Unleashing Unapologetic Confidence: A Journey of Transformation and Emotional Healing with Kisha Woods

Unleashing Unapologetic Confidence: A Journey of Transformation and Emotional Healing with Kisha Woods

Unleashing Unapologetic Confidence:

A Journey of Transformation and Emotional Healing

with Kisha Woods

In this episode, I had an inspiring conversation with Kisha Woods, a transformation mindset coach, author, and entrepreneur.

We discussed her journey from being a negative, frustrated person to finding her purpose and living an unapologetic, confident life. We delved into the importance of taking accountability for one’s actions, mental toughness, overcoming discomfort to achieve personal growth, and the sacrifices required for transformation.

Kisha shared her breaking point during the pandemic, which led her to take a 30-day social media detox and ultimately write her book “From Habit to Healing. “

We also explored the power of accountability in personal transformation and the need to break out of survival mode to reach one’s full potential. Join us for this powerful conversation that highlights the importance of self-care, emotional healing, and finding your own path to success.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • Overcoming a Rut and Taking Accountability [0:05:38 – 0:06:54]
  • Seeking Discomfort for Growth [0:16:41 – 0:17:42]
  • Mental Toughness and Emotional Healing [0:12:08]
  • Gaining Confidence and Breaking Out [0:16:41]
  • Sacrifices and Service [0:21:25]
  • Unapologetic Confidence [0:30:15]

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Emily: All right, friends, welcome back to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast. You know, my favorite episodes are usually the ones I have guests, and today is one of those episodes. I am joined by Kisha Woods, and I invited Kisha on. We just kind of figured it out. We met through a podcasting connector thing and I just told her, I’m like, you’re the only person I’ve actually really liked that I’ve met on there. We really just vibe. I was on Kisha’s podcast, The Empowering Real Talk Podcast, and not maybe, Oh my gosh, it was months and months and months ago at this point, but she’s just super cool. She’s a coach, she’s self-made, she is, you know, helping other people live their best lives. She’s an author. She’s literally sitting in front of her published book…

Kisha: hearing 🙂

Emily: Just so awesome. And it was like the best spirit jokes up for me, for my guides are like, look, she’s got a book, write the damn book already, but we’re not going to get into that today. I really want to dive into it so my listeners can get to know you a little bit better. And then I really want to open up the conversation around, you know, what it takes to have this relentless spirit, you know, to keep moving forward, to keep innovating, and to keep growing personally and professionally. So before we get into that, who the hell are you, Kisha? Let’s talk about that.

Kisha: Thank you for having me, Emily, like, I’m super geeked to be here. The energy just from you being on my show and our conversations have been so dope, so this is going to be no different. So thank you for having me, again I am Kisha. I go also by Coach Kay. Well, I’m the founder of Upgraded MindsetZ. My primary passion is a transformational mindset coach for women, but I call myself a serial entrepreneur and I actually have an online store. I am an author, new author here. I am an administrative consultant for some small businesses. I am an independent travel advisor.

I have a business with two other phenomenal ladies that we share our space here, where we provide personal growth, personal business development for small businesses here locally. And I’m just really walking into purpose and I used to be a negatively frustrated person and I put the tools in place and I am really walking in my purpose right now. So it’s just an amazing feeling today.

Emily: So, seeing all those different things. Do you happen to know your human design type by any chance?

Kisha: No, I don’t.

Emily: Okay. So it’s another, like… even if you knew it, I probably couldn’t even speak that language to be totally transparent. But the vibe that you’re giving me is, is like a manifesting generator, which is like the little mighty engines that could I also am I manifesting? I’m like, she’s like that.

Kisha: I’ll take it.

Emily: Right? And so you can do multiple projects and it’s never overwhelming. It’s just like part of who you are. And, and I love it. I think that also gives people, people permission to have multiple interests and to be multi-passionate and not to feel so limited to only doing one thing and realizing, wow, I can do all the things that I love and enjoy all of them. Okay, cool. So I would love for you to share that part. I would love for you to share like, how did you get into becoming a transformational coach and a mentor for people?

Kisha: Well, I actually have always had that like unofficial coach-mentor mentality, right? People always attracted themselves to me to talk to me, because they just knew that for one, I wasn’t going to go back and tell other people’s business and stuff like that.

They actually labeled me the bone collector at my previous job in corporate America because they knew that they could confide in me and I wasn’t going to go back and tell the boss or tell other coworkers, you know, and stay with family and friends. And what was happening with me as though I was suppressing a lot of my stuff internally. And as women, we carry that. We suppressed a lot of things in life because we’re told to just bear the brunt of everything, be strong, quote-unquote, and just keep going. And I live that life. But unfortunately, it was mentally frustrating the hell out of me.

I didn’t realize at the time that I was mentally frustrated, but I was like snapping out at people at the drop of a dime, frustrated about the things that they weren’t doing, but I’m stepping up to do it without hesitation, and it kind of took its toll in 2020, at the time where the pandemic was beginning to kick off and lockdowns were going on, I had to take a step back. I took a detox from social media for 30 days, and that’s actually where my book transpired. From having the healing is actually my 30-day journal of April of 2021. I was off the social media. It has all of my thoughts in there. It has the resources that I was using to begin my transformation and establish the clarity that I didn’t really have for myself. I began a journey of self-prioritization and created an unapologetic, confident lifestyle for myself.

Unapologetic –  I use that word because I just no longer worry about what anyone has to say about what I do in life. And I want to show others how to do the same. Coming from a mental low to an unapologetic high is an amazing experience, and I want to be able to give that to everybody else that is ready and willing to put in the work to get there.

Emily: That’s the key right there. Who is willing to put in the work? So I want to like dive right into that nugget because you can go from like feeling like hell and like a doormat and feeling resentful and out of alignment and just like lousy to then feeling like unapologetic and becoming like un fuck with a goal.

Kisha: That’s okay.

Emily: And I was just kind of saying before we started recording is like, I’m having conversations with folks who are feeling like they’re in that rut where you used to be. They’re feeling like they’re in that rut, but they’re also almost playing like they’re, this is inevitable. I can’t change the situation. It’s permanent and this is just who I am and where I’m at. And no matter if you want to help me or if I want you to help me, I won’t even take that the first step in getting myself out of here. And I’m not trying to, you know, make this sound more dramatic for the sake of the conversation.

Kisha: Pulling accountability out at it. I get it, go ahead.

Emily: This is it. And so, like I’ve had conversations with folks and they’re like, it’s not an excuse. I’m just. And you’re like…

Kisha: What is that?

Emily: Like, you know, it’s like, can you hear yourself? So my question is, is for the folks who are just like, not making up money, they’re living in survival mode. They’re feeling like they can’t get out of their job or their relationship or their mental health or their physical health. And like, there’s a part of them that disagrees with that, that’s unhappy with that. So how do you turn the switch on? What did you do to turn the switch on?

Kisha: Um, I just had to get accountable for my own bullshit. That was a big thing for myself, because I was that person that was like, Oh, you know, I know that I can do this, but, you know, there are so many things that stop in me, but in all actuality, everything while back to me. I was stopping myself. I’ve passed on opportunities because of stuff. Yes, it might have. Because I thought at the time that it was to save other people or to help other people. But it wasn’t. It was because I was deflecting my own shit, you know, I was deflecting that It was time for me to level up on so many levels. And that began the shift in my mind of starting to think differently. Because when you are programmed to think and believe a certain way for so long, there is no such thing as an overnight process. You are really like realigning and reconditioning probably everything about yourself, you know, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, all of it has to be ready to be realigned. And I was ready for that.

You know, I was looking at like I had opportunities that I had passed up on. I was so mad at myself, you know, like so mad about stuff. But at this point, I can stay mad or I can begin the process of making the shift that I need to make. And let me tell you something, I don’t sugarcoat anything, that’s shit is hard. It is hard. But I understood that it was going to be hard. Instead of expecting this overnight flicking a switch and I’m going to be all right the next day. And once I started understanding that there was a process that came along with this, I was okay. I was okay with the process. I was okay with the journey to get there. I’m going to always be a continuing growth process and understanding that, has allowed me to be able to keep my mind clear and keep me focused on what it is that I want to do. Not saying that there’s not going to be reroutes because there are.

Emily: Always

Kisha: But I was still I was understanding that I still had a journey to do and I still have a journey to do. And just being clear and saying, I’m done with dealing with this shit. I’m done with being frustrated. I’m tired of being mad at the world, you know? And once I did that, it’s like, okay, now my mind’s like, whoa, you got that out. So now let’s get the policies in place. Let’s figure out what tools we’re going to use. Let’s start, you know, getting things together. Let’s start getting yourself aligned with what you truly want to be the most empowering version of yourself as an individual. And that was it for me.

Emily: Did you feel like you hit like a rock bottom? Like what was your breaking point? Because I feel like we get to that tipping point where you’re like, have had enough of your own bullshit and you’re just like, Yeah, okay, I’m going to take responsibility. I’m gonna take all the steps that you just kind of mentioned. But like, what was that like for you? What was your tipping point?

Kisha: I’ll say like the uncertainty of COVID at the time because again, this was March of 2020 when like my mental was like really hitting a low. I was like, I was waking up, mad. Like, I was waking up like, oh, I don’t want to go to work. Oh, I don’t want to do this. Like, I’m literally, like, snapping out and this like, girl but then also I’m having like, aches, body pains, you know, stuff like that. And it’s like all of this stuff is like aligning together. You’re achy because your body’s achy, your mind is aching, you’re tired, you know, you’re so mentally frustrated, Kisha.

And it’s like and then I think maybe I started like looking on YouTube about stuff because I like to listen to things and I like to read a little bit too. And I think that there might have been and I honestly don’t know exactly what it was, what like what particular video it might have been, but it literally broke me down and I cried. Like I really cry because I was so tired of living like I was living. I had a job, financially, I was I can’t even say that I was struggling financially because I really wasn’t, I wasn’t in a place that, you know, that I felt that I should have been. But again, that was all because of me, lacking my own self-prioritization and putting everybody else’s needs ahead of my own. I passed again, remembering just so many things that I stop myself from doing because I didn’t want to leave other people or, you know, but I was really at a mental low because I was just super frustrated and I was aching and I was tired having headaches.

And I was at a doctor and you’re like, yeah, you know, we don’t see anything, you know? So, you know, just live this life and change what you eat. You know, we always hear that go on a diet. But there was it was deeper than that for me. And it was time for me to really find out what that was. And that March of 2020 was that breaking point. I literally sent the message to my family and said, Right now I’ve got to focus on me because I’m about ready to go to prison. And I really like the message that I sent because I was so frustrated with everybody’s and everybody’s bullshit and I was tired. I was just tired.

Emily: Yeah, Yeah. And I think what you’re also sharing, you know, it’s the emotional baggage that we carry and that is what that unrelenting stress that does not stop, you know, it’s just constant and we’re not dealing with it.

And I talk about this all the time, energetically speaking where the energy it’s not just like a mental health issue. It’s a full mind-body energy field issue. So when that stress is building up so much for so long, your body can’t help but get sick to fight back. And so it’s your body’s going to take you down. You don’t go, you don’t listen to the signs, you don’t see the signals, and you don’t stop. Your body’s like, oh…

Kisha: that I won’t stop you, you know, I just have to get scared of course, I was fearful, you know, just so worried about how things were going to turn out, you know, because, again, I was operating in that restricted state of mind. So, yes, I was fearful. Yes, I was wondering if this was going to be worth it and, you know, stuff like that. But it was like, no Kisha, let’s rewind, and let’s just focus on the right now. THE RIGHT NOW, you are mentally frustrated and you are ready to write that you are ready to unchain yourself from that frustration. And I had to realize that it was a day-by-day process. It was no magic pill, no magic fix. It was a bunch of work that I knew I had to put in. And I think at that point I just mentally was ready for it.

Emily: Yeah. So have you always felt like you had that mental toughness, like throughout your childhood, throughout your young adulthood Just that mental toughness?

Kisha: Like I said, I had like a very rough life with regards to my being a straight person, fighting all the time, getting affiliations, you know, all of that, you know, just growing up, my grandmother, you know, raised me. My mom was, you know, struggling with her own demons back then. And, you know, that was a part of it as well. You know, I’m very transparent in my story. You know, my mom wasn’t as active in my life as I feel she should have been. But my mom was also struggling with her own struggles. So, you know, we are very close now. We’ve overcome so much and I’m so grateful for that.

But, yes, I was a mom at 17, you know, running the streets felt like, you know, no, I’m not keeping my child, my grandma gonna keep my child. And then I lost her at 21. So then I’m really angry now because I literally had to become a mom overnight. So but still having that toughness and still suppressing my emotions and not showing that I was grieving, you know because my grandmother was my everything. But I cried, but I did not grieve like the loss of her at 21, because, again, I had this mindset of I got to be tough, I got to be strong. Nobody’s going to see me weak. I’m going to shed nothing. And I carry that so long, you know? And again, that was a part of my mental breakdown as well with regards to that, because that was the mindset that I live that just keep everything inside, keep it all in, and that’s how we supposed to live life, so.

Emily: Right. And a lot of times, you know, having that guard up, it does protect you. And so, you know, as you’re at this place, I’m sure you’ve done it a hundred times where, you know, we also have to give gratitude for that part of us that helped us survive, that anger and that walling up and that holding it all in it. It kept you alive and it allowed you to survive probably some of the hardest times.

And so now after that phase, it’s like we still have to look back and we have to heal those parts of ourselves that grieve, that had the loss, that maybe felt abandonment, that maybe felt like we weren’t good enough, like what? All of this stuff that is going on. But in your story today of saying, I know that this road is going to be tough and I’m willing to walk it anyway. And, you know, that brings me back to like, you know, I don’t know if you read David Goggin’s book: Can’t Break Me or Can’t Hurt Me, Can’t Hurt Me if you ever read.

Kisha: I will, because I was like that.

Emily: Oh, my God, that book is intense. So he’s like a special forces, like navy seal. And he went through like hell and back as a child through his training. Like he lost, like a £150, like he had realized, you know, from all of his life and all of his trauma that like he had always been seeking out discomfort. And when he started to realize his goal of wanting to become a SEAL, he realized he had to start making himself uncomfortable to make his dreams realized.

And now he’s like, he’s the poster boy for mental toughness and seeking out physical and mental challenges for the sake of growth. And I mean, he does some crazy shit, he’s like, so extreme. You’re like, I am not doing that. Good for you, though. Good for you. But his message is he’s just like, he’s like people are so fucking lazy and people just don’t want to do it. And I feel like that too. And sometimes I get really frustrated when people reach out to me and they’re like, I want to work with you. I want your help. I know that you can be the person to help me, but I just…

Kisha: I can’t right there, that way, right there.

Emily: So it’s like. I want you to know it’s possible for you. I want you to believe in yourselves. And I think that’s like it’s one of my gifts as a practitioner, as a coach. And likely yours, too, is like, we can feel and see in our client’s greatness. yeah, you know, you can feel what’s their potential, you can see it. And a lot of times when I’m working on clients energetically, I get to see the full picture of their impact. And I’m like, damn, like, well, like, does she even know where she is right now?

Kisha: Yeah

Emily: Like they have no idea. And so it’s hard for me to articulate. Here’s what I’m seeing and feeling from you, and they’re just kind of like, for me?

Kisha: Right. Yeah.

Emily: And so, I mean, I think that I feel the same way for myself. Like when I see my own visions or I’m given a download intuitively and it kind of shakes me or brings me to tears like I was chosen for that, what? me?

Kisha: And you’re so right. Like, I am so big on accountability, right? I’m so big on accountability because I have to get accountable for myself. And that is one of the biggest things like working with me. You got to be ready to be accountable. That’s one thing that I stress across the board. I’m not sugarcoating for you. I’m not pacifying you. I’m going to hold you accountable.

There probably going to be days where you by like, look, they’re not working with her, but at the end of the day, every single one of my clients at the end result of whatever, and I still have some I have clients that I’ve been working with over a year, you know, because they know I am going to hold them accountable and keep them purposeful and intentional in their journey of whatever it is they’re going to do. But if you are looking to me for, Oh, well, you know, everything’s going to be okay, no, what are you doing to make sure everything is okay?

And so, you know, going back to what you said with the ‘BUT’ word, I cannot stand about where I literally get a whole podcast about the word. But okay, I just and I still use it, don’t get me wrong. But in this instance, you’ve got to realize that ‘BUT’t is putting that block up for you. You’re doubting yourself just with that three-letter word. You know, if you want to make these changes, then you have to understand that the sense of entitlement has to go out the window. You cannot think that you are just going to wake up tomorrow and there’s not any work that you got to put in. It’s no different than if you start a new job.

You got to train for that job. You’ve got to get yourself comfortable with how you want to do your job, you know, as a new position. It’s the same thing when you’re realigning yourself. You are training yourself to do new things, to learn new habits, to implement different ways, and get out of survival mode. Because mentally we are all a lot of us are in survival mode because that’s what we’ve been programmed to do and that’s how we’ve had to live our life.

So getting out of that survival mode is super important to be in gaining your inner confidence is going to come along with you, breaking out of that survival mode. Because you’re going to set a whole new tone for yourself and be on another level, you know?

Emily: Yeah, You think that there are some people who just are not cut out to be.

Kisha: I did.

Emily: Yeah, I did too.

Kisha: I do. That’s a reality that I had to come with because, you know, my first thought it as a culture was like, Oh my God, I want to help everybody. You know, I’m going to reach everybody. And let me tell you something, I do not think that way. If you take my message, however you receive it, I love it. Thank you so much for your support. If you listen, follow the podcast, however. Well, listen, I’m not here to beg you to make changes for yourself.

I’m not going to coddle you to make changes for yourself. You got to be ready to do that, and you’ve got to be ready to sacrifice. That is the word that I utilize. Okay? Because transforming your mind and elevating your life is going to require sacrifice. And if you don’t feel like that you got to make sacrifices, then you just may not be ready. And that’s okay.

Emily: Yeah

Kisha: I love you for having a conversation with me. You know, go to the website, grab your t-shirt. You want a book however you want to do. But I’m not about to stress myself out for somebody that clearly wants to continue to have the roadblocks up for themselves.

Emily: Right. And I think that goes to say it’s like, you know, we are creatures of comfort, but we will also fight for our limitations. We will fight to stay where we are because it’s familiar.

And the road for ascension, the road for growth, the road for more money, more impact, more everything. It involves not being who you are today, and not thinking the way you think. It’s about, hey, thank you for getting me here, but I’m going to take this part of me off. I’m going to go to that next level.

And a lot of folks are just not willing to break up with themselves and to go but I could be the better version of myself. And, you know, it is the things that you are familiar with that can come between you and your dreams. And then, you know, people have I work primarily with coaches, healers and leaders. And, you know, the sad truth is that a lot of them have a plan B or they are kind of in between. They have like their soul work and like what they’re passionate about. You kind of have a plan B, maybe a side job, and they’re in this middle undecided gray area more than not. And so when you’re in this indecisive area, when you’re like, do I go to my soul work, can I even make it work? And then maybe if it doesn’t, I’ll go this way. All the energy that’s wasted not doing either one.

Kisha: Yeah.

Emily: Is exhausting them. So when it’s time to put out their book, put out their offer, make themselves visible, they put minimal effort in. They get minimal results back and then they go, it was me. People don’t want me. They don’t want my offer. I’m never going to make it. I’m not cut out for it. Maybe I should look back, look at my plan B. Instead of realizing what if, just go out on a limb – what if you took all of your energy and focused it on one direction if you were going to be all in? If you’re going to put it all out on the field, if you’re going to promote the hell out of it, if you’re going to build your community, if you’re going to show up and be of service, what would you do? How would you do that? How could you be relentless?

And I always like to give credit to Rachel Rodgers for that word, because when her book We Should All Be Millionaires, came out, she was promoting the hell out of it. And I caught one of her lives. And she goes, if you’re catching me right now, I’m going to be promoting my book. And if you don’t want to hear about it, that’s fine. You don’t have to be here. I’m going to be relentless and unapologetic about getting this out here. And I was like, can everybody just like, that to me was like, that’s exactly it. People aren’t being too apologetic about putting themselves out there feeling salesy. You’re like, oh, it’s I’m too much like, listen…

Kisha: I’m going to be too much.

Emily: I’m going to be too much!

Kisha: And I say that often like if you get tired of seeing the same things from me and all this stuff, then please just unfollow me now. You know, I have my biggest followings are like on Facebook and stuff like that, and I probably have several pages, business pages and a couple personal pages. And guess what? You’re going to see everything on all of those pages. So you don’t want to see that. I’m sorry to tell you, but… Everybody’s like, oh, well, Facebook is for this. No, Facebook is for what you use it for. You can’t tell me how to utilize my platforms,

Emily: Right

Kisha: I do utilize them how I see you as how you see feel. If you want to, you know, entertain negative energy all day on social media and then wonder why you’re stuck, struggling and frustrated, then you go right ahead. So that’s I’m big on it. I don’t follow the gossip sites anymore. I don’t look at any of that stuff anymore. You must be in your catch me reality show. You know, but as far as like, I know that what I watch, and what I entertain is what I want to give back and return. And I’m so mindful of that. And a lot of people just don’t want to be, they want to be false.

They also want to look at other people’s problems because they don’t want to face them, you know? So it’s just like, you know, those. I want that. All right. I wish you the best. You know, go right ahead. And but, you know, working with coaches, you know, I have, you know, two clients actually, that are coaches as well. And, you know, they want that unapologetic confidence that I carry. I’m like, okay, let’s get there. But I can give you all the tools in the world. But if you still got that block, maybe I can’t help you, right? And I cannot help you.

Emily: Yeah. And I think it comes down to understanding that you’re here to be of service. Like we’re all here to be of service. So I know my listeners are these people. Probably yours are, too. Which I know in my heart I’m here to help people. That in that alone. So if that’s true and that’s genuinely honestly how you feel, then we have to put those people’s needs in front of our own fears.

Kisha: Yeah

Emily: We can say, well, I want to be of service, I want to help this person today. But if you’re stuck in your own fear and worry about judgment, what people are going to think of me? What if I say the wrong thing that is fully self-centered and selfish of you?

Kisha: That part.

Emily: That’s not about other people. Because, you know, I think there are people who are like, well, I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I don’t know how is it. Listen, like you and I figured it out, like we’re still learning, we’re still growing. There’s never a done place. And I think that’s that threshold of getting up and getting started. That’s the first biggest step and hurdle to go through. And then you’re not done, though. The bigger you get, the more money you make, the bigger impact. Those hurdles get fucking bigger.

Kisha: I’m trying to tell you, I’m like, oh, I’m a virgin author. It is my first book and it’s like, okay, who is different from being a coach? You know what I’m saying? So now I’ve got to strategize as an author and not a coach, you know what I’m saying? Even though I do so many things as a serial entrepreneur, there are different strategies for each one.

Emily: Yes…

Kisha: Purpose is going to trump, with all of them. Because the purpose is to help, you know, in each different way. But there are still branches and roots that are coming out of this original tree of mine that are going in different routes. And I have to understand that. And that’s what’s allowed me to, like you said earlier, be able to do everything and still have the balance, you know, to be sufficient in each one of them, you know, because I know that this is different. I know this strategy is different over here.

I know that I’ve got to do a little bit different promoting over here, you know. So I understand that part they say of the doing it is overwhelming, I mean, I’m going to be honest and say, you does you know, one thing about me is I don’t mind shutting out everything. I will be like, all right, I’m doing nothing today. Didn’t happen today, it is not going to happen today. I have no problem shutting down, rescheduling being I don’t have any problem with doing any of that. And it took me a while to get to that point. You know, as a growing entrepreneur, you want to make sure that you’re 100% available. But again, self-prioritization will always be number one here for me.

Emily: Yeah.

Kisha: So and that’s just how I walk in my journey and that’s what’s established that inner unapologetic confidence for myself.

Emily: Yeah, I love that. And being putting yourself first is going to reflect in everything else you do.

Kisha: That part, I can pour from that full cup that we always talk about. You know, I know that I’m giving sufficient information. I’m giving, you know, empowering tools. And I’m not depleted, you know, because I’m trying to do too much, you know, And I had to learn how you listen. You know, as I started off as a coach, Yes, I wanted all the bells and whistles. You know, I was downloading all the freebies from other, you know, season coaches. I did all of that, right. But I had to learn my way. The way is not going to be how they do things, you know, even as…

Emily: Yes.

Kisha: … and the effort you do so much. Emily is giving you the tools to say, you know what, you know, your intuitiveness is going to kick off this way.

But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to continue on that path of intuitiveness that you’re going on. I can’t…

Emily: Yes

Kisha: I can’t hold your hand there. You know.

Emily: Yes!

Kisha: I need you to take, you know, and it’s the same with me. If you want that unapologetic company, let me give you the starting tools to get there. But you have to be intentional in maintaining those tools.

Emily: Yes

Kisha: It asking for more guidance as you go, you know, because that’s just how what it’s about, you know what I’m saying? And that unapologetic confidence for me. And I walk that wholeheartedly. I’m telling you, I’m so unapologetic.

Emily: Kisha, you are so tapped in. It’s fucking crazy. So like, here’s the funny thing, all right? What you just said, I was out for a walk last week and it’s really snowy here. And we had like a lot of snow and I was we have a big backyard and our neighbor has a huge backyard, so that’s why I walk my dog back there. And there are these deep tracks in the snow from my footprints from a few days prior that were frozen. So I was following my own tracks around, and on my way back I decided to take a detour off of my own trail and just make forge a new path. and I’m pulling my zipper down. I take my hat off like I am sweating and I am just working my ass off. And then I stop and there’s like, the sun is like beaming on my back and it’s like the most gorgeous, bright, sunny winter day, and I just stop there.

And my guides basically just said, because I guess I made my way back to the trail. Look at the trail,  this is what you give people. You’re not just laying the path and telling them. Follow my footprints and create an Emily business.

Kisha: Yeah.

Emily: You’re saying to your exact point is you can follow in my footprints for as long as you want. And this. But this path is long. I mean, I’ve been doing this for a long time, gone a long way.

But what I want to do is teach you how to have the intuition, how to have the senses, how to have the strength, how to have the confidence as you’re falling in my trail. But so how you can do it for yourself. So when it’s time for you, you can forge your own path and listen, walking on my trail, like it’s a hell of a lot easier than forging your own path. But what a lot of people make the mistake of doing is trying to forge their own path before they even know what the hell to do. And the next thing they know, they’re lost in the woods and they have run out of water and they have no more tools than they have no shelter. And they’re like, I don’t know what I suppose to be doing.

And so it’s like, you know, you follow a coach, like with like Kisha or myself, and you’re like, listen, follow the path. But we’re not going to teach you how to be us.

Kisha: Yeah

Emily: We’re teaching you how to be you, in the way that’s right for you.

Kisha: I love that. That’s so, so important. We are individuals for a reason. You know, you can follow the biggest person in the world that has 50 million followers. And, you know, but I guarantee you, they walk in their own journey. They trusted their own process. They built their own. You know what I’m saying? Transformation. And that is what we want you to do is to just build your own transformation, utilize the tools, take what you get. You know, it’s like, you know you should have download the freebies, right? From people that you get the emails, you gets those freebies or you get those webinars like that. You take what resonates with you the most. You take what value you can get out of that.

Nobody is saying that the whole 90-minute seminar or webinar is going to be for you. It can be 5 minutes of that, but take that 5 minutes and turn it into your own, you know, because once we become our all empowering being a listen, we are unstoppable. And that’s exactly why I know this podcast is called just that because we are Unstoppable. But you got to be ready to sacrifice,s So be unstoppable.

Emily: I agree. I agree. That’s so good. I feel like that was just such a big mic-drop moment that I feel like, and it was all set. It was all.

Kisha: Yeah, it was all set!

Emily: So, listeners, I know you’re totally vibing with Kisha like she’s been there, she’s done it. She is no bullshit. That’s what I love about her. Straight shooter. People who just say like, it is like, we don’t need a sugar coat. We don’t need high people up when they need to, like, actually face the facts that they need to do the work. You know, you and I are really alike in that we are very, like, internally self-motivated and like, I’m I don’t even need to ask, like, who? Who keeps you accountable? You keep you accountable. I know you do.

Kisha: I do.

Emily: Yeah. So…

Kisha: And I do. You know, it’s good to have some support team. And I do. I have aligned myself with some amazing tribe of women, men, everybody, you know. But it was it’s a new alignment for me. So but I am our biggest accountability partner and we have to be our biggest accountability because who else is going to do it for you?

Emily: Right Yeah, exactly. So, Kisha, let people know how they can find you, how they can work with you, how they can pick up your book and just share all the things, please.

Kisha: Sure thing. Well, I have my podcast, which is the Empowering Real Talk Podcast, that I’m giving a straight run uncut over there. I’ve got amazing topics, amazing guests, like Emily over there. So y’all make sure you all go subscribe to the YouTube Channel one and then follow me on your favorite podcast streaming platform for two and definitely catch me Emily’s episode over there as well.

You can find my website which is www.upgradedmindsetz.life/ That’s pretty much where is the central station for myself you can find everything about me. You can find the programs that I offer, you actually can find where you can get the book. It is available on Amazon. Barnes and Noble, it’s here locally as well in Peoria, Illinois.

You can actually shop my online store, which I have over a dozen like motivational quotes for hoodies, t shirts, coffee mugs. I’ve got my e-books over there, download, easy download stuff. And like I said, everything can start at upgradedmindsetzlife, that’s where you can find with everything, the podcast and everything else. Just so much going on. I’ve got some courses that’ll be coming starting April 2023. So all that. So if you subscribe to anything about me that you’ll make sure that you stay updated. So I’m definitely, you know, dropping in power, real talk everywhere I go. So I’m glad that I was able to come here and do it as well.

Emily: You have a gift. You do. And all who are on Instagram, you can take a screenshot of this episode, post it in your stories and tag me and Coach Kay on Instagram. Right?

Kisha: Yep. Yeah, I’m on our social media platforms with that handle. So while you’re going everywhere, TikTok, Facebook, I’m all over there.

Emily: Great. We’ll have all the links right in our show notes if you miss anything or if you’re driving or you can’t write it down, it’ll all be in the show notes. You can always go back to that.

If this episode was inspiring or if it was helpful or if you had some A-H-As, share it with a friend. You know, the best thing you can do is tell somebody what really made a difference in your life, some sort of breakthrough, because it helps that energy just to expand even further. And perhaps, you know, whoever you share it with can be your new accountability friend. And when you’re ready to take yourself and your business seriously and to be held accountable to doing the damn thing, you know, you can reach out to either of us any time we’re here to help support you in making your vision come to life and so that you can live up to your potential.

Kisha: Absolutely.

Emily: Kisha so fun. I just love you. So good to have you here.

Kisha: Thank you!

Emily: And you it was my pleasure. So you guys follow Kisha, go over to website, get all the things, and thank you all for listening. Have a great rest of your day and we’ll see you on the next podcast.

Kisha: Take care!

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