EP 84: Getting to the Root of Entrepreneurial Health with Dr. Maggie Luther



Today I am speaking to Dr. Maggie Luther about the importance of getting to the root of entrepreneurial Health.

Dr. Maggie is a Naturopathic Doctor and Well-being coach, as well as a Herbalist and has been in the holistic and complementary health fields for nearly twenty years.

She helps women heal their fatigue, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, and gut issues at the REAL root cause by uncovering key imbalances in their mind-body-spirit.

We talk about entrepreneurial health and why it’s key to make it a priority because not taking care of your health not only will make you sick but it will also slow you down.

In this episode, you will discover why it’s dangerous to ignore what your body is telling you every day and how to start incorporating daily habits that will help you make your health a priority.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Understanding the huge role that your health plays when growing your business.
  • The real cost of working harder and why it actually slows you down.
  • Why it is dangerous to ignore what your body is telling you.
  • Why taking care of your health is something that needs to happen every day and not just when you are sick.
  • Why, when you make your health a priority, you are adding more energy and focus on your business and life.
  • How your upper limits show up when you feel stress and are out of alignment.
  • Why you are not going as far as you want to go to your business if you forget to make your health a priority.
  • Why your symptoms are telling you that you have an imbalance and why it’s so important to find the real root cause.
  • Why as a female entrepreneur, you need to pay attention to your cycle and how to plan accordingly.


Shareable Quotes:

  • “Everything that you are doing is either taking away from your health or adding to it. So if you work forever and you don’t take a break, that’s depleting your health.” – Maggie Luther
  • “I think sometimes we want to grow our business so much that we forget that our body is actually helping us.” – Maggie Luther
  • “If you are not devoting time to your health, you will run into a crisis.” – Maggie Luther.
  • “There is a way for you to serve at your highest level and if you are not putting your health at the forefront, it’s going to be compromised.” – Emily Aarons


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