7 Tips To Deal With Family Who Don’t Embrace Your Spiritual Path

7 Tips To Deal With Family Who Don’t Embrace Your Spiritual Path

7 Tips To Deal With Family Who Don’t Embrace Your Spiritual Path

Let’s be honest, being on a spiritual path can feel isolating, lonely, and like you are the weirdo in the group at times (I used to feel that way!).

When you’re in the process of finding your place and connecting to like-minded people, you need to know how to handle it when family, and possibly spouses and partners, just don’t get you and don’t know how to embrace you and your light.

Today I’m sharing my honest backstory when it comes to having family members and a partner who didn’t get me. Not only that, I’ve had family go out of their way to be vocally against my spiritual business.

I’m hoping my story helps you know that you are not alone and that it doesn’t have to affect your success or your ability to shine your light!

This episode has 7 tips to deal with family members who just don’t get you – because YOU are meant to shine.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • [3.09] How my seemingly good upbringing didn’t prepare me for who I wanted to become.
  • [5.18] Coming out of the “spiritual closet”, my fears, and how my family reacted.
  • [8.07] The disappointment and disparaging remarks that stung.
  • [10.54] When your spouse isn’t on board – there’s hope!
  • [13.40] 7 tips to deal to handle your naysayers and still be able to shine your light.
  • [18.55] Find your supportive community so you can be the FULL version of yourself.
  • [21.05] Change is possible!

Resources to take you deeper:

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

Find your spiritual people! The ones who support you and understand you so you can show up as YOU, unmuted and dreaming big. You aren’t meant to dim your light and being around people who see you makes all the difference. Ask the universe, or your guides, to send them your way!

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About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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Angels in Your Biz Weekly Forecast July 20



Episode 177


Oh girl, this month we are PIVOTING!

I take a deep breath before sharing this week’s forecast because it’s the second time the Pivot card showed up. We have to really be ok with changing plans in order to stay in the flow state! Also part of this work we have to trust that everything is working out exactly as planned and do NOT be afraid to ask for help, please!





33. Pivot: Tune in to what FEELS good

Something feels off. You don’t need to throw away all of your work but I’d seriously consider shifting so you don’t feel like you’re “pushing” so hard. Your business doesn’t have to be a labor of love; it can be easy. Maybe it’s time to look at the story “I have to work hard to make money.” Did you catch yourself? This could be a lovely place to journal what FEELS good and what feels heavy in your work. Give yourself permission to let go of what doesn’t feel light and easy.



32. Order: It’s all coming together

Trust in divine timing and divine outcome. If you’re worried about how things are going to work out, or what are the next steps, let all that go now. You need to let go of trying to control everything so much and allow your guidance to come to help you. What if by letting go, an even better outcome could happen? Your way may not be the only way. You’re getting intuitive hits; quit questioning them so much and simply take action in alignment.



23. Outsource: Stop trying to do everything alone

If you’re trying to do everything alone, you’re actually not serving at your highest level. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Your guides have been trying to connect you with all the right people whom you can trust to help with your day to day operations. They want your success as much as you do, and you’ve finally reached the point where you MUST hire help if you ever want to see your dreams come true. You’re wasting precious resources like time and energy by doing too much, it’s safe to ask for help and receive it.



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