread with something sweet, and so, taking that analogy and taking that guidance, it allowed us to birth this new thing. And then so, and then another aha was that Mastering Ascension members are five times more likely to sign up for other offerings than non-members. So that’s like a huge lipo. But we always knew this because we saw, oh, when this Mastermind opens or when this next program opens, it’s always the folks who’ve been in Mastering Ascension, because they get more of me, they get nurtured, they get the healing, they get my personality, they get me sort of behind the paywall, but they get more of me. So it’s like, oh, that makes perfect sense and it also is what I love doing. I love, love, love Mastering Ascension and it’s getting even Okay.

35:37 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
So, as we got clear on our Saltmay client, we reduced the time it takes a customer to buy from us from two years to just days or weeks, which is a massive win. And this really came because I’ve been CEO for about a year now here and one of the things that I love to do is analyze data because I like to see the trends, and what I started seeing was like, first of all, with Mastering Ascension wow, like all the time we’re seeing that Mastering Ascension members are filling up the programs and also we had a well, maybe you want to talk to this because this was like your thing about this time last year when you had that huge, like our heart of who you’re here to serve. It’s so scary.

36:21 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Oh well, we were working with a consultant and essentially she we were kind of at this crossroads of like who are we talking to? It’s either the all of these entrepreneurs who might have an interest in spirituality, or it is practitioners, coaches, healers, aspiring leaders, and to me I was like it’s clear to me, I know who it is. It’s these outstanding practitioners. It’s the latter, and even as I say that, can I get a full body chill? But that little pivot for me it was scary because I felt like all of you, you know, I want to help all the broken birds, I want to help all of the people. He deserves this love and healing. And I’m niching down really, really narrowly. And it also felt like this is the right thing to do. And really what drove it was the IEA certification, because that certification brought me to, well, my breaking point Now. It brought me to, brought me to this place where I was so crystal clear Like I’m on a mission to help millions of outstanding practitioners build successful businesses. So that is my North Star. Folks, if you haven’t heard me say that 900 times, I don’t even know if you’ve been hanging out with me. So that is my North Star and that is where I want to align to, and so, once I’ve figured that out, it’s like this is who I’m talking to now and it’s not that people who aren’t those things don’t join my programs. People who aren’t those things don’t join my programs all the time. But it was so wonderful to say like oh, a man is like, oh, looks like this person’s been on your email list for six years. Oh, this person’s been on your email list for two years. And now it’s like oh, this person just joined this launch and they’ve just bought things. Like, okay, that’s how you know you’re going deeper and you’re really connecting with folks All right Now like super nerdy who’s ready to get nerdy, folks who are listening to this podcast.

I would recommend you watch the video version of this part kind of going forward. You don’t have to, but it’s going to be a lot easier. We have slides going up right now. I probably should have started by saying that I’m not editing it. We have slides because there’s so much that we wanted to share and there are so many different types of learners. I know I’m a visual kind of gal. Sometimes this is too much in like your brain is going to explode if you just try to like speak at somebody, so I would definitely invite you to watch it. You can check it out on my podcast website. We’ll probably share it on YouTube. I don’t know, we’ll see. I think it’s probably just going to be on my website. Nobody wants to sit. I don’t know, maybe that’s just a start. I’m going to do it, emily.

Okay, so this is the launch strategy timeline example. This is basically, if we kind of zoom out, we’re going to give you the step by step, the play by play strategy of what we did and you can take with it what you like. Put your own, insert your offer in. I hope it gets your juices flowing and excited. So we call this day zero. It’s the free. How to clear your money blocks training. We did this in March. Some of you were there, many of you were there. Thank you for coming.

So 3% who showed up live actually purchased on the call. So what are we at right now? We’re at over 20% show up rate for this podcast. This is wild friends. So out of there’s it says 27,. Three year us. So 24 people. 10% is two and a point four. So like not even one person would buy if this is selling something. Just so we’re clear what I’m talking about. So, out of the people who show up, nobody would buy today. I’m also not selling anything today, but basically the people who did show up 3% who should have bought, that’s like. That was like the biggest ever and I was so excited the overall conversion. So the folks who signed up for how to clear your money blocks, free training, which was I don’t know how many people yeah, it was don’t laugh at me, but it was 788.

40:26 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Jesus, hey everybody. They’re seared in my mind.

40:33 – Emily Aarons (Host)
A lot of 788 people. We had 3% buy, which was like 20 something. Yeah, right, yeah, whatever yeah Around, that. The math, the math yeah.

That was 1 to 3% nowadays, so 3%. I felt pretty good about that. So to get that conversion rate, we sent 23 emails, folks, in a week. Yeah, Gasp, Clutch your pearls we had a 33% open rate. Industry standard is 21. So still, we’re doing pretty good. So that was.

What we sold was the accelerated path for 1,997. That was from April to June. Some of you who came to that are like wow, behind the scenes, this is great. The accelerated path is a three month coaching, teaching and healing program. Out of that, 16% join the integrated energy alignment certification. Pretty good, right. We sent out 22 emails with a 29.6% open rate A little lower, Still magical.

So I want you to see the timeline above. Please don’t forget the timeline above. So day zero, the free workshop 30 days. We had some folks join a paid program. 120 days later they joined a second paid program. So if you do the math, that’s about 2,000. This is about six. One person could have spent well at the least $8,000 from a free program, free workshop. So think about that. We get all worked up because no one bought our thing the day that we offered and no one even knew it was coming. There’s a lot of nurturing that goes on leading up to this free workshop, then after the free workshop and then so on.

So just to give you a bigger sort of scaled out view, the IEA practitioner training is the blend of energy and business, is the first and only energy-based training with a profit guarantee. We have outstanding practitioners who are building wonderful businesses. Out of that, we had 22% that joined the spiritual business accelerator program. Now this was a much smaller list. We had only since out five emails, but we had a pretty decent open rate of 45%. Now this program I really have not spoke about publicly. I’m gonna tell you a little bit more about it later and the reason why we have it. But again, just like Amanda was saying like at the beginning of like we had this program and we see, actually people need something before this program. So we’re seeing these trends and we’re saying how can I be of service a little bit more.

So the spiritual business accelerator program is a 12 month coaching container focusing on business planning and strategy. The reason why is because we actually saw, both with the IEA practitioners and with the accelerated path students, that they just don’t have any planning and strategy. Like I’m teaching it to them in IEA, but they don’t have the time to implement it and get support. They’re getting it and then the program is pretty much over and they’re kind of that’s. They have it but we haven’t seen as much students be able to put it in at the scale that we are looking at, Like it’s still a little bit amateur, it’s still a little bit green and they’re not pushing themselves as much as it takes to become like a real professional business doing this work.

And it’s no shade to them, it just is what it is. We’ve seen three rounds of students now who’ve gone through it. This is a statistic, isn’t an opinion, it’s not a criticism. It’s just like okay, you need some more support If you’re ready for that next level. And IEA students are freaking amazing. It’s that next level that’s ready for them, so key takeaways.

44:28 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Key takeaways is we’ve mentioned this already but it’s a long game which requires strategy. So like we just showed some people who joined on day zero they may. What we showed is like a perfect kind of line, but not everyone will follow that. Some people will go from a free workshop and no one buys and you think it’s a failure to buying like a 5, 10k program later down the line. So like we had someone join the accelerated path who hadn’t bought from Emily and had been on her list for seven years before she bought anything Seven years, right. So it is a long game. It is about nurturing and it also needs to have strategy behind it. It’s not just like throwing things against the wall. Oh, somebody’s annotating. Oh, disable annotation for others.

45:18 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Is that gonna stay there forever?

45:19 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, I think you have to stop sharing and then disable annotation and then reshare.

45:24 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Okay, so it does require a strategy. Like we said, like that’s why the spiritual business accelerate became a thing is like there needs to be a strategy.

45:33 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
So if you don’t have a strategy in place, like we said, and don’t know your numbers or look at them, you will fail to see what’s working so that you can repeat them and keep going. So a lot of people can get afraid of metrics and numbers, but actually it’s so important to keep them and I use a very simple system Like I will literally be writing down how many people showed up live, what was the percentage of the people that actually signed up versus who came live. Okay, and then you know what’s great if you only have five people join a program is you can look at each of them individually, if you have an email management system and follow their path and be like well, so how did they come in? And then what did they buy? And then you can really start to get ideas of like oh, so I should do more of this. So we found this with.

So many of our customers have come through previous years of Intuition Week or Intuition Month. Now Emily won’t mind me saying that last I think it was last September when she ran Intuition Month she was like, well, that failed, that didn’t go to plan and actually and a lot of that was because it was just, it was a long time as well, but we have seen that some people that bought nothing then ended up buying a higher price program came through Intuition Month and at the time it just felt like, well, what was the point of that? So, but when you have a strategy in place and when you know your numbers, you’re able to see those trends. If you don’t, then you miss them. Yes, absolutely.

46:51 – Emily Aarons (Host)
I just saw a comment from Marilyn. She said this is so awesome to have this info. I’m so impressed with your business sense, emily, love it. An incredible team building. You have created an amazing team. You know what, marilyn, that was the best compliment ever. Thank you.

And I think I just want to say this Like I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have this business sense and I’ve been my first business. I opened when I was 22 years old, but what I’ve been learning in online business is night and day different than what I did in my brick and mortar wellness center gazillion years ago. If I knew what I know now, like if I knew it then, man, it’d be a different story, but it wasn’t supposed to be. But this is also what I want to impart. I want to make my wisdom, my knowledge, my experience, my wins, my losses all of this. I want to make me, all of this wisdom more accessible to people. That’s part of my intention going forward. So thank you for the acknowledgement and also shout out to my brick and team so great. Also, when you said that, amanda, how exciting it is to look back at where people came from.

Not everybody is excited to look back at these minute details, which is why it’s important as especially lightworkers, healers, coaches, aspiring like. We are not built that way sometimes and our brain might not geek out about those numbers, which is why it’s so critical and so important to have whether it’s a contractor who is like Amanda’s, my COO, but for six, well, seven years she wasn’t and I still had to look at these numbers we need to hire outside contractors who can, whether it’s a coach, whether it’s a mentor, somebody who knows business, because really, when it’s by yourself, you’re not going to learn anything, you’re not going to geek out, you’re not going to see trends, you’re not going to see what’s working, what’s not working. So, just as like a little bit of like a step back, like she geeks out about it, I geek out about it, but not everybody does. So it’s OK if you don’t, but you’ve got to get information. So, and it might take months before somebody buys, as we’ve seen seven years.

I was so happy when she joined I was like tell me more. She’s like I remember when you were holding your first baby I was like, oh my god, that’s another world. But once they do buy and this is a standard statistic, this isn’t my personal statistic. When people buy once, they are 67% more likely to buy again. So more on this later.

49:21 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
You cannot judge a launch in isolation, like we’ve kind of covered this, but very often you can look at one launch and think, well, well, that didn’t work, only to see and this has actually happened to us where, like we thought something didn’t work and someone from that failed launch actually invested 20 grand in other programs. All of a sudden it doesn’t feel like we failed, right. So it’s really important to do some kind of debrief after any kind of launch you do, even if it’s just writing down the most basic numbers, so that you can see the progression and see where people are coming from. But you might hate it in the moment, but it really provides useful data so that you can make informed decisions as well.

50:02 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, that personally that part right. There is what I’m really personally excited about with the Spiritual Business Accelerator Program that we’re going to be helping entrepreneurs to launch and to look and do debriefs, to look at the data so that they can get the help and the support to go oh this worked, that didn’t work, let’s try this again. Let’s not do that again. That is so, so important. And when you look back, like when Amanda said you’re never going to guess where so and so came from I’m like where You’re like oh, that failed launch did intuition month that you thought was total crap.

Yeah, that one and then we go that is the thing, right. When anything happens in life, it’s not just business, but when anything happens, when it’s happening, you’re so close to it you don’t have that perspective. I’ve done this for so long almost eight years in online business. I know enough to say listen, it had to happen for some reason. It freaking sucks and I don’t like it, but I know there’s a bigger reason for this. This is life, a life lesson. Right, we know there’s always a better reason. We don’t always have to know what the bigger reason is, but we have to trust there’s a reason for all this.

51:10 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
Yeah, I just want to quickly read a couple of comments coming in from Adriana. She said this was so eye-opening for me. I have a lot of repeat clients coming from launches that I didn’t see as a huge win. What a perspective shift. Thank you for that. Yes, Angela Makes me so happy. And then Jordan said my brain often struggles with the way people teach strategy. This is the first time I’m sat getting it straight off and without getting frustrated. Thank you, yes, those are what we love to hear.

51:42 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Seriously. I mean, you know how excited I get people, but like, oh, these two comments make well, three in the row. Really, you guys are breaking me. Oh my God, I’m so excited. I’m also really, really moved because if we can make this feel accessible, if we can make this feel more tangible, we can make this approachable and you can see a real person sharing what the deeds are, and it makes a positive impact in you, like, what it also opens up is new possibilities for you, and that’s genuinely, genuinely, from the bottom of my heart. I know I’ve said this a million times If I can do this, so can you, and so I’m so happy to hear that this is opening up a perspective shift, opening up a different way to look at strategy. I’m so, so grateful for that feedback. Oh oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Also, live sessions are nerve-wracking, but also this is so awesome. Ok, continuing, ok, grounding. Again, thank you for just totally making my ego blow up.

Hey, listeners, I wanted to hop into this week’s podcast to share something that I’ve been using for about a year now and I’ve just been so in love with it, which is FLFE, focus, life Force, energy, and what it is is a service that provides a higher level of consciousness directly to a mobile device or to a property. I personally love it on my phone because I can do a boost before I go live. I can use it when I’m going to have a tough conversation just to get a higher level of consciousness as well as EMF mitigation. So it’s kind of like taking a bubble of positivity with you and it’s super supportive, not just for your energy, but also for your health, for abundance as well as relationship. So, as a podcast listener, I want to get you to try FLFE completely free. Now. This is an amazing opportunity to get a 15-day free trial. You don’t have to enter a credit card. That’s right. You can try it for free without entering any information. So head on over to emilyaronscom. Forward slash. Flfe. That’s Focus, life, force Energy. You can learn all about FLFE and the multiple benefits that it provides. This service is so incredible. I’ve actually recommended to all of my practitioners to help them to raise their level of consciousness so that the work that they’re doing out there in the world is amplified. I know you’re here for a reason. I know you’re here to help more people and to make a positive impact in the world. Flfe is absolutely a great way to do that. Again, emilyaronscom, forward slash FLFE to start your 15-day free trial today.

It’s probably pretty obvious why at this point. I don’t really need to explain those to you, considering you know how many launches and products and the work that I put in. It’s been seven years the same way and I’m just feeling this real call to switch it up. The only reason that I actually can do this kind of switch-up is because I have the data. As you’ve seen, I’ve got proven programs, people who’ve bought, not just like I have this idea for this amazing thing and I’ve not actually sold it or marketed or launched or anything. I’m not pointing fingers at anybody, but I am because you all can call yourselves out with that. But these are proven. People have bought them. They’ve got results. We have testimonials.

This, what I’m about to share, is not a strategy that is for you. If you’re brand new, starting out like you know all that, if what we just shared with you kind of broke you a little bit, if you need to just like pause this, go outside and like take the next piece a little bit later, that’s fine, but do come back to it. But if you’re still with me. If you’re on the live you’re still with me, let me know because I’m going to go in and really share sort of a little bit more advanced, a little more advanced strategy. So, from all of the data that we collected this past two years, it’s really evident that the folks in my community need access to healing, educational resources and mentoring at a price they can afford. We’re seeing over and over not just within my personal business. I’ve talked to many friends with six and seven figure businesses who are seeing these trends. We’re all talking to each other behind the scenes, by the way, all these fancy people on the internet. We’re all just regular people. But these are trends and I really believe 2020 shifted us a lot in a big way. We all know this, but it’s also this sort of reverb that’s happening. Right, we’ve all undergone trauma. We’ve undergone this huge planetary shift, this energetic shift. We’re a little bit cautious. We need to feel safe and secure and we don’t just throw thousands of dollars willy-nilly anymore because we have to live on that money now, right, because our jobs have changed. Our lifestyle has changed, like everything. Our kids have changed. Our childcare has changed, like everything. Everything has changed, so we are needing to adapt as business owners.

So it’s my intention in 2024 to make my work more accessible, starting with this Today, this podcast. It’s very what’s it called? Not meta Is that what the word is? Yeah, it’s very meta that I’m teaching you about making my work accessible by making my work accessible Really cool, right, maybe it’s nerdy. So part of that intention is because I want to be honest.

You know my key demographic most spiritual entrepreneurs can’t afford access to the three elements that are critical to your business growth. Number one energy healings. We have got to do energy work. You’ve got to release your energy block so you can unlock your intuition. Like Amanda and I keep saying, it’s not just strategy. We are using our intuition, we’re getting insights, we’re pivoting, we’re managing our energy every step of the way. The second one is business trainings that teach you the building blocks of success. So, like I said, all of my courses have been behind a pretty significant paywall, and that’s not because I was trying to price them like crazy high. I actually have been always trying to price them super low. I usually price them 10 times below the value that they give. But I also think there’s something there. And then the third one is mentoring and coaching. You all have to have access to mentoring and coaching to be able to bring clarity and focus to your dreams.

We just talked about the hiding and the not launching and the ideas for the programs and the memberships and the things, but we don’t actually sell them ever to anyone once not even. It kind of stays and lives and dies in our mind. So I’m creating a way that you can have access to all of those things without having to sell unicorn poop on the black market. You like that unicorn poop joke? Thank you, adrienne. I was just talking about it here. I really appreciate that, like any good comic, we got a Tesla Dharma serial. Thank you for getting me and thank you for seeing me.

So here is the. What do they call it? 90,000 foot view, 100,000 foot view. This is the overview. This is my business strategy. I want you all to laugh at it, because there’s a lot of boxes and colors and what you don’t see here in this picture is all of the details, of all of the things and, like I’ve said, I’ve taken seven plus years to launch and get results that allow me to get to this point to say, okay, this worked, this worked, let’s put it together in this way.

So one of the things that is coming next week, which I guess y’all who are here are the first to know, is we’re having a $1 meditation sale. So we’re going to offer never previously released meditations. Just a handful, just a few, just a little touch. We’re offering them for a dollar, just a three of them. We’re just doing three, nothing crazy.

And we know why, right, does everybody remember. Let’s recall. Why am I offering something for a low pay price? It’s because how many percent? What’s the percent that people who bought once are more likely to buy again? Who remembers Everyone? This is your pop quiz. 67, yashinajana Thank you so much for playing and the fake Amanda Pickering on here For folks who are listening to the podcast. We had a little technical difficulties. Everyone’s called Amanda on here, but they are not. Yeah, 67%. So think about this. Let’s go strategy. Put on your strategy. Goggles on. If somebody buys something for a dollar, they still bought something. Right, it took out their credit card. So what we are planning to do is nurture them. We’re going to nurture them with potential low price upsells and special deals through email sequences. For folks who don’t know what an email sequence is. We’ll talk about that later on a future podcast coming soon. Wait for the slide.

Okay, again, it’s my intention to make my work more accessible and once these little meditation I shouldn’t say little, it’s not little, it’s a lot of work behind the scenes. It took us a while. Once this part is set up, it doesn’t really take as much effort as a launch, if you follow me. Okay, so this is sort of the gateway. Instead of a free training, this is a paid training, right? What did we learn from the paid workshops? We had a 40% higher show up rate. So people, okay, they pay, they pay attention, they pay, they buy again. Right, we’re following the trends. We’re all paying attention to this class, right? I hope this is helpful, insightful, getting ideas for yourself, getting juices going. If you have a great idea after this, you better tag me or tell me in DM because I will be excited for you and I will celebrate you. Okay, so even that $1 meditation sale you know we’re also doing. We’re doing bundles. So instead of them just having meditations on the meditation sale, we’re also going to bundle some of my most popular training programs.

I knew the dog was going to bark at something. It just, it just is not editing it again. I was literally writing the email today, three months, I remember. She said now I’m totally doing it. Well, we can talk about that strategy at another time, adriana, because that is also something that has flawed. We didn’t put that we want. We’re not going to talk about that. Do you want to mention it? You want to Just like?

01:02:43 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
because it’s in the yeah, I mean, no, I mean, and again, adriana, it depends on your people, it depends on, like I think it’s so specific. There are lots of people who do free trials and it works. We tried a $7 trial.

01:02:55 – Emily Aarons (Host)
I don’t know who they are. I don’t know who they are. People who do $1 trials that are successful. Well, I’ve heard of it. It’s a question really.

01:03:05 – Amanda Pickering (Co-host)
We did a $7 trial right. Yeah, $7 for seven days for the Mastery in Ascension membership. I mean, here again it felt like a failure, but what did come out of it was a brilliantly designed new Mastery in Ascension in sales page and getting really, really clear on where we’re going next. So, even though it didn’t feel like it worked, having said that, from the few people that did do it, we’ve had a couple of buyers that have gone on to do much higher by a price program. Yeah, the spiritual business accelerator, exactly.

01:03:36 – Emily Aarons (Host)
Yeah, so it’s not a. It’s a long game. But here’s the thing when we say we tried it, you know what that all means. It means we spent weeks making a website, making offers, making email sequences, making videos, making images, setting them up and then putting it out there. Okay, just so we’re totally crystal clear here. It wasn’t like this is an idea and then it took us five minutes. No, it takes a lot of time and energy and teamwork.

So next so these bundles that we’re doing we’ve got a spiritual business bundle where you can get meditations and three awesome trainings that I’ve never released the building your spiritual business that’s never been released. Launch in live with confidence that was a bonus we gave and it’s an amazing training, especially if you are nervous about going live or launching those two things. And the how to intuitively create and sell irresistible offers course, which has never been released before. The second bundle is the abundance bundle, which is a meditation and then two trainings, which is the attract financial abundance series, which people really like. We just released it and people have been like pretty into that. It’s awesome. And the shocker intensive workshop which I did when we were testing out all these numerous launches at the beginning of the year. So again, the shocker intensive workshop has been proven. People get great results from it. It works. It’s awesome. It’s awesome to make them more accessible at a price we’re going to be should just tell them what the sale is. I have to get permission from a man to do or say anything because inevitably, if I don’t get permission, she goes lighter and just like we have a wonderful, healthy, balance relationship. So we are doing these bundles at 70% off the regular price. That’s a huge amount off, right. What is my intention? To make my work more accessible. So the last bundle that we have is really mastering ascension, and so mastering ascension is evolving, in that we are now adding a bit more robust things to it.

I will talk about that in a moment, but here’s what I’m super excited about. Remember we talked about you can get access to me and teachings for like nothing. I’m going to be launching a private podcast called the spiritual business sessions. It’s part of the line and supple podcast, but it’s a branch, so you can grow your spiritual business from anywhere. So basically, for an $8 monthly subscription, you will get expert trainings on the go. So some of the topics that I’ve got in the queue are things like understanding the customer value journey, how to play the long game, like we’ve been talking about here, how to create irresistible messaging that you can magnetize your soulmate client. Another episode I’ve got is the sales page blueprint that actually makes you sales. So understanding what are the elements that really needed and how do you social media to attract and retain paying clients. So I’m super excited about this one because I feel like it gives me an outlet to teach like in this kind of sort of way on my podcast. You can learn on the go. You don’t have to sit in front of the computer. You’ll get bite-sized things and there’s no commitment. So like it’s not thousands of dollars, which it normally is, and these podcast topics are really part of the framework from my spiritual business accelerator program, the bigger program. So if you’re not ready for that bigger step, this is a really great next step versus having to buy an online course that you’re never going to watch.

So part of the play community is the mastery and ascension. Membership is shifting slightly and evolving into the spiritual business mentorship and it’s the first curated healing and learning platform for spiritual entrepreneurs. I’m super proud of this. Master’s ascension has been going on for seven years and it just keeps on getting better. It’s going to be the place where you can grow your business through live monthly energy healings, quarterly member events, on-demand courses in our loving community. So quarterly events those of you who are here who did intuition week with me, or intuition months, or money blocks, training or any of the things that I’ve offered thus far Instead of these things being outward for free and an opportunity to join the membership, I’m putting all the goodies inside of Mastering Ascension no additional cost to members of Mastering Ascension, the first one being the New Year’s Karma Cleanse that’s coming on January 1st.

I’ve had over, I think, 17,000 people do a Karma Cleanse with me over the years. It started off with me just doing this little ritual, my house in front of my fireplace. Then I was like, is this a thing? I’m going to do it on Facebook Live. It turns out hundreds of people were there my first time and then thousands the next time and 10,000 the next. It’s just been really a popular event. It’s one of my favorite things to do. All members of Mastering Ascension get it.

Then I’ve also had these quarterly events. One of them is called Business Abundance Week, then Wellness Abundance Week and Energy Abundance Week and Ultimate Abundance Week. We have these really cool weeks planned seven days, live content, classes, trainings, hypnosis, walking, meditation, wellness routines. We’re going to be making this more robust experience for members, if they want it. Instead of doing this outside thing, we’re bringing it all in house. Plus, we’re adding three business courses to Mastering Ascension though Attract, financial Abundance Series, building your Spiritual Business and the Accelerated Path, diy. Those are the karma cleanses Incredible. Thank you so much for that. This is also saying thank you, jeannie. I appreciate this.

There are really only two ways to get deeper, extensive and more intensive training with me. The first one is the IEA certification. That’s the six-month training. You learn energy, you learn business. We are leaving applications open for this program until the next segment starts. We’re not doing a big launch. We’re just going to take applications because, well, we do enjoy interviewing folks, but also we realize that sometimes it just takes a little while for people to realize, okay, it’s time for me to move to that next level. We don’t want them to have to figure it out in a week if they want to think about it. What we’re seeing with IEA students is they’ve known about it for a little, while the first time they found out about it wasn’t necessarily the first time they joined. We want to give people ample time to really digest and understand. This is a pretty intensive. One of our students calls it an energetic MBA. It’s a pretty intensive training. That’s a pretty big decision to make in just a week.

To be able to give people time to process it and actually respect the fact that all of the people in my community are highly sensitive people like me. For you to be able to go all right, let’s do this thing in a short amount of time, it could just be knocking off your equilibrium. It’s hard to make a decision when your head’s spinning like is it, isn’t it, should I, shouldn’t I? And to really give yourself the chance to integrate, breathe into it and process. That’s part of why I wanted to leave the applications open for IEA.

The spiritual business accelerator was created because really none of my clients had business plans or strategy in place and for me, I felt like I don’t want to do people a disservice by teaching them only so much and then they’re off to their own to figure it out in the cold winter. I wanted to be able to create a container for 12 months where where both of them and I are literally walking you through step by step, how to get your messaging, how to cultivate your offers, how to bring people in, how to look at your data and all of the different components, kind of like we just give a big overview. But I wanted people to do that with people and not just tell them this is what you’re going to have to do someday when you grow up and become a real big business. But I really wanted to bring it next level of nurturing in there. So my non-launch strategy is really seeding what’s included in these programs with the lower price options, with the new podcast, with the direction of Mastering Ascension and I didn’t include this in the slides, but Mastering Ascension is also going to have a quarterly coaching option for folks If they want to start getting some coaching with me at a fraction of the price that normally would cost. We’re going to be offering that in January, but you can get Mastering Ascension. These are the three extra courses Karma Cleanse so I’m missing everything at under $1,000. Like it’s pretty remarkable. We’re making it really, really affordable and my intention is really that folks start getting wins with the lower priced option so that they’re ready when other things are offered in the future.

So that is my nutshell hour plus podcast episode. I really am proud of the last seven years in business. For folks who are new to me, I don’t think many people who listen to my podcast are, but who knows, maybe some new listener just happened to stumble upon this huge recap episode. This is not the standard, but you will know that, being in online business for just over seven years, I’ve learned a lot. I’m very proud of my results.

I’m very proud of, in the last two years, the results we’ve created, and I want you all to know that this wasn’t something I knew was possible for me before I went online, and online business has given me a platform to be able to share my work, to share my teachings, these courses, this healing work in a way that I would have never been able to do when just my brick and mortar. I never knew this was possible before. Nobody ever taught me that it was possible, and so I hope that from this podcast, you can see what a privilege it is to be able to have your work out there in the world. It really is a privilege we take for granted how easily we can reach out and help somebody. There are billions of people on the planet, people suffering every day, people who are having a really hard time, and when you are not sharing your work in the world, when you are not saying that one thing, when you are not helping that person is not getting the help that they need, you hiding is not going to help anybody. People need help right now, and so I hope that, if nothing else, this podcast episode helped you to see what’s possible for you when you do take yourself in this work seriously, that you’re here to share, that there are ways to do it in a way that feels really good, in a soulful way, in a really aligned way.

And I do not want anybody to think that I built this overnight. My business in the brick and mortar was I mean, I started when I was 22 years old and I struggled for a really long time and kind of gave up off and on, because my vision and my mission felt big, but I had no idea how to achieve it. So I don’t want you to see yourself and your results and go oh, emily has 3,000. She deleted 3,000 people. I don’t know, I don’t even have 300 people. I don’t want you to look at yourself and compare in that way. That’s not my intention. I’m not here to boast ego. In fact, in some people probably have better numbers than I do and I really don’t care. I really don’t. But my hope and my intention is that you can see yourself as somebody who it’s possible for too, and I really would love to support you in any way I can. My intention is not to work 60 hours a week. In fact, most weeks I work around 25 to 30. I have Amanda on my team. I have Shauna on my team. I have another member, jamie, on my team. I’ve hired people in the past seven years. I think I’ve hired about 15 people in the past seven years.

This is not a solo mission. There’s a lot of things that you can learn If you want to. There’s a lot of free resources out there If you want them. I hope that I can provide some amazing valuable resources, and if you found this resource valuable, I know you’re going to love the new podcast that’s coming out pretty soon. You’re so welcome Adriana. You’re welcome Jordan. You’re welcome Adina. Thank you all for being here.

Amanda, I don’t know if there’s anything else that you wanted to share before we sign off. I’m so grateful. So many people stuck in here with us. This is pretty outstanding. So what I was going, what I was trying to get at, was this is not so that you can build a business that you don’t love, that makes you work growing hours.

Everything in my business is designed to fit around the lifestyle I want to live, which is plenty of time with my family, plenty of time outside, plenty of rest, plenty of play and working with people who I absolutely genuinely love and adore. So I hope that sharing this little window into my world can show you that as well. I hope that’s what I accomplished. So, if it was helpful for you, share this with a friend. If you’re watching me right now, you can always take a real quick screenshot of me doing some weird pose. Share it on your Instagram stories. Tell a friend. This episode will air in a couple of weeks, but obviously you got first access to it. Spread the word if you can, and I hope that this was helpful. I’ll see you all in 2024. We got so much amazing things to do together. Thank you for being here. Lots of love.

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In the latter part of the episode, we draw parallels between the four phases of a butterfly’s transformation and our personal growth journey. As we share our experiences with each stage, you may find relatable insights for your own transformation journey.

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is a Certified Medium, Mentor, and host of the Spiritual and Ambitious podcast. She is the creator of the Messenger of Spirit Oracle Deck and her widely popular program, 4 Intuitive Languages® where she helps spiritual and ambitious souls learn how to understand their intuitive messages and communicate with their Spirit Guides. She’s helped over 10,000 people connect to Spirit.

You can find her here

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Welcome to the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast. I am your host, Emily Aarons, and this is the Spiritual Startup Series. So if you are a new entrepreneur or maybe you are still in corporate doing a little side hustle, or even if you’ve been an entrepreneur for a little while, I’m going to share five incredible episodes that are going to help you to use your intuition to build your confidence and ultimately to build a life and a business that you love.

So this week’s episode, I am focusing on crystals! – one of your favorite topics and definitely one of mine. So this is definitely more of a visual podcast. So for those of you who are just listening to this episode, I would definitely invite you over to my YouTube channel. So go to and watch this video. We will obviously share it in the podcast show notes, we’ll put a link to this video of course, if you are out walking, and you are listening, I want to watch it later.

Plus we are going to have a supplemental PDF. It’s going to have a shopping guide, where to find the best crystals, how to clear them, how to use them in your business. Some also like little secret of things I like to do with my crystals. That sounded bad, but it’s not.

Anyway. So let’s get into this week’s topic about how to use crystals in your business. So first and foremost, crystals are awesome. You know it and I know it. If you’re somebody who is new to using crystals, let’s start from the top. So basically, I like to use crystals for a number of reasons. One of the best things that you can do if you’re new to using crystals is have them around your house to, you know, add to the environment.

One of my favorite crystals I’m going to show on this video is Selenite. So this Selenite wand, you know, usually comes in these kind of like wands and they have these little lines on them. They’re very they tend to be kind of smallish, but there’s obviously all sorts of different sizes and shapes. Some are polish, some are rough. You can find them just about anywhere. But what I love about Selenite, and especially for business owners, is that Selenite helps with communication as well as clearing energy.

Selenite can also clear the energy of other crystals if you put it near it. So what I love about Selenite is I always have it near my desk. It helps with communication, it helps with that clarity. It’s a great one to have. If you don’t know anything about crystals, get some selenite.

But I also like crystals for other things. They obviously they boost my mood. They can help me to hold my intention, whether it’s for me personally, whether it’s on my body, whether I stick them in my bra or my pocket. And they also can set an intention for programs or offerings so that you don’t have to constantly be keeping your programs on your mind. You can set your intention and create even a crystal grid.

So I’m going to share some of my favorite crystals and sort of why they’re my favorite crystals. So I’m kind of going to just go randomly. So let’s say, yeah, let’s do this one first. So this one is a Smoky Quartz, it’s a cluster. And I actually bought this and No – I didn’t buy it, I got it as a gift. I take that back. I got this one as a gift. I did buy another pyramid-shaped smoky quartz. And I keep this on my husband’s bedside table.

So Smoky Quartz is great for letting go of stuff, and clearing the energy. And also, just before I keep getting into other crystals, let me just preface this and say I am not a certified crystal worker or whatever the certifications look like. I have definitely read a number of books about crystals. I talk about crystals in my Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training a lot more in-depth, but this is more of like my personal view.

So if you’re one of those people who’s like, wanting to fact-check me, please, by all means, you’re welcome to look up the actual intention and meaning behind these crystals for yourself. And if what I’m sharing doesn’t resonate with you or doesn’t match a description you find on the Internet, please don’t come screaming at me. This is just my personal view and how I use them.

The other thing I want to invite you to do is have an open mind. Whether you’ve been using crystals for a while and you’re like, I already know what Smoky Quartz is for Emily, I don’t really need to hear about it. Maybe this is a new way that you could use crystals that you’ve never thought about. And I will provide a little bit more of like a meditation at the end of this episode so that you can start to channel energy from crystals to, so back to Smoky Quartz.

I really like this. It helps if you think about, like, letting go of the stressors of the day. That’s why I keep it on my husband’s bedside table, because sometimes he gets a little stress and it’s hard for him to let it go. So that’s why I use it for him. For me, in my business, I love smoky quartz, especially in a grid. If I’m making a grid for myself or for clients or for a program. I love Smoky Quartz because I feel like it’s easily programable. It’s given that intention of like, letting go of what doesn’t serve. So that’s what I love Smoky Quartz for.

This one right here, this is fluorite. So this is a heart-shaped, polished fluorite. It has really cool gray and teal, green and purple. Obviously, it’s really pretty. I love using fluorite in grids. I also love putting fluorite on my desk so when I’m working, it helps me to feel more focused, more aligned, more energetically charged.

I tend to feel like when I’m with fluoride, it’s like I’m more intellectual even. Now listen, you can probably look up the meaning of fluorite in going to say intuitive and sensitive and blah blah blah.

For me, this is how I feel around fluorite and I like using fluorite, like I said, and I mentioned grids a couple of times. So again, I will put in the PDF that you can download with this episode, sort of like a rough layout of what a grid might look like for you for a program.

All-time like classic favorite is a clear quartz and I am a trained polarity therapist, registered polarity practitioner, and advanced energy practitioner. And when I used to see clients in person, I had clear quartz crystals that I would place over their seven main chakras. And I also had one that’s actually over here, a bigger size that I would use to clear the space and to set my intention and moving the energy for clients in session.

That’s kind of why I love clear because it is like a magnifier. You can put it on an area to open up the energy to let things go. It’s easily programable, you know, different clear quartz have colors to them sometimes, and I find myself drawn to usually ones that you can kind of see through. This is unpolished. This is a rough sort of natural form and that’s why I’m really drawn to it.

Alternatively, this one is called a Lemurian Quartz. And from the video you can maybe see it has these little striations here, these little stripes along the side. And it’s been said, like when I first got this, I was really drawn to it and it’s been said to help clear past life karma. When you touch these little lines. I do find that when I’m doing a lot of Akashic work, I tend to be drawn towards this crystal.

And one of the things that I teach to my students, the Integrated Energy Alignment Students, is about how to use crystals in their practice. And also when you are drawn to a crystal for a client, what does that mean and how do you work with that? So, you know, my students are trained to channel even before their session starts.

So let’s say they’re channeling and they’re really drawn towards lemurian quartz that might automatically signal part of their brain to say, Oh, you know what, we might be working on some past life stuff today. We might be looking into the Akashic Records today because this crystal is the one that wanted to work with me. Okay?

We all know it,  we all know it. we all love it. It’s rose quartz. This is a nice, giant, unpolished rose quartz. This is a little one. You know what the size is what it is. But I love rose quartz. I tend to use this that resonates with heart. With your heart chakra with love, unconditional love. And again, whether you’re putting in a grid, you’re using it on yourself, you’re putting it on your desk, It really brings this loving energy. So let’s just say, for example, you are writing sales emails. Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a rose quartz so that you can bring more love and compassion to the words that you’re writing? It’s a really nice crystal for that.

And then Black Tourmaline, this is like another classic. Black tourmaline is great for protection. So let’s say you’re doing Instagram live, Facebook live, and who knows there’s going to be on there. Anybody on the Internet can open up your livestream and this is really great for protection. You think of it kind of it looks a little bit like coal. It’s very porous and you can think of similar to kind of like smoky quartz, but like even more so to rid any negative, harmful or unwanted energies from your field. This is a great one sometimes. I’ll even meditate with this before I start my work day, just to kind of let go of anything that doesn’t serve me so I can be fresh, clean and clear to start my workday.

And then we have amethyst. So these are all crystals so far that you’re probably familiar with. Amethyst is really great for healing. And so sometimes what I do, whether I’m writing an email, going on a live, maybe I’m interviewing somebody for my podcast or being interviewed, sometimes just holding on to an amethyst for security, for confidence, for helping me to heal many any like traumatized or wounded aspects of myself so I can show up pure and open.

This particular amethyst is a rough kind of uncut one. I do have a very small amethyst crystal that is polished and I love it. It’s very powerful. And I always program that crystal before I’m going to conferences or I’m going to speak on stages. I program it to hold my energy, my intention to be clear aligned and balanced, and to be the clearest conduit to provide information that is at the most truthful vibration, and that is helping people raise their consciousness with harm to none.

So I’ll program that crystal and help me to hold my container, and I like to slip it underneath my in underneath my boob, like in my bra. Sometimes I’ll put it in my pocket, but typically I’ll put it in my bra. And the reason why is because it’s an easy place for me that I don’t touch or fiddle with. When it’s in my pocket. I’ll probably like touch it and fiddle with it. What I notice when I wear polished crystals with a programmed intention is that I have better energy.

And so for folks who are really highly sensitive, the way that I am being in big crowds or conferences or speaking or just being out, lots of people in general can be sometimes overwhelming for my system, maybe for your system too. Having a crystal that you’ve programmed to hold your highest intentions and to hold your energetic container clear aligned and balanced is great. And so when you have that on you, it’s doing the work for you all the time. You don’t have to think about it and be like, Oh God, I got to clear myself again. I’m interacting with that person and it’s like, really got negative energy. Your crystal is already doing that for you.

So what I find is that if I weren’t using a programmed crystal before those kinds of events, I would feel really tired, maybe lethargic, drained, and just not interested in continuing to do these events. I’d have to like drag myself there the next day. But when I wear a crystal, I feel really good and I feel very balanced. Not like hyperactive, not super low, but like a nice middle. So I would definitely recommend it. Even if you’re doing virtual summits or virtual speaking events, having a crystal in your pocket or in your bra or in your lap is a really awesome tool to use. And it’s like a little secret weapon.

I also have one that’s a Danburite Crystal, and I feel like the Danburite Crystal. I don’t have it with me here. I think it’s actually my car. I feel like that helps me to access higher realms, spiritual realms, higher levels of intuition and using that crystal. When I’m wearing that, I feel not only am I energetically protected, but I also like extra charged and more intuitive and more in touch and more open. So these different crystals can help in different ways. I believe this is called the pit of light here.

This is a purple crystal and I bought this one at a period of time when I was having a lot of anxiety and stress in my business. Sales weren’t coming in the way that I was hoping. I was making huge changes and pivots, and I felt like I needed that, like rock, that security that would help me through that rough time. And I know for folks listening, you know, obviously, you know, your mental health is really important. And so there is lots of different ways that you can treat your mental health crystals is definitely been helpful for me, amongst many other rituals and practices that I do on a daily basis to help with my health, my well-being and all sorts of different things.

So again, I’m going to be sharing you with you a PDF shopping list that’s in the downloads. I’ll share all these crystals. I’ll even show you how to make a crystal grid for a program or a service if you’re interested in learning more about crystals. Of course, I have a really fun workshop that you can take. We’ll have all that linked in this podcast in the show notes. And next episode is all going to be around using pendulums in your business. So we’re going to be talking about pendulums.

We’re going to be talking about Oracle cards in these next series and obviously how to come out of your spiritual closet, because a lot of folks who follow me, maybe you have like a couple crystals, but it’s like on the DL and like, nobody knows about it. I’m going to share how I’ve come out of my spiritual closet and maybe some tips for you. And then we’ll also be closing on how to brand yourself using your intuition.

So again, this is part of the Spiritual Startup Series. I’m Emily Aarons. If you enjoyed this week’s episode, please leave me a five star review over on iTunes. Share this episode with a friend. Leave a comment. Let me know what was your favorite part? Was there any like A-H-A moments? And of course, grab that PDF shopping guide and download over on the website. Thanks again for being here. We’ll see you on the next episode.

For More Information About Crystals:

In my Intro To Crystals Course, you’ll learn the unique properties of various crystals and how they can enhance your communication, reduce stress, and boost focus and energy in your business. You’ll discover how to create crystal grids, program them, and meditate to tap into their energy.

The bonus is you’ll also get access to my Journey Into Your Soul workshop on Akashic Records.
Best of all, it’s ONLY $22 for both!

About Emily

Emily Aarons is a highly sought-after intuitive healer and business coach for coaches, healers, and leaders. She’s best known for clearing the energy to guide her clients out of survival mode and unlocking alignment, abundance, and exponential growth in their business. With over two decades of experience, Emily has honed her healing skills to create the first and only energy-based certification with a profit guarantee; the Integrated Energy Alignment training.

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Dive deep into the realm of ancestral practices and rituals, as Alyson shares her connection with the ancient Dogon tribe from West Africa. We explore the powerful practices she employs to honor her ancestors, the importance of divine cycles, and how guidance from the Spirit can lead to personal transformations.

We’ll also discuss the challenges of divine alignment, the power of vulnerability, and trusting the Spirit’s messages.

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  • [0:24:31] Divine Intervention and Surrender to Spirit
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Emily: All right, friends, welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable podcast. I am thrilled, overjoyed, ecstatic to welcome a special guest, Alyson Charles. And Alyson is somebody who I found a friend through a friend through a friend.

And when I stumbled upon I think it was your Instagram first, there was an immediate resonance like, Oh, yes, yes, yes, she’s here for big things. She’s a real one. She’s not one of those, I just found a crystal this weekend and now I’m a spiritual coach. It was not that, it was the opposite of like, Oh yeah, this is like, this is the real stuff. This is the real deal. And I immediately resonated with your energy. I found your podcast, which is, I think, one of the top spiritual podcast. What is your I mean, you’ve got a lot of great wins there. Could you share a little bit?

Alyson: Yeah, it’s called Ceremony Circle. Yeah. And it does really well all over the globe. And it, you know, features a lot of the most masterful and integrity-filled shamans and healers and spiritual teachers from everywhere. Yeah.

Emily: Yes. And I love the new intro that you’ve added as well. It sounds like it’s like more robust and like, I feel like I’m walking with you. I love that.

Alyson: Oh, that’s so hilarious that you said that, because first of all, no one’s ever commented. I mean, we really put a lot of intentionality into creating music just for this podcast. Like it’s it’s, you know, it’s just for this and a lot of back and forth, a lot of prayer on it. And I’m not kidding starting I think the next step was we took we basically took it out just to have it get to the interview faster. Yeah, the irony that is hilarious that for the first time someone’s like, I love your intro and now it’s no longer well, it’s partially there. It’s just not the full walking experience that you just commented on. Yeah.

Emily: Well, I think why I like it is because and I think what it, what lit up for me was like, this is an audio experience and as if you’re listening to a story open, you’re setting the tone. And I think it really, really connects with that Ceremony Circle energy of like, let’s walk, let’s sit, let’s be in nature. And it’s like, Oh yeah, I just I went for a walk listening to your podcast this week on Kakao. And so I was like, Oh, I really felt this really beautiful opening as you did that. So it’s fine.

Alyson: I’m always open to evolution, so maybe in two episodes will be right back to, you know, what it was. I’m just, you know, I always like to just test the water. So we’ll see.

Emily: Yeah, well, at least, you know, one person’s a fan.

Alyson: Yes 🙂

Emily: so very least 🙂 So Alyson’s here, and I have Alyson’s. And for those of you who are on video, if you’d like to watch this video and we’ll link it in the podcast show notes. But this is Alyson’s card deck. It’s called the Animal Power Deck. And I will be shuffling and pulling a card and inviting Alyson to do a reading.

But I also want to share I know I’ve messaged you on Instagram about this. My kids may have had their own game with your card deck that they’ve invented. I’ve actually done it with some of my retreats and essentially we’re able to connect with your cards and sort of do like this animal versus this animal. And the kids get to kind of feel into the energy of the animal and what skills that this animal have over this one or would they even meet. Is it possible in sort of in this way? So for me, as a as a mom of two young boys, this is a great game for them to play together. And it was totally unexpected. They made it up themselves so…

Alyson: Well,  shout out to what are their names?

Emily: Tristan and Graham.

Alyson: Shout out to Tristan and Graham. Thank you for your innovation. Yeah. When you messaged me that I wanted to know, I was like, what exactly are you all doing? Like, what is the game? That’s been one of truly the most beautiful aspects of having Animal Power book, which is the larger, more comprehensive guidebook. And then the deck that you have, you know, seeing people’s experiences and specifically kids.

I really had in mind when everything started to come together, the clarity that this would be the book, this would be the theme. I wanted it to have a very broad demographic. I wanted it to be beautiful so that people will would feel proud to have it in the middle of their homes on their main, you know, coffee table. But I also wanted it to resonate with kids because as we know, if we can allow them to stay in this divine alignment and stay connected to their gifts, all the better for the whole world. So, yes, seeing parents working with the deck with their kids has been maybe my like, favorite thing of all.

Emily: Oh, yeah. It definitely resonates with all of us. And we love watching nature programs together. We love going off on hikes together and exploring wilderness. For my birthday this year, we went to the deep woods in Maine just to find a moose, and we found a moose in the wild. And all of us were like Oh my gosh!

Alyson: Did you happen to message me that as well?

Emily: I might have.

Alyson: Somebody messaged me a few months ago, a whole moose, a live moose experience. And what, did I have a baby with it or no?

Emily: Not this one, no.

Alyson: Oh, somebody else said, Yeah, I get animal stories all the time.

Emily: Of course. So let’s see which card we got. We got ducks in the sacred union.

Alyson: Oh, that’s gorgeous. That’s very present. Well, for many things. My husband, Luke Storey, he and I, before we actually moved to Texas, we were on a walk. We used to live in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. And that’s where the download of the name Higher Power Couple came in. We were just strolling and I think it landed in me and I said it out loud and we knew we were on to something because both he and I, if anyone listening, knows either of us and listens to either our podcast, you know, the treacherous and arduous journey that both of us took individually through specifically romantic relationships to finally arrive to being in sacred union together. And so, yeah, we are just now starting to reach out to our audience, our email newsletter list, and see what people want, because in the spring we want to put on a sacred union higher power couple the retreat. So we’re trying to see what people want.

And then also very recently he and I went to a town we’ve never been to in Texas, and I just literally had one of the most fun days in memory because we walked upon a river and there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous duck feathers everywhere. And I kind of wish I had it up here in my office. I put it in our bedroom because as you just showed, Duck represents, you know, healthy, sacred union. So I with the ducks all watching me. And with their permission, I gathered probably, I don’t know, close to 100 duck feathers and then did the whole ritual with them in my backyard and now have them in our home. And I love to gift feathers.

So anyways, that’s some of what instantly arose for me when you pulled that card. But let me see if Duck wants to come waddling in and has a specific message for this group that we’re sharing space with today for the listeners. One second.

Hmm… Well, the first thing that it did, there’s always like an initial messaging and then I can go deeper. But it came in and was quacking quite a lot. And you know, mah-mah-mah-mah! And I said, okay, you know what? What is the message with the quacking? What are you wanting me to relay? And it’s this extra importance. I mean, of course this is always important, but they’re stressing right now it’s more important than ever to speak your truth in your partnership.

I think so often that’s where some disturbance in the waves of the connection with you and your partner can start is when you stifle your expression, when you hold back on the truth that’s wanting to move through. Because it can, of course, be scary when we’re in sacred union, when we’re in romantic partnership. And, you know, there’s something very uncomfortable or vulnerable that you want to speak to and you don’t know how it’s going to be met. You’re just praying you’re in safe space to say it. You don’t know the reaction. The defense is like, there’s so much that can come with just speaking one thread of truth, but the duck is really coming in right now and saying, if there’s something that’s been weighing heavy on your heart, if even right now is you’re listening to what I’m saying, you can kind of feel your throat chakra kind of tightening or getting like a little quivering. There’s probably something that’s been brewing that needs to move through you and out of you.

And and so, you know, you don’t have to make it a big to do. But even in a quick one, two-minute meditation, you can maybe just tune in to what time of day would be best to bring to your partner’s attention that there’s something that you want to share. You know, maybe you don’t need to light a candle and, you know, make it ceremonial, but maybe you do. So maybe just take a couple of minutes to tune into a couple of things that would allow you to feel and your partner to feel and just safe-held, divine space to allow whatever this truth is that needs to be expressed to move through.

Because it’s really true. When you stifle and suppress your expression, it can cause really severe physical illness and ailments when it’s suppressed, you know, when something very deep is suppressed or if it’s suppressed long term. So it’s it is a big deal. So thank you duck, for coming in. Quacking quacking in for us.

Emily: You’ve duck and we have two baby ducklings at the farm right now.

Alyson: Oh sweet.

Emily: They just hatched. And it’s been my dream that we can hatch them, you know, that they naturally hatch them on their own. And we’ve had ducks for about 8 years, and this is the first year that they’ve ever successfully hatched on their own.

Alyson: Wow. An 8-year journey. That’s really powerful.

Emily: Yeah.

Alyson: So, do you name? Before we started recording, you were sharing some of the animals you have, are some named or are they all named?

Emily: Some are named. So the chickens there’s a lot of chickens and they don’t have names and the ducks don’t have names, but used to have some that had names that were like really remarkable, you know, that they stand out or they have some sort of quality that they’re like, okay, that one. So we had like a giant peacock named Tessa, and she just was like dhat-dhat-dhat like, you know, she would like stretch. She had a name, she had an aura and just a personality. All of our goats are named, so we have 9 goats. They’re all named. And we just had two sets of baby twins.

Alyson: Wow.

Emily: Yeah.

Alyson: So, so remarkable. Yeah. Luke and I don’t have all of that, but we do have a lot of action here on our land here in Texas. In fact, this morning, the reason I, you know, landed right at the start of our interview and was kind of sweaty and disheveled is because I had been burying a dove in our backyard, a pigeon. And I’ve been we’ve been on this whole dove journey this past week. We are tending to one that is unable to fly and like becoming its family and putting a bath out for it. And of course, food and checking on it. And when the gardeners come, it’s like this whole thing of like this part of our yard land is off limits, like she can’t fly. And so we’ve just been on this whole journey.

And yeah, just this morning I was doing a bit of a burial ceremony and we’re able to clip I, of course, got permission from from the bird, but we got both of its wings. And so, yeah, I feel like it’ll be really happy to know that part of it will continue to live on and be of service.

Emily: Of course, absolutely. And this is such a beautiful, you know, start of our episode and I would love for our listeners to hear a little bit more of what brought you to this place, a little bit of your background and, you know, sharing. What brought you to this point where you became a shaman and now a speaker and, you know, really spreading your wings a little bit more to go with that?

Alyson: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Because you shared with me more of the focal point of your podcast and your audience. I’ll try to gear because there’s, of course, so much to share with how I arrive to this now moment. So I’ll try to take the bullet points that are most themed with like entrepreneurship, because that is a big through line theme. So yeah, I love to share the infinite possibility medicine that I really carry when it comes to one’s calling and career because I have lived so many lifetimes this lifetime.

And I grew up in a tiny little town in the Midwest town that had like one stoplight. And I was, you know, I was about to say I was bred to be an elite athlete, which felt weird, but it actually is an accurate statement. My father was my coach and put me in my first road race before I was even 3 years old. And I was, you know, eventually became, you know, won a couple of national championships and was an athlete at the University of Alabama. And I did go on to be a Division One College coach. And so, you know, there was that incredibly hardcore entrenched identity for so long, since before my memories even began, I was known as this runner girl. This, you know, is so much pressure. And I really thought that, you know, that that would just probably be what it always was, you know, as long as my body could withstand that.

But what was intriguing is all I do remember as a younger girl, I don’t know the exact age, but I want to say maybe starting around like 6, 7, 8 years old, I would get these flash visions of me speaking to camera, holding a mike, but I just equated it to, Oh, maybe when my body breaks down, I’ll become a sports broadcaster, Right? Because that would be the natural segway.

Emily: Right.

Alyson: And so I was shown early on that media was in the mix somehow for me. (Excuse me.) And then, yeah, it was a bit after my body started to break down. Like basically it got me through my college running career and then it just everything just had a femoral stress fracture. Knee surgery. Yeah.

Emily: Oh!

Alyson: Things got pretty intense. Yeah. And then the funny thing is, I then after completing my time at Alabama, I moved to Florida and my first job out of college was being the head personal trainer at a gym in downtown Orlando. And funnily enough, it was one of my clients that I was personal training. One day in a session he said to me, I think he just a light bulb went off. I don’t think it was a premeditated thing, but he was he looked at me, he said, You know what, you should be my radio show co-host.

And so people always ask me like, how did you get your start in radio and TV? And I’m like, literally a man walked into a gym. You know, it really was that the case. And so I did become a radio host in Florida, and then I got hired at a hip-hop station, and I was the morning show host there for many years. And that was a super fun job. And then I started to feel a little bit stifled by it being only audio because I’m just a very creative and expressive person. So I then moved to New York City and I became a television producer and a television host for a daytime TV talk show there.

But then the other important thing that through a lot of what I’ve just shared with you career-wise, the other huge thread that was woven in was this very long-term previous, like past romantic relationship that started when I was in college at 18 and then ran, you know, the span of about 16 and a half years altogether.

And in that past relationship, you know, there was just so much suffrage denial. My past partner really suffered from a lot of different addiction issues. I suffered from a lot of lack of self-worth, self-honor, codependency, denial issues, illusionary issues. And so it really and I’m very clear here and I had a lot of karmic cleaning up that we were we’re doing this lifetime.

So it was kind of the perfect storm that led me to when I was in New York City. I eventually required a divine intervention from all of my guides. One day they came in and my clear audience gift turned on. I heard Spirit speaking to me in my right ear, and I was given certain instructions.

And through those instructions, the veil of illusion lifted and my egoic shell got obliterated and I finally was able to see the truth of me, him, the relationship. 1So I know I’m packing in a lot, but there, you know, there was a lot that led me to and of course, I’m like leaving out a million pieces.

Emily: Right.

Alyson: I just I think, you know, especially with a theme of your show, just to let people know, you know, I was like only in athletics. I was a Division One college coach. This personal trainer somehow got shifted into the radio studio, then got shifted into the television world in the television studios. Then I had this unexpected divine intervention, spiritual awakening.

And not long after that day, I mean, within that month, I was shown visions of who I really am, what my real calling is. You know, I was shown right out of the gate, me on stage with sacred sense wafting in the air, you know, thousands of people in the audience with rattles and shamanic instruments and, you know, shamanic medicine, songs playing. I was shown that vision, I think, within the week of my awakening, and I was like, hold on. So I’m here sobbing in my grandma’s guest bedroom, you know, just having my whole entire existence turned upside down, facing the darkness of all these addiction issues, you know, grappling with so much. And you’re showing me on stage as a medicine woman. So you can imagine to bridge the gap from that moment to actually living out those visions, It was it’s been quite a journey.

Emily: Yeah. Well, so I definitely want to talk about that. You know, it’s funny, when you were starting to talk about being bred to be a runner and that later as you were talking, I could feel like the tightening in my jaw, like the clenching and it’s like this holding in and tightness and rigidity. And who I see you now is so connected and so in her element and so flowing and now I mean a different person that you use to be.

Alyson: Yeah. Thanks for bringing that up. I just had this wild a lot of my shamanic evolutions initiations rites of passage just come in naturally organically. You know, people ask me all the time, like when you just shared that story of that initiation, like, where were you in the jungle somewhere? Like, No, I was in my studio apartment in Brooklyn or No, I was in my bedroom.

And I bring that up because just two nights ago I think it was, yeah, not last night, but the night before we are. Luke and I were going to bed and I could tell he had just fallen asleep. And all of a sudden, you know, Spirit came to me and just took me through. I think it was about an hour and a half, totally natural, spontaneous, shamanic journey where I was being taken to and reflected to all of these past scenarios and experiences. Many of them that I completely forgotten even happened.

And basically what I have come to why that happened is Spirit really wanted me to understand how far I’ve come and the darkness and, you know, shadows and just all that I had to rise from the ashes, from. It was not just pertaining to that past 16 year dark relationship. There was a multitude, a magnitude of very dysfunctional dark life experiences, whether it was past work environments, past, you know, living environments. But it was really astounding. I just for an hour and a half just in, is such a healthy, healing clearing way. Just cried and wept and wept and wept and to allow this journey to take place. And it just gave me this much broader, bigger understanding of how much I have truly trudged through and how far I’ve come this lifetime.

Because exactly to your point, you know, in choosing the athletic path and choosing to maintain a relationship with my dad as my coach, that came at the cost of suppressing my true spiritual gifts, my connection with the divine. It came at a very large cost, and that little runner girl had the weight of the world on me. Like truly so much pressure to always win. I would throw up at the beginning of most races like it was. It was a very pressurized and tense. Trauma-inducing at times journey. So yeah, I’ve come a long way.

Emily: You definitely have. And thank you for sharing that. That’s so kind for you to open up in that way. And I mean, you can definitely you’ve definitely painted the picture. We can feel that energy that you were a part of.

So thank you for, for openly sharing that. When you had that sort of clear audience moment and the light bulbs are going on, all of a sudden the signs and signals were abundantly clear, undeniable, and it turns your whole life upside down. And we have this immediate spiritual awakening. How did that feel? Did you question it? Did you like, what am I how? What did some people see those things and they go, No, that’s not for me. That was and they deny it. And it takes a long time to kind of come to terms with that other people embrace and go, okay, this is for me, I’m ready, I know. Was there a part of you that had that knowing and said, Yeah, this is for me, let’s go for it? How did you…?

Alyson: Well, I was that other person you described that just pushed the very loud and clear messages to the side. And I did that for so many years. That’s why it required this massive divine intervention. So, you know, had I more intently listened to the more preliminary guidance that had been trying to come through for years, I don’t know that I would have gotten pushed into that divine intervention situation.

But yeah, on that day, you know, I was I was literally through spirit speaking to me, led to his phone. I didn’t know his code. I punched in for numbers like automatic spirit writing. It opened his phone. So for me, it wasn’t just like a whisper of the wind. It was also so literally, graphically, horrifically, you know, in my face that it was undeniable, both on an earthly realm and on a spiritual realm. And yeah, you know, all of my guides really came ushering in that day. So I think in just all of the different realms, it was this massive wave of support that came in that would not allow me to go back to that cycle of insanity that I had kept swirling in for 16 years.

And so I really felt on that particular day, I mean, yeah, there was no questioning what was happening. And it was so intense that the next key step for me was just finally surrendering and speaking. My willingness of true surrender to great spirit, to earth mother and to my own self, to my own heart and soul, and finally saying, okay, I clearly need help, I clearly need support.

I’m finally ready to get out of my own way and I will heed your messages and that oath I have lived in complete devotion to. And that is what I attribute, you know, all of my you know, my definition of success has really drastically changed throughout the years. And so what I deem success, I owe it all to this path of devotion to living by the instructions of spirit and I owe all my true inner fulfillment and inner peace and happiness to that as well.

Emily: That’s beautiful. What would you say your definition of success is today?

Alyson: Oh, gosh. I mean, it’s like it’s a lot of different things, but it’s right now it’s just the simplicity of life. It’s I mean, truly, if someone would ask me, you know, what’s your idea of a good time? Like, I literally described it earlier, it would be picking feathers off the ground. It would be connecting in an honoring way and burying the pigeon and the backyard. It would be, you know, snuggling with my silly, sweet, hilarious family.

This, you know, an almost 17-year-old black Persian cat named Jelly Bean. And there are silly little doggies laying in the background of this video Cookie and my beautiful husband, it’s like little snuggles with my family and, you know, just being more feral and wild and free. You know, I spend most of my days just completely naked in the backyard and just, you know, speaking to the wind and just crying and gratitude and, you know, so all of these examples are what I deem as living a successful life right now. It’s not at all the winning the National championship awards and all of that stuff. It’s changed a lot.

Emily: I’m sure. And you know, it’s interesting. I lead I have a small group coaching program that kicks off next week and we did a pre-call yesterday and I took them. Through meditation and sort of releasing some of the things that have been blocking them previously and connecting them with their higher self to get these direct messages of who their higher self wants to be each and every day. How does their day begin and how does it flow? What does that look like? And I like to kind of jokingly say, well, your higher self is giving you a punch list. It’s your choice if you like to do it or not. And then you can see, well, am I in alignment or am I not? Well, you got ten items. Did you do all ten or did you do any? So it’s as simple as that.

And I think something that that’s sort of characteristic of myself as I can take these sort of esoteric concepts and make them very grounded and tangible down to earth. And as each of the different members was sharing, you know, they were saying, I saw myself eating fresh foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. I saw myself adding a meditation practice throughout my day, not just once in a while. I saw myself really sitting outside and connecting with nature. I saw myself doing yoga. And it’s really interesting when instead of saying what is success for you?

And all most entrepreneurs are taught is to focus on financial gains and growth and scaling. And this is a whole different angle to take. Where do we want to begin? As how do I want to feel and how can you build your life based on how your high yourself is leading here to flow?

Alyson: Yeah, how? I mean, to me, I can’t imagine anything more powerful or successful than living in direct accordance with divinity.

Emily: Right.

Alyson: How can it how can anything possibly be larger, more grand, richer, more robust than you truly living out the soul and coding and mission that your own soul devised in the ethers and you’re actually living in physical fruition on this earth plane? You know, there’s nothing there’s nothing more powerful than that.

Emily: Absolutely. And I have to say, you know, this is the first summer that I’ve had with my kids out of school that I have genuinely, truly and deeply enjoyed all of our time together because I have implemented these practices on such a regular, consistent level that I’m excited to go explore. I’m wanting to show them places that we can find new trails together and be outside and talk to rocks and listen to messages coming from birds and oh, what’s that animal? Let’s see what the medicine is that they’re sharing with us and, you know, having these profound conversations that I would have probably had moments of. But it’s becoming more ingrained in all of our lives on how we are all together as a unit.

And, you know, being with my family, it’s like every day I say it’s when I put my kids to bed, I say, What’s your favorite part of today? What was the thing you’re most grateful for? And I used to always say, Well, right now, today, right now, this moment, nothing better than right now. And now they’re saying it this right now. This is nothing better than right now. But also and then they have these long list of things that they’re really present for and that they can share back with me. I’m like, oh,  this is the best. This is the best. There’s nothing better than this.

Alyson: Yeah, that’s so that’s so beautiful and inspiring. You are able to talk with your boys in that way. And yeah, I was just, you know, in our backyard yesterday, floating in the pool. I think partially because of that, you know, long shamanic journey I had just been on and that all those reflection points and bigger picture awareness of how far I’ve come, I just I reflect, you know, you know, so clearly on how I really, truly am living my dream life like, I am at peace with myself. You know, I’m so clear and who I am and that I’m a really good person and a really powerful, wonderful human. But I’m also a forever, you know, humble student of life as well.

And I just have this husband who celebrates me and, you know, fans my flame and uplifts me, you know, because I know what it feels like to be in relationships where they try to tether you back or hold you down or suppress your fire, your light. And he’s the complete opposite. And I just it was basically exactly what you were describing.

I thought, wow, you know, just being present to the gratitude that I’m truly living my dream life, that if nothing more happened, I’m in a state of total, wild, wondrous awe. And, you know, but also tuning in to like, if I were able to bring forth, you know, our spirit baby and allow that spirit with me to come Earthside, that would be a bonus to this ultimate dream life I already have, you know, potentially getting back on camera. I feel so at home in the studio.

And I know there’s obviously a reason that before I had my awakening I was a radio and TV host. And so allowing the project to come back into earthly existence where I’m hosting in a studio again, that would be a bonus to this already dream life. So I spent my day yesterday doing what you do with your voice.

Emily: Yeah, that’s beautiful. Well, and that brings me to another question I have, because I’ve been recently. So I would say this I have in the past had a bad habit of being complacent with my gifts. And I’ve had moments of I’d be traveling. All of a sudden spirit wakes me up out of a dead sleep and is like, we’re going somewhere. This is what’s happening. And I can’t I’m uncontrollably sobbing because it’s shattering every it’s just incredibly in I don’t know, have words to it. I can’t have words. So it’s just so amazing. Show me my path and open up these gifts. And here’s what’s going to happen. Here’s who you are and you’ve been chosen and weaved. All of this can be so overwhelming.  And I’ve had times in the past where I was complacent and lazy about sitting for myself, making that space for myself, and I could channel and do work. And he’ll do energy healings for other people, but I wouldn’t make the space for myself.

And recently I had a session with a woman and she said, You know, it’s time to get back to doing this work for yourself, connecting with yourself, doing your own practices, automatic writing and channeling and sitting. And I knew she was right because I had said that about myself for so long. And one of the things that came up in this session I had with her was a connection with my lineage and of my ancestors. And it was she was sort of channeling and she asked me about my lineage. And I said, well, this is what I do now. But most of my life I’ve kind of been hiding. I really don’t even know. And she kind of started this sort of train of like just channeling, talking, and she mentions this phrase around, and I’m going to probably butcher. I don’t have it exactly.

It was something that, like they veiled you, they had to cover you and cloak you. When she said these words, it wasn’t like I felt sadness, but bubbling up. It was like my face exploded in tears of that truth and a deep resonance like, Wow, this is more than what I thought it was. And so she invited me to start working more with my ancestors and connecting with my lineage and opening up in that way. And since then and I’m actually I was called to wear my grandmother’s bracelet today.

Alyson: What’s her name?

Emily: Her name was Laney. Yeah. And so I work with her all the time. And this was sort of this next opening of like, can we just talk with the ancestors every day and not do like a special sun or whatever a day it is? And so I, I feel like maybe this is more selfish for me to ask this question. Also, I’m sure my audience would benefit from it, but how are there some ways that you feel are how we can connect with our ancestors?

We’ve them into our day. You kind of mentioned like, well, maybe one day with this. And I know for me one of the things that I work done just today is connecting with them and asking for their assistance and guidance to help open doors and make new connections and create new opportunities that would be in my highest alignment. What are some ways that you do or maybe work with ancestors? I don’t know if this is like a weird loaded question or not.

Alyson: You know, it’s not as I’m laughing. I’m only laughing because I wore this mud cloth, this doggone mud cloth, because I just I, I don’t think I’ve ever worn this for an interview. But when I went in my closet, I’m like, I think I supposed to wear that doggone dress today. And now I’m understanding why. That’s why I’m chuckling.

So, I mean, yeah, a lot was coming to me when you’re asking me that, but I’ll start with honoring the Dogon Tribe, the Dogon on the edge. They are a very, very, very ancient lineage out of Africa right now, they primarily inhabit West Africa, but that lineage works incredibly deep with ancestral ways, ancestral reconnection. And so I, I mean, I’ll share a few different things, but I would recommend, of course, if it’s in resonance, to do a little research on the Dogon, and I can point you right in the direction I yeah, the website is  D-O-G-O-N,

And yeah so just a few weeks ago a Dogon high priest by the name of Naba Iritah Shenmira. He and I did a whole ceremonial day together here in Austin where people could come. We had a very large group in attendance with us and a lot of it, you know, we did a lot of different things. That day was an all day like 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ceremonial day, but a lot of their rituals and practices are all geared towards lifting up your ancestry.

And that’s why that’s such a vital importance. And you know, he’s episode,  I think maybe 110, 107 on my Ceremony CirclePodcast you can get to know him and feel into their ways by hearing that discussion.

But yeah, before he and I did our ceremony day, I was able to just spend time with him and he was here at our home doing an Earth Energy Reading for me and also one for my friend and for Luke. And a lot of specific instructions came through for me in that reading from Naba regarding my ancestry and just the other day. So I got basically like from that reading this homework of, of specific rituals prescribed to me from Naba, things that I need to do so that my ancestors feel seen, acknowledged, honored, lifted up, lift, lift your ancestry up. And it took me after that reading and receiving that homework on this wild journey of uncovering and excavating more of my understanding of who, my who my people are. Because he said to me, There is an aunty on your father’s side.

I’ve always wondered, you know, Yes, I have an aunt who’s a shaman, but she’s not my blood aunt, she’s my aunt by marriage. And so I’ve always wondered, you know, are my gifts carried through my bloodline or was it just a specific calling for me? I mean, I’ve done this work for many lifetimes, but I was like, I’ve always questioned like, is it also bloodline related? And when my Grandma Bernice passed, I got very clear that I had received some of my gifts from her. So I just kind of thought it was her. But then he said, No, there’s an auntie on your dad’s side, that is, who carries the responsibility of these gifts that you now have. You need to find her and we need to do a specific ritual just for her. And what was while I’ll wrap this story up, because it’s a bit of a long one because I’m deep in all of these Dogon ways at this time.

But what was so intriguing is after this discussion, I got a message that. A family member on my dad’s side that I have not spoken to or heard from in more than 20 years was wanting to get in touch with me. And so then I was able to ask her, like, Do you know of any great or great, great aunties on Grandpa Bob’s side? And she was able to point me in this direction. Then in that direction, this person had that missing link and key.

And so get this, I’m sitting naked in my backyard, you know, trying to connect these dots because I want to do this calabash bole offering for this, you know, mystery ancestor. And I know I need nine sugar cubes, nine colon nuts, nine cowry shells, white rice, nine dates. And I put them all in this like it’s this very the Dogon ways are very specific. So I’m like, ready to do this whole offering, put it in this grotto. But I’m like, who is this auntie? And a relative on my dad’s side who?

I finally asked, do you know of any great auntie? She sent me a picture of a gravestone marker and it said Dorothy and my birth last name on it. And I was like, could it potentially be Dorothy? Is Dorothy the carrier of these shamanic gifts? So I was sitting kind of in prayer and asking Dorothy, I said, today, I want you to emphatically, clearly let me know if you are the one. So I sent that prayer up.

Then I go into my email and I see like, Oh, on August 1st is the such and such Leo Supermoon. So then I go into my phone to plug in on August 1st to remind myself that that’s the day of the Supermoon. And I saw that I had designated August 1st whether I knew the name of this ancestor or not. I was designating that day as the ancestor Calabash Ball offering that I already marked it on August 1st, and I was like, wait a second, I marked August 1st. But that’s also the day of the Supermoon.

Why is August 1st ringing a bell? I go back to the gravestone picture. Dorothy’s birthday is August 1st. So I was able, on Dorothy’s birthday, though the carrier of the shamanic gifts of my bloodline, I was able on her birthday to give this offering. What are the chances of that?

Emily: Oh, my gosh.

Alyson: Yeah.

Emily: Wow.

Alyson: So I share part of that huge story to let you know that. Yes. When you say yes to this work and you find the pathways, whether it’s doing a family constellation workshop, which side note I highly recommend if you feel called into that work, which I do recommend because it’s incredibly, incredibly deep and powerful. But make sure you work with a practitioner who is super pure, clean and integrity-filled because that work is profound. And if you don’t have an integrity-filled facilitator, it can it can not be pretty.

So yeah, so I would recommend going into Family Constellation workshop, also going to, checking out Naba’s Instagram and just seeing yeah because he offers you can get an earth energy reading from him. I sound like a Dogon Ambassador but I guess I kind of him at this point.

Emily: Hey, that’s all right.

Alyson: So, yes, those are two recommendations. Um, what else with ancestry? Yeah, It’s like – but creating a small altar is also incredibly powerful because, again, it’s like our ancestors. You know, I think so often. You know, we’re trying to, like, clear our lineage traumas and the addictions of our ancestors. And yet that work is obviously incredibly powerful and needed.

But we somehow skip out on her, forget like the honoring of all the gifts that our ancestors of bestowed upon us. Like, maybe you’re a painter and it’s because, you know, great, great Grandpa Joe like, used to be in museums and it’s like, okay, Grandpa Joe, you know, was an alcoholic, but he also, you know, you got your painting skills from him. And so I think just spending time not leaving out and skipping over and forgetting that, you know, ancestry work is not about only about just clearing the wounding and the traumas. It’s also about including an up in uplifting our ancestry as well.

And so one simple way is just creating a small altar space, you know, maybe putting some photos if you have them maybe writing, writing a short letter or a poem, you know, an owed to your lineage thinking that’s just speaking the speaking aloud, lighting a candle, maybe putting some fresh flowers.

And yeah, I feel like there’s one other thing. One powerful thing that I did was going to a tree. I mean, obviously can make the correlation family tree and really, you know, designating a tree I left offerings there for. I asked the tree permission first, I was like, you know, because I tuned in and I felt like this one was the one and affirmed it when I asked. And so I just yeah, I just went and prayed into the roots of that tree and left the offerings there and, you know, just asked for it to be another beacon of light and communicator to my ancestors, letting them know that they are seen, they are heard, they are acknowledged, they are uplifted. So I hope those are some good, good inspiration ways.

Emily: Yeah, absolutely. And you know, it’s interesting. I when I first sat, sometimes when I do automatic writing, I will type on my computer because it’s faster than handwriting things out. And my handwriting sometimes is illegible when I’m channeling.

Alyson: Yeah, yeah.

Emily: So I brought my computer and I called in my ancestors who wanted to work with me, and it was like, no, no computer. So I put the computer aside and I pulled up my phone to do a voice memo and I said, I’ll just speak into my phone. I won’t need to write anything. And for about 30 minutes, I’m audibly channeling, connecting, talking, and receiving information.

And this grandmother, like maybe even my great great grandmother energy, she showed up as Bubbie and she’s like, if you can imagine, like this little old lady, but with the energy of like a five-year-old and she’s like this bubbly, effervescent, playful, and she’s like, When you’re ready, just put that thing down.

I want to play and took me on this journey in time. But it did show me these beautiful experiences from past and going through like snow days and coming up through these special sacred caves and then going to because we have my family, we’re early settlers in Tucson, Arizona, and she showed me coming in them and going there and working with indigenous people from the land and working with the land and then coming back and showing me here today. Here are some things I want you to do today.

And it was like this, like time-bending, swirly extravaganza. I mean, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I was flying, I was swimming, I was all over. And I felt like that was that first opening. So I feel like the things that you’ve shared have are just like, Oh, there’s some more things that there’s a lot of more work to do and to open to that.

Alyson: I can’t think of a more powerful opening gateways to getting to know and connecting with and honoring our ancestors than the Dogon traditions and family constellation work. And yeah, working with trees. Yeah.

Emily: Oh yeah. And trees have been very, very instrumental for me, especially in the last few years. I remember when 2020 was happening and things were kind of swirling, there was this huge pine tree that pulled me in on a walk and just said, Wrap your arms around me. And I wrap my arms around this tree. And the tree just showed me seasons. Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. And it’s like we’re not going to cry when the leaves fall off Or when the snow comes just to see us then. And I was like, Oh, thank God. And I just could take a breath and get back into listening again, versus like that swirl of energy that was happening.

Alyson: Yeah, I think that’s an important point to bring up the just honoring the cycles of of nature and of divinity, because that that was a huge thing for me. A quick story which I think could be of service for your listeners. So when I was living in New York City for like 14, 15 years, that’s where I had my divine intervention. You know, New York City is a vortex. It’s an incredibly powerful place. A lot of people do have their spiritual awakenings there. And, you know, so then, you know, my life changes and I’m walking this completely different path. And let’s fast forward a number of years. You know, I’m out as a shaman out publicly doing this work.

And at this point, you know, I’m collaborating with a lot of the biggest brands in the entire globe, if I’m just completely honest, whether they’re fashion brands or hotels or products like, you know, we would work together to put on these like monthly shamanic journey gatherings on hotel rooftops and, you know, just all of these ceremonial things. And this was happening a lot. You know, I was doing a lot of different things, giving a lot of different talks, very, very out, very active with this work. It was in high demand.

And I’ve been doing this work and on the path for a very long time. So, you know, I was really at the forefront, you know, kind of carving the path for, you know, now, you know, this work is is a lot of places. But back when I’m talking about like no one was doing this and I was doing it a lot. And one day I got this message from Spirit that I was supposed to cease all events and all talks.

And I thought, well, okay, you know, I live in devotion to your instructions, but at the same time, I’m also a single woman living on my own and arguably the most expensive city in the entire world. How am I supposed to completely just squash all events and talks, which is where I was able to make a living? And so I said, okay, you know, I will do this, but then I need you to show me the way on how I’m supposed to survive. And so I stopped and turned down. And of course, you know, the way Spirit works, it can be quite funny. It will give you an instruction and then it’ll dangle the shyness that carrots…

Emily: she has to offer

Alyson: Oh, my God. I got the most incredible, you know, talk offers coming in, you know, travel. You here do this, you know, brand partnership deals coming in. And I’m like, you’ve got to be kidding me. But I knew I had to do so. I said no to all of them, completely cleared. Feel like I just.

Oh, there’s like, an animal. I think it’s a crow. No, no, if you can hear it, but…

Emily: I just heard you. Yeah.

Alyson: Kind of want to go peek and see if it’s. Can I speak really quickly?

Emily: Yeah, yeah

Alyson: Just one second. I just wanna see.

Emily: It sounds really cool.

Alyson: So I was just curious if it was like right outside my window. I can’t locate it, but it’s squawking in pretty loud, so.

So long story short, I honored the Divine Instructions and for years. And here’s the other thing. When you’re living in accordance with the divine, you also don’t get given timelines really such. And so I didn’t know how long they meant like how are we talking is the no events, no public ceremonies and no talks. Is that like three months? It ended up being two and three-quarters years, almost three full year.

So imagine, you know, that’s I was really just organically like my name was getting out there, all this organic process and then I’m just supposed to like stop it all and squash it all. And, and I did do that for, like I said, almost three years.

And what was intriguing is in the midst of that very deep shamanic cave period is what I call it, I’m just focusing deeper than ever on my own shadow work and doing the deepest healing work of my life.

The idea that they gave me in order to survive was with my background. I studied telecommunications, PR, got my degree in advertising, and I was able to launch. I don’t do it anymore, but I called it shamanic PR, and so while I was not out there, I was able to use my other skill sets to get other healers and shamans out there and to teach them, you know, how to get book deals, how to give talks, how to, you know, how I could share my press connections.

And so I was able to focus on the shadow work in the healing work that I needed to do to get even stronger embodiment and anchor in more deeply so that I concerned when I was finally out of this cave period. And then I was able to support others in getting their light out more. So I share that because like, you know, honoring, honoring the cycles of the divine, honoring the cycles of nature, you know, and I’ve lived in accordance with that. And, you know, ever since my book and that came out a year and a half ago, like I’ve been very, very quiet. I have, like I said, just been sitting naked in the backyard and just waiting. You know, I was called to do the ceremonial, the Dogon Ceremony Circle event with Naba and I devoted to putting in a lot of work and effort to to putting that on. So I said yes to that.

But there’s going to be phases and chapters where, like you said earlier in the talk, like sometimes the visions and the instructions and the guidance just ping, ping, ping, ping, ping! And when I was in New York City, like that’s how it was operating, just like just so clear, just on the go, moving and groovin, moving and groove and then boom, one day I’m told to stop. And then for three years it’s inward cave zone.

And then, then I come out and then right after that, the publishers were knocking on the door and, and I was working on, you know, getting the book deal finalized. And then I went into another different chapter where for, you know, a long time I was at a desk quiet, writing the book and the deck. And then when that comes out, you’re out again.

Emily: Right.

Alyson: Then I’m healing from that. And so, you know, because I’ve been on this path for well over a decade at this point, it’s like I’m able now to share, you know, that when it happens like this, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong or anything’s off or you’re right on time, you’re right on track, you’re exactly where you need to be.

It’s just we are divine, feminine and masculine. There’s going to be times where you need to rest, nourish. And those sacred rest times, I have to say, do not let them fool you. Those are actually the times where I know the most is happening within me. And the most power the truest divine power is actually being garnered inside of me. So that when you are instructed and called to be more out again, you are in deeper integrity and deeper embodiment of what you are trying to teach than ever before.

Emily: Absolutely. I absolutely agree. And I would love to sort of close this because I think it’s been brought to this beautiful place of following cycles and listening and tuning in. I know a lot of my listeners have a bit of a struggle between do I follow this guidance and this calling? Do I get a plan B? Like what is the plan B? And when you said like, okay, we got to shut her down, you were like, and then now what do I do?

Alyson: Yeah, yeah.

Emily: And so I think it’s very personal for everybody. Every individual is different of, you know, what path they go and how are they going to be able to survive. And I really believe part of my work here is to shatter and to transform some of these broke healer paradigms that have been really ingrained for so long and keeping amazing healers in hiding and keeping them shunned from their tribes and from being visible and from doing the work they’re here to do. So for the people. I don’t know if there’s any piece of advice or wisdom that you would like to share with.

Alyson: Well, I mean, so much this right here could have been our entire podcast, to be honest. Like, I mean, I can speak to 4 hours on end because yeah, a lot.  And let me preface by saying these examples that I’m about to give. It does not mean that they’re guaranteed to happen to you or anything. It’s just I’m only speaking from my personal earthwalk and aligning with my true soul’s calling and mission, but a lot. There’s a lot that can happen when you finally allow yourself to get into true divine alignment with your true divine light, true divine power, true connection to the divine. Like when you are in those most pristine, clear, powerful places, there’s a lot, infinitely a lot that can come with that.

So just know that there is a chance that and again, I’ve noticed it so much in my work. I am a bright light. I’m a big divine force. I was just designed that way. I have accepted it. And along with that territory comes my light shines a big old light on people’s shadows and triggers. And it shines a huge light on what is no longer working inside of people. And when you are a medicine person, a medicine man, a medicine woman, and you are in embodiment of your true divine power and light. It can create a reaction in people and depending upon where they’re at and knowing themselves how deep they are on the path, they may not recognize at all that this wave that’s welling up inside of them simply by being in your presence is a medicine wave.

And that this projection, this anger or this burst of anger that they feel toward you is actually something that they need to, you know, examine themselves and go on their own journey with that in that it actually has nothing to do with you, that it’s their own work. But it’s like unless someone is self-honest enough, self-aware enough, conscious enough, deep enough on the path, they’re not going to be able to identify those pieces. And so I just I’m not saying this to make anybody scared.

I’m saying this to empower you. I’m saying this to let you know that when you are a bright light of shining ancient divine truth and ancient wisdom, there is going to oftentimes be reactions. And that is when those things happen. It is not a sign that you’re supposed to stop. It’s a sign that you’re on the right path, that you have to keep holding your truth.

And then there was another thing. What was the other thing? Oh, there is also potential for very humbling moments. I mean, they will still, you know, for sure come in from time to time for me.

But I remember, especially on the more beginning to beginning to middle phases for me when I was in that place where the TV show that I was hosting went under, just I literally, in the snap of a finger, got a call that we were on temporary hiatus. And anyone that works in the media and entertainment industry knows that’s not a good sign. That’s usually code for the shows done.

And so again, living in New York City, not knowing what to do. And my friend owned a juice company and and she knew what had happened with the show. And she said, Alyson, I don’t know if you’re interested at all, but I’m going to open my first brick-and-mortar for the Juice brand. Do you want to, like, manage the juice store? And I’m like, Oh my God, you’ve got to be kidding me. But when I prayed on it, I knew this was a rite of passage for me.

And did it bruise my ego to go from being this like TV host that people might recognize to sitting literally sitting in this tiny little juice store ringing up? I was the manager, but I was don’t get, it twisted. I was the cashier girl, you know, I was holding canning people’s green juices to them. And occasionally people would recognize me and I did that job.

Gosh, I can’t remember exactly times a bit illusory, but I mean, I don’t know, maybe for almost two years. So every day it was humble pie medicine for me to trek into this do store and sit there on this stool.

And I want to say I was doing that to make ends meet while living in New York City, while also cultivating the shamanic path. I was doing occasional shamanic healing events with metaphysical bookstores, and so that was all like the craft was refining and sharpening while I was sitting on this stool, ringing up people’s green juices.

So it’s like, you know, that’s my story that, yeah, there was some really ego obliterating, humble pie moments in the journey. But and again, this doesn’t hold true for everyone. But I think for me it was really good medicine and I knew I was supposed to do that and I knew it was good for me. And I think Spirit wanted to see that like I knew that my worth and value was not changing, shifting, morphing or diminishing by me saying yes to managing that juice shop. I knew there was a bigger picture and I want to be able to be.

I honor my human self just as much as my shaman self. My shaman is not grander than the human me, and I think that’s why those who see the true ness and the purity of me really respect and gravitate to me. It’s because I’m a very down-to-earth real shaman. Like I’m not trying to present as holier than thou or better than thou. I know how to embrace and honor and hold it all. So hopefully there was something supportive in that.

But yeah, I mean, Spirit wants to see your vulnerability, your willingness, because a lot of the instructions that come in will not make logical sense. And if you’re trying to pivot out of a very previous, logical-brained previous pathway of career or just ways of thinking and you’re trying to open yourself up into the voided great mystery of life. There’s going to be most likely, some initiations and rites of passage along the way that are going to be and then feel very challenging for you, to trust spirits messages and trust your own self that you can hold at all.

Emily: I think that’s great advice, and I think there’s two that I think that humble pie piece is really important. You know, because I know some people are focusing on what I think of like vanity metrics and like, you know, who’s who and this kind of inflated ego start of their business and like to take a job as a juice person is like, well, now you recognize me.

Great. And having those days like, so Spirit, did you have any day now? When I’m ready. When you’re ready, I’m ready. Like, did you feel any of that impatience or like, I know I’m doing the right thing, but like, also, how long did you get any of that?

Alyson: Yeah, I mean, yes. Yeah, I mean, it was hilarious. One time when I was the cover story for Marie Claire magazine, the editor had to come do her interview for me at the freakin juice shop. It’s I mean, like, this is real. I mean, I was literally in this multi-page spread of Marie Claire and the cover, it was on the cover. It said, Can a shaman fix your life or something? And that interview happened in the juice shop.

And, and one of the other instructions was, I was told my friend ran a vegan expo and it was called the Seed. And I was told that I was supposed to have a table there. And I’m like, I’m not, I’m not a foodie, not a chef, I’m a shaman. I called my friend. I said, spirit’s said I’m supposed to have a table there. He’s like, you got it. Whatever you need to do.

So I made this little sign that said, like, next level Living with Alice and Charles and I had some crystals and some of my shamanic tools I was doing like mini aura readings and mini chocolate clearings for like $30. I literally had a table at a vegan expo.

And again, like, was that humbling? Yes. Did I understand why? No. But I can tell you and it’s too big of a story to tell you now, but like having that one of those entry points of the true me coming out publicly as a shaman at that expo called The Seed, that full circle moment just revealed itself actually at the Dogon Ceremony Circle event in the last few weeks. I have been getting a message from Spirit for almost a year. It was like Original Seed, Original seed, Original seed, Original Seed.

When I had Naba on my podcast, all of a sudden he said something about origin scene. I was like, wait, wait, what did you just say? And long story short. I saw that the reason he and I were supposed to do that gathering together was because he and I and another friend of mine, Peyton, thousands of years ago, we were together in another lifetime.

And we planted the seed. We sent up the prayer for us to come back together in this lifetime and help other people reconnect with the origin seed inside of them, humanity’s original seed of shamanic ways, shamanic truths, and so on. Only in the last few weeks did it make sense, and did I understand why my shamanic path started at a place called The Seed. So it took me more than a decade to understand why I had to set up a shamanic table at a vegan expo. So I don’t know. There’s a lot of medicine and storytelling, so maybe that’s food for thought in some way.

Emily: Absolutely. And it’s very validating. And, you know, sometimes when we’re in it, we don’t have that hindsight benefit, only trusting that this is happening for a reason. I know there’s got to be I don’t know what it is and I don’t have to know right now. One day it’s going to be very clear.

Alyson: Most oftentimes it is only, the only thing you have is the trust. Yeah, that’s it.

Emily: That’s it. Well, Alyson, it’s been such a pleasure. Such a joy to have you here. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I would love to be able to share more of you with my community. I know you’ve shared that you have your free shamanic journey with purchase of the card deck and your book. Would you like to share a little bit more about what the journey is that we can…

Alyson: Yeah. Yeah, I’m glad you brought that up. So yeah, if you go to my website at the top of the page, there’s a tab that you can hit that I think it says Animal Power Book. And when you go to that page yes you will get emailed to you a free video-guided shamanic journey that I facilitate with my drum.

I take you into another realm and we call forward the power animal that in that present time most has a message for you that most wants to support you for some reason with where you’re at right now. And then of course, once you go on that journey and you talk to that animal and get to know it, then you can obviously consult the Animal Power book or deck for further understanding or messaging as to why that animal is showing up for you.

So yeah, just go to to get that free journey and then yeah Ceremony Circle my podcast. I think that’s the way that people get to know us the best right? It’s not through it’s a little static picture on Instagram like it’s through hearing and feeling us and have a hearing a conversation. So I recommend Ceremony Circle.

Emily: Great. Well, thank you so much for being here and I’ll make sure to link all of the things on the show notes, the Dogon Wisdom website as well. And if there’s anything else later, we’ll definitely catch up to get all those. Well, thank you so much for being here. It’s been such a joy.

Alyson: Yeah, thanks for having me. It was fun.


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