Pet Communication – How to Connect With Your Fur Babies in Spirit

Pet Communication – How to Connect With Your Fur Babies in Spirit

Pet Communication – How to Connect

With Your Fur Babies in Spirit

If you’re an animal lover, this episode can help open that next level of intuition and meaningful connection to your pets, both in the present or if they are in spirit.

This episode is a little different than I normally do, but it’s something I feel is important. Losing our pets is a topic that I think is under-shared and under-discussed and I would like to change that.

While I’m not an expert on pet communication, I want to talk about what happens when our pets pass on and how we can stay connected to them and continue receiving their messages. They are sharing their love with you and there are ways you can receive it more.

With this episode, I’d love to see your pets! You can tag me @emilyaarons with pictures of your fur babies.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • Pet grief is an “under-shared” and “under-talked” about experience.
  • My personal story about my dog Scooby’s passing and how it was different than my husband’s experience with his dogs.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know!
  • How to receive messages from your pets in spirit.
  • How to connect more to your pets in the present and receive their messages now too.
  • It can be the most out-of-the-blue way that your pets send you their love from the other side.

Welcome back to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast. I’m Emily Aarons and this is episode number 422. So, this episode is going to be broadcast in February, which we know is the month of Love and Valentine’s Day, obviously, obviously Black History Month as well. But on the topic of love, I know sometimes for folks, we kind of also get the shallow side that comes in, which can sometimes be heartache or grief.

And just this morning I was interviewed for the Better Self and Net Worth podcast. And while we started talking about intuition, we quickly kind of segued into talking about dreams, which then opened up the conversation about talking about animals and spirits.

So, I thought because I am definitely a pet-loving gal, I have a dog, I have goats, chickens, and ducks. I love the conversation about animal communication. And while I’m not the expert on animal communication, this is a podcast episode where I want to talk about, you know, sort of what happens when our pets die and is there a way that we can tap into their connection both for our self as well as perhaps for our business? Doesn’t that sound like a weird topic? I think so too, but I also think it’s kind of interesting.

So if you are a pet person, please take a screenshot of this and tag me in your Instagram stories. And would you include a picture of your four-legged pet friends?
Our fur babies are so special and precious to us. And I know inside of the Mastery & Ascension membership, we are often times sharing pet memes or just like flooding our group with pictures of our fur babies. And I am not mad about it. I love talking about pets and even my team like we share pictures of our dogs.

So anyway, let’s talk about when our pets cross over what happens and is there a way that we can connect with them and communicate with them? I’ve been lucky enough to have several animals. My beloved pet, Scooby, was with me in my twenties and went through a lot of changes and transitions and just life things happening. Then I got married, had a couple of kids and we also had some dog siblings. He was always an only child until I got together with my husband Andrew, 10 years ago and suddenly he had a brother and a sister, which did not work out very well.
Initially, we had to hire behavioral experts so that they could get along and coexist and they end up loving each other. And my husband’s dogs, Kizer and Jada, crossed over before my dog Scooby did. He was the last of the trio. And when you know, when we lose a pet for folks who are not pet people, this is really not the episode for you.

But when we lose our pets, our dogs or cats, whatever other animals, we are having, it’s a lot. And pet loss and grief I feel like an shared about talked about the experience and it’s traumatic. And that pain trauma that we’re experiencing internally can absolutely have an impact on our businesses. You know, if your energy is low or you’re going through all the different stages of grief, it’s really hard to put yourself out there, especially when you feel like a part of you, a family member, your best friend who was always there by your side and cheering you on and supporting you and excitedly celebrating your victories with you suddenly not there. And it’s hard.

So I want to share a personal story of when my dog Scooby crossed over and really the progression of sense that happened. What is my relationship with him now? And the very bizarre way is that he has shown up to support me and my business. It was August of 2021 when he told me he was ready to go. And I found a pet. Oh, now I can’t think of the word all of a sudden. So, many hospices there it is, a pet hospice locally that could come to my house and cross him over with me. And that whole process was really beautiful. So I highly recommend you if you need to put down your beloved animals. I highly recommend doing it at home for the reason that it’s a very sacred and special ritual and process.

Unlike our other dogs, my husband’s dogs, we went to the veterinary clinic and it was, you know, walking in there knowing what’s going to happen is like basically one of the worst feelings in the world. And then walking out without your baby is awful. Like having to walk through a waiting room is agony.

And and so somehow it came to my awareness that there was this thing with pet hospice and I reached out. They were wonderful on the phone. They were wonderful at setting it up. They were wonderful when they showed up and the vet was just so loving. And so when it was that day, I had scheduled it and it was just a lot of anxiety and that feeling like I couldn’t work that day at all, knowing what was going to happen to, you know, my dog. And so I asked. Scooby said, where do you want to go? And he showed me in my mind’s eye. And I think that’s that one of the first ways that our animals talked to us you know, like, I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly narrating my pet. So like, if I’m about to go in the kitchen, they look at me like, Oh, you’re going to feed me. I will literally say out loud the thoughts that they are what I am assuming that they are having. But I also feel like we have that mental telepathy. We have these connections where we know when our cat or our dog looks at us a certain way or is doing something.

And you know, in like I said in my membership Mastery & Ascension, I have members who post pictures of them with their cats and they’ve got puffy eyes and said, “my cat was here for me when I had this huge most emotional release through one of Emily’s recent meditations. I just had this enormous shift and my cat was with me the whole time.” And it’s like that, you know, we have that. We know that they’re there for us. They know that they’re taking care of us. We know that they’re giving us that extra love and support in a physical. So, you know, logically, like, why wouldn’t that happen if they’re not physically here?

I mean, so, you know, my dog showed me a picture in my mind in the backyard where he wanted to go under the trees. It was a summer day and he wanted to be near the goats. And so when that came, I told her where he where we want to be set up. And she set up a beautiful picnic blanket. And we just took our time. And, you know, the process was really beautiful and memorable and sacred. And, you know, part of the process for me was being able to, you know, allow him to go and go in peace in the way that he wanted to go.

And another part of the ritual was very cleansing and nurturing and healing for my husband, because, like I said, we had these clinical procedures for his two dogs. So it was giving him an opportunity to, you know, rightfully grieve the loss of his two in our home, you know, in our yard with our other dog who was crossing over and just to re-process those feelings. And, you know, he had some feelings of guilt that came up that like, well, why didn’t I do it this way then? And he said, well, we didn’t know. I mean, we did the best we could. And so this is an opportunity not to feel guilty about it, but just to connect with the dogs again in spirit.

And so that night. When I lay down in bed, it you know, it was a heavy day, of course. But when I lay down in bed for the first time after my dog had passed. In my mind’s eye, I’m closing my eyes. For those who are listening to the podcast, I also have this on my YouTube channel. So if you want to watch this podcast, you can.

When I laid in bed and I closed my eyes immediately as I lay down my dog, Scooby came up on my bed, put his head in my lap, and my hand found that beautiful groove between his eyebrows in his forehead where I always would pad and caress and just constantly. And it was as though my hand was on his head. It was only energetic. So it was this connection that he came up. He said, I’m here. I’m here for you. And I’m okay.

And I know that for a pet, I feel like the air just left the room, you know, Just like I can feel all of you listening and maybe even re-experiencing your own stories. And I would love to hear them, like, really, truly knowing that they’re safe, knowing that they’ve crossed over and that they are with you in spirit.

And that was the first time. And you know, about a week that happened every single night, that he was just right there, right there on my side, on my bed, head in my lap, hand on his head. And, you know, I would just it was just like a constant bawling, just heavy, hard tears that came out. And so, you know, because I am who I am and I’ve studied what I’ve studied. I got that instant knowing that he crossed over, that he was safe. And so, you know, I would begin to check in with him, you know, if he could come by my side and just support me for a call or something that I was feeling nervous about. Could he help make that transition easier?

And so these are things that you can do to, which is call them in just like you call in your spirit guides. It’s like you call in your angels. It’s just like you call in your higher self, calling in your beloved pets from Spirit.

The moments that you think of them right now. They are there. They flood you with their image, their smell, their feel, a memory, and playful things that make you just smile and laugh.
Like when I think of my dog Scooby. And you know, this is one of the things that he started to do for me throughout that grieving process. But then he also showed up for me on the day of my birthday. And not only to me, he actually showed up for my son, Tristan, and on my birthday separately. I saw my dog. He came and visited me and my son later that day and said, Oh, mom, by the way, I thought of Scooby. He came and visit me. I think he was coming to say Happy birthday to you. And I said, Yeah, he did. And I’m so glad he came to you, too. And yeah, he said, Happy birthday to me, too. And so you might see and feel and sense your animal’s presence on, you know, holidays, special occasions, you know, big events, things like that.

And so, you know, just like I share with talking with your spirit guides, it’s the moment you call them in, they are there. And, you know, one of the things that Scooby used to do, which is what he’s reminded me of right now as I’m talking about him, is he used to go through hikes in the woods and he would pick up like tree branches or like logs, like, not a stick, like a normal dog. He would get these enormous branches and run through the woods. And if we were on a path like even a wide path, people would literally have to step aside so that they wouldn’t get their knees knocked out because he was carrying this enormous tree branch and just thinking about now like it makes me laugh at how ridiculous it was, but it was something he always did. And I have lots and lots of photos of him with these ridiculous tree branches on his back. So it’s like he gives you these memories.

So I want you to start, you know, so it was an invitation. I would invite you to start looking at these thoughts and these memories and these images, and these sounds as the dog, the cat, the animal in spirit connecting with you and saying, I’m here and I love you. And they’re also here just like your guides. And maybe they are a guide now. Maybe they are becoming a spirit guide for you. So you can ask them, are you a spirit guide for me? Are you here? And you’ll be able to have a conversation.

And just like I said before, I would narrate my dog’s every move and I still do with My current dog, Wexford. I narrate his every move when he has playdates, I narrate the playdate.
You know, they communicate with us easily. So let that kind of easy communication like light communication come through when you’re reaching out to your animal friend.

And so, the way we can apply this in our business is the same, you know, if you’re going into a launch period or you’re second guessing yourself asking for that love pet, loved pet in spirit to come through and to bring some ease, to show you a sign, to give you that next response that you need to know so that you can know you’re making the right decision.

About a week ago, we had a student clinic for the Integrated Energy Alignment practitioners who are in training right now. And during the clinic, well, just before the clinic, actually, I had lost my voice. And so my team member, Amanda, I asked her if she could lead it for us and just hold the space for a little visualization process for a few minutes where we can just visualize our best business, our highest self, and see how our practice evolves and just to hold that space.

And as she opened up the meditation and held that space, I had my eyes closed fully present and I started to taste metal. And whenever I taste metal in sessions or not in sessions, I start to kind of ask questions like, Who’s coming in? Is somebody here?

Because when I taste metal, it’s my body’s way of saying there is a loved one in spirit here. And I thought at that moment, Oh, I’m probably channeling or somebody from the call, like a loved one is coming in for them to share a message or something like that. And when I ask the question, is there somebody coming in? Is there something that needs to be shared right now?
It was my dog, Scooby. And at that moment I saw his big face and he was almost £100 dog. He was a mixed breed, kind of looks like a lab, Rhodesian shepherd kind of mix. He was a big dog and he smiled at me and then immediately starts licking, licking, licking, licking, licking, licking under my chin to the point as he used to, is all I actually I have a picture of him licking under my chin. So my favorite pictures because when I took the selfie I captured his actual tongue out and glistening licking my chin and I’m smiling and it’s like that feeling I got was undeniable.

And even though I wasn’t expecting him to be there when I was visualizing and holding space for my dream business, why did he come in right then? What was he telling me? So when you hear the story, you can obviously hear love and support and groundedness. And adoration and hope. That’s what I felt.

And so as much as we can think, well, that’s not really a business message I completely saw because the container and the intention were around business and he showed up for me.
So whether it’s a spirit guide, an angel, your higher self, an animal or a pet, loved one in spirit. Notice the energy that comes in with this simplistic thing that shows up for you. So like I said, it was just him smiling and licking me. But then how did it make me feel? What feeling did I get in my body, in my energy field, in my space?

And when we opened our eyes after the meditation, Amanda said, all of you had these big smiles on your faces. And after we went into breakout rooms, I said to her, my dog came in and I thought it was for somebody else, like spirit coming in for somebody else, but it was my dog, Scooby. And both her and I like to remember Katrina, were like, just, Oh, I’m so happy and so great. But it stuck with me for the whole day.

And so this is just an invitation to say, you know, when we had these connections, they’re undeniable. And so after our animals transitioned out of the physical into the energetic realm, their energy was not destroyed. And energy cannot be created or destroyed. It only changes form. So I would invite you to connect with that spirit of your animal and just call them in.

You know, it doesn’t have to be with them, you know, give me my next business plan. Like nothing that serious and dramatic, but just the added love and support. Because I know what that little image of my dog, lucky I did for me, for that moment and for the rest of that day, and even sharing the story here on the podcast, reliving that memory, it’s like it just continues to cascade and ripple through me and you and hopefully brings up other thoughts of your animals and your loved ones.

The other way animals can come to us are in dreams. And, you know, for folks who get a lot of messages and downloads in your dreams, you have prophetic dreams. You have really active dreams, or you’re doing astral travel or just lucid dreaming. You know, our animals can show up and dream because really our conscious mind is the only thing that’s really blocking us from connecting and seeing and feeling those animals around us now because logical, left brain conscious mind is going to hear, I don’t see it’s not here.

So when we go to sleep, it’s all our subconscious. So it’s all been there all along and we are more open and more receptive, which is why we get these amazing downloads in dreams. We get these beautiful stories and pictures and intuitive hits and dreams because we’re finally open to it.

Our brain isn’t going wah, wah wah, wah, wah, wah wah all day. It’s finally stopped so that the messages can kind of open up and actually come through. It’s the only time we’re actually receptive to it. It’s all happening all the time. But, you know, maybe at 3 a.m. in the middle of the night is when we’re the most receptive when we’re in that deep sleep. Also, they can come in the shower, or especially when you’re on walks or in familiar places where you used to take them or do take them.

One of my really dear friends lost her dog and we end up going to Sedona on a retreat. And she had told me about her pet loss and you know, how significant it felt for her. And we were driving from Phoenix to Sedona, which is about a two-hour drive. The first stop that we made in Sedona, we pulled up to this little restaurant, which was like a vegan place, and she’s vegan and gluten-free and has all these food allergies. So she got there and was like, get out of town. I can eat everything in this place. Oh, my God, she was in heaven. And then as soon as we had that moment of like, you can literally everything in here, this is amazing. We look over and I see this Pomeranian, and I knew her dog was a Pomeranian. And I said, look over there. There’s a Pomeranian. Do you see it?

And she goes, Oh, my God. And she completely burst into tears. And she said to me, Oh my gosh. She starts shaking, she’s crying and she’s shaking. And she said, I literally haven’t seen a Pomeranian since my dog passed away. Literally have not seen one. This is the first one I’ve seen. And I was like, well, don’t we go talk to her and see if we can see the dog? And she was like, Aha! So we said, hello. And my friend said, you know, would you mind if I pet your dog? I lost my Pomeranian. And this dog, this Pomeranian was probably like £20, hers was like five.
So this dog was enormous, not didn’t look like hers, but it did, right? And she upholding it and they were talking. And, you know, dog people when we connect with each other, she shared her story and just really connected with the dog. And we said goodbye. We ordered our food. We sat down on our table and we just were both bawling like, can you even believe the second we get here in Sedona, the magic is already happening.

This dog is here. And the message that it’s sharing for you is your dog and spirit made sure to get you here to help you with your healing journey. And this is that confirmation that you’re in the right place, that you’re getting the healing that you need, and that he is the one who has orchestrated every little bit of it for you because he loves you so dearly.

And, you know, thinking back to that story again, I’m like, oh, my God, like it. It touches me. And it’s like, you can’t make this stuff up. And we were both just like like jaws dropped almost speechless at how beautiful that moment was. And so this is the other way that you know, we can get signs from our loved ones, whether it be just like a name, a word, a color.
And even like she shared with me a picture, you know, she actually brought his little lamb squeaky toy with her. And I was like, I have that. I know I have that.

And so sometimes around the house, like the dog will leave it in random places and I’ll take a photo and I’ll send it are like, he’s with us. Because sometimes it’s the most out of the blue, least expected ways that our pets are here communicating with us and sharing that love.

So, I hope this episode doesn’t make you sad, but really makes you understand the ways in which we can connect with Spirit, whether it be our loved ones, our family members, our friends that have passed away, or connecting with and especially with our loved ones that are animals in spirit and how we can connect with their energy to bring us support, bring us love, bring us those flashes of joy and be able to help support us in our alignment, to be able to impact others from a positive place.

Again, if you enjoyed this episode, I know it’s a little bit different than I normally do, but I think it’s worth talking about when we have an opening for love.
I don’t know any other opening for a love greater than the love of animals, I guess my children. I suppose my children crack the open too, but I think my first real experience, an encounter beyond like human connection was my first dog. And then now my current dog and now my goats and chickens and ducks. I don’t love my chickens and ducks as much, I fully admit that. But like I love animals.

And if you’re an animal lover too, I think this episode should help open up that next level of intuition and scare communication. So anyway, please, flood my Instagram, tag me, show me your fur babies and let me know if this episode resonate with you.

We have a lot of great stuff going on in the business right now. I’ve been doing the Business & Soul Alignment Experience that’s been going spectacularly well. If you haven’t participated, when it’s a free workshop, you’re going to learn about your energy field and how it impacts your business alignment and how you can get your business in alignment with your energy field so you can serve on your highest level bull like feel, fulfill your highest potential in alignment, feeling your best.

I’ve also been teaching my brand new Chakra Intensive Workshop, which I totally geek out about. I absolutely love that. Grab your ticket to that, will have all the information in the show notes.

And if you would like to work with me privately, I do have a couple of openings for an either one-on-one sessions. I have VIP Days available, which are much more in-depth in a single session.
And then I also have the Sunday Healing Circle, which you can be within a small group of ten people once every month or every other month depending, but you can check the schedule for those healing circles. It’s a really great way to get close attention. Deep healing with me at a fraction of the cost of what it’s like to work with me one-on-one. So I’ll leave all those links in the show notes below.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your beautiful fur babies. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, a wonderful month ahead, and thanks for listening to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast. Always love to hear your reviews. Leave a five-star review over on iTunes or your favorite listening platform and share this one with a friend.

Thanks for being here. Lots of love to you.

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