How To Use The Akashic Records In Your Business (crazy stories that nobody talks about)

How To Use The Akashic Records In Your Business (crazy stories that nobody talks about)

How To Use The Akashic Records In Your Business (crazy stories that nobody talks about)

In this episode, I dive deep into how to use the Akashic Records in your business, how it can help you to open up to new possibilities and I also share the crazy success and healing stories that nobody talks about.

I started to use the Akashic Records every day because I started to notice how it allowed me to access and tap into higher levels of intuition and I noticed that the more I used my intuition the better results that I would get for myself and my clients.

I am excited to go deeper into this topic because learning how to read the Akashic Records can help you get information and insights that you wouldn’t normally have access to and completely shift your business.

If you’ve had those negative voices in your head, I want you to know that you are not alone.

My goal today is for you to learn how to use the Akashic Records in your business so that you can finally take your business to the next level.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • What are the Akashic Records and how to use them in your business and life.
  • The benefits of accessing your soul book to learn about yourself at a deeper level.
  • How the Akashic Records can help you think differently about your relationships.
  • How going into the Akashic Records every day can help you tap into higher levels of intuition.
  • Understanding that we all have different experiences when reading the Akashic Records.
  • How to receive information from the Akashic Records.
  • Why every time you read your Akashic records you are going to have a different experience.
  • How the Akashic Records can help you get information and insights that you wouldn’t normally have access to.
  • Examples of questions that you can ask to learn How to use the Akashic records to shift your business.

Resources to take you deeper:

Shareable Quotes

  • “Accessing your soul book information allows you to learn about yourself and experience deeper levels of healing.” – Emily Aarons
  • “Divine timing allows you to get the information you need at the time you really need it.” – Emily Aarons
  • “The reason why I was so motivated to go into my Akashic Records every day was because every time I went in, I felt that I was able to access and tap higher levels of intuition.” – Emily Aarons

About Jodie

Jodie King is an artist, an instructor, a speaker, a kitchen dancer… She feels her mission is to bring beauty to the world through her art and she helps others excavate their authentic power and joy through the use of art and creativity.

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How To Consciously Create A Wealth Container With Jenny Fenig

How To Consciously Create A Wealth Container With Jenny Fenig


Episode 189


Being deliberate about what you plant and nourish in your life and how you can create space, a container, for that abundance to come in, is something that is often left out of the entrepreneurial conversations – but not this one.

Jenny Fenig had a voice inside trying to get her attention as she was creating her career in Public Relations. Over time, she learned to trust that voice and it’s helped her take some pretty big leaps to create something more aligned with what she calls her “mission”. Now, she’s helped many women over the years access their own version of being a “magic maker” and she shares how she did it.

Jenny shares how she went from a six-figure job to a zero-figure job and the tool she used not to panic in the process.

With no apologies for wanting to live an abundant life, she shares it all in this episode.

  • The shaming, that often comes from other women, and how to get passed it.
  • How to consciously create a container to hold more abundance, while listening to
    that voice inside us all that is there to guide us.
  • Ideas as the greatest form of wealth.

And so much more!

This episode is juicy, honest, and jam-packed full of the information that many are hesitant to talk about. Yep. We’re going there.


Listen Now:



Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Tap into this magic and package it up, be confident about what you offer. Do it on your own terms and your own schedule.
  • You have to create it, no one just gives it to you. You’ve got to fight for it.
  • Do something because you LOVE it.
  • Realize the power of solving problems in the market.
  • The importance of bringing women together to remember who they are and share their true nature with the world.
  • Create what you feel called to create and THEN you have to be smart about marketing.
  • Money will show up when you continue to show up for your mission.
  • Anyone who says they don’t hit up against their money stuff still is lying.
  • You wouldn’t show up to the grocery store and expect not to pay or when you buy something on Amazon, so why do people expect healing to be free?
  • So many people are waiting for some imaginary point in the future when they can do their thing, but for some that time never comes.
    You never get to a point where you’re a leader and sticking your neck out and people aren’t judging you. So why would you stop yourself from living your best life based on what they think?


About Jenny:

Jenny Fenig helps you remember who you truly are: a magic maker. Her work focuses on empowering creative women entrepreneurs to increase their confidence, impact, money, and time-freedom by mixing modern with ancient practices. Jenny lives in the woods with her family in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.



Resources To Take You Deeper:


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