How to Feel Abundant When Your Partner Has a Scarcity Mindset

Episode 187


This topic comes up frequently, F-R-E-Q-U-E-N-T-L-Y. What do you do if you are cultivating an abundant mindset but your partner has a scarcity mindset? How can you feel abundant and not let their money fears rub off on you?

You’ve been asking this question in my Instagram DM’s and it needs to be answered honestly since so I know so many of you are experiencing this.

I know it can be hard on your partnership, your relationships, your marriage, your union, because if one person is very tight and worrisome around money, they’re going to behave differently when it comes to the bills and investments than if you are a person who is very carefree and trusting in abundance.

The short answer to this question is “Other people’s money stories are NONE of your business,” even as a couple.

If your partner is worried about money, that’s none of your business! Yes. You have to live with them, but you cannot control that. You can only control you.

It affects you, but it doesn’t have to affect you.

You need to become responsible for YOUR money story and I’m going to share how you can do it, regardless of your partner’s mindset.

You can do it. I know this firsthand.

I’m giving you 10 actionable steps for you to start changing your mindset, your behaviors that are not only going to impact you and your partner, but are likely going to help you make more money immediately.

They are things that I’ve done that have worked. And I still do them to this day and they’ve changed my life.

How you live with somebody when they feel scarcity can be really hard and I want you to come away with tools to help. I’m not saying this is a complete makeover for relationships, but these steps can help you focus on YOUR mindset, hopefully, help you make more money NOW, and that can have a positive impact on this situation.



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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Other people’s money stories are NONE of your business.
  • Take responsibility for creating the money.
  • Worry perpetuates brokenness.
  • Worry doesn’t make more money.
  • Lightbulb moment – If I want to get 100k per year, I have to start doing things differently.
  • Need to maximize your time if you’re going to 10X your business.
  • It’s your business to create wealth. It’s your business to decide you’re the exception.
  • Genuinely help people, just to help them, without expecting their money.
  • Celebrate your wins weekly!
  • Share your success and your joy with your partner. Don’t expect them to be as excited – but it’s important to show them what’s possible.
  • Do what needs to be done to make it happen for YOU.



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