How to Access Your Spirit Guides’ Wisdom for Your Biz With Whitney McNeill

How to Access Your Spirit Guides’ Wisdom for Your Biz With Whitney McNeill

How To Access Your Spirit Guides’ Wisdom For Your Biz

with Whitney McNeill

Have you considered that you have spirit guides for your business? You do! And my guest, Whitney McNeill, shares how you can access their wisdom for all aspects of your business including marketing, PR, and goal setting.

Whitney wasn’t always comfortable with spirits though. As a child, she saw spirits but it really scared her. She closed herself off from her gifts and tried to lead a “normal” life instead.

This led her to a full-time, overly demanding job and ultimately a health crisis. Seeking alternative methods of healing is what finally led her back to her gifts.

Today we’re talking about her journey and also ways you can receive help from your guides for your business. They are here to help you! It’s not hard to get to know them and start the dialogue to help you feel inspired and supported in your biz in as little as 5-15 minutes a day.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • How fear took Whitney out of alignment, far from her path, and landed her in a health crisis.
  • Weighing the risk and how to lean on your guides when leaving your 9 to 5.
  • How many guides do you actually have?
  • “Protector guides” – you have to hear this!
  • You have guides for your business, marketing, PR, and strategy.
  • How to develop the relationship with your business guides and receive their wisdom.
  • Are you a seer, owl, empath, or channeler? And how it impacts your business.
  • You can use your body as a pendulum.
  • What is mediumship – demystified.

Well, hey listeners, welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast.

I am pleased and excited to be joined by my friend Whitney McNeill. Thanks for just laughing along with me.

That’s fine.

And I brought Whitney here today because she is a fellow business owner entrepreneur who is wholeheartedly guided by her intuition. And she helps to teach other spiritual folks how to use their intuition in various ways. But before I chop up your bio, I would love for you to introduce yourself and how you got to this place and today here on my podcast.

Well, thanks for having me first off. And it’s always fun to talk with you and talk with your spirit guides and my spirit guide and who knows what’s going to come through. So I love working with spiritual and ambitious souls who really want to live their purpose through their careers. And I truly feel that the way in to do that, to save so much time and to feel aligned, is through your intuition and working with your guides.

Years back when I was really young, I started to see spirits and I could not make sense of what I saw. I mean, it was so vivid that I actually had my parents check for footsteps in my room because I swore that there was a man there. Good news it wasn’t a human person, but bad news. I still didn’t know what I was experiencing.

So throughout the years, I became really interested. I was really open. And then at one point, Emily, I got so freaked out because I saw a woman with red hair in a pink shirt sitting on the edge of my bed.

And I screamed out loud, Your dad go to the light. Like, I didn’t know what else to do. And from that point on, I shut off my skills. I shut off my intuition. I just didn’t have anybody to talk to help me understand it.

So years went by, I got way out of alignment, went down the wrong path, lived my life based on what other people thought was best for me, not paying attention to anything I wanted to do. I didn’t have confidence in myself and all that.

Then it got to a point where I was in a health crisis and my aunt, I believe this was her intuition, said, hey, we’re going to take you to this place in Arizona for alternative healing. And I went I had Reiki sessions, I had shamanic healing. I opened up my energy. I saw other practitioners talking to their spirit guides and creating a positive impact in the world.

And my health changed so much so that when I went back to my doctor, I told him about what I experienced. And he said, you need to learn how to do this for others. I was like, all right, that’s a slap in the face. Like, go to the event and here I am.

So I wanted to be able to teach and to help other people understand how to talk to their guides without the fear and also understand how it comes in for them. Because just because I saw spirit, doesn’t mean someone else will see. They might experience it through feeling or knowing or in their body or hearing. And that, in a nutshell, is what I like to do and why I do it.

I really love that. And even when you share that story about the redheaded woman. Like my whole body just totally lit up. I was like, this is so significant. And everything in me was like, ha! And so, you know, you said you went and lived your life. But I know for me, I did healing for a very long period of time. And there were some periods that I did it more on the side that I was working a quote unquote real job. And, you know, did that happen for you, too, or did you just go straight into your healing career?

So I was still working a full-time job and I hated it. I really did. I was working like 10 to 12 hours. And I knew with my entire being that I wanted to do something in this realm, in the spiritual realm, and help others. But I didn’t see anybody else that started a business like this, so I kind of didn’t know how it was going to happen. But of course, my spirit guide, it’s led me to people, led me to opportunities, led me to situations. So I actually started my business part-time. So I would work my 10 to 12-hour job. And then I had rushed over and drive to my office 30 minutes down the road, like eating dinner in the car to do my healing sessions or to do my readings. And I loved it. And then I’d also do that on the weekends. Now I got to a point where I was very exhausted because. I was there…

you’re working 900 hours!

Exactly. And I had asked my guides. So one of the things when you really work with your guides, I said, hey, please create these opportunities for me because that’s one of their main jobs, so please create more opportunities. I really want to do this full-time.

My family wasn’t really supportive of it. I mean, they loved me. They were just fearful. I think that that might be the case with most entrepreneurs, but for me, especially in the spiritual world, it was like, I don’t know if you can do this, Whitney. And I just really leaned into my guides and I said, tell me, just kind of take over when I need to quit.

Emily, I walked out of my job, drove the car, never came back. I mean, it was just like one day my body kind of took over and I was like, I got to go. That is not how I would ever recommend to anybody to quit a job. I mean, and that’s really not my personality. I would want to give people notice. and  I would want to leave on good terms.

So here’s what happened when I did that, the company that I was working for actually said, well, we still want you to work for us, but from home for the rest of the year. So I still got and come from there, and my part-time business really went full-time literally in a couple of days. It was like, I don’t know if the Google algorithm changed or what happened, but honestly, it’s your spirit guides telling you this is your time.

Because I have this limiting belief – nobody’s going to see me for appointments in the middle of the day and they’re only going to see me on evenings and weekends. That was just a limiting belief. 

I just stopped doing evening and weekend stuff. And then, of course, my business has pivoted and changed. I only do teaching full-time now through classes and programs, but it’s so beautiful when you really work with your guides, especially in your business, when you’re making this very pivot, you’re making big life changes. The guides are like, we’ve got you. You just trust the process. It’s just us who wants to second guess it and say how it’s not going to work when it really will work.

Totally. So let’s give it to guides because you know, to be able to just essentially speak to your guides and say a prayer, like please just like make this transition work is like great in theory for a lot of people in practice it’s not so clear and cut and dry. And I feel like we have very similar personalities in that way where like leaping really isn’t such a big deal. But for a lot of people who take calculated risks and who are maybe like risk averse, it might seem like, yeah, no, that’s nice for you. But instead, I think I’m going to overthink it for a little while.

So can we talk a little bit about how to make that transition to connect with your spirit guides a little bit more clearly for people who are new at this and to maybe define like what is a spirit guide for them if they’re new?

Yeah, absolutely.

So a spirit guide is a guide that you have this contract with and you can acquire spirit guides for different reasons.

I’m going to just talk about the personal spirit guides we all have. So generally we talk about 2 to 3, we talk about 2 to 3 guides. They guide us, they teach us and they protect us. And this is in your personal sector.

Most of the time we have these guides before we incarnate and we have negotiated a contract, or perhaps they are a spirit that we’ve known before and we need to finish out some sort of karma or something of that sort.

And so they’re guiding us through our life. They help us with those feelings and knowing they will also teach us. They will also guide us to teachers, literally, who you need to learn from in classes, and they will take you on astral visits, which a lot of people think our dreams. So it really it’s often your spirit guides taking you to learn something or taking you to process something.

We also have protector guides as well, when I found out. Out that I had a protector guide, like, whoa. My mind was blown. Oh, I don’t have to be fearful of whoever is coming to talk to me because my protector guide will help filter that out. So those are our main guides.

When we work with our guides, their main goal is to help us stay aligned to our path and our purpose. And this can be with career, relationship. All of these things are helping us raise our vibration, become lighter, learn more, and grow.

I always tell students that work with me. I would love for you to just take 5 to 15 minutes every day to talk to your guides. And the number one reason why people don’t connect to their guides other than fear is they think it takes too much time.

They think that they have to go on a mountain somewhere or meditate for an hour or there’s a stage in their room and everything has to be perfect. And I’m like, no, it doesn’t.

I mean, ideally, yeah, you can clean out your energy in your room, but like, you can still talk to your guides for 5-15 minutes.


Then what I’ll say is tell your guides all the things that you’re grateful for. Thank them. Ask them any questions that you might have and tell them what you need help with. Then clear your mind and then let the messages come in in those 5 to 15 minutes through your intuitive language to seeing, hearing, feeling, or knowing.

And then when you continue to do this, you start recognizing your intuitive messages more. You start forming a rapport and relationship with your spirit guides. They start becoming on the same page with you.

And so many times, Emily, I hear people say, Oh, I don’t need to talk to my guides. I just know what I need.

I’m like, Oh, no, no, no. Like red light. Let’s turn around.

And one of the examples I’ll say is if you had an assistant that you never talked to, but your assistant saw that you drink coffee every day, your assistant might ask you, hey, what do you need help with? What kind of coffee do you like? And you don’t answer your assistant. Just going to try to give you the coffee, but you might take your coffee with stevia and with oat milk and your assistant like I see some sort of sugar and I see some sort of milk. So here’s cows milk and three packets of sugar. It’s not gonna necessarily the same.

So talking to guys is really, really imperative. And when you do that, you form this bond and this relationship, and it is like they’re old friends.

So for folks who are starting out too, well, I have a side question. I’ll get you in a second because it’s not like not leaving me alone.

But the question I want to start with is for folks who are new to using their intuition, new to speaking to guides, you know, we just you mentioned your intuitive language.

So seeing, hearing, smelling, sensing, knowing. And for the folks who, you know, I’m very clairvoyant, so usually things come faster visually and I attract a lot of folks who are claircognizant and so they have that knowing and so I might describe something for you with the same answer.

Yes, yes.

So like it’s really challenging for my clients and I think probably yours too of being like I can say the words like, Oh, I’m seeing, I’m watching, but you’re like, I’m not getting anything except you are. Because, you know, like, you know, like, you know. But those claircognizant folks are always like, let me check the data. Why do I know this? I don’t know why I know this. Hold on. I don’t think I know that.

So any advice that you could give the folks who are listening, who are claircognizant? Because I know you’re here.

Yes, I know you’re here, too. So I talk about this year, which is starting out, which is hearing the empath, which is feeling and the channeler that just knows and experiences and their body. So with a channeler, I want you to give yourself permission that you don’t have to see, hear or feel. And one of the main problems that channelers say they have is are not getting like an external validation. I just know things and it sounds like I’m talking to myself where a thought just popped into my head or something of that sort.

So one, give yourself grace. So, you know, I don’t have to have it come in a specific way. I’m going to love the way it comes in specifically for me, and I’d love for you to move your body.

The more you can move your body, whether it’s through walking, whether you want to dance for 5 minutes and just kind of get your energy going, a breath work that’s going to help you feel more confident and get your energy to flow.

And sometimes when I say clear your mind and meditate, it might not work for you. Go walking like move your body pace back and forth, you know, as you’re listening to the meditation, that’s okay as well. Those things help get the energy flowing.

But some of the great exercises that I teach channelers is writing. So what I’d love for you to do is when you’re talking to your guides, you can ask a question and then just write down the first thought that comes to mind. You can also do this with talking if you have a voice memo app and then just say the words coming out of your mouth and don’t try to make sense of it until later. And this helps your body release the energy and also release the slow.

Now, another thing that you can do as a channeler, is to use your body as a pendulum. So you’re really connected to spirit. So ask spirit a question such as, you know, show me what it is in my body when it’s a yes. Show me what it is in my body when it is a no.

And then you’ll start to understand more of the language coming through in your body. But taking care of your body, letting the energy go is important.

And then one last thing I want to share. This can feel so disconnected, but it is. Let’s say that you have a decision to make. And you are tired. You’re like, I can’t get. I am slow today. I just can’t get moving. I’m just feeling kind of, um. That’s an indication. That’s probably a no. Even though you might feel like it’s not connected.

The opposite as when it’s a yes. You might wake up and feel so inspired and energetic, like you’ve got energy going for days. That’s when you know, okay, something’s a yes here. So pay attention to your body.

I remember I was going on a hike with my husband and I was getting ready to walk down the path and my body just couldn’t move anymore. So I’d turn around and go a different path. And at that, I don’t know what was at the end of the other path. I just know my body would not let me do it.

And my body, when I left my job working full time, it was a channeler response. I didn’t see, I didn’t feel or hear. My body just got up and left. I think what the heck is going on with my body?

So channeler responds. But they find themselves Emily, in places that they will say great words of wisdom to people. And the other people go, Oh my God, she just gave me so much inspiration and insight, or, Wow, you just gave me all these ideas. And oftentimes a challenge is like I did, I don’t know. And so, no, that is your intuition coming out. It’s just so innate that it’s hard for you to recognize.

Yeah. And I love what you said about using your body as a pendulum, and I’ve just started getting more into muscle testing, and that is what I’ve been doing with, you know, whether I’m going to be doing this offer or this launch or is this price or this client and using my body.

Because a lot of times, you know, we’ll have that instinctual knowing, but then we can be like, well, and we can convince ourselves to make, you know, him and how about something? But truly, these are different tools that can save you so much time and wasted energy and probably money in the long run when you can just start to tune in right away.

So my side question that just came back up again, is I remember very vividly this one guy who showed up, announced his name, spelled it out severely in capital letters so I could see it and hear it. And then he gave me this like dope slap and then was like, peace come out. And I was like, Oh, okay, that was rude. But also I get it. Like it was very clear message.

And for this particular guide, he shows up and that’s his energy. Like, he just comes in to just like yell at me for a second and then he leaves and I don’t feel like I don’t feel his presence. I don’t work with him most of the time. So what would you say to that? Is that just like I need that doped up when I need it and that’s when he delivers it?

I would if it ever makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always talk to your guides and let them know. But every guide has a different personality. So some guides are super chatty. Here’s my name. This is, you know what it is?

And then other guides are like, names are not my thing. That’s like an Earth-plane thing. Like, I just, you know, you can think of me and when you visualize a symbol or you can just call me whatever.

And also extroverted people tend to attract extroverted guides. Introverted people tend to attract and for the guide.

So whenever I used to do readings, I would love this person. Like, you know, you just meet somebody and you’re like, Oh, I could totally go to coffee with them. I’m really, you know, feeling engaged with them. And then I’d sit down, do a reading and it was like peop, you know, like, sure, here’s a message and it’s because they were very introverted. But the more that I would say something and it would resonate, the more they would open up.

So your guides have different personalities and you know, I have guides that even have different accents. I cannot for the life of me try to do an accent. However, when I’m channeling, a guide I might have a New York accent all of a sudden, you know, could never do it consciously but there it is.

Or I’ve talked like I was from Australia, had an Australian accent before and I could never consciously do it. So it’s so interesting to see how they come in and it’s like entering here. This is the message. You’re like, are you listening? Cool. I’m in. I’m out.

Yeah, that reminds me of when I lived in Spain for a study abroad and I started to have an inner dialog that was in Spanish, but I couldn’t understand what I was actually saying inside of my own head. And I’m like, this. Is just so rude on so many levels. I have no idea what I’m actually thinking right now. So maybe one of my guides was cctually a Spanish-speaking guide and I just hadn’t quite gotten there yet.

Yeah, you can have guys that come from different countries that will help you translate as well. I used to do readings where the person I was reading could not speak English, and so they would bring in a translator. And so I would say something and we would go back and forth. And a lot of times whatever I would say would answer the question of the person that didn’t even get it out yet. So you can also bring in a spirit guide for a translation.

But what’s even cooler? I don’t want to say cooler, but another thing that I wanted to say that I think is cool is that you also have guides for your business and you have guides that will help you and marketing guides, it’ll help you in PR guides that will help you with creating your offers.

And we tend to think of our personal guides and teachers. Then when we get interested in intuition – we get different guides, we get interested in mediumship – we get different guides, we start our business – we get different guides. So oftentimes we just attract them when we need them.

Many of us healers have healer guides and I would only see one of my guides. And he had this stoic energy. He never talked to me. So your guide at least talks you like I would never do arguing, and I would see him vividly. When I was doing Reiki sessions, I was like, fantastic. But I didn’t get that rapport. Other guides, super chatty.

Yeah, that’s great. So let’s sort. Of open up the conversation around mediumship, if we could kind of segway into that, you know, when you talk. Well, actually, I’m going to hold off on that. I’m getting a wait.

So with that, with the specific guides for particular areas in your business, I’d love to talk about that.

And there’s in my Oracle deck, the Angels in Your Biz, Oracle, there’s cards that say, you know, Marketing – your guides will create a strategy and like literally written on the card and social media or soulmate clients like they’re all here waiting.

And it’s very much that conversation about your guides are here to do this work for you so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. You know, it’s something I talk about and teach my students around, you know, connecting intuitively, opening up as a channel, asking, what is it that they require listening to me from me today? Or what’s the message I need to write about in my emails? Would you say that that’s kind of the same thing of talking to your guides, or do you specifically call in? I’d like the email marketing guide or how do you how do you do?

I like how you’re doing it. I think you can get great insight. What can be really helpful is when you’re having those meetings with your guides in that 5 to 15 minutes.

So a lot of questions I get, you know common by name or you know what I say and I’ll say if you know their name, great. But what I do is I say, I welcome my personal teachers and guides. I welcome my business guide and then I’ll talk to them a little separately. So I’ll talk to my personal guides.

And then when I turn my attention to my business guides, I’ll say, Hey, this is what’s coming up. This is what I’m thinking about launching. These are the offers I’m considering. Can you give me insight on each one?

And then when I’m sitting down for an email or I’m sitting down for something, I’ll ask for any guidance coming in from my guides, and I’ll ask specifically for someone to help inspire me to write.

So for me, generally speaking, it’ll be like a storyteller guide usually when I’m doing emails. But if you feel like you’re struggling in your business, then call on a guide to help you with that. So if you say, You know, I’d really love to be on more podcasts, well, ask for PR specialist in your spirit guide team and they’ll start to connect you or inspire you to reach out to someone or find the right podcast picture kind of situation.

So you’ll start to see some of those gaps that you might feel are missing or that you don’t feel very strong in personally. Well, obviously we can fill it with someone that could work for us in our business. But talk to your spirit guides first, because they will give you some insight and help guide you to that person that needs to work on your team or help give you some training on a different area.

So I do like to talk to each one specifically, but that’s okay. If you don’t, it just comes in really handy when you start to notice.

Hmm. I’m feeling like I’m not getting as much inspiration in this area. Maybe I need to call in a new guide.

So I also I’m kind of hearing if you have a more linear, measurable, tangible goal, like I want to get on 50 podcasts this year or whatever that number is, you can reach out to your PR guides and say, can you help align me to 50 or more? You know, the aligned podcasts for me?

Yes. Absolutely. And talking to your guide about.

I will even get a little bit different with that and say I really want to focus on connecting with 50 podcast host that are in full alignment. So I’ll even go a little bit more with it in detail what I’m looking for.

Really specific…

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just so that they are on that same page and then talking in counseling with your guides about, you know, what, what did we need to do here? What lesson are you trying to teach me here? Let’s say you have an income goal and a lunch or for the year and it’s not a hit. Then you can ask your guides, What am I missing? What did I not pay attention to? Or Why did this happen? What’s the lesson here? And don’t forget to celebrate the wins.

You know, sometimes we get stuck in the negativity plays of this didn’t work out versus your guides are saying, hey we’re trying to tell you to pivot or trying to, you know, put this other offer in front and you kind of been neglecting it because you are so hard core and completing this plan. So I think pivoting is really important to you. And I have talked about that with launching in our business, the Spirit Guides

Totally. Well, I love to talk about that because. You know I know that both of us are very much in that same realm of like if it doesn’t feel good, you literally cannot force us to do it. You cannot.

And you were just sharing with me before because, like, you had to make a strong pivot in one of your recent launches and it does impact your team.

And so for the people who maybe don’t have a team yet or who feel really divinely guided to create this offer, to create this launch, and they’re doing what they thought they were supposed to do. And it doesn’t work out the way that they imagined that. I feel like there is like a real sweet spot here because I think that a lot of people get, you know, less than results and then they internalize it and feel really negative. And like, I thought I got this right. Why didn’t it work out? What advice would you have for folks who are in that predicament?

Yeah. So one, channeler, usually need to experience something before they decide if they were going to do it again.

I know that this could sound like a general concept for anybody, but channelers need to actually go through the process to see what feels good while they’re doing it, more so than serious impact.

So one, that can be an experience that you really needed. Another lesson is, a lesson.

Yeah, it’s a lesson that spirit wanted to see if you would do it, if you’re ready to put yourself out there. And what’s really interesting is, even though the number of people that you had in your mind was like your goal spirit, might be saying, Oh, no, we connected you with the right people who are then going to help refer your program and expand to a mass following or whatever it is. It’s more of there is a bigger reason behind it and there’s more lessons that you need to know.

So sometimes I’ve had a launch, didn’t go like I was hoping it would go, but spirit saying there’s more here, there’s more benefits coming down the road from this launch. You were guided for a reason and you just kind of let your ego perhaps try to pick a number of why it needed to work.

And one of the things I’ve noticed, too, is that we get too focused on money coming in through a certain launch or a certain way versus letting money come in through all the different ways that spirit showing. So spirit can say, you know, you did this launch and now people are on your email list to buy your higher ticket programs. And it’s going to be the same amount that you write for.


Just wasn’t in the lower ticket program, but it’s all coming through the same funnel. So they might go, what’s wrong with it that we get be what you ask for?

So you’re making me think of a couple of questions here. So one is yesterday I was hosting a class and somebody said I oftentimes manifest money through my husband, but I have a trouble when it’s directly connected to me in my work.

And for me, I was like, well, listen, it’s coming to you. It’s still coming to you. But I think there’s also something there that you can look at your container of how much you can actually tolerate receiving. If you can’t tolerate receiving and you’re manifesting that money and it’s coming in like. You know, it’s like it’s going to come in one way or another. Like if there’s a crack, there’s like, Oh, there it is coming in over here.

So I don’t know. Do you have anything more valuable to share with this? Like with this thought? Because I’ve had clients do it’s like we start working together. Like my goal is to make $10,000 a month and then all of a sudden this inheritance shows up like, well, I met my business. I’m like, so you got the I don’t know, we complained about $10,000 right?

I want to say the same thing with I would like why are you resisting receiving?

But also it could be kind of this block of I feel bad receiving money through my business when I’m helping people or feel like a bad person if I personally receive money in it and it’s an energy thing where it’s more of, you know, I feel better if it’s coming in over here and maybe you feel like a bad person not to receive money.

So I think it’s a deeper block, but also on a spiritual realm, I do feel that when that happens, the spirit’s also wanting you to look at the relationship with your husband of, okay, what are we together supposed to do? What lesson together am I supposed to learn here?

And this can also be a beautiful lesson that the two of you are great manifest together. So how can I incorporate my husband into this manifesting practice and do this even more?

So, it was interesting because my husband and myself, we kind of noticed this theme where I tend to be the better receiver and he’s the better giver. So if we work as a team, we can just amplify more of our intuitive abilities, more messages, more signs as well. So it can also be a little deeper of a, Oh, what’s the karmic connection or spiritual connection, or how can we better utilizes energy to work in our favor, which is really nice.

I love that. Do you work with specific goal-setting guides? Are there goal-setting guides that you work with to establish, like those numbers?

I’ll talk to my business guides.

So I’ll talk to my business guides and teachers and say, hey, you know, I would really like a business specialist, kind of like a COO, my spirit team for my business. And we’ll talk about what’s working, what’s not working and what the goals are.

But what’s worked really well for me is instead of focusing on the numbers, I’ll focus on the people. So I’ll say, you know, I am so excited to help and impact X amount of people in this program and I’ve just noticed a different shift and it tends to make more of a powerful connection because I’m connected more into my purpose rather than the money it’s going to bring me. So it’s almost like a little mind trick, but it’s also like connecting with the energy that that matters and why I’m doing it for my purpose. Not that money’s bad. It’s just gives a little bit more energy there.

Yeah, I feel the same exact way.

When I have an impact goal of humans. I have little tricks that I’ll do for myself of, like, holding an actual space for the people. And when I get into running numbers and calculating like how many people with what product and how much equals that, and I go, good. Like I get weird and I tell my team I like, just don’t make me get weird. Like, let’s just focus on the impact. And that to me is like exponentially lighter for me as well.


Yeah, but just as far as goal setting, it’s just exponentially easier for me. So let’s, now I’m getting the okay for let’s, let’s talk about mediums. And before we were recording, I was like listen Whitney, I am like basic level not a medium. And I’ll say like, well, I’m not a medium, but. Something’s coming up. And for, for me, it was like years ago I was in this class about, you know, different types of intuition. And we were doing, oh my gosh, now I can’t think of what the word is. Oh, wow. It’s totally. When you hold an object.

And it’s like a cometary.

Thank you. I was like, it’s like science, like, cometary.

So I had never done it before. And we’re in this class of like 25 people in person and we’re kind of paired off and she has us close our eyes. And then the person we’re working with, like, puts the thing in your hand without looking at it, you just kind of feel the energy. And I was like, I was a natural. And at one point, one of the teachers was like, I’m literally watching all of the energy, like, flowing here, and. And I was like, Wow, I didn’t know I could do that.

And I felt like that was a real easy way to connect with past loved ones for me. But when I’m in session, I will – a nd from that, I sort of learned that when I feel and sense, and experience past love. Once I start to taste metal on my tongue, on my tongue does this weird thing. And so like it’s almost like I’m licking a battery and I’ll be in session or talking to somebody, and all of a sudden my tongue will start doing a thing and it’s like, Hold, please.

And I’ll sort of have to, like, shift my attention of like. Is, is there somebody here? Hello? And I’m like the words like I could do so much better if I had maybe more training, but I haven’t.

So, you know, I guess for people who are who don’t consider themselves mediums or who maybe are a little bit freaked out about what a medium is, can you kind of shed a little light on what a medium is, what a medium does, and kind of open up that conversation?

Yeah. So I have to tell you a funny story before I talk about mediumship, it’s related.

Yesterday I was drinking a drink out of my water, just clear water, crystal glass. And as I’m taking a drink, I’m smelling and tasting wet dog. I don’t have a dog anymore here. And I had this overwhelming feeling to reach out to my friends. So I reached out and I said, You know, I really feel like your dog is in spirit. And she used to love to go in the pool with her dog was like, I really feel like your dog’s here. And she had lost her dog a couple of months ago. Well, I didn’t hear back from her for several hours. And she said at the time that you sent me that message, I was helping my other dog transition into spirit. And it was such a beautiful message because that dog had come in to help her other dog at the same time. So we do get messages through tasting and smelling, but it seems weird, right?

Oh, yeah.

But anyway, it’s a message. So I just wanted to say, if you’re out there listening and you’re like, I got some weird stuff going on, you know, it definitely does happen. And Emily, I think that’s really great that you get the calling card of duty. We’re in a loved one in spirit here. We’re ready.

So mediumship, a lot of people think mediumship is just talking to loved ones in spirit, but it’s not. So mediumship is talking to spirit guides, talking to loved ones in spirit as well. But generally speaking, the way I teach is you can talk to your loved ones through your guides and they can give you information about past, present, future, health, career, relationship, and whatever’s going on with your family that’s passed or friends.

The key definition of mediumship is the act of delivering spiritual messages to others. So the key is that you need to relay messages to somebody else.

Intuition is the act of connecting to loved ones and spirit guides but for yourself. Mediumship will be giving others.

So a lot of people in their business, when they say Whitney, I want to talk to my spirit guides to help my clients to give more insight to what’s going on. That’s literally mediumship. Like you’re giving a method right there.

You’re watching my head being blown away right now. So what I’ve been doing is mediumship because I’m delivering messages for my clients. Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, the difference is, like psychic, for instance, is you connecting to somebody’s mind. Mediumship is you talking to spirits and delivering messages from spirits to them. So yes.

And we think of mediumship as the formal way, and you can definitely do it the way that I built my business and I went through two and a half year mediumship training and people can still be mediums without training.

Or you could just, you know, talk to spirit and give messages while you’re like, I have friends who get messages in their counseling sessions so they know what next questions to maybe ask to better help people. So that’s how it can flow into with mediumship.

But when someone gets really interested about their loved ones in spirit, which I’m going to hone in on. Or by the way, of pets and spirit, that’s the thing to.

You just need to ask for a loved one in spirit specialists. And your loved one and spirit specialist will go out to find the loved one in spirit that the client wants to talk to and will help you.

And generally speaking, that loved one should be able to come in about 85% of the time in a reading or in a message. They can’t come through all the time for other reasons, but most of the time they can. If you wanted to talk to pets in spirit, you can get a pet spirit specialist.

So there’s all these different guides to help you. One of the things I really feel guided to share is a lot of time mediums have trouble delivering the message. So like I’m seeing a red dot, you know, and a purple triangle, and I’m feeling this and I know this and I don’t know what it means.

So ask for a delivery specialist. Your delivery specialist is like the coordinator and organizes all the messages. So it comes down the pipeline or down the conveyer belt.So you’re like, I’m seeing this and this is what it means, and seeing this and this is what it means. So the more spirit guides that you can work with, the more understanding that you’ll have. Of course, you don’t want to ask for guides that you don’t need, but it helps make things more organized, and the delivery specialist can give messages that are even hard to deliver. So if there’s something that needs to come through and you’re like, Oh, I don’t know how to say this, they can help you with the delivery of it, too.

I love that. And I’m also hearing just, you know, how specific you’re calling in these guides for these specific tasks, which makes complete sense as well. I really love that.

Think about it like your team in your business. You know, you have somebody for this and for that. And in your personal life, you have a doctor that you go see, a friend that you talk to. You have a teacher that you’re learning a certain thing from.

So in spirit, the thing is, I kind of demystify the spirit world.I think a lot of people want to be a little bit more powerful. I know I’m the same way. I’m like, It’s just me. Just something. It’s fine. It’s spirit. So you can work with that.

So I think with your mediumship team, the three things I want to say is loved ones in spirit specialist, delivery specialist, and ask for a coordinator to help you with organizing all the messages to come through and to organize, especially if you’re going to be giving readings or messages in your business. Those are three guides that you probably want to ask for if you don’t feel like you already have. But sometimes we already attract them.

I’ve always been interested in astrology, so when I started giving readings, I’d be like, Who’s there’s a Leo in your life that you know is a male around this age range. So it was just really interesting to see how that came through.

Huh? That’s so fascinating. Well, this has definitely been insightful for me, knowing that apparently when I say I’m not a medium, I’m totally full of it because, in fact, I’m giving information. But that’s okay. That’s fine.

I also love the story that you shared about the message from the dog and something that reminded me just recently a friend of mine just had a baby and one day I was thinking of her.

She had come over like a few days prior and I was just thinking about her and I said, You got this, you are amazing and you so got this. And the next day I got a text message from her. She’s like, Oh my gosh, you’re so intuitive. I was literally in labor at that time when you texted me. And I was like, wow! I’m like, and so like, it doesn’t get old. And I’m always delighted to have those confirmations.

But I will also just say to people, we don’t always get those confirmations and it doesn’t invalidate the messages that we get.

And especially like through my certification, this is part of the process of teaching people, you know, just trust implicitly if you are getting that pink dot and circle and whatever you like. Okay, so maybe I am having difficulty right now, but maybe that does make sense later for them. Or maybe it will click a little bit later for you and you can give a more clear answer.

I was just watching my students practice sessions from over the weekend and one of them said, you know, the one thing I want to share with you is before the session, I got this really strong image of a maple tree and all the leaves were bright red. And I’m not really sure what that says, but and then she just went into this full channeling and it was like, listen, lady, like, you know, I’m gem credit.

And then her client on the other side, was like, well, first of all, I have maples in my house and I love Maples and it’s my favorite time of the year when they turn this color, blah, blah, like.

All this validation. And it’s like, okay, can we just like stop the I don’t know, is like this, it’s okay. You got this. And I think I’m sure you see that with your students too is like, I’m not sure what this means, but. Ba ba ba ba ba. And they just open up this incredible dialog that is so like you can feel all the energy with it.

Oh yeah. And the great thing is when all the energy comes out, the reason a lot of my students feel like they don’t trust it is because it’s so easy. Like they’re expecting it to be hard or they’re expecting it to be this booming voice that comes down like. Hello, this is what it is. It’s like, No, just go with it and go the flow.

But I did want to share a tip. So if you’re out there and you feel like I got the pink dot and I know I don’t know what it means, what I’d invite you to do, especially if you’re a channeler, but I’m going to invite you to instead of kind of squinting up, because that’s what happens when somebody is like, Well, I don’t understand that. What does it mean? Or You don’t understand it?

Your brain tries to make sense of it, and when you’re giving messages, you really need to come from a clear mind, like you’re mind needs to be clear before you’re doing mediumship or any kind of intuitive message.

So I’d invite you to have the thought of when I feel, What does it mean? I’m going to relax even further. I’m going to take a deep breath. I’m going to slouch in my chair. I’m going to kind of I don’t want you to imagine because that involves your brain.

But what I’m going to tell you, it’s like spirits bringing you the grapes, feeding you the grapes. So it’s like, I’m going to relax. I’m going to clear my mind even more and I’m going to get the meaning of it. And spirit likes to piece together things, so you might see the pink dot, but then all of a sudden you know the meaning or you hear the meaning or you feel the meaning, and just invite yourself to relax even more. Because a lot of times our mind likes to snapshot, and then that’s when all the trouble starts. Like maybe this or you know, maybe it means us.

I was doing one of my first readings and a psychic fair years ago, and I was talking to this woman and I saw two plus two equals four. Then if I try to figure that out, I could have come up with a lot of meanings, like you’re a math teacher or an accountant or whatever. And so I just relax, let my mind be clear. And the knowing came out and it was living situation. And I said, okay, so there’s four people in your house, but there’s two couples that live together. And she looked at me like I had spied on her with a video camera. I was like, Yes, so really know that your symbols have meaning behind them. Just relaxed into the meaning.

I love that this has been so much fun. I’m sure the listeners are going to feel the same way. If you’ve learned something, you’ve gotten a great tip. Would you please screenshot this? Share it with us over on Instagram. Tell some of your friends to go listen who’ve been curious about mediumship and intuition and psychic abilities and talking to guides like just share it. Like the more people who can hear this and truly connect with how it’s very light and grounded for us, you know, this is a this is not a scary conversation. This is very easy and light. And we want to just continue to spread that energy because I really feel that more people have these abilities and can work on them even more if they can just give them self-promotion, have a little playful fun with it as well.

So we’re going to be putting some great links in the show notes, how to connect with Whitney, how to get her planner. And really the main place where people connect with you is, as that what you are on other social media places as well?

Yes, you can find me over on Instagram @messengerspirit. I’d love for you to DM me. Let me know your hobbies. And since you’re listening to this podcast, you can also check out mine.

Emily is the guest on my podcast as well, and it’s spiritual and ambitious and like she said, she’ll put my free Spirit Guide Meeting Planner out for you so that you can know what to say when you meet with your guys or those 5 to 15 minutes.

Love that. I’ve had so much fun chatting with you again and that podcast I did on your podcast, that was super fun as well. So we’ll just keep doing more of these and get together. So you guys need to, as a note, like it’s good to expand your Psychic Friends Network.

I love that. Sounds like one of those actual networks, right?

Do you remember? I mean, I’m totally dating myself, but you remember back in the day when people would have like a hotline, it was their friends network.So this is the real version of the Psychic Friends Network. And I have to say, Psychic Friends Network is the best to having friends who are very highly sensitive and spiritual. Make the best make the best friends, to be honest.

So I 100% agree. I also think that, you know, we get to be our true authentic selves. I feel like everybody should be their true, authentic selves, but it’s just nice to talk to the way that gets you. It’s like I was talking to spirit the other day, and it’s totally normal.

Yeah, just a random Thursday. That’s a conversation that we have. All right, listeners, thank you so much. Make sure that you leave us a little DM, share review. Give a nice little thumbs up or stars or wherever you’re at something nice and pay it forward. Share it with somebody you love. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you on the next episode.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:


Try Whitney’s suggestion to start journaling with your guides for 5-15 minutes a day. Keep it simple for the best results. You can let them know how you’re feeling, and where you’re stuck, and practice receiving guidance back as you get to know them.


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