The Empowering Mindset To Adopt As A Woman To Harness Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Empowering Mindset To Adopt As A Woman To Harness Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Empowering Mindset To Adopt As A Woman To Harness Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

I know my listeners and I know that YOU are putting yourself out there and opening yourselves up to soul growth… all because you believe you can help others.

You are passionate about healing and helping others and you can feel them suffering out there because they need what you have to offer and you aren’t sure how to get it to them.

It might not be perfect. You may not be able to wrap it up in a neat and tidy package, but it’s time to embrace a fully empowered mindset and take action.

This episode will help you adopt an empowered mindset so you can 10x your entrepreneurial spirit while you stay connected to your passion and purpose.

You may not fully know what that purpose is yet or you may know exactly what it is.

Either way, I know you’re here to help and people out there need you. You just need to connect the dots from you to them. This podcast episode is here to help you do that!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [2:06] Are you keeping your work locked up hostage inside you when there’s someone it can help?
  • [2:16] You have no idea how your words and energy can impact another person.
  • [3:15] They’ll continue suffering until you get the courage to get yourself out there.
  • [3:15] Even if it’s not perfect, it’s going to help someone.
  • [4:26] The mindset that I want you to adopt (think energy + words!)
  • [5:16] The steps to help you take ACTION.
  • [5:27] We’re all entrepreneurs in spirit, but that doesn’t make it easy.
  • [6:47] How to trust what needs to be shared.
  • [7.01] It used to be me. I just sat there in silence because I didn’t know how to share my message.

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

Start to put yourself out there! Try calming your mind, taking a deep breath, and using your resources (such as your oracle cards, your crystals, whatever feels right to support you taking a step). Then TRUST that it’s the right one and take an action toward your goals!

About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast March 23




Episode 139


Happy March 23rd Lightworker!


Your guidance system is calling you out this week big time! You’re STILL holding back and it’s time to cut it out. QUIT telling yourself the story that successful people are fearless, they’re not, and if anything, they have way more to lose when they take risks…



36. Trust your gut: Your body knows the truth

You’ve been doing the head stuff for way too long! Overthinking, over-analyzing, and second-guessing. STOP IT! Get out of your head and into your gut. It knows the truth, but first, you need to trust yourself. There’s no way to begin trusting others if you don’t trust in yourself. Your gut is like your body’s second brain. It’s also like a lie detector. It wants you to know something. Quit trying to make sense of a situation, and just go with the knowing of your brilliant gut instinct. You don’t need to justify yourself for having this intel, just roll with it. The more you take action and trust your inner knowing, the more your inner knowing strengthens. Your angels also want to validate that YES, you are strengthening your intuition by doing this practice. There’s really no risk either! How’s the alternative working out for ya?


7. Healing: Schedule healing work!

This is a hard stop, drop, and get some healing work done. I don’t care if it’s a visit to the sauna, a spa day, or an hour-long massage or energy healing session. Your system is overloaded and underloved. There’s something going on under the surface and your angels want you to be aware of it … and you can’t do that alone or by working harder. You must stop to listen to the call. If you continue to ignore it, the call will get louder, and you may not enjoy being laid up from work for a long stretch of time. Better take care of yourself now. Pay now or pay later! A small investment of a day off will pay off in droves…just you wait and see! There’s someone in heaven watching over you and they can hear your silent prayers. Think of this card as a gift to have someone take care of you.

30. Leap of faith: Feed your fear or your faith

Do you feel like you don’t have the confidence for something right now? Guess what? That’s not a good enough excuse to stop. There are people who need you and maybe you don’t have the “perfect plan” but even if you did, something would shift and change. You’re adaptable and smart. You CAN do this! You’ve figured out harder things and you’re ready for a big shift. Are you gonna just stand there with your toes on the edge too worried to move, or are you going to take a running leap trusting that you’ll soar with your angels all around you? The choice is yours. Feed your fear or feed your faith. It’s up to you!



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