5 Ways to Be a Bad Ass Before You Feel Like One

5 Ways to Be a Bad Ass Before You Feel Like One

You’ll find posts everywhere about women channeling their inner Beyoncé when they want to be powerful, sexy, and REAL.

Because… Beyoncé is the queen of the badasses!

What you may or may not know is that Beyoncé herself created an alter ego named “Sasha Fierce” to help her with her sometimes shy personality.While Beyoncé has said she’s reached a point in her career where she no longer needs Sasha Fierce –for many years it served her well (she even named an album after her!).

So think about it, if someone as powerful and successful as Beyoncé benefited from an alter ego to get where she is today, why not explore this idea in your business too?

Your inner Beyoncé is really tapping into your higher inner self.

Now it doesn’t have to be Beyoncé, there are many fierce and powerful women for you to choose from to create this inner power.

You higher inner self who has the money, who has the car, the lifestyle, the luxury, the love, the abundance, the business – you name it.

When you tap into that energy and you live your life from THAT place, you create a checklist to follow in your day to stay in that badass energy.

And when you live your life in that way, guess what happens?

Instantly, the life you want to live starts coming in so fast because you are being the person who has the qualities you want.

It’s easy to try this, doesn’t cost you a penny, and you only have awesomeness to gain!

Here are 5 ways to channel your inner fierceness that I highly recommend to you as a Business Alignment Coach:


1. Channel someone powerful who you admire

Close your eyes and think of someone powerful and begin to pull that energy into you. Let that energy fill your body and really feel it.

It can be a rock star like Joan Jett, or someone like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez…

It’s important to think of an energy that YOU resonate with.

Pull the energy into you.

Close your eyes, feel your feet flat on the floor and keep your back straight. This aligns your energy center. That makes it easier for energy to flow up and down through your body.

Imagine opening up to source at the top of your head like an antenna, rooting down through the soles of your feet on the floor, now your energy system is ready to be ACTIVATED.

Imagine the person you chose, the badass person, right in front of you.

Now I may be dating myself here, but if you remember the movie Ghost, there’s a scene where Patrick Swayze’s ghost goes into Whoopi Goldberg’s character. He jumps into her body and you can see her shake, showing he’s in there.

I want you to “ghost it”.

I want you to sit and imagine your Beyonce, J-Lo, Joan Jett, Oprah, or whoever it is.

Imagine that energy coming into your body, take some deep breaths and call that energy in until it feels like the energies melt into one (just like Whoopi did).

Imagine it in every part of your body. Every muscle, bone, organ, tissue, and every cell.

Integrate that energy! You may feel a chill or goosebumps, your body’s sign that Sasha Fierce is in the house!

2. Start each day with a badass ritual

Think of the person whose energy you are channeling. How would they start their day? What would they do? Does she meditate, move, or dance?

Try lighting incense or pulling some cards.

Do whatever helps you to bring in that badassery in at the beginning of your day.

Having a morning ritual helps you stay in that energy for the whole day!


3. Eat like a Queen

I know that sounds weird to say, but think about what your Queen B would eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Taking care of yourself from the inside helps you to cultivate your badass energy.

We need to respect our bodies as a precious vessel!

Sometimes we don’t do that. We can even say mean things about our bodies that aren’t helpful and that are actually hurtful.

But when you treat your body like the body you want AND feel excited by the body you already have, it gives you the extra incentive to take good care of it.

And this includes the clothes you wear people!

I know with lockdowns and quarantine it’s been easy to adopt a pattern of not caring what you wear, or living in sweats, but take a moment to think about “What is going to make me feel like a badass?”

You can do a whole closet edit based on your higher self, your fierce alter ego.

Make choices based on what makes you feel like your bad AF self.


4. Move your body the way your fiercest self would move

What would your inner Queen B do? Sweat, dance, pilates, walks in nature? Do what YOU need to do to feel at the top of your game.

Now I wish we could all dance like our sheros, but who cares. Crank up the music and let it out.

Move that body!

5. Run your business with badass energy

Look at how you’re running your business and how you’re pricing yourself. Would J-LO take half price? Would Beyoncé take a discount?

What would Beyoncé do? (WWBD ?)

Your shero is at a premium because she’s a badass and she’s highly sought after.

And you are too!


You are not the bargain basement discount! You’re not plugging into your badass self you’re plugging into your broke ass healer when you do this.

When you plug into your badass self, you attract people who want that.

Trust me when I say this because I was a broke healer for 15 years.

Discounting and pricing yourself low takes away from the transformation your clients can be getting from you (see: Bust through being a broke energy healer challenge).

Ask yourself, are you plugging into someone who’s a badass or not?

It’s a habit.

When you’re plugging into these old habits, it’s hard to manifest what you want!

You start to manifest what you don’t want instead and it can make you feel scared to dream big.

You are the co-creator of your life and you can plug into your badass energy or you can plug into your broke ass energy.

It’s a choice.

Now that you know how to embody your bad-ass energy from the inside out, morning, noon, and night – why not create your own alter ego?

Create an alter ego who makes you feel like a badass. Your personal Sasha Fierce.

Give your alter ego a badass name! Any name you want… it’s up to you. No one ever has to know or you can embody it boldly and shout it from the rooftops.

Just make sure it makes you feel POWERFUL, SEXY, and STRONG.

I would love to hear the names of your alter egos for those of you ready to share them! Create an image and tag me on IG @emilyaarons and let’s celebrate it!

And if you’re ready to take you badassery next level, consider joining your fellow badasses in the Mastery & Ascension Membership.

We’re always doing something empowering to make sure you have the tools you need to stay in that fierce energy!