Episode 166

In this episode, I have a heart to heart conversation with my friend Andréa Michel about the importance of understanding white privilege and what white privilege really is.

Andréa is an intuitive transformational coach, certified life coach, speaker and retired corporate controller (accountant) who helps women leaders discover their purpose and passion, find “balance”, reconnect with and find their identities so that they can create more happiness, fall in love with themselves, make more money, and live an abundant life. Andréa is also the host of the Finding Bliss podcast.

Today, I am sharing my conversation with my friend Andréa Michel about the importance of fighting against racism because I want to do better and it all starts by understanding white privilege.

It’s key to start by understanding white privilege, what white privilege really is, why not speaking up about racism is part of the problem, and why we can’t look away anymore.



Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Why we need to open up the conversation about racism.
  • What is white privilege?
  • Why racism, white privilege, and white fragility have always existed even though they may be new to many.
  • How Andréa, as a spiritual leader and lightworker, allows love to be the foundation of everything that she does.
  • Why Andréa felt a responsibility as a lightworker and spiritual leader to speak against oppression and injustice.
  • Why, in order to allow healing to happen, you need to allow people to express themselves, so they can begin their healing journey.
  • How silence and not speaking up about racism is part of the problem.
  • Why love can’t be conditional and why it’s so important to reach out to people of color and ask how you can help them.
  • Why, when you are still feeling trauma you can’t see anyone else’s trauma.
  • Why educating yourself gives you vocabulary, understanding, and it adds a layer of compassion to the conversation.
  • White privilege happens when you don’t want to listen and want to avoid what’s hard and heavy and disgusting because it tears you up.
  • Why now is the time to take risks and call people out.
  • Why parents need to talk to kids about racism.
  • Why violence is the language of those who are unheard.
  • Why you have to stay informed and cannot look away anymore.


Shareable Quotes:

  • “I am disappointed in each and every one of you, and your silence is part of the problem.”- Andréa Michel
  • “Love is a verb. It’s action. And so to say you love me, but then remain silent, then I have to question the love that you have for me. And if you’re silent, then to me it says that this love is conditional and it’s conditioned on what I can do for you.” – Andréa Michel
  • “If as lightworkers, we don’t shine our light in times of darkness, what the hell are we doing it for?” – Emily Aarons
  • “During my whole life I have been surrounded by people and have close, intimate friendships with family members, with people of color and it’s only now that I am seeing the world through white privilege glasses.” – Emily Aarons



Resources to Take You Deeper:



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