How Do I Attract My Soulmate Client

How Do I Attract My Soulmate Client

Are you attracting your soul mate clients?


By now, I hope you’re starting to see that not only was I unsure of my own abilities, I was darn right AFRAID to share them publicly because I thought my clients would leave me, friends would judge me, and the “haters” would virtually stone me!
Luckily for me, NONE of that happened.
But, it was so deeply ingrained that I became paralyzed in my work until I had my “spiritual coming out” as an intuitive…
And after I came OUT, that’s actually when my business took off because I knew how to attract my soulmate clients! The reality is people will judge regardless, why not be doing something you LOVE!

If you’re just coming out of your “woo closet” take a good look around you…are you surrounded by women who SEE you and love that woo side of you?

Take it from me, it can be really challenging to spiritually “out” yourself in your life and business, but once you do, you begin to attract more people who GET YOU.
The good news, is you’re already way further ahead than I was by being part of my community!

Imagine what life would be like continuing to HIDE your true self…month after month. Having to hide around people who are supposed to be your friends, but really they know nothing about you. They could be holding you back from truly expressing your authentic self and helping others…

In fewer words, they don’t get you because you’re afraid to show them because of how they’ll judge you.
Just thinking about it makes my heart so sad.
Imagine how that fear impacts your business.
If you’re still hiding your true authentic self, how could you possibly grow your business?

My membership Mastery & Ascension is not only the fastest way to get into your highest alignment and grow your business, but it’s the BEST online COMMUNITY to support you in sharing your gifts!

M&A is my powerful On-Demand-style membership filled with energy-infused meditations. masterclasses, mantras, powerful community, monthly sessions and so much more! We LOVE our community and we’d like to warmly welcome YOU… Join Mastery & Ascension!

Listen to Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast Episode 121: Attracting Soulmate Client with Ease Meditation 

I hope we get to see you inside the M&A community!

Get Aligned… for UNDER $50!

Get Aligned… for UNDER $50!


How far can $50 take you nowadays? Have you ever wondered if you can receive help and inspiration for getting into alignment for $50? The answer is… YOU CAN, and there are so many ways!!!


One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I LOVE to help entrepreneurs with ALIGNMENT


What IS alignment?


? EaseJoy
? Financial abundance
? Awesome energy, health, vitality
? Being able to manifest what you want
? More of the “right” customers
? Being able to rest knowing you’re still attracting all the goodies!


You may not know this, but there are tons of ways you and I can work together, and it doesn’t have to break the bank!


Here’s a list of 8 ways you can get into alignment with me for UNDER $50!

1. *NEW* Journey Into Your Akashic Records + Soul Book Workshop ($47) 

In this workshop, I break down what the Akashic Records are, how you access them and why you’d want to, plus tons of FAQ’s around discovering your soul’s purpose, life path, karma, and so much more. I’ve also included a separate meditation you can download and practice with as much as you like without having to fast-forward through the class.

2. Mastery & Ascension All-Access Membership ($44/month)

This membership features on-demand, energy-infused meditations to tap into your intuition and grow your business. Along with that is an amazing, supportive, kick-ass entrepreneurial group of women cheering you on and offering feedback for each other!


3. Angels In Your Biz Oracle Card Deck ($27 + S&H)

My energy-infused oracle deck is the easiest and quickest way to get out of overthinking and overwhelm and into your heart and into your highest alignment. These cards always deliver insight and wisdom for you to live your best life!

*Free with Annual All-Access Mastery & Ascension Membership! 

4. Aligned & Unstoppable Journal ($24 + S&H)

The companion journal to the AIYB oracle cards! Each day you can pull your cards, write what you’re grateful for, and any other messages that come up, to hold your vibration all day long! It’s made with high-quality paper and it’s easy to pack with you anywhere you go!

5. Mastery & Ascension STARTER Membership ($11/month)

The STARTER membership is a great way to gain access to my special monthly forecast at a fraction of the cost of the All-access membership. You’ll get the channeled energy forecast, PDF workbook, and current monthly meditation by the 5th of every month.

6. Intro To Crystals Workshop (EXCLUSIVE email subscriber special $7!!)

If you’re brand new to crystals, this workshop is for you! I explain how to clear crystals, work with them, gain powerful messages, create a grid, and more! It’s super easy to follow and I make plenty of recommendations to get you started on your path to loving these incredible stones as much as I do.

*Free inside Mastery & Ascension All-Access Membership


7. Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast (FREE!)

If you’re an entrepreneur and love to learn about business and spirituality or “woo”, this is the place to be! I love creating episodes about abundance, manifestation, business growth, and more. Make sure you subscribe!


8. Intuition Week (FREE!)

Back again by popular demand…Save the date for September 21-25!


I sincerely hope this list is useful to you!

Of course, I love providing cost-effective ways to work together and get you aligned to your BEST life!


Have you heard of the Akashic Record?

Have you heard of the Akashic Record?


Have you heard of the Akashic Record?


You can think of it as an energetic library that contains books that belong to each of us…called Soul Books!
It’s NOT scary. It’s not dark energy.


It’s actually very light, loving, and a HIGHLY effective way to:

?open your intuition
?connect with angels and guides
?receive next steps
?gain insight into your past/present/future


The best part is… Everyone has a soul book.
EVERYONE can access it!


I’ve created an On-Demand version of my most popular class!

? Do the class at your own pace
? PDF Workbook
? Guided meditation to follow along step-by-step
? PLUS I’ve included FAQ’s about karma, soul contracts, life path, soul purpose, and MORE!



This class is NOW AVAILABLE so that you can access your own Soul Book and receive your next steps!


HOLY SH*T, A celebrity podcaster just interviewed me!!!!!

HOLY SH*T, A celebrity podcaster just interviewed me!!!!!

I had a MAJOR pinch-me moment when my mentor and friend James Wedmore text me to see if I’d like to be a guest on his podcast…I nearly died of excitement!

Lemme back up for a hot second…

For the last, oh, year and a half, I’ve been religiously listening to James’ podcast because he’s a perfect blend of the left-brained smarty pants and the right-brained WOOWOO. I’m one of those listeners that’s borderline stalky since I immediately follow all of his guests on social media. The Mind Your Business Podcast has had over 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS!!

He introduced me to some pretty incredible people including Kari Samuels (astrologer/numerologist), Lewis Howes (inspirational speaker/influencer/author), and Jim Fortin (celebrity mindset coach/NLP master).

To be invited as a podcast guest was definitely on my “wish list” but I honestly didn’t put my work at the same level as these giants…#lessonsIkeeplearning


I’d LOVE for you to tune into James’ podcast and please also check out the rest of this amazing week full of FREE CONTENT!!! (Plus a bonus surprise for you next week…so keep reading!)

In order of release date…

1. Join my LIVE MONEY BLOCK CLEARING & PHOENIX Q & A CALL – This has been my #1 most watched video to date and for good reason, it works! If you can’t join live, I highly recommend watching the replay.

SAVE THE DATE: (This) Thursday, April 5 at 12:00 PM EST


2. “HOW TO RAISE YOUR PRICES AS AN INTUITIVE OR A HEALER”– I’m a guest speaker on the Happiness Alchemy Podcast with my dear soul sister Tracy Gaudet.

Subscribe to Happiness Alchemy Podcast >> CLICK HERE!

RELEASE DATE: Friday, April 6.

3. “HOW TO USE YOUR INTUITION IN YOUR BUSINESS” – This is IT, my big debut on The Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore.

Subscribe to The Mind Your Business Podcast>> CLICK HERE!


 >> Remember when he was on MY page last October!?

4. ASTROLOGY BONUS!! Back by popular demand my good friend and business strategies and astrologer Kim Woods will be my guest to help us navigate the BIG astrological happening coming mid-April. Let’s get you ready for how to handle the next few months!!

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, April 13 at 9:30AM EST for a Facebook LIVE!


I’d love to hear from YOU! If you could spend a day with me, what would you want to know more about? HIT REPLY!

CHEERS to an awesome week together!!!


P.S. The Phoenix Mentorship is taking flight! Only a small number of spaces are available. Don’t miss out this round. Get more info and APPLY HERE!