On this episode of the Aligned & Unstoppable podcast, Emily talks to her friend Jen Casey.  Jen is a business strategist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach. She joins the podcast to talk about business through the lens of NLP and Psychology.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jen shares about her work and her focus
  • She shares about her journey, childhood, and going into Psychology.
  • In the midst of business coaching, she began to be frustrated and realized there was something missing.
  • Jen shares about how she was successful but needed to step back and look into a new layer.
  • Jen talks about the field of NLP and the varying pieces to the field.
  • She shares about where she is and what she is stepping into, and how she sees herself in this field.
  • What’s involved in getting certified in NLP?
  • Once going through training, she talks about integrating into her current business model.
  • She shares a few experiences from that integration and a brief overview of NLP
  • Jen shares about “internal representations” and how they play into experiences.
  • Jen dives into the importance of state management.
  • Emily and Jen discuss the nuances of entrepreneurship, state management, beliefs, and behaviour.
  • Jen shares about how to start changing your beliefs and how they impact your thinking.

3 Key Points:

  1. Entrepreneurship is not about the best strategy, it’s all about state management.
  2. We have to be aware of the unconscious, subconscious programming that needs to be updated.
  3. Dismantling our beliefs and the stories they create will help us move into expressing our best life.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I’m so obsessed with mastery, and refining my skill set where it is the best in the world, it is at the highest possible level.” – Jen Casey
  • “We’re looking to better our spirit and our soul, and tap into our inner knowing and be able to express that in a bigger way.” – Emily Aarons
  • “The field of NLP is always growing because new discoveries are always being made.” – Jen Casey
  • “Entrepreneurship is not about who’s got the greatest strategy, the game of entrepreneurship is about state management.” – Jen Casey
  • “Our state impacts our behaviour.” – Jen Casey
  • “The quality of our life is determined by the quality of questions we ask.” – Jen Casey
  • “It’s not just the beliefs, it’s the story that you’re building from the beliefs.” – Jen Casey
  • “We make it so hard to feel good, and so easy to feel like crap.” – Jen Casey

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