How To Intuitively Create & Sell Your Irresistible Offer

My proven strategies for selling without discounting or being sleazy.

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"I think this might be one of my favorite workshops EVER!

Thank you for giving us a kick in the a** Emily... seriously I am SO thankful for you."

~ Nicole Manning

In This Training, You Will Discover How To:  

💰 Make extra money immediately so you can create financial freedom doing what you love!

💸 Monetize an idea for a service, product, or offering by creating the RIGHT messaging. (And turn your "hobby" into a financially abundant business!)

🥰 Attract soulmate clients that value your gifts and have no problem paying you your worth.

🤩 Start empowering yourself to see your value and STOP discounting yourself.

🧲 Quickly shift into an abundance mindset so that SELLING feels more like SERVICE. 🎉

Plus, I lead my most popular meditation for Attracting Soulmate Clients With Ease that will connect you to your purpose and help you manifest more clients!

Hi, I’m Emily!

I'm excited to share my proven intuitive strategies with conscious healers so you can get out of survival mode and into living your best life!

I used to be terrified of selling my services so my default strategy was DISCOUNTING myself. The only thing it ever got me was clients who wanted a low rate, and never appreciated my value...mostly because I didn't either!

What I’ve come to realize is your energetic connection with your soulmate client is what makes the biggest difference in your ability to sell...anything! Once you’re aligned you can truly tap into unlimited amounts of joy, freedom, expression, love and abundance.

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