The # 1 Mistake Coaches and Healers Make That’s Costing You Time and Energy

The # 1 Mistake Coaches and Healers Make That’s Costing You Time and Energy

The # 1 Mistake Coaches and Healers Make

That’s Costing You Time and Energy

If you haven’t been attracting the right people, or you are feeling energetically depleted in your work, this episode is for you!

You don’t want to have to be rationing your energy or withholding yourself in your sessions with clients.

We’ve all walked into that space, that doctor’s office, a healer, or a building where you feel like the energy is heavy and something is off…

I believe it’s due to this #1 mistake that I see coaches and healers make that’s costing you time and energy.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • The #1 mistake coaches and healers are making!
  • Are you paying attention to the things that happen before your coaching or healing session?
  • How this mistake affects your clients.
  • When you change this it allows greater healing for your clients. It leads to better results and better energy for you.
  • It’s not about lighting sage and hoping for the best.
  • People need you now!

Welcome back to the Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast. I am ecstatic to dive into this week’s podcast, really addressing the number one mistake that coaches and healers make.

And, I know that there’s probably a hundred more mistakes that I could list here, but I wanted to focus on the first one. And it might be something that has slipped under the radar for you that you haven’t been taught about, that you haven’t focused on, or even if you have a little bit of awareness about this, that you’re still not able to correctly take care of this problem.

So, I’m going to first, before I reveal what the problem is, I’m going to first tell you what the attributes of it are. So you could be undervaluing yourself and underpricing yourself. You could be attracting the wrong clients or not enough clients.

You could potentially be leaving your work day or after client interactions feeling exhausted, depleted like your soul is sucked out of you and like you need to take a nap. Or you could have basically not enough energy or feel almost resentful when people are booking your calendar on your time because there’s just so little energy that you have to give. There’s a lot more issues that come up, but these are kind of the top ones.

So what is the number one mistake? The number one mistake is that you are not effectively clearing your space, clearing yourself before, during or after your sessions.

And I’m not talking about lighting up some white sage or spraying your air with some room spray. What I’m talking about is actually creating a safe container for yourself as well as for your clients.

So this is something that I go into very in-depth and very specifically through my Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner Training, which depending on when you’re listening to it, we are taking applications right now up until November 11th.

So if you’re wanting to know more specifically how to do this deeper cleansing, that would be part of my program. You can learn it right in the Initiation, the first four modules, or you can proceed in the form, the full certification, where I teach you also business skills and how to do exactly what I do as far as energy clearing on individuals or groups and teaching you so much more business skills than you’ve ever knew was available for you.

So let’s talk about how you create a safe container. So first and foremost, when you go to your office, whether it be your home office or you go to a place for business, you’re walking into all sorts of stuff.

And if you imagine you are wearing a white gorgeous pantsuit, okay? And so when you walk into this space to work, you’re coming to the table and you’re walking through like maybe cobwebs and little color explosions and stuff that’s kind of just in the environment. So by the time you actually sit down at your desk, you’ve already got some schmutz on you, as maybe my grandmother would say, okay, you got schmutz on you. And so you sit down for your call and your session begins. Well, you’ve got whatever happened to you before the day began.

So let’s say you interact with people driving on the road, family members, past clients, emails, whatever social media you’ve absorbed. You have all of that. You’ve already got that on your pants suit now as well. So now your pants suit, instead of being gleaming white, you’ve got all this junk on you. And then you’ve walked through the space and now there’s more junk on you. And then when you open the first call and you’re not clean, your space is not clean. That person on the other side is going to feel bad.

Now, I know not everybody’s extra sensitive the way that I am, or maybe that you are. And so they might just not have a word for it, but it’s just a feeling like when you walk into a room and you’re like somebody just talking about me in here, or somebody’s just fighting here like you can’t put your finger on it, but there’s just kind of an energy in the air.

And it has been scientifically proven that people can pick up on energy within about 3 seconds of walking into a space. So the same goes for your virtual meetings or in-person meetings. And so when you’re not clean and clear in your space and in your person, your clients will pick up on that.

And so what happens when they pick up on that? They’re going to maybe withhold some information, not fully open up, because they might not feel completely safe and secure in the space. Like, I don’t know, somebody else is here, especially if you’re saying back-to-back-to-back clients.

So let’s say you have three in a row. Well, by that third person, guess what’s all over you and all over the space and all over your zoom meeting and all over your treatment space, everyone else’s stuff. Because at some point through those sessions with you, people’s stuff is coming up to the surface to be worked on, to be healed, to be cleared, to be coached on.

And then what happens with it? What happens when somebody reveals why they have been stuck in a position in a bad relationship, stuck not making money, stuck or having gone through pain or trauma or heartbreak or whatever it is. They’re bringing all that stuff into the air.

So guess what’s now all over you too? If you are not aware of how to clear it, it’s now all over you.

So I can hopefully I’m painting a good picture for you and your imagination to understand that it becomes like layer on layer on layer of stuff that’s now in your field and on you.

So it’s no wonder why the end of that call. You’re like, Holy moly, I like what? Just hit me. And you have like, no more energy. Like, I need to go get some more coffee, right? Or I can’t wait to have a drink later and get this over me.

These are some things that are very normal reactions because you have this weight, it’s not yours. It’s not yours to take, nor is it yours to have to deal with. Okay.

So that’s also part of codependent coaching where you might be taking on other people’s stuff like, here, let me take that pain for you. I’ll just put it on myself for a little bit so that you feel a little better. We’ll go on about our day. Look what a good coach and what look what a good healer I am. Now, you feel better, don’t you? And you’re just over here sinking into the chair going, Oh, I feel terrible. Okay, so it’s actually not doing anybody any favors.

So if by the end of the day you’re feeling depleted and maybe resentful, like, oh my gosh, all these calls, they’re picking up on this.

So what can result is they do not want to come back to sessions with you. Maybe you had a package or maybe you just had one. That one I like I don’t really want anymore from what that person gave me. Thank you.

And it might not be you. You might be internalizing and thinking, Oh, I’m not a good coach, I’m not a good healer, or having heaven help them. But really, it has nothing to do with your skill set, has to do with your space.

And so if your container isn’t safe, people are not opening up, they’re not being able to get the deepest transformation work through you. And likely they’re not going to want more of that. Because when they keep feeling this feeling, it’s like it doesn’t feel better. It doesn’t feel like their stuff went anywhere and was transmuted and like they’re off to the next thing. They’re like, it’s still here, it’s still on me.

And actually now I feel like I’m almost picking up on other people’s stuff and it could even be your stuff.

So, I’m just going to point the finger just a minute, because, I know for myself I’ve gotten to like back in the day when I had a brick and mortar, I went to sessions and sometimes I had, you know, personal stuff going on. You know, like I was worried about money and I kind of brought that into my session or I had a neck pain or back pain and it brought that into my session and I didn’t clear myself. And the next thing I know, my client is saying like, Oh, I feel better. But I also I had this like neck pain and I’m like, Oh, oh, my God, oh, my God. Like, I, I know energetically that’s mine. And I know I didn’t do a good enough job of coming to the table clean and clear.

Okay, so this is what we do unconsciously.

Like, we don’t want to do this, but like we’re kind of doing it if you’re not clearing yourself, okay? So you’re not in a nice safe boundary. So conversely, let’s just like clear the energy out of all of that, right? So, you know, if you’re not clearing your energy, what could be happening to you and to your clients?

Conversely, when you do clean your space, you do clean yourself not just before the beginning of the day, but I’m talking about before the session. During the session, which for those of you who know how to deeply clean yourself and you’re not doing it, this should be a point of awareness to go, Oh, my gosh, I realized what I should be doing now.

During the session, you’re not only cleaning them, you’re cleaning yourself, you’re cleaning your space. It’s like multiple things that are happening simultaneously so that the space remains a sacred healing space. I go over all of this in my first four modules of the IEA Certification.

And so when that space is nice and clean and clear, people come to your calls. They come to your meetings, they come to your coaching sessions. And it’s like the second they begin talking, it’s like waterworks come their deepest stuff is coming right up to the surface for you to move. And it’s almost as though they know that this work is going to be so significant. So they’re bringing it all up for you to do something with it.

And so when you can transmute it, then they’re able to actually have better progress and a deeper transformation that’s longer lasting, that gets better results, which leads them to go, Oh my gosh, this person is the best! I want more of that person, and I’m willing to invest in that transformation again and again and again.

So it brings you repeat, awesome soulmate clients. You see how that works? They feel safe, they feel taken care of, and they know that you’re going to hold that space for them to have this incredible experience.

And guess what else happens? By the end of the session, instead of feeling tired and depleted and feeling like you could use a little pick me up, you’re going to be out in the backyard doing cartwheels because you feel so energized because instead of giving your own energy from your own reserves, you know the correct way to channel the energy to come through you.

So you get like a little drink off the fire hose, but you’re not getting blasted with it, nor are you giving away as though it’s like a that’s like a cup that you’ve just poured all of the contents of the cup out because that’s what you’re doing if you’re not clearing yourself. You’re saying, okay, you have 100% energy tokens to start my session. I’m going to just pour out now. Or, you know, you could also be doing you could be rationing. And that just really, I just really that’s another thing. You could be rationing your energy.

Oh, my gosh. I remember back in the day when I used to see clients for massage. I had a max of five people and if I knew I had somebody on my schedule and multiple people who needed deep tissue work, I would be rationing my energy throughout the day so that I could make it to the final person with a little bit left in the tank.

O. M.G., I haven’t thought of that in so long. Thank you for reminding me of that.

So you could be withholding some of yourself in those sessions. Okay? So see, there’s like a multitude of problems that might be adding up. And if you have any of these coming up throughout your work, throughout your day, in your energy field, in your clients, this is a realization. This is a huge, huge mistake.

And the good news is you can easily correct it when you know how to clear yourself and you know how to clear space effectively. And I’m saying, again, it’s not just about lighting some sage around and like hoping for the best. You have to know exactly what you’re doing in order for this to be effective, long-lasting and know how to feel these like, subtle shifts.

So when you go, Oh, the air is feeling a little funky again, let me clear it again without any of your customers having a clue that you’re doing this work because it’s that routine, you know, you feel it, you sense it, you clear, and they can keep going on without skipping a beat. That is how effective clearing your space can be.

So I hope that this has helped you to bring to your conscious awareness where you’ve been maybe leaving money on the table or not attracting enough of the right people. You know, if you’re feeling so depleted day in and day out, it’s going to be this sort of subconscious reason not to want more clients. And not to raise your rates because your body’s like, Oh, hell no. So your system is like, No, no, no, I don’t. I’m more of that. The universe is like, Got it. We’ll give you no more of that.

And that’s the vibe you’re putting out constantly. No more, no more, no more. I can’t handle it. It’s too much. I’m tired and depleted. I don’t like this. Bad, bad, bad. And so that is what we’re putting out there. So that is what you’re getting back in return.

Either little or no clients or the wrong ones, or you might feel really heavy afterwards or even during the session. Like you’re in a session like, Oh my God, is this still happening? And we’re still in session. How many more minutes on me?

So I hope this was helpful for you and you can shift out of making this mistake into learning how to clear your space, clear yourself to create a sacred container.

Because here’s the deal. There has never been a time in history, as far as I know, that is more ripe for transformational work. The fact that it’s not a taboo, weird woo woo thing to get healing sessions. The fact that we know globally we’ve all experienced this trauma and we’ve all been trying to sort our lives out from the aftermath and find what our new normal is.

And a lot of people, through the great resignation, are trying to find a new them. And so how perfect as a coach or as a healer, could you show up for them?

You could show up perfectly to support them in ways that they truly need. To help address anxiety, fears, depression, feeling of scarcity, feeling of confusion, to give them more clarity, to give them more peace, to give them more calm, to give them more confidence through your work. But you really can’t get to that final transformation if you’re not holding a clear space for them or for yourself.

So, if you would like to get more information about the IEA certification, I would love for you to come visit me over at You can learn exactly how to hold clear sacred spaces, learn how to tap into your intuition and so much more in the Initiation modules 1-4. You can sign up for that right away.

If you are ready to go all out to learn my proven methodologies for energy healing and have a built in profit guarantee. That is right, through my certification, it’s the first and only profit guarantee with an energy-based healing. So what that means is you’re going to learn all of the energetic skill set of advanced energy healing.

In addition, you’re going to have business skills, marketing skills, and so much more weekly support from myself and my team to help you complete the whole courses.

So this is the biggest difference, is that a lot of certifications, they don’t teach you how to make money. They teach you the transformational work, but they don’t actually teach you how to make money and how to overcome obstacles or how to overcome objections of people. Like I don’t know if I want to pay that.

They don’t teach you how to create a custom offering that makes you a market of one. They teach you to be just blend in with the crowd, all of the coaches, the C of coaches, the C of healers and not knowing how to stand out, to serve people, to to make outstanding offers to raise rates. They have no idea to teach you how to do that. That’s what this certification is promising you.

And the coolest part, the profit guarantee, is referring to the fact that during this certification you will be required to make money because at a certain point of your practice sessions, you will start to charge little by little and increase your rates and have the support by me as well as my team and your peers.

There’s no other program out there like that. I know when I was receiving multiple certifications, I didn’t get any kind of business training. I had to figure it out the hard way. And so that is what the certification is all about. So you don’t have to figure it out on your own or have to go through all the years of hardship that I went through.

And trust me, friend, I was a very much broke healer 15 years out of the 23 years I’ve been in practice. So I would be like so ecstatic, so ecstatic to help support you so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

So again, it’s, again That link is right in the show notes as well. Head over there if you’re part of the full program. I would love to help support you on this. Put your application in right away. We do have a deadline of November 11th, so make sure those applications are in right away.

And later in this month, I’m going to have another episode. It’s all about the energetics of the broke healer. So if this episode resonated with you or you feel like I could be having like a little bit of a money block issue, stay tuned and make sure you follow the podcast. Subscribe on your favorite listening platform.

Next week we’re going to be talking all about the energetics of the broke healer and how to overcome that.

Thank you so much for being here. Lots love to you. If this episode hit home, if is said, oh yeah, that’s me. Make sure you take a screenshot. Tag me in your Instagram stories or just send me a dm or email. Let me know it really meant something to you and you had a big breakthrough. Lots of love to you and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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