Answering Your Spirit Guide Questions with Whitney McNeill

Answering Your Spirit Guide Questions with Whitney McNeill

Answering Your Spirit Guide Questions with Whitney McNeill

Whitney McNeill is back! A few months ago, Whitney was a guest on my podcast, and I was a guest on hers. Both episodes were so wildly popular that we’ve decided to give you more of what you want.

We thought it would be fun to have you as listeners ask Whitney anything you want about spirit guides.

As usual, Whitney delivers insightful answers and helpful tips as only she can.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • Tips for retaining images and messages you receive from spirit guides in your dreams.
  • Do our spirit guides send different signs (like feathers) depending on which guide is sending the message?
  • Can we have our spirit guides talk to our family member’s guides to help resolve problems?
  • Do spirit guides communicate with other spirit guides?
  • How can a spirit guide help you move an energy block and help you heal?

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Emily: Hey, podcast listeners, welcome back. I am joined today by a repeat guest and my dear friend Whitney McNeill. We love Whitney for her connection to Spirit Guides. So we had this awesome idea that we were going to have you guys, the audience, writing questions. Because when I was on Whitney’s podcast, when she was on mine, they were both blowing up. So we’re like, Well, let’s give the people what they want.

So, we’re doing a two-parter here. So the first part, you’re hearing it here today, which is the beginning of May. Tomorrow, I will be on Whitney and she will be asking me all about energy alignment. So today we’re going to be talking even more deeply about Spirit guides. We’re going to be answering all your questions. And as always, we want to just hear from you. If you’re loving this, we might even do it again. Don’t even tempt us.

So,  we’ll link the previous episode that Whitney was on, on my podcast as well as hers in the show notes, if you want to go back to listen to those, you definitely can and gain even more insight and all that energy.

So I’m not even going to have you introduce yourself because you already did that and people already love you. So let’s just dive right in. So first of all, hi. I’ll stop breathing. I’ll stop talking so you can say something warm welcome back to the podcast, Whitney!

Whitney: Emily, It’s good to be here. I love the energy of everybody, and it’s so great to see that Spirit Guides is such a hot topic. So, oh, my goodness so many questions about energy alignment and spirit guides. Can’t wait to dive in. So let’s get to it.

Emily: Let’s do it. I love this first question from Kristen. She asks about spirit guides in your dreams. So I know for me I sometimes have really super lucid dreams with repeated messages or like, really, I’ve had phone numbers and dreams of like some crazy cool stuff happens in dreams.

So she’s asking, “how can you retain the images and messages when you wake up”?

Whitney: Yeah, so this is a great question and I have so many different answers, so I’ll do my best to contain them all. But one of the best ways that your guides can give you the message when you feel like you haven’t developed your intuition or you feel like you’re just not getting the memo when you’re in your conscious, day-to-day activities are through dreams, which can also be astral travels.

And when we’re astral traveling, we usually don’t retain the message in our conscious mind for very long. It’s like I wake up, Oh my goodness, I knew I was someplace. I can just see it, I can hear it, I can feel it. But then it kind of wanes. So there’s a couple of things you can do.

One, talk to your spirit guides before you go to bed and say, I’d really love to go on an astral visit with you and receive your messages, but please help me retain and integrate it into my conscious awareness.

But also, I’d love to give Kristin permission not to remember because you’ll remember when you need to. It’s still in your energy. It’s just not been integrated into your brain in the forefront. But it’s like you have this card in your back pocket and all of a sudden you’re like, whoa, I know the answer (tsu-tsum!) You know, kind of like, here’s the card. Well, where did I know that? Like, where did that come from? You were on astral travel.

So that’s kind of a comforting wave where it’s like, wait a minute, I know I actually have it. I just don’t necessarily have to retain it. Rolling around with all the other stuff that we have in our day-to-day lives.

So I remember I went on an astral travel years ago and I came back and I thought I knew I went somewhere, but I don’t know what I really experienced. I just had an awareness that somebody was talking about celiac disease and I was like, okay, don’t remember anything about it. But then I started attracting clients that I’ll have celiac disease, and I was like, somewhere in my energy, I must know this because it wasn’t something I was dealing with on a conscious basis. And then as I started to see more and more clients come in, I ended up becoming gluten-free not from celiac disease, but from a different way. And so it was like I had all this knowledge and it came to me when I needed it. So I thought that was really cool.

Emily: I love that. You know what? That reminds me of a couple of things. Number one, how fast start you go gets the best of us because that thought of like, Well, what if I forget it? It was supposed to be important.

I’m not going, well, that’s just like your ego saying, no, you’re not good enough. Or it’s I actually love what you’re saying because when we are in the dream, say it is our subconscious. And so of course, we of course are going to have that card in in the back pocket somewhere because it is our subconscious, It’s not the conscious mind that’s running the show, but our subconscious mind is what manifests. And so I love that you said that.

And it also brought me back to an astral travel years ago where I was a shapeshifter and I was being chased. And then my thought was, we’ll just shapeshift past this board like it was like a rock wall. And I was being like, it was I was cornered. It was like I was dead was imminent. And I just heard, like, we’ll just shapeshift. And so I shapeshifted and I got away and I was like, huh?

And then I realized kind of what I teach to entrepreneurs is this shape-shifting of, you know, going from struggling as a healer practitioner, coach and shapeshifting into the highest self. The version of you that is on that path, that is trusting themselves, that is confident. And I was like, Oh, I think I can apply this sort of knowledge-based or from this dream into this life. And I mean, I did remember, but it’s like. It was a crazy experience.

Whitney: It does sound like a wild experience, but what a beautiful message. I love what you just said, and I think that’s going to resonate with so many people listening to of how they can shapeshift in their own lives and transform. It’s really beautiful, astral travel is amazing, but it does really kind of throw you through this loop where it’s like, what was that that I just saw sometimes? But it’s really good.

Emily: But also what you said of like just asking to remember too, is like, it’s like the simplest things in it. Even when we’re going to get into talking more about guides, it’s like, Well, what if there was a guide for that? You know, like there’s an app for that. Like there’s a guide for that. Why not just ask the guide for that? Oh, right. That too. I could do that.

Whitney: Absolutely. Yeah. And so talk to your teacher guide if you’re listening and they’ll be more about it what you said. Yes.

Emily: All right. So this is a fun one about Spirit Guides, whether it’s an animal ancestor or a collective. When they express their messages in the form of numbers, feathers, coins and other signs. Do each of them have, like, their own signature sign that they’re leaving, where the messages are coming from so that we can like, can we send gratitude like, Hey, is this the guy that comes with coins? Is this the one that comes with feathers? And if so, she’s also asking like a two-parter, like, can I send a thank you note?

Whitney: I love that. Yes. Start with the last one first, please say thank you to your spirit guides. That’s definitely one thing that I always talk about with talking to your guides. It’s like if you had an assistant or even your family or friends and you never express gratitude or say thank you to your people that are helping you, it just wouldn’t be a great rapport. So you also say thank you.

However, some spirit guides and loved ones definitely have like this calling card work. So they’ll say, hey, it’s, you know, this is what I like to send you. I like to send you feathers or I like to send you coins. What I’ve noticed is that normally I’ve seen spirits who more show up or identify as male figures will send coins. It’s not all that way, but it’s just I’ve noticed this in readings, and generally speaking, they’ll be more of like a grandfather kind of energy that comes through.

And I’ve also noticed joy guides will tend to send flowers and they really like that vibrancy. And then it’s very different. So what I would recommend that you do is talk to your spiritual team, your spirit guides, and say, you know, I really love these signs. This is amazing. I would love to have a little bit more information, a little bit more detail of which guide ascending this. And the beauty, though, too, is that regardless if you know which guide or which spirit is sitting in these messages, you’re still getting them, which is really beautiful. It’s just it’s just it’s like an amazing rapport. But you can always just further get the conversation.

Just like if I were talking to Emily and I wanted to know more about her life or, Hey, you’re sending me these messages. Is this you know, I know it’s her because it’s from her name, but you just want to really make sure, Hey, is this so-and-so? And you could say, I’d love to receive a validation. So hopefully that helps answer the question.

Emily: Yeah. And of course, I’m going back to a reel that I made about. But can you send a signer sign? You know, I just need a signer sign. And I think that’s also the loop that, like spiritual folks like us get into where, you know, we got the confirmation, we got the sign, we got the direction, we pulled the card, we tested our pendulum. We got like, I don’t know, all the different green lights that we could get. And then we were still like, but where? How do I know it came from this guide? It’s like, can you just take the great message with love and gratitude and just be like, hey, whoever sent this, you’re awesome. Thank you. More of this, please. Like, move on. I think we can stay in this place of indecision.

Whitney: Yes.

Emily: And hold ourselves in this pattern. And, you know, I’m offering this program right now, and I’ve been having all these conversations with folks, and somebody sent me a DM, and they’re like, I’m really interested. So I’m like, hey, did you have questions? Like, I’m happy to help. I have a, you know, some open calls, too, if you want. And she’s like, yeah, I’m just going to surrender that. Hopefully, something will happen. And I wrote back, I said, okay, that sounds good. You can also just say, No, that’s totally okay. I want you to be able to just say no too. And she came back at me like at me saying, you know, you’re assuming that I’m making excuses, you know? And I said, No, I’m not assuming anything. I’m just giving you permission because a lot of people have trouble just saying no. Whether they think that they’re hurting my feelings or that they themselves don’t know how to say no, you know, in their life, like, life just kind of happens.

I don’t know if you’re a new girl fan, but Winston doesn’t make decisions and they use them all the time about like, when was the last time you actually made a decision? It’s like, Oh, because I played basketball. No, you didn’t. You were an infant and they just gave you a basketball. You didn’t make a decision to play.

So, you know, I think part of this is like, we can there’s a time to surrender to guidance. There’s a time to open up to direction. And you also need to take action. And so, you know, if you are getting signs like does it really matter who the guide is? Like, you got the sign, you got the confirmation, you can feel it, you can know and then move on. I guess I’m just kind of. I don’t know what the word is. I don’t want to say impatient, but I’m just like a go, go, go, go, go! Like a little energizer bunny sometimes. So, like… 🙂 I think that we can…

Whitney: Agree we stay too much sometimes in wanting to know the details. And then I think it kind of produces this response in us where it’s like, there’s always more for me to work on and I have to get it perfect. Whereas sure, we all have stuff to work on, but we don’t have to get it perfect.

And knowing that there they, there I think is really the most important step and just dividing the conversation to if it happens, it happens and you can talk to your guys every day and it’s been four confirmations, but I wouldn’t stay on that too much.

I was just having a conversation with a student, it’s on my membership. And she was really going down that rabbit hole of signs, signs, sig,n some things and she’s like, what is it all mean? Like, it doesn’t have to mean all the things. It really doesn’t. It’s nice when you get a confirmation, but sometimes, you know, a bottle of water is just a bottle of water. And sometimes we don’t need to know the meaning of the universe, you know, within that sign that we got. So I know you were like.

Emily: I am dying because, like, you probably get it too, people are like, Oh my gosh, the currency exchange has changed. Is that a sign that I shouldn’t be in your program? You’re like, gosh! I love it. It’s not everything is a sign. Sometimes it’s just a water bottle. Put that in a quote card. So. This is why I also love you, Whitney, because you’re so grounded. And, you know, you can laugh at these things, too, and help people so much, connecting with their guides. And let’s be practical.

I love this next question from Janelle. She says, “Do spirit guides who work with me specifically communicate with the guides of my kids and spouse.” And part two is, “the spirit guides communicate with other spirit guides”?

Whitney: Oh, that’s such a great question. I would try to contain the answer and through a certain amount of minutes.

Emily: Do you have 90?

Whitney: I know, right? So I just want to start with the concept of do you actually have your spirit guides and then your children, your spouse, other people, the family, they have their spirit guides as well. And what’s really great is that you can ask your spirit guides to communicate with their spirit guides, and then that helps the family, that helps to get on the same page.

So this is especially helpful when you’re having to have a tough conversation with somebody or you’re not on the same page like you’re just in an argument or you’re trying to convey to your child something and they’re not listening. So you can talk to your spirit guides and say, you know, I really would like to help them understand, you know, X, Y, Z of what I’m saying. And then you can say, you know, what would be the best right next step for me in this conversation or to have the highest and the best outcome.

And the great news is that your spirit guides are ethical, so they’re not going to like you can’t know all the details of your, let’s say, daughter’s life, especially if she’s an adult. But as a child, it’s a little different where you get to know a little bit more and you can start to work with that team, which is really great. So your spirit guides normally will just talk to the spirit guides of whoever that is, because your spirit guides are assigned specifically to you, which is really great. When I realized that, I felt so much comfort and knowing, Oh, I’ve got a team, wait a minute, they specialize in Whitney, with her life, and with her business. And hey, they’re dedicated just to me, which I think is really, really great. So that’s my answer. I think I contained it down.

Emily: I think so. You did great. And the second part is “Do they communicate with other guides”? And I would say yes, because whenever I’m working with clients one on one, I always feel the connection of my guides talking to their guides and then like amongst themselves, then relaying the info to me to relay to my clients. Does that kind of how you feel?

Whitney: Oh, 100%. That’s mediumship. So whenever I teach mediumship, it’s my guides talking to the guides of the client. They, they kind of negotiate. You know what I can know? They come back, they give it to me and it comes out of my mouth and then that’s mediumship. So absolutely, they talk to other guides because sometimes people have this assumption that mediums, intuitive, or a psychic or whatever, we’ll just kind of tune into your energy. Like they’re just going to look at you and know all your life. And while some people might do that and please don’t, they’re listening. Just because you have that ability, ability, please don’t just go around, try to tune into everybody. That’s again, like the ethical.

Emily: I know, like all the flashing….

Whitney: Well, yeah. Like, don’t do that. And some by the way, you know, I live in Sedona. I’ve actually had some people come up off the street and just give me a reading without my permission. And I was like, no.

Emily: Can I pause you there to talk about that?, for a second because that’s happened to me as well. So I want to talk about that. So first of all, like me and Whitney are kind of emoting is like it’s completely unethical to do that. I always thought people could like, see through me, like I was transparent. It’s not ethical. So if you are somebody who has that ability or your training to do that, you need to ask the permission of the other person. Similarly, like if you’re going into Akashic Records and you’re like, let me go digging around my kids stuff and my boyfriend’s things like, no, it’s you’re going to get blocked. Most likely you’re not going to see anything, but it’s completely unethical and there is karma. So there’s that. But if people do come up to you without your permission to give you a message, you have the right to say, No, thank you.

And so I had somebody come to me at a conference, last conference I went to, somebody was like, I’ve been having this this thing. And she’s like, I just realized you’re the thing I have to share this message with. And she shared this message and I was like. Why? Like, it was just a little a little weird. And I talked to a friend who was also there, and she goes, did you give her your permission to give you that message and to tap into your energy? I said, no. She goes, Yeah, do you do that to people? I said, Oh God, no. She goes, Yeah. So consider the message invalid and void. Like that’s basically. And I was like, Oh, that is such a good point. And, and so I want to give you all permission to say No, thank you.

If somebody is like, I have a message because it’s really sexy, it’s really appealing, you’re like, Oh, someone’s going to tell me something I don’t know. And it’s really appealing, but it’s also completely unethical. So how is that for you to receive that?

Whitney: How awful. No, anytime I teach mediumship, I say you ask for permission every time. So this person in Sedona that came up to me, my husband was with me, I’m going to tell you. So he’s four years older than I am, but I’ve always looked older when I was younger, and he’s always looked like he’s ten years younger than his age. So the person that came out started giving a message and then said, Your son.

Emily: Oh Jesus.

Whitey: And I was like. Okay, obviously you’re not tuned in here, but I’ll go, no, no, thank you Yeah, right.

Emily: Oh, oh my gosh.

Whitney: So much so that when he turned 40 years ago, I put on his t-shirt. I said, My wife is four years younger than me. And if you say that I look younger than her, she will hurt you.

Emily: It’s a very specific T-shirt.

Whitney: Right? Very specific T-shirt.

Emily: No, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. Were you going to share something about communicate with other spirit guides that?

Whitney: Oh, well, yes. The answer is yes. So you talk to your spirit guides and they can talk to the spirit guides of whomever. And this is really helpful, especially when you are needing to kind of work through something together, but it’s not something that you would just do. Like Emily was saying, I want to know about so-and-so, what’s going over, what’s going on over there? Your spirit guides, first off, won’t get the information unless the Spirit guides of the other person give it to them. So that’s one thing. And you don’t want to just go digging around in people’s lives.

Emily: Yeah. Yeah. There was a final question that I wanted to ask, but now I’m missing it. It was around connecting with guides and your energy. I don’t know where did I just go?

Whitney: I might be moving the document.

Emily: How dare you? Here it is. I got it. “How can a spirit Guide help you remove an energy block?”

Whitney: Hmm. So good. So you can ask your spirit healer. So you’ve got different guides for so many different things in your lives. You’ve got guides for your business. You’ve got guides that help you with your personal life. You have a teacher guide that is so helpful for astral travel. So talk to your teacher guide. If you’re wanting to do more of that, have a protector guide and then you also have guides and specialists in healing. So one of the things that I would suggest just from my perspective is I would call on your spirit guide your spirit healer to help you release and remove an energy block. And whenever I’ve done that, I have felt this place of tingles, different sensations. I’ll feel some kind of energy shift like they’re working on me. And it’s always great to do this when you can relax. This can be specifically good right before bed, but also your guides can give you messages about what action steps you might need to take to remove the energy block as well.

So from my perspective, those are some things that you can do. But I do want to turn around the question around Emily, and she specializes in energy alignment. And so you got to listen to the podcast episode on my podcast to get the rest of the answer.

Emily: Oh, yeah, I have a juicy one and I want to share it on your podcast because I channeled a meditation that was an energy healing through your guides, and all these guides came in to work on us. And so I want to share a little bit more about that on your podcast.

So you guys head on over to Whitney’s podcast, which we don’t know what it’s going to be right now, but a message from the Spiritual Ambitious Podcast. There we go. Goodness, gracious. We’ll get it out there.

You know, it’s sometimes it’s hard to go from energy to like the 3D, so come on over to Spiritual Ambitious we will have it linked in the show notes. Or you can just search on your favorite listening platform to listen to my answer to that question and many more about energy alignment. Thank you, Whitney. And I can’t wait to talk to you in 5 seconds.

Whitney: I’ll see you soon.

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In this episode, Whitney shares how you can call on your Spirit Guides before bed to help heal and remove blocks. Try it! Ask your healer guides to release and remove blocks to help you heal and notice any messages or improvements in your life.



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