Ep 37: Your Personal Stylist: Feeling Good About Looking Good with Sydney Lester


In our 37th episode of the Aligned & Unstoppable podcast, Emily talks with her friend Sydney Lester. Sydney is a personal styler, fashion blog writer, and creator of Chic Stripes. She comes to the show to teach how to style yourself to feel confident and powerful.

Episode Highlights:

  • Sydney talks about her past and her journey to where she is now.
  • Consider a new mindset of not worrying about money and focusing on people.
  • Sydney speaks on her blog’s growth and the creation of Chic Stripes.
  • Learning how to figure out your style, based on your body and your interests.
  • Sydney shares a styling example and how she figured out an effective method of finding styles.
  • Realizing that a picture can affect how you feel about an outfit, and make you feel better about fashion.
  • Sydney speaks on her past as a social worker, journey to more confidence, and transition into her current self.
  • Understanding that some outfits faze out and should be let go even if they are emotionally prominent.
  • They talk about how the process moves forward along with understanding the inclusion of self-care practices.


3 Key Points:

  • To find your personal style, understand that you must feel good in everything you wear.
  • Understand that your transition will not take the same amount of time as any other person.
  • Changing your wardrobe to feel better about yourself is a journey that takes time and continual practice.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Becoming this person (a “successful” human), is a different mindset.” – Sydney Lester
  • “It is a journey, finding someone else’s style.” – Sydney Lester
  • “What really matters is finding pieces that you can rework to wear differently with other clothing.” – Sydney Lester
  • “Time is an important tool and resource.” – Emily Aarons


Resources Mentioned:



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