How to ACTUALLY release your fears and align to faith

How to ACTUALLY release your fears and align to faith

There’s never been a time in history where so many people are looking for hope, peace, and calm…

People are holding GLOBAL meditation and prayer circles…

We’re finding our “new normal” and it can feel a bit shaky. Rightfully so.

The thing is, everything is energy.

Fear, anxiety, and OVERWHELM all carry a distinct energetic vibration…and it’s low and “sticky”. You feel crappy inside and it’s like muck; it’s hard to get out of the funk.

On the other hand…

Hope, peace, calm, and LOVE also carry a vibration…and you probably guessed, its very HIGH! You feel expansive and connected and limitless!

On any given day, or moment, you can oscilate between these emotional vibrations and it kind of feels like a rollercoaster.

Long-term, it can take a toll on your body, triggering pain or disease.

THE GOOD NEWS is that it’s my passion to support you in staying plugged into your FAITH and to feel that high-vibe-yummy-feeling as often a possible…

Especially when everywhere you look there’s crazy stuff going down and life is super stressful! #pandemichomeschooling

…So I want to share some simple ways to ACTUALLY align your energy to faith!

During time of uncertainty you MUST create a meditation practice to stay aligned with HIGH vibrations.

If you don’t, you’ll be swept away by that sticky low-vibe fear energy that’s constantly bombarding us basically everywhere we look.

BARE MINIMUM: Add ONE minute of deep breathing and set a positive intention for the day. (Image below!)

BEST PRACTICE: Listen to my guided meditations a few times a week.

For the last few years, I’ve channeled angelic guidance to help my Mastery & Ascension membership community stay in the high-vibe energy alignment to support miraculous growth…

These meditations have been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs stay PLUGGED into their higher self, hope, joy, abundance, new possibilities, and so much MORE!

Now I’ve created a SIMPLE way to access my powerful channeled meditations WITHOUT becoming a Mastery & Ascension member…

…And for the LOWEST price ever!

You can get my Channeled Energy Forecast Meditation SINGLES!

This is NOT a recurring membership. You’re simply buying an individual meditation and PDF.

For only $11, you will get April’s channeled work:

  1. A Downloadable audio MP3 meditation (with background music)
  2. A PDF Workbook with instructions of what to do each week.

Click GET STARTED to access this incredible offer by April 1st!

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I’m really excited to be able to offer these meditations without the commitment of becoming a member. I know this work is really important and that’s why we’re keeping it so affordable too.

All my love,


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Spiritual Resources For Coping With Stress, Anxiety, and Fear During Covid-19

Spiritual Resources For Coping With Stress, Anxiety, and Fear During Covid-19

It’s my honor to be a source of LOVE and LIGHT during times of fear, stress, and darkness.

My message has been and will continue to be step into FAITH and out of fear. Whether it’s internally our ego talking trash and making us feel crappy, or externally with our environment or news breeding fear, it’s everywhere and it’s a CHOICE to step into FAITH or sink into fear…

Here are a number of resources that might be helpful to keep you grounded and focused on your light…now more than ever:

VIDEOS and PODCASTS to help support you during times of stress. You can listen and SUBSCRIBE to the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast at or iTunes.

? Wondering how to make the most of out this pandemic? Consider this is happening FOR you, so you can teach, guide, coach, and lead like never before! 

YOU ARE A LIGHTWORKER and that means you’re here to help others…so be a source of inspiration in your business and community NOW. If you’re not sure what to do, educate yourself and surround yourself with like-minded people!

Business Made Simple is my signature course for entrepreneurs at EVERY level! It’s normally closed but we decided to open doors to help you use BOTH strategic and intuitive parts of your mind to build the ONE-SIZE-FITS-YOU business model whether in a brick-n-mortar, online or BOTH! Get info on BMS here!

As always, my FREE Facebook community Aligned & Unstoppable continues to be a source for love and healing.

All my love,