5 Mindset Shifts To Flip A Launch Flop

5 Mindset Shifts To Flip A Launch Flop

5 Mindset Shifts To Flip A Launch Flop

If your launch is a flop, I want you to know it’s not because you suck!

Whether you are a new entrepreneur and or a well-seasoned one, no one is immune to the occasional flop when it comes to a launch and I can tell you, turning it around has everything to do with mindset and energy.

There are so many reasons for a failed launch and even the definition of “failed” is subject to scrutiny.

It’s time to turn this around! I’m sharing five mindset shifts you can make to flip a flop and also how to shift your vibration if you’re in the middle of a launch.

Getting stuck in the muck of the results prevents you from showing up and serving at your highest level. This episode is here to help!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [2.40] It’s not because you suck, consider this instead.
  • [5.15] Why you shouldn’t say “My launched failed”.
  • [7.32] You have to understand numbers. It’s not ALL energy and alignment.
  • [10.11] Was your launch mechanism aligned with the result and what you’re selling?
  • [14.40] The “musts” that need to be included in your launch – did you do them?
  • [17.56] I’m not talking about convincing ANYONE, I’m talking about listening.
  • [22.04] Questions I want you to think about for your launch.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

Instead of focusing solely on what didn’t work when it comes to your launch, try also looking at what did work. If one person came into your program, make sure to give them the full experience, for example. What does it look like when you apply the mindset shifts from this episode? Try it!

About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast June 8



Episode 165



The fact that I batch record my Monday forecasts and yet their messages are still relevant with what’s happening with activism, racial injustice, and of course the pandemic, it once again demonstrates using intuition is a powerful tool in your life…

I would like to PAUSE and say this one thing:

Trusting your gut can be hard to do, but think about it…aren’t you seeing influencers, and leaders posting GREAT information about BIPOC and you feel good about supporting them?
While other leaders post and it just feels off or disingenuous? TRUST your gut…

If you’re a leader or someone building your platform and you’re still not sure what to say or how to navigate these heavy subjects I would highly recommend educating yourself so you can use your voice to speak up for the black community in an AUTHENTIC way. People feel that authenticity even if your words are off.

Speaking from my own limited experience, the more you educate yourself the easier the words flow.

This week’s energy all revolves around GRATITUDE and the ripple effects!!

Beyond your biz:

  • Use gratitude for people coming together to fight injustice.
  • Tap into gratitude for your safety and the safety of others.
  • Gratitude that the other 3 police officers were arrested and hopefully will be brought to justice.


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1. Balance: Look at the blessings in your life

Take a moment to look around at all of the blessings in your life. Some days it may feel like “too much” to take but what if that were just a story you told yourself so you could take a break? There are always sacrifices that must be made for the sake of success. Make space in your schedule for play, love, friendships, silence, and adventure. Work will always be there, but it’s time to fill your cup too.



16. Be the magnet: Harness the power within you

It’s time to harness the power you have within. Focus your attention and thoughts on exactly what you want. Give yourself permission to want whatever you want, even if it’s excessive; you deserve it! Release any thoughts of lack, what if, or worry to your angels. To truly become the magnet you must feel unconditional love in your heart and allow it to expand within and all around you. A magnet never questions if it will attract another magnet, it just is. Who are you not to attract everything you desire? Your feelings are the magnet, so whether you’re feeling good or feeling bad, the universe doesn’t care, it will always deliver that to you. Put on some dancing music or watch a funny cat video, get your VIBE high!



17. Celebration: Share your SPARK!

Share your SPARK! Every single little micro-win must be celebrated because it breeds more of that good stuff! When you celebrate with deep gratitude in your heart, the universe gives you more to celebrate! You’re in the perfect spot to shout your wins from a rooftop! Your energy is so good right now! Use your wins to attract your soulmate clients like a moth to the flame! Treat yourself to something special today; act as if it’s your birthday!





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