If Fear Of Rejection Is Holding You Back, You Must Listen To This

If Fear Of Rejection Is Holding You Back, You Must Listen To This

If Fear Of Rejection Is Holding You Back, You Must Listen To This

Fear is just a feeling…

You can try to ignore the fear and do the thing anyway, but my suggestion is to identify it and lean in.

Especially when it comes to the fear of rejection. Because the fear of rejection can hold you back in your biz!

If you’re not getting rejected, you’re not putting yourself out there enough.

Knowing how to:

  • lean into the rejection
  • turn it into opportunity
  • all the while nourishing yourself

is what will help you take your biz to the next level.

In this episode, I share my experience with rejection and the information I tell the people in my mastermind about how to use the objections you receive as a tool to grow instead of quit!

If the fear of rejection has been holding you back, you must listen to this episode!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:
  • [1.14] How to “lean in” to the fear.
  • [3.58] A personal example of rejection that I experienced.
  • [7.01] If you’re not get rejected, you’re not putting yourself out there enough.
  • [9.36] How to deal with rejection and turn it into something that helps your biz.
  • [13.35] It’s not about you, it’s about them. But learning how to lean into that fear makes it so you can grow and move through the fear.
  • [14.40] How to nurture and support your energy when it comes to rejection (because we’re all human!).
  • [17.25] The importance of self-care when you’re committed to serving at your highest level.
Resources to take you deeper:

Action Steps To Align Your Biz:

Put yourself out there! Seek out rejection and write down every single objection that you can think of. Every single one! Then write down the answer to that objection so you know how to answer it.

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About Emily

Emily Aarons is a business alignment coach who helps entrepreneurs use their intuition to grow their business.

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Not gonna lie, this week feels a little “heady”. Your angels are asking you to create your core values and really uphold them.





28. Core Values: Hone in on your purpose and values 

Hone in on what it means to be you. The faster you can connect to your own purpose and values, the sooner you can implement them in your business as well. Once you have both of those, then you can attract a team that totally upholds those values as well. Quit getting annoyed at others who don’t “get it” when you haven’t made yourself clear. Make your expectations known. Be as direct as possible, no giving hints. People can’t read your mind. This is about taking full responsibility for yourself and your business. Are you dealing with a troubling situation? If you were the best in your field at what you do, how would you handle this situation right now? Start acting more like that person every day and your life will dramatically change for the best.



15. Aligned Action: Don’t delay, act

Has fear been tripping you up lately? Worried about your next steps? It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart. You, my dear, are energy and so is everything around you. If you choose to disconnect from that flow all around you and within you, you’re cutting yourself off from the flow. God/the Universe is sending you messages and signs every single day, and if you keep trying to make sense of them, you’re missing the whole point. The messages are coming to YOU, not someone else, and if you continue to ignore them or overthink them to death, the universe will simply stop sending them. Get that intuitive hit or nudge and TAKE ACTION! Do something with it, for goodness sake! Your angels are trying to be direct with you. You’re not a victim, you’re a powerhouse, so start taking action like one!



36. Trust Your Gut: Your body knows the truth

You’ve been doing the head stuff for way too long! Overthinking, over-analyzing, and second-guessing. STOP IT! Get out of your head and into your gut. It knows the truth, but first you need to trust yourself. There’s no way to begin trusting others if you don’t trust in yourself. Your gut is like your body’s second brain. It’s also like a lie detector. It wants you to know something. Quit trying to make sense of a situation, and just go with the knowing of your brilliant gut instinct. You don’t need to justify yourself for having this intel, just roll with it. The more you take action and trust your inner knowing, the more your inner knowing strengthens. Your angels also want to validate that YES, you are strengthening your intuition by doing this practice. There’s really no risk either! How’s the alternative working out for ya?




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