3 Mistakes That Are Keeping You Broke As A Healer Or Coach

3 Mistakes That Are Keeping You Broke As A Healer Or Coach

3 Mistakes That Are Keeping You Broke

As A Healer Or Coach

Articulating what you do, the transformation, is what helps your dream clients invest in you.

But if you’re holding these beliefs, these three that I’m sharing today, it can prevent you from creating a profitable business because it makes it almost impossible to charge your worth.

Now there’s nothing with giving away your services or offering complimentary options, it just depends on how you do it and if you are trying to offer healing in a professional capacity.

If you’re wanting to experience financial prosperity through your healing business, and feel great about how you’re doing it, this is the episode for you!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • There’s nothing wrong with giving away healing, it matters how you’re doing it and if you’re trying to have a business.
  • You want to help people, can that be a limiting belief?
  • You need to keep the lights on, afford food and keep a roof over your head.
  • How witch wounds can impact your financial prosperity.
  • If you’re undercharging and discounting yourself that transformation is getting diluted.
  • It matters where these thoughts and statements are coming from.
  • Articulating what you do, the transformation, is what helps your dream clients invest in you.

Well, hello there, listeners! Warm welcome back. This episode is for you if you are wanting to start a new career in the field of healing, or if you have an existing transformational coaching or healing practice and you’re really wanting to turn your passions into profit.

So these are three of the most common statements that I hear in my world. There are so many more, don’t get me wrong, there is so much basically toxic healer shaming that I hear as a healer who has a successful business. Now, I’m only going to share three of them. There are so many more, and I’m sure there are things that we’ve also heard internally. But here are the three most common ones when you go into what they are, I’m going to talk about a little bit where they came from, plus how we can work through them. All right.

So the first one is “I just want to learn the sacred art of healing. So, yeah, those people I’ve met you“. I know many of you.

And so if that’s truly like you, honest to God in your soul, have no inkling to ever use healing in a professional capacity. You can just turn this off right now, like save your time. This is not for you, okay? But I hear people see this and, you know, it’s total bullshit, you know that they’re saying it, but you’re like, but if someone paid you, like, 100 bucks a session more, I’m sure you wouldn’t be crying, right? And I think I’ve also worked with people.

I had this one business partner and she was a Reiki practitioner and she used to do these free Reiki clinics every single week and they were always really busy. But she could never book clients to pay her full price. And it was like, I don’t know why she puts so much more effort into giving her services away. And like, let me just say, there’s a caveat. There’s nothing wrong with giving your services away. There’s nothing wrong to offering free or complimentary or taste or whatever.

I mean, how you can see, I guess, thousands of hours of this podcast, thousands of hours on my YouTube channel. I mean, I’m giving away my stuff all the time. If you’ve ever done Intuition Week, it’s not to say that you should never give away things for free. That’s not what I’m saying here. I’m talking to the people who just say they’re only in it to learn the sacred healing art and they want nothing more. But, you know, it’s not true.

Statement number two
, “it doesn’t matter if I make money or not. I just want to help people“. This is on that same realm of like what?

So you’re telling me that if somebody were to pay you $200 a session, you would say, no, thank you. What’s most important to me is that you receive healing today, and I think that’s a total lie. And I just – it makes my skin kind of crawl because, what I’ve learned so deeply, and now it’s like part of me is that part of that big transformation that you’re actually wanting to help people with. It has to come through a energy exchange.

If you’re not charging anything, it needs to be a testimonial. If you’re not charging anything, it has to be something in return for that transformation to actually stick, okay? So if you’re undercharging, you’re discounting yourself, understand that transformation is becoming diluted and it’s not what you’re wanting to help people actually got.

Third statement
is “knowing I can help someone and heal them is all the payment I need”.
Again, NO. That’s not all the payment you need. You need to keep the lights on. You need to afford food. You need to have internet. You need to have a phone, right? That’s not the only payment you need. And if that were true, you would not be working a job.

If you were just independently wealthy, doing this work as your side hobby, you would probably be running a nonprofit. You’d probably be going to charities, but you’re not. Let’s just call it what it is. It’s a total B.S. You want to help heal people, but you also do require payment, okay? We live in a world that does require finances. Okay? Unless you live in the woods, I don’t even know how you’re getting this podcast right now. How are you doing this?

It matters. Money matters. The exchange matters.

So where it’s coming from? Not all of these things derive from this location, but lots of it does – which is witch wound.
What is a witch wound? Witch wounds could be cellular memories passed down. It could be a past life memory. It could also be generational curses or traumas.

And so there are a lot of us out there who maybe in one lifetime or maybe somebody in our lineage was a healer, a mystic, a witch, a medicine woman, whatever, a seer. But at some point, they were ostracized. They were maybe beaten, killed, burned like there is – we know the history. Right?

There are so many things that have happened to people like us, long, long time ago. And so those cellular memories and those past life traumas and the generational curses, they are kind of just baked right into us. And when you don’t address where these silly thoughts come from, you just think that they’re your thoughts.

So like I said, when you are undervaluing yourself and so what I used to do, when I undervalued myself was I would make an offer and I would say, would you like 30% off of that? But what I was actually saying with that message was, would you like 30% less healing today? And so we can laugh and be like, of course not. I want 100% healing. But what I was offering was basically saying, would you like less of me?

And so, you know, I want you to know that money does matter, but it also matters where these actual thoughts and these statements are coming from. And so when you’re really ready to step up your game and like I said, the beginning, like this podcast, is not for you if you’re not looking to make a profitable business, if you are, keep listening. You know, this podcast is just scratching the surface of the real work that’s required to actually get up and serve at your highest level, to charge your worth, to increase your rates, to attract people to your business.

And for deeper work on this, for a deeper experience, you really do need ongoing support to grow your coaching or healing business or to start a new one. And I’ve compiled my 23-plus years of advanced energy healing and 18-plus years business experience right into my Integrated Energy Alignment Training. And you’ve probably heard me talking about this recently, but the reason I created this program is because I personally struggled with making reliable income for well over a decade. And I’m also really tired of seeing thousands of brilliant practitioners struggling with the same thing.

And the fact is that most business courses that you know are advertised to us or taken away but aren’t actually that helpful in teaching people like us how to market transformational work. You know, it’s very esoteric, it’s very individual. And it really does take a healer with personal experience like me to help you articulate what you do, so that your dream clients can understand what you’re doing and how it can help them. They can build trust in your work and they can see the value in investing with you because truly your work is an investment, right? It should be, it shouldn’t be for free, right? Or for exchange over meatballs. All right. Like that wedding singer.

But the Integrated Energy Alignment Training does all of this. Plus, we’re there every single step of the way to support you, to bring your dreams into reality. You’re never alone. This is not a course that you sign up for. And then you are forgotten about never to be completed. Right.

This is a program that is the first and only energy-based training with a profit guarantee. So the number one question I get is, well, how does the Integrated Energy Alignment Training guarantee a profit? No one can guarantee profit. Well, I can, because…

  • Number one, we promote you every single month to ideal clients within my Mastery and Ascension Membership. That’s hundreds of clients who’ve already experienced energy work through me. They’ve already learned the lingo. They already want it. And so you’re just saying, hey, go try this person.

  • Number two, you get business marketing, messaging, sales, training, and so much more so that you can overcome objections and help people.
  • Number three, you are literally required to earn money while you’re earning this certification. Because as you practice, you have practice sessions that are for free and then little by little, they’re incrementally going up in price.

    The reason why is because when you’re out there in the real world, not in the little nest of the certification training, you’re going to have to do this on your own. And so what I’ve built in is assistance to help you overcome these obstacles so that you can get out there in the world with confidence, knowing how to increase your price, knowing that there’s going to be these obstacles and knowing how to face them effectively.

So if you’re someone who wants to start a new career and healing, or finally create the profit in your existing transformational practice, please come and visit emilyaarons.com/iea to apply today. There is space that’s very limited. I’m only taking a select number of people into this next round, so please check us out at emilyaarons.com/iea, it will also be down in the show notes.

But again, if this work resonates with you, if this podcast episode resonates with you, there is work here for us to do together. And there are three different levels that you can join us. So make sure you join at the level that feels the most resonant for you. We can start as low as just the first four modules, start with Initiation and just get your feet well. Learn how to create sacred space is learn deeper intuition. Learn about other spiritual healing tools. If that is not enough for you and you know you’re ready to go all in to grow your business, to get support, to get the coaching, to get the practice sessions, apply for the full program. Again that’s emilyaarons.com/iea.

Thank you so much for listening. Please share this episode with a friend if it was helpful for you.

As always, lots of love to you and cheers to you on your journey. I’m so glad that you’re out there doing this work. The world needs you. There’s never been a time that is more ripe with opportunity for people who are doing transformational work. There is just so much need for it. I wish you all the best in your journey ahead.

Lots of love. Thanks for listening. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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