Ep 81: How to Use Self-awareness to Stand In Your Power



Today my guest is Liz White and we have an amazing conversation about how to use self-awareness to stand in your power.

Liz White is the founder of Magnetic Coach, the internationally recognized certification program for women who want to make a full time income as a sought-after coach with certifications in NLP, Life & Success, EFT, and Hypnosis.

As a certified Trainer + Master Success Coach and Master NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Hypnosis Practitioner, Liz loves to blend the spiritual with the practical, mindset work with strategic action taking, and bring the esoteric mainstream to anyone who is woo-curious.

She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs through her certifications to elevate and earn more, easily.

Liz shares her journey from graphic designer to certified Trainer + Master Success Coach.

In this episode, you will discover how to use self-awareness to stand in your power and why it’s so important to learn how to use your intuition to guide you.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • How Liz got started with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
  • Why it’s important to understand that your conscious and your subconscious actually talk to each other.
  • How to use NLP to program yourself for success.
  • Why the things that you say to yourself in your own head affect your reality.
  • Why, when something is not working in your business, you need to look at what’s not working in your life.
  • How to identify a limiting belief.
  • Why it’s so important to align with what you want.
  • Why following your intuition nudges is key to receiving more.


Shareable Quotes

  • “If I am telling myself something internally, my subconscious mind is never going to make me a liar, so whatever I am telling myself, I am going to see proof of.” – Liz White
  • “I say a limiting belief is any story that you tell yourself of why you can’t be, do or have something and a lot of times this shows up in the comments that you say about other people.” – Liz White
  • “When you are aligning with who it is you truly are and what it is you truly want for yourself and what you want to experience, then things that are not aligned with that are going to be removed from your life.” – Liz White
  • “There is a steep learning curve when you become an entrepreneur; there is a totally different mindset, totally different belief system. Everything is just night and day different.” – Emily Aarons
  • “The universe is not testing you, it’s reflecting you.” – Emily Aarons


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