In our 47th episode of the Aligned & Unstoppable podcast, Emily speaks with her friend Lisa Corduff. She is a blogger, businesswoman, and Business Advisor.

She is a blogger who teaches others to market themselves and their own ideas. Using your own intuition that is inside of you can aid in your growth and your life. You need to use your intuition to make decisions on business ideas and add to your success.

This knowledge can aid in your fight against the stigma of life. In order to awaken your own intuition, you must align your mind with yourself.

Tune in as we consider how to awaken your inner knowing.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Corduff explains when she felt she switched from a blogger to a businesswoman
  • Realizing that you need help in order to grow beyond yourself
  • How to get around the uncomfortable doubt surrounding spending money and speaking with your spouse about it
  • Knowing that you must manage your energy to feel good about your decisions
  • Considering responsibility and keeping yourself healthy while working within your business
  • How to feel powerful in your own story without worrying about anyone else’s story
  • Emily tells how she had to take the negative feedback in order to expand her horizons
  • How to be confrontational and use it to aid in helping others
  • Understanding that you are a co-creator in your own life and you can shape your future


3 Key Points:

  1. You must realize that every struggle can help you grow and understand yourself more.
  2. Being uncomfortable is necessary for your life and can be used to assist your business.
  3. Your story is a complicated one and every time something occurs, it’s for you, not against you.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “My business currency is managing my own energy.” – Lisa Corduff
  • “You have to get to a point where you feel powerful.” – Lisa Corduff


Resources Mentioned:



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